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How Long Do Kiss Impress Nails Last

Watch My Video To See My First Impressions + Applying The Impress Manicure Set

How to apply press on Kiss nails at home // last for 2 weeks// easy to follow tutorial

And. THEY DID! Im really happy to report that my nail set looks exactly the same as when I applied it last week, minus a super small chip. But that doesnt mean imPRESS nails are perfect.

There are some super important tips you need to know when applying these nails and hacks for maintaining them so they last a really long time. Thats what Im sharing in the rest of this post!

How To Use Impress Nails

  • Plan out which nails fit yours. They say to size down rather than up if you cant find one that fits exactly. As I found each one that fit I would lay them all out in front of me.
  • Next, wash your hands and then use the cleaning wipe that is provided and wipe down each nail bed. A friend gave me a tip and said that you should also clean your fingers with alcohol as well. It will help the adhesive really stick to the nail. If you have anything on your nail bed then it will prevent the adhesive from sticking and they wont stay on as long.
  • You can also push back your cuticle a bit and kind of tuck the nail in it to help it stay. I think this also helps make it look very natural.
  • Apply the nails by peeling back the tab. Press and hold in the center and then press the edges. The firmer you press, the better they will stick!
  • You can file the nails, but you have to wait at least an hour after applying. I didnt know this beforehand either! I think I would have gotten more use out of them if I had waited at least an hour.
  • You are also able to cut them! I was afraid to, but I tried and it stayed on fine and then I filed the nail down smooth.
  • All Done!
  • How Long Did Kiss Impress Nails Last

    Full disclaimer: I am a stay at home, work at home, homeschooling mom. My kids are older now, so they are capable of doing more on their own. HOWEVER, I am still wiping counters, cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, cooking and washing my hands all day long.

    These are the reasons why I hate spending $40 at the salon only to have my nails looking dull and over-grown in a week.

    That being said, the Kiss Impress nails have lasted beautifully for a full week! I havent tried to keep them longer because I dont like the over-grown look and my hairs would snag on the bottoms after a week or so.

    I originally decided to try these nails because I met a woman who was wearing them. I complimented her nails and she told me they were Kiss Impress press ons

    and get free Facebook live trainings every Wednesday.

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    How Long Do They Last

    I asked on Instagram, and the majority of people said they usually last up to 10 days for them. There were a few people who said they only lasted a few days. But most people said that if you rough up your nails a little and dont get them wet for a few hours after putting them on, that they will last for 10-14 days.

    A few of mine fell off during the 10 days I wore them, but I found it was really simple to either put on a replacement nail or glue the nail back on with nail glue.

    Considering This Are Kiss Press On Nails Safe

    KISS imPRESS Press

    Can press-on nails damage your actual nails? They shouldnt damage your natural nails if you are careful. Dont have them covered with artificial nails and wraps too often, Jaliman said. The glue used and the process of removing the artificial nails or wraps can weaken your own nails .

    manicureGel Fantasy NailsKiss

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    Kiss Fantasy Gel Nail Cons

    The cons for the KISS Fantasy Gel Nails is that the first day I put the nails on a nail fell off a few hours later. The adhesive comes in a package as you can choose to use the nail glue or adhesive tape. Again this review is on just using the adhesive tape* not the nail glue. I changed the adhesive tape on the thumb nail. The next day the other thumb nail came loose and I had to replace the adhesive again. On day 3 I felt another nail came loose and so I just removed the nail and added a new adhesive. I decided to try these nails over a long weekend in which I had no plans. I did not want to be out and about and have a nail go missing! Embarrissing! Overall the nails are very thin which look natural but sort of look like acrylic. The nail lays right into your natural nail without popping off. These were also a bit longer and very easy to remove. The adhesive on these are not as strong as the imPRESS nails but I was able to do dishes and clean, etc. without the nails falling off.

    Do Press On Nails Damage Your Real Nails

    Can press-on nails damage your actual nails? They shouldnt damage your natural nails if you are careful. Dont have them covered with artificial nails and wraps too often, Jaliman said. The glue used and the process of removing the artificial nails or wraps can weaken your own nails .

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    How To Make Press

    You can make your press-on nails last longer by following these 4 simple tips:

    • Tip 1: Whether using clear polish under the glue or not, always make sure to use rubbing alcohol to clean off any remaining residue and natural oils before applying.
    • Tip 2: Use a strong adhesive nail glue by applying it both to the back of the press-on nail and your natural nail.
    • Tip 3: Put pressure on every nail for 30 seconds as you are applying. This lets the adhesive spread across the full surface thus ensuring a stronger bond. This will, in turn, make press-on nails stick better.
    • Tip 4: Do not wash your hands or come in contact with water for at least 2 hours after application to help your press-on nails stay on longer. I find that doing this overnight is the easiest .
    • Tip 5: Use a top hardener coat to make your nails look polished and help them stick better. This also has the added benefit of hardening the actual nail surface which makes it more durable.

    Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready

    Kiss Gel Nails Review/How long will they last?

    At the top of my list for best press-on nails sits Kiss Gel Fantasy nails, a durable option for any event. The kit comes with both glue and adhesives, so you can choose which method of application you prefer. The Kiss Gel Fantasy glue lasts very long I wore my nails for over a week before I decided to take them off, but they probably could have lasted me a few more days. There were a few nails I had to re-glue throughout the week, but overall I was impressed with how long-lasting these press-ons are.

    Compared to other nails, these feel particularly hard and thick. This means that while they tend to look more natural and similar to salon gel nails, they also have a heavier feel that can take more getting used to. In addition to being slightly bulky, these nails even the shortest length are fairly long and require some trimming and filing to get them to a normal length.

    Overall, the quality of these nails is quite impressive, especially at a drugstore price. Though they take a little more time to apply, its worth making room in your schedule it if you are looking for a long-lasting, affordable option.

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    How Do You Keep Impress Fake Nails From Falling Off

    Each pack comes with extra nails for replacements to even a second full set. Keep 1 of each shape in a coin purse and tuck those in your bag so if a nail falls off while you are out and about, its easy to just re-apply the nail.

    You can also carry around nail glue if you happen to catch the fallen nail. Its very affordable, just a few bucks. I personally would keep some nail glue and extra nails at my desk if I still worked in an office.

    But, obviously, you want to avoid reapplying at all. These are some of my secret hacks for keeping your nails from falling off.

    • Apply your nails at night, after you washed your face, etc, so you can sleep overnight without distributing them to help the glue set extra well.
    • Avoid soaking them. Aka, if you do dishes, use dish gloves. If youre soaking in a hot tub, try to keep your hands out of the water to prevent the glue from dissolving too fast.
    • Reapply that clear nail polish on the underside every 3-4 days as itll rub off over that time.

    Get Some Nail Glue So You Can Reuse A Nail That Pops Off

    Ok I know I just said theres no glue required, and thats true, but one trick Ive been doing lately is using nail glue to reuse a nail that pops off.

    and works great. Sometimes a nail will get snagged on something and come off, or a nail will start to lift at the base .

    If it pops off Ill just put it back on with nail glue and that way Im not having to use a brand new nail that I can use instead for a future mani.

    And if a nail starts to lift at the bottom Ill just add a drop of nail glue and that solves the issue!

    Ive also started using nail glue right off the bat when I apply my imPRESS nails in addition to the adhesive already on the nails, and this also helps your mani last longer.

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    Should I Try Kiss Press

    Kiss Nails are a good way to give your nails an instant makeover. However, if you’re a parent of younger children, you’re going to find they’re not practical to wear all the time. There are just too many hands-on activities you have to do with your kids. For others, Kiss Nails is a better solution, as long as you only want to wear them for the recommended seven days before putting on a new set. Read about my experience spending a week trying Kiss Press-On Nails.

    Impress Nails Vs Kiss Fantasy Nails Review

    Impress press on nails review

    Love getting your nails done but hate spending time and money at the salon? Worst part of all gel nails and acrylic nails ruin your nails. Sometimes you just want to wear fake nails for an event, party or get together. I personally do not like using nail glue and prefer the adhesive nail tape. Easy removal!

    I am going to give you my review on two press on nails I use: The imPress Nails and KISS gel fantasy nails.

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    Are Press On Nails Worth It

    Press-on nails are not bad for your nailsin fact, theyre a healthier alternative to acrylics, she says. This is because they dont require any filing, and there is no odor or dust during application, she explains. Finally, wipe each nail with rubbing alcohol or acetone before getting to work applying the false nails.

    Shop My Favorite Styles Below:

    Ok, thats my imPRESS nails review, plus all my tips for how I make my imPRESS manicure last!

    I like to buy mine from the imPRESS website, Walmart, Target, Ulta, and . I check all of these sites because they tend to all have different designs and styles available. Here are a few of my current favorite styles!

    P.S. If you try these out, tag me in an Insta Story or pic, Id love to see!!

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    How To Remove Press

    You can take off press-on nails without damage without much difficulty if you just follow a few easy steps. The one thing you should never do is try to physically pull them off.

    Below I will outline the 3 easiest and best ways to get faux nails off and remove glue residue while keeping your digits healthy.

    Pro Tip #2

    What To Expect From Kiss Press

    ImPRESS Nails | How-To Tutorial | Tips to Keep Them On for Up to 3 Weeks

    The $8 kit includes 24 nails, adhesive tabs, pink gel glue, a manicure stick, and a mini nail file. Obviously, the cost is significantly less than the $30-plus you’ll pay to have your nails done at a salon, and it’s something you can easily do for yourself at home, even with kids around. Plus, you don’t have to keep going back to the salon every six weeks to have your nails refilled, which costs up to $45. That’s not exactly an option for moms looking to save money.

    Applying fake nails is simple, and Kiss Nails are no exception. When you’re ready to glue the nail in place, cover the back of the artificial nail and your natural nail with glue. Be sure you cover each surface completely with glue, or you’ll be able to see air pockets through the nails after you’ve applied them. Hold the artificial nail on top of your nail for five seconds and it’s glued. Twist off the numbered tab from the artificial nail, and file the nail to the shape you want. The total time to find your nail size, apply glue, and then glue the nails in place takes about 10-15 minutes total for both hands.

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    Are They Hard To Take Off

    I was wondering if it would be hard to take them off. It wasnt. I just pulled on each of them a little at the end of the 10 days and was able to easily get them off. I know some people talked about soaking theirs off. I didnt need to do that. But mine were also starting to come off some at the end of 10 days.

    Wheres The Best Place To Buy Impress Nails

    You can find these great nails in most grocery, drugstores, and big-box retailers.

    • I usually pick them up at my local grocery store Frys for around $5-6.
    • Walgreens sells them, and sometimes you can catch a great BOGO 50% off sale.

    Check out why my sidekick Emily prefers a manicure using Kiss Nails!

    Lina has a Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Arizona University with 10 years of blogging and photography experience having work featured in, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Fox News, Buzzfeed, and HGTV.

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    How Kiss Impress Press On Nails Work

    When I first saw the Kiss Impress nails in the stores, I had flashbacks of the peel and stick nails I used to do when I was a kid. They lasted all day if you didnt touch anything.

    I couldnt imagine grown women actually wanting to wear peel and stick nails. Plus, they were only $6. I couldnt imagine the quality being that great at such a low price!

    The Kiss Impress nails work literally like a sticker. You choose a size that will fit your nail , peel the back off and stick it onto your finger. Press and hold.

    *Bonus reminder. The side where you pull the tab will be the side that faces your cuticle.

    Scroll Through And Shop My Favorite Spring Impress Nails Below

    KISS imPRESS " SO UNEXPECTED"  by Broadway Press

    Press-on nails have come a long way since I last used them in middle school. So Im sharing an imPRESS nails review, with all the deets on where I buy them and tips for how I get them to last up to two weeks.

    Ive never had great nails. I have girlfriends who can grow these gorgeous, long nails that they just paint themselves and it looks like a freaking salon manicure. That is just not my truth. No matter how much collagen I consume, my nails always break.

    And I hate going to nail salons .

    I know some people love going to get their nails done and its like a treat for them, and if thats you, good for you girl. Treat yourself to a mani after quarantine is over.

    But for me, it just drives me crazy how long it takes to sit there and I cant even multitask. It feels like such a waste of time to me. Plus, going to nail salons is a really expensive habit!

    Doing my own nails at home with an imPRESS manicure solves both of these issues for me because its cheapyou can find them on sale at Target for $6, and current styles on imPRESS site range from $8 11, depending on if they have embellishments or not.

    And each set includes 30 nails, so I can get two full manicures from one box. Depending on the size of your fingers, you may end up with some odd sizing leftover .

    But do the maththats ~$3 a manicure.

    And its so quick and easy. Start to finish, it takes me 10 minutes to apply my imPRESS nails! Such a time saver.

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    Completely Honest Experience With Impress Nails

    by Crystal Paine on June 3, 2021 | This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

    I love getting my nails done. For a few years, its been one of the splurges that we budget for. I get dip polish on them and it lasts 4-5 weeks.

    But, getting them done means finding the time to go to the salon and sit there and have them do my nails. Some weeks, its hard to carve out the time for that.

    Recently, it had been five weeks since I had gotten my nails done and I really needed to get them re-done. They were very grown out and the dip polish was starting to come off.

    However, we had a lot going on that week and I just couldnt seem to find an hour to leave two little ones at home. It was then that I remembered my sister talking about how much she loves the Impress Nails.

    She used to use dip polish on her nails and had told me shed converted over to the Impress Nails and had become a real fan.

    So, Jesse had to head out for an errand and I asked him if hed swing by Target to pick up a box of the Impress Nails for me to try out.


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