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What Are The Best Nail Stamping Plates

How To Clean Nail Stampers & Stamping Plates Properly


One of the main issues most women face when starting nail stamping is that they use the wrong cleaning method for their stampers and plates. This can either damage your plates and stamper or mess up your designs.

Now in this article, I will discuss and give you tips on how to correctly and safely clean your Nail Stampers and Stamping Plates.

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All Plates Are The Same Quality Right

There are many, many companies providing quality stamping plates these days. It wasnt my intent to provide an exhaustive list in this article or to purposely exclude anyone. I focused on brands I have used myself. And I have had good experiences with the brands listed in my size chart.

If I had it to do over again, my initial investment would have been in 2-4 quality plates in the $7-10 dollar a plate range with the correct image sizes for my nails.

Go easy! Start with a small order so you can try the products and find out if you even enjoy stamping!! There will always be time to start a collection later!

BEST STAMPING PLATES: As promised, the stamping plates I am coveting are from UberChic Beauty, MoYou London, Moyra, Chez Delaney and Clear Jelly Stamper Multi-Layer plates .

Mcwdoit Nail Art Stamping Kit

Weve also mentioned latex peel-off tape to mask off the skin around your nails. Heres a kit that comes with this tape for you to try. It makes nail stamping less messy to do .

This complete set includes eight gel polishes, four stamping plates, two transparent stampers, and two scrapers. Take note that the polish has a slight odor and has to be cured under an LED lamp.

The stamping plates have geometric patterns, flowers, and holiday designs.

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Beautyleader Stamping Nail Art Tools

From tapestry-like patterns to nature designs, the templates of this product is something that piques interest. Along with 20 stamping plates, this kit also includes a stamper and a scraper. The plates are also made with steel plates that are carved deep for a better stamping to both beginners and professionals alike.

Where To Get Ejiubas Stamping Plates

Best Nail Stamping Plates

Amazon usually has them in stock at really good prices, gonna leave some links below.

They have a very affordable stamping kit that comes with a clear stamper, a scraper, and 3 double-sided stamping plates, you can click here to see the current price.

Plus they have a really nice and affordable Halloween and Christmas Themed Combo Stamping Plates,

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Nail Art Stamping Kit By Mcwdoit

This nail kit by Mcwdoit is your go-to option for newbies to nail art designs. You can explore the nail art game, and in this set, you’ll find all you need, including two liquid latex tapes, eight stamping gel polishes, two stampers, and scrapers. The polish comes in different colors and is made of natural resins.

They are gel polishes, so they are thicker than other polishes and are perfect for clean nail stamping. However, you need UV/LED light to cure the nails with each application. Stainless steel is used in making the nail stamping plates, and they have images such as rose, bike, hearts, and Halloween-inspired patterns. They have transparent stampers and are non-toxic.

How Does Nail Stamper Kits Work

Unlike going to a salon for a manicure to get those beautiful nail art, you can simply buy a stamper kit at a low price. It usually comes in a set including the designs and tools that you need. it is simply stamping a specific plate of design on the surface of your nails. The nail polish is applied on thin steel or metal etched with different designs and images you can choose from, which is then stamped on your nails.

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Important Notes On Stamping Plates

1- Always Remove the Covering from the Plates

All stamping plates will come with a plastic wrap that covers the etching side of the plates. This plastic wrap is to protect the plates from being damaged and scratched during shipping.

Now always remember to remove the plastic wrap before stamping. I usually use a tweezer to peel them off so as to protect my nails and make removing it easier.

These plastic wraps use to be transparent but are now mostly blue in color. I guess the color change was done to remind first-time stampers to remove the wrap before stamping.

2- Store Properly

You should store your plates in such a way that they dont rub or touch each other this is to avoid them scratching each other and thus distorting the etches since the edges of stamping plates can be very sharp.

3- Careful with the Edges of the Plates

Some stamping plates can have very sharp edges to the extent where they can actually cut you. So be careful when handling them, especially when removing the plastic covering.

I have been cut a few times already whilst removing the plastic thats another reason why I use a sturdy tweezer instead of my fingers to peel off the plastic.

Other Stamping Related Tips and Guides.

What Is Nail Stamping

My Must Have Nail Stamps! | GREAT for Beginners | (And NEW Stamping Plates)

Nail stamping is a great way to get beautiful nails, but without spending too much time on them. It works best with clear or light nail polishes and it can be done at home if you have the right tools for this purpose.

There are several different types of plates available on the market today, so make sure you choose one with high quality and reliability.

Nail stamping is a type of nail art using etched metal stamp plates to apply designs directly onto the nails.

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Pros Of Clear Jelly Stampers Plates

1- Consistent & Easy to Use

Their plates are some of the best engraved stamping plates I have ever used which makes them very easy to work with and allows them to make consistently good nail art.

2- Works with any Nail Stamper

Now because Clear Jelly Stamping Plates are etched really well they can work with almost any brand or type of nail stamper. But I highly recommend their own Clear Jelly Nail Stamper.

Clear Jelly Stamper inc actually pioneered the concept of a totally transparent nail stamper and they hold a patent for it. I have an entire article where I go through the pros and cons of this stamper, you can click here to read it.

3- Creative Designs

Clear Jelly Stamper has a wide array of amazing designs gonna leave some links below:

Christian designed plates that are great for making church themed nail art.

Plus I love how their website has their plates in color and gives you a measurement to compare the size of each design, so you know what size you are getting.

You can see how one of their plates look like in the image below and notice the measurement in the top left hand corner to give you a point of reference to the size of the designs.

Are Some Designs Easier To Use

Yes, I think that some designs are easier to stamp than others. I would rank them like this, from easiest to most difficult:

  • Full nail designs are the easiest and most forgiving since you dont have to worry about placing the design precisely. If you chose the proper image size for your nail, you can simply roll the stamper over your nail. Or you can press your nail into the stamper.
  • Smaller images, such as flowers or that cute kitty, are typically placed in a specific location on your nail. It takes more practice to be able to stamp a design exactly where you want it.
  • French tip designs are the most challenging to use in my opinion. And they dont look good unless you place them just right. I have a very pronounced C curve in my nails, which could be part of the difficulty for me. But you may want to keep your investment small until youve tried them.
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    Custom Laser Etched Designs: Sloth Face

    I also like to call this step trial and error and error and error. For your etching you want it to be deep enough to hold a nice layer of polish, but not deep enough that it forms a pool of polish.

    How to tell if its too shallow: The design wont transfer over to your stamper completely

    How to tell if its too deep:While it looks good transferring to the stamper, when you try to put it on your nail itll bleed and smudge.

    If your design isnt showing up at all:Try making your lines a bit thicker. If you look closely at my test plate I tried three different thicknesses on Mervins lines and finally decided on the middle one.

    I tested out varying the power and speed settings and heres what I found worked best for etching nail plates on an Epilog 60 Watt Laser using 1/8 white acrylic: 600 dpi, Power 100, Speed 80

    Again, your settings will vary based on the way you are etching and what materials you are using but that should give you a good idea where you might want to start your tests.

    I made this design 8mm wide to fit on most nails, but this can also vary. Vectors are included here for you to play.

    Konad Nail Art Double

    Top Best 5 nail stamping plates for sale 2016

    The advantages of this stamper include different colors and different sizes. One end is small for childrens nails or little fingers and toes. The other is larger for wide nails or ones with extensions.

    The different colors provide contrast for various shades of polish.

    But those arent the only benefits. This nail art tool is made by one of the original companies that started the stamping craze. Its made of rubber, not silicone, and it has a firm texture. Therefore, its long-lasting and unlikely to cause smudging. On the other hand, youll want to practice with it as its a little harder to use than a soft silicone stamper.

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    A Fan Favorite Nail Stamper Thats Easy To Use

    This clear, soft stamper has fans raving about how easy it is to place a design on their nail beds, with more than 2,500 reviews on Amazon and a 4-star rating overall. The brand claims the product doesnât need priming, so youâll be able to use it right out of the box. With a reasonably large stamper size of 1.38 inches in diameter, Amazon reviewers appreciate its ability to cover even larger nails â âIt also has a nice large surface area so I can press in my entire thumb or nails,â one reported.

    The stamper comes with a cap to protect the sticky head in between uses. It doesnât come with nail polish or stamping plates, but you can use the included scraper to scrape excess polish off any plates youâre using. When youâre done, the brand recommends that you clean the stamper head with tape or a lint roller. It cautions against using acetone to clean, as it can damage the stamper over time. You can, however, use warm water and dish soap if youâre having trouble getting it clean.

    Helpful Amazon review: âI am a total beginner when it comes to nail art so I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. It worked perfectly! This stamper is really soft and transparent, which made it very easy to use. As someone who had literally never tried nail stamping until today, I had no trouble using it. It was easy to clean too.â

    Makartt 4pcs Clear Nail Stampers

    If you only have one nail stamper, you have to clean it every time you switch colors. But if you have a set of stampers like this one, youll have four replaceable heads and four scrapers.

    The soft silicone heads are easy to clean with tape or lint rollers. In extreme circumstances, you could try a little alcohol on a cotton pad, but never acetone.

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    Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Tool Kit

    Weve talked about nail stamping polish several times, and heres your first look at it. Its a set that comes with ten vibrant colors of polish, including gold, silver, red, green, laser glitter, and more.

    Whats more, its possible to use the polish for your nails, not just for stamping.

    The kit also comes with eight stainless steel stamping plates with designs ranging from marbling and polka dots to butterflies and cats.

    The only things lacking are a stamper and a scraper.

    Pueen Luxury Crystal Stamper Set

    Whats Up Nails Stamping plates
  • Includes two stamper heads and two scrapers
  • Silicone is quite soft
  • Design makes it harder to drop
  • Cons:

    • Can’t rest the stamper on its back
    • May be hard to hold for some
    • Scraping cards have scalloped edges on top
    • Too soft for some
    • Not clear

    Youll feel like a queen using the Pueen crystal stamper set with its soft silicone stamping head and ornate crystal handle.

    This is a great design if you love your tools looking luxe or if you tend to have trouble holding onto smaller stamper handles. This one has a thinner handle with that flares out to a decorative crystal which may make it harder to drop.

    It comes with two soft silicone stamper heads with lots of squish to them. They arent quite marshmallow stampers but theyre pretty close and you use them the same way. There are also plastic scrapers though I dont love their crown shape which doesnt feel as nice to hold.

    The downside to this one is it isnt great for reverse stamping since you cant rest the stamper on its back.

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    Pueen Nail Art Stamping Plate Celebration Collection

    |PUEEN stamping plates usually have interconnected designs that you can play around with. Dubbed as a stamping buffet, you can stamp anywhere you like on the plate.

    Every stamp will definitely come up with a unique design each time. There are different sets to the Celebration Collection and you might want to try the Lace Blossom one!

    Nail Stamper Kit By Ejiubas

    You can get beautiful nail art stampers with this nail stamping kit BH transferring the designs to your nails. It is clear transparent nail stampers that help you get accurate nail application. It is made of silicon, with super squishy stamper heads, and they measure 1.10 inches and fit various nail sizes.

    They quickly pick up patterns from the stamping plate and transfer these patterns into your nails. In this package, you have three scrapers with a sandy surface. They are thin but sturdy. Holding this nail stamp is easy and comfortable, and scraping the extra polish from the plates is easy. The stampers are soft and gentle. This kit also has three added replaceable stamper heads.

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    Adurself 4 Pieces Christmas Nail Art Stamping Plates

    Another best nail stamping plate set comes with a complete collection of different plates designed for creating beautiful manicures.

    This nail stamping plate set is made of high quality and they work very well for beginners as well as experienced users. The best thing about it is that you get a full collection with different designs, so you dont have to purchase single plates separately!

    The best quality nail stamping plates are designed specifically for creating beautiful Christmas manicures! They work best for both beginners and advanced users.

    Best Nail Stamping Kit Reviews 2022

    LCJ 5.5cm Round Nail Art Stamp Stamping Plates Template ...

    May 13, 2021

    Getting a nail stamping kit is one of the basic goals today for the millennial and the teenagers who love playing with shapes and colors on their nails. But the fact is that getting the perfect looks through nail stamps is not as easier as it seems to be. You need to have no-budge nail stamps as well as smooth and stable nail colors to make the stamp look finely finishes without any blunders.

    For helping out the users, we have enlisted 10 of the best nail stamping kits to make sure they get perfect shine, perfect patterns and perfect finish on the nails even if they dont have an access to an expert nail art professional.

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    Ejiubas Nail Stamping Kit

    This stamper kit doesnt waste an inch of space. The stainless steel plates have etchings on both sides in a wide variety of themes.

    Then, the clear silicone stamper has a soft head that picks up polish quickly and fits most nails. If youre concerned about technique, the brand has tutorial videos online.

    Born Pretty Nail Art 5pcs Rectangle Stamp Plates Set

    This is one perfect nail stamping kit that offers Halloween and Christmas based theme and patterns for easy application on the nails. With a little bit creative application, you can easily get the perfect look for any occasion in just simple steps by applying the stamps on the nails and getting a fine and carved look within minutes.

    The deep and precise carving plates make sure to provide fine and accurate design to get the nail art to the next level even if you are not an expert in this.

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    A Nail Stamping Kit For Beginners

    If youâre new to the world of nail stamping and want to buy a nail stamper that comes bundled with basically all the stamping supplies youâll need, this nail stamping kit from Biutee is a great place to start. The kit includes a double-sided stamper with a 1.1-inch head and a 0.9-inch head, plus two replacement heads for when they wear out. The stamper is also soft and transparent, making it ideal for beginners. In addition to the stamper, the kit comes with eight gel nail polishes, five steel stamping plates with different designs, and a scraper. Just note that the polish should be cured with a nail lamp, so youâll need to grab one of those as well unless you already own one â both LED nail lamps and UV nail lamps should work just fine.

    The manufacturer doesnât suggest that priming is required or provide information about cleaning, but one Amazon user suggests cleaning with acetone.

    Helpful Amazon review: âSuper fantastic product. I’ve been doing nails for a long time but was always hesitant of trying out stamping so for the price of this kit I decided to give it a go! Totally worth it, the gels are amazing and would 100% buy separately for hand painting. I think this kit is awesome for the price and beginning friendlyâ


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