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How To Help Peeling Nails

Skin Around The Nails Peeling Why And How To Care For Them

Nails : How to Stop Peeling Nails
  • May 27, 2021

We have all had winter mornings when we wake up to dry skin on our face/body/feet/hands. But the worst is when you wake up to the skin around your fingernails dry and peeling! Even though it looks pretty tiny, it can actually be quite painful. It stings every time you touch it by mistake. So, what is this weird phenomenon, and why does it happen?

Let us start with the basics.

Why Are My Nails Peeling Causes How To Fix Cure Treatment

Why are My Nails Peeling of? Peeling nails can be as a result of an array of different causes. For most people, especially toddlers, peeling fingernails or toenails might be as a result of external or internal trauma to the nails. This article entails some of the possible causes of this condition, available cure, and treatment including home remedies you can use when faced with this condition.

Mavala Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener: 1570 John Lewis & Partners

Soft nails that split and peel need a hardener and this one is the best we’ve used in a long time. The first ever product from Mavala, it was reformulated last year to include added keratin for nourishment to ensure nails are more resistant to breaking. You can use it two to three times a week, and once dry you can follow on with a base coat and colour. Unlike some hardeners, we found it didnt make nails brittle, just hard and strong.

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What Is Skin Peeling On Fingertips

Sometimes, the skin around the nails peels off automatically. This mainly occurs at the tip of the fingernails and around the cuticles. It looks ugly if the skin around the nails look dry and split.

The actual reason behind skin peeling is still unknown, but there are some probable causes for sure.

Peeling Nails And Thyroid

Why My Nails Are Peeling: Reasons And Treatment At Home ...

Nail abnormalities can be a revealing sign of underlying diseases. Hypothyroidism is a condition when the thyroid gland is underactive and doesnt produce enough hormones. This condition is characterized by weakness and fatigue you should consult a doctor to see if this is the cause of peeling nails.

The clinical names for overactive thyroid gland are hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis . This could be as a result of

  • Toxic multinodular goiter- this is an enlarged thyroid gland that has lumps on it that have become overactive.
  • Thyroiditis: this is an infection of inflammation of thyroid gland, which may temporarily cause excessive amounts of thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland will be painful and tender. It may be painful to swallow.

The effect of these thyroid infections on nails is that they appear thick and flaky. They may become loose at the nail bed, where dirt collects and the tips may rise up. The fingertips may also swell. This could make the nails to peel at last.

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Nutritional Approaches For Flaking Nails

Include a protein source with every meal, such as poultry, fish, lean meat, eggs, beans and nuts. Macadamia nuts are an especially good snack for nail health, as ten percent of their weight is protein, including all the essential amino acids, and they contain beneficial oils which are often added to hair and nail treatments.

As with brittle nails, silica can strengthen thin peeling nails by increasing the cross-linking of nail proteins in the nail, increasing their strength and is found in a nuts, seeds and a variety of vegetables, including bean sprouts.

Garlic is a rich source of sulfur-containing amino acids from which cystine is made, to increase nail strength, so add garlic to your diet or take garlic supplements. Taking garlic supplements also increases blood flow to the nails by as much as 55 per cent to improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy nail growth.

If thinning nails are associated with a lack of oestrogen after the menopause, eat more soy products such as edamame beans, tofu and miso soup. Soy isoflavones help to maintain oestrogen levels after the menopause and can improve nail quality as well as reducing hot flushes and night sweats. These are best taken with a probiotic source to boost their conversion to the most active forms.

How To Treat Damaged Nails

Most problems leading to damaged nails are treatable at home.However, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends talking to your doctor if you experience certain symptoms that can indicate a more serious problem such as a severe vitamin deficiency or chronic disease. Signs that a visit to your doctor are warranted include clubbed or distorted nails, blood pooling under the nails, and pale nails or nails with white lines or ridges on them.

Check for signs of infection such as a yellowish color under the nail or redness on the skin surrounding the nails. If you recently banged a nail or regularly work with strong chemicals or solvents, your problems might be caused by those external factors. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for an antibiotic cream you can use to treat any cuts or wounds surrounding the nails. If you suspect an infection, your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to treat it.

Cut your nails shorter, especially if theyre broken or chipped. This also helps if you tend to chew on them. As nails grow back, theyll come in stronger and in better shape. File your nails regularly to get rid of chips and rough edges.

Take biotin supplements. According to dermatologist Richard K. Scher, this B vitamin can help strengthen and thicken nails. A daily 2,500-microgram supplement can help improve the health of your nails in a few months. Eat more foods such as cauliflower that are rich in biotin.

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Why Do Nails Peel

There are many things that can cause chronic nail problems. As for peeling, these are the most common causes:

  • Dry nails. You have dry skin you see cracks. When you have dry hair, your ends split. Nails are no different. “Often our nails get dry and brittle and begin to peel,” says board-certified dermatologist Tanya Kormeili, M.D. Dry nails can be the result of dry skin overall, sun damage, or exposure to harsh surfactants and soaps.
  • Trauma. A very common cause of peeling nails, being too hard on your hands can lead to splitting. “It can also be the result of trauma from sports,” says Kormeili. But even small traumas can trigger it, says Amy Lin, nail expert and founder of sundays, a wellness nail care brand with New York studios. “Things like opening a can of soda can potentially cause that too,” she says.
  • Harsh manicures. “If you wear gel polish, the removal process can potentially damage your nails by soaking in acetone for 15 to 20 minutesplus too much scraping and filing on your nail plate can make it become thinner,” says Lin. “When you peel your gel polish instead of soaking it in polish remover when it gets chipped. Peeling your gel polish can create further peeling.”
  • Age. If you notice more nail issues with the years, it’s because nails can weaken with time. “Much like our hair getting thinner with age, our nails become dry and brittle with age as well,” says Kormeili.
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    When Should I Visit Dermatologist

    Dermatologist visit is recommended if:

    • If precautions highlighted above, are not helping.
    • You have hair fall, anaemia, easy fatigability or other general symptoms along with the brittle nails.
    • You notice certain other changes on your nails besides brittleness like pits, discolouration, rough texture, etc.

    Your Hands Are Frequently Wet

    The most common cause is repetitive wetting or drying of hands, says Blair Murphy-Rose M.D., F.A.A.D., board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center. So it happens often with hairdressers, house cleaners, and other jobs requiring frequent soaking of hands.

    Your nails may also peel if you spend time in hot or humid places. Too much moisture or prolonged exposure to moisture causes the nail to swell with water and become soft, explains Dr. Peters. The end result is a soft and brittle nail that is susceptible to damage from minimal trauma.

    To prevent this from happening, Dr. Peters recommends wearing gloves when doing the dishes, drying your hands and nails thoroughly after washing them, and regularly applying a hand cream that contains vitamin E to replenish any moisture that is lost.

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    Problem #: Peeling Skin On Fingers Near Nails

    Exposing your hands to harsh detergents or submerging them in water for a long period of time may cause the skin around your nails to peel or become red and inflamed.

    Peeling skin around your nails can also be an allergic reaction to something youve touched or come in contact with, says Dr. Schlessinger. That could be anything – from fragrance in a hand soap used for washing dishes to a metal, such as nickel, on jewelry or clothing.

    Skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, may also lead to peeling skin, so if the problem persists, schedule a visit with your dermatologist to receive a professional diagnosis.

    What Is Nail Peeling

    what do you ladies suggest to prevent my nails from ...

    Keratin, a protein also found in your hair, is used to make nails. Nails have numerous layers of toughness that can peel off. This might make them appear thin or weak, which can lead to their splitting. Onychoschizia is the medical word for peeling or splitting fingernails.

    Peeling nails can be caused by trauma to the nail from the outside. They can, in rare occasions, suggest a systemic disease or a symptom that a pathologic process is taking place within your body.

    Too little or too much moisture might cause your nails to peel. Just soaking your nails in water while doing activities like housework softens them and may cause peeling or sloughing.

    A fingernail takes six months to develop to its full length. That means you could have nail anomalies as a result of something that happened months before.

    Your nails might provide information about your overall health. Check your toenails as well before applying the following treatments to your peeling nails. Consult a doctor if they’re peeling as well.

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    Nailtiques Protein Formula No: 1180 Escentualcom

    Splitting, peeling weak nails that wont grow? We found they only need 2-3 weeks with this treatment to make quite a significant improvement. Its easy to use, just apply daily without colour nail polish and remove each week with a non-acetone remover and start the process again. Nails felt stronger and seemed to be growing faster too after a months use. If you dont find an improvement in six weeks, formula no2 plus will step it up a gear.

    Forget To Add A Top Coat

    Just as preparing the nail before adding gel nail polish is essential to obtain a good result, the use of a good top coat is also important. This product is applied after the nail polish, forming a protective layer on it and achieving a more resistant and long-lasting manicure.

    A top cost also provides longevity for the gel nail polish. Our article on how to make nail polish last longer will provide more information on the subject.

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    You Have A Gel Manicure Obsession

    Gel manicures look gorgeous, and they last longer than traditional ones, making them a great option for vacation. The thing is, theyre not so good for the health of your nails. In fact, they can actually lead to brittleness, peeling, and cracking. Its not exactly the gel polish thats to blame this type of manicure has to be removed with acetone, which is also weakening. Plus, nail technicians will scrape and file and attack your nails pretty dramatically to attach and remove all that gel, which isnt great for your nails, either.

    The fix: If you have a standing appointment at your nail salon, take a break and let your nails breathe between gel manicures. Switching to traditional nail polish may also help. Finally, keep your nails moisturized between gel manicures by regularly applying lotion or oil to your nails and cuticles.

    Strengthen From The Inside Out

    6 Tips to Stop Peeling Nails & My Nail Care Routine!!!

    Along with addressing nails from the outside, all the experts we spoke with agreed that the right supplements can help strengthen your tips from the inside, out. One good option? Collagen. An essential protein for hair, skin, and nails, ingestible collagen peptides are easily incorporated into your daily routine and can help promote healthy nails.

    “Collagen has really made a difference in the health of my nails. They feel resilient and stronger,” says Holford. Try: NeoCell Super Collagen Powder. Another good option? Biotin. The B vitamin is one of Tuttle’s top picks for strengthening nails. Choi adds that along with supplements, you can also get these internal benefits by focusing on incorporating biotin-rich and collagen-synthesizing foods in your diet, such as salmon, avocados, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds.

    VIDEO: It’s Going To Be All About the Almond Nails This Summer

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    Keep Your Nails Moisturized

    Make it a habit to moisturize your hands and nails after you wash them to avoid excessive drying and, as a result, peeling nails. Massage essential oils like coconut and olive oil into the cuticle and nails to hydrate and provide a protective barrier. Coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal qualities, and it can help prevent nail fungus from spreading. Olive oil, on the other hand, is high in antioxidants, which aid in the protection of the nails. It aids in the restoration of skin smoothness and UV protection for the nails. It’s also high in vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, and other elements that assist to keep moisture locked in and avoid drying.

    While any old hand lotion would suffice, a nail-specific moisturizer such as sunflower oil that is “high in phospholipids,” which are proven to prevent splitting and cracking nails, is also recommended.

    Fixmyskin 1% Hydrocortisone Healing Body Balm

    Developed by LovelySkins own Dr. Schlessinger, this easy-to-apply balm in a stick formulation contains moisturizing shea butter and cocoa butter designed to help prevent peeling skin caused by dryness.

    Whether your irritated, peeling skin is the result of an allergic reaction to something youve come in contact with or from a skin condition, the 1% hydrocortisone in this balm can soothe the resulting inflammation, Dr. Schlessinger says.

    What other questions about nails do you have for Dr. Schlessinger and the LovelySkin experts? Share a question or concern in the comments below.

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    Skip The Gel Polish To Avoid Uv Damage

    Gel polish may last longer than traditional polish, but Green advises that the process could be detrimental to your nails and lead to peeling. “Gel manicures require UV light to set the gel, and the risk of UV light can be just as damaging to the nail bed as UV light from the sun,” she says. “In addition, gel manicures can cause nail fungus. You also put yourself at risk for developing a skin or nail infection due to the filing down of the nailbed.” Instead, go for a super strong top coat like Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Top Coat and wear gloves anytime you’re washing dishes to maintain the life of your mani.

  • National Institutes of Health. Biotin. Updated March 29, 2021.

  • Take A Closer Look At Your Shampoo

    Help! My nails are peeling. What are your favorite ...

    If youre using a shampoo that is drying or aims to strip oils , it might be drying out your nails and causing weak or brittle nails. Try changing up your shampoo for a couple of weeks and see if you notice a difference.

    If youve tried multiple things for several weeks and havent noticed any change in your nails, see a dermatologist. They can take a look at your nails and ask you questions about your routine and overall health.

    If need be, they can prescribe a prescription-strength nail treatment that can help to strengthen your nails.

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    How To Fix Weak And Peeling Nails

    • Publish date: Oct 10, 2014

    In our latest column, “Ask a Fashionista,” you can solicit our strongly held opinions on everything from how to wear a midi skirt without looking like a tree stump to whether a certain retail CEO should go ahead and resign already. Have a question? Email us at .

    Q: I feel like I have the worst nails ever. They’re very soft and weak, and when they grow out too long, they start peeling at the tips! Is there anything I can do to strengthen them? Sarah, near Miami, Florida

    Ugh, peeling nails are the worst, right? It makes it impossible to grow them out and your nail polish always chips faster. It turns out the condition has a name: onychoschisis, which is the splitting of the nails at the end. Dermatologist Heidi Waldorf tells Fashionista it’s mostly a condition that arises as we age, when our nails stop growing uniformly. The good news is that there are steps we can take to stop it from happening.

    First, she suggests laying off the acrylic tips, which require “significantly” filing down the natural nail, and avoiding gel polishes . “The long-wear gel polishes cause nail brittleness, dryness and thinning as a combination of the chemicals in the formula that make it hold on to the nail and, even more damaging the 10-15 minute high-concentration acetone soaks required to remove them,” Dr. Waldorf says. Have your nail salon avoid too much buffing or filing regardless of the manicure style, as both can weaken already thin nails.


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