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How To Store Color Street Nails

Common Color Street Problems

How to STORE and SAVE extra Color Street nail

It may or may not come to a surprise that there is a slight learning curve when it comes to applying and preventing common Color Street problems. It is not a hard product to master, but there are problems that I see come up frequently. And because of this a lot of people end up asking can Color Street ruin my nails? Its important to troubleshoot when these problems occur to get the best application possible. Youll love your nails more and theyll love you back!

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Lets get to solving these Color Street problems and making sure you know how to troubleshoot on your own!

What Are Expenses Associated With Color Street

In order to join Color Street, you must purchase a $125 starter kit. There are additional expenses as well. Many stylists host parties, travel for conventions and trainings, pay for marketing materials, purchase samples, and more. These expenses add up quickly. Color Street mentions these expenses in the income disclosure statement.

Commission and rebates distributed to Color Street Stylists in 2018 is exclusive of expenses incurred by Color Street Stylists in the operation or promotion of their business, including, but not limited to advertising or promotional expenses, product samples, training, rent, travel, telecommunication and internet access fees.

2018 Color Street Income Disclosure Statement

Another Try For Coconut

Katie also tried Coconut nail polish strips but she didnt have a problem with them. Heres what she had to say about them:

For the price I feel like they are pretty good but they are definitely not the same higher quality as Color Street. I had one nail that I couldnt get lined up quite right so I had to pull it up to re-position it. That nail is now coming off. The Color Street ones can be readjusted and they will still stick.;

I was able to do my nails plus my daughters nails with the one set. These are great for kids. They dont feel like a waste of money to use on my daughter, where as the Color Street nails are a bit expensive to use when I know shes going to pick at them.

At the end of two weeks, my nails looked pretty good. There are some cracks in the polish but because the color was dark, the cracks arent super noticeable.;

Coconut Conclusion

I might give the Coconut brand another try because they are so cheap but Id probably only use them on my toe nails. 5 bucks for a cute summer pedicure is totally worth it to me. Its great that you can pick up a set or two while doing your grocery shopping.

Sounds like these are a great option for kids and tweens as well. They would be great in an Easter basket or Christmas stocking.

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Color Street Tips General Tipstricks And Information

There are lots of things we have learned since our first Color Street post. Besides the information we already shared above, here is a list of Color Street tips that just dont fit into any category.

  • You can use a base or top coat. Color Street nail polish strips are made of real nail polish, so if you want to use a base or top coat with them, you totally can. If you have very thin or sensitive nails, then a base coat is a great idea for you.

Just make sure you give it plenty of time to dry before trying to apply your Color Street strips. And also be aware, that having a base coat on makes it harder to readjust the nail during application.

Using a top coat is great for making your nails last. You can use a regular bottled top coat, or you can use another clear nail strip on top of your designer one.

  • Do not keep your nail strips in a hot place. The adhesive in your Color Street nails strips can get tacky, or gummy if they get too warm, and they will not be as effective at staying put. So please dont forget your nail strips in a hot car.
  • Glitter nails are great for toes. Glitter nails tend to really stay put. This makes them especially awesome for your toes. I have had a glitter Color Street pedicure last for over a month on my tootsies.
  • Get a manicure and pedicure out of one set. If you want to get a mani and pedi from the same set then check out this tutorial HERE. Were using a Lily and Fox nail set in the tutorial but the steps are the same.

Why Should You Buy Color Street Nail Polish

Color Street

Color Street nail polish is a great way to get fabulous nails without worrying about exposing yourself to extra;toxins or dealing with a long dry time.

Color Street doesnt promote that it is toxic-free but it is one of the less toxic options.

Ive tried some of the less toxic nail polish and got frustrated because they didnt last very long.

Color Street Nails come in strips and you simply take them out of the pack and apply.

No heat is needed!

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Tips To Getting A Perfect Color Street Manicure

Lora Conover an Independent Founding Color Street Stylist & Sr Director.

I know when you’re using Color Street;for the first time you might be thinking ;”I hope I can do this right”, “Will it really be as easy as they say it is??” and hoping you don’t make a mistake. So I wanted to give you 10 tips to getting an amazing Color Street manicure!;

10 tips to getting an amazing Color Street Manicure.

1. ;Keeping your strips at room temperature.;It’s very important to store your Color street sets in the right conditions. They can’t be too hot or cold. Make sure to store in a dry area out of the sun. If they are too cold they will be harder to apply and might end up cracking, If cold, try holding them in your hands to warm them up. ;If too hot, let them sit in the house for a few hours to cold down to room temperature. You can tell then they are too hot by their gooey texture. ;It’s best to keep them in a drawer.

2. ;Wash your hands.; Before applying Color Street Nail Strips make sure youve washed your hands first. ;This will ensure that any excess oils on your hands are removed. Your nail strips won’t last as long if applied to oily/dirty nails. It’s best to use an oil-dissolving soap if you can, but not necessary.;

4. Do your thumbs last.;Since Color Street Nail Strips are 100% polish they are soft and flexible and you only really need your thumb as a tool. So start with your pinky and work your way through each nail, saving your thumbs for last.;

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Hair Straightener/flat Iron Method:

1. Slide any unused strips back into original plastic packaging 2. Make sure the strips are pushed as far down into the plastic as possible 3. Warm up the hair straightener/flat iron4. Quickly press and release the heads of the straightener/flat iron to the plastic, melting it together.5. Test the seal to make sure it is melted shut completely

This is the mini hair straightener I use. Its very portable given its size yet still heats up enough to seal the plastic. Because youre sort of melting plastic with this flat iron, I recommend having a separate one just for this purpose. Thats why I chose the mini size for storage. Its small enough to store with all of my Color Street and nail supplies.

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Meet Your Color Street Stylist Amy Cluckey


Hello! My name is Amy, I live in Rochester, MN. I’m a single mother to a 15 year old, tenth grader boy- Pacha, which can be very adventurous and exhausting at times. I’m also a preschool teacher to 18 very active children. One of the things I like to do as a quick mommy moment is, to do my nails. It use to take me a long time, many imperfections, and tons of chips by the end of a couple days. Now with Color Street nail polish strips, it takes me less time, they go on smooth, there is no heating involved, they last a long time, and there is no mid polish chipping.;

;What are Color Street 100% nail polish Strips? Color Street nail strips are real nail polish in a dry strip form, with base coat, color coat and top coat in every strip. It’s a quick, easy way to give yourself a salon-quality manicure without any mess or wait time.

How long does it last? Although everyones nails are different, your Color Street manicure can last up to 14 days. Color Street strips are more durable than liquid polish, so they are more chip-resistant and last longer

How do I find the right size? A Color Street manicure set consists of two sheets, each containing 8 double-ended strips. To find the correct size for your nail, simply check the strip against your finger, choosing the one that closest matches your nail size. Gently stretch the strip for a perfect fit.

How To Revive Dried Out Color Street Nails

Color Street – How to Store Unused Nails

Reviving the color from your dried out and old polish can be hard. We will help you to revive dried out color from street nails in only 4 steps! If you want strong nails read about the;hair skin and nails it works suplement!

Color Street nails are nails that dont demand the use of any heavy or specific tools, not like;acrylic nails. These nails are applied on top of your natural nail, with no glue needed! These are actually nails that come in the form of a sticker, perfect for applying on top of your short-long nails and with ease! However, the color of these nails can become plain and washed out in time due to air exposure. If this happens to you, heres how to revive it, and what you should do!

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How To Remove Color Street Nails: Tips From A Color Street Independent Stylist

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I have been a Color Street Independent Stylist since they launched over two years ago. I absolutely love my Color Street nails! I love that they last so much longer than traditional nail polish and my customers do too! One of my most asked questions is how to remove Color Street nails. While these nail polish strips can be removed with nail polish remover, I wanted to share a few tips to make sure you remove your Color Street nails easily, while keeping your nails healthy.

Why Does Color Street Make My Nails Peel

Im going to stop you right here. Color Street does not make your nails peel, not specifically anyway. While this Color Street problem is in fact a headache, regular nail polish can have this effect as well. Its a matter of nail health rather than the type of nail polish youre using.

Nails are dead and therefore do not need to breathe, but if theyre consistently covered with nail polish and not given any breaks, the nails will start to weaken. Weak nails are prone to peeling, splitting, and breaking. Make sure to go naked for a couple days here and there. There are also physical health conditions that can weaken nails as well. If you have consistent problems with this, make sure to see a doctor. Its always better to treat the root of the problem than cover it with Band-Aids .

Using acetone nail polish remover is another sure fire way to get your nails to peel. Your nails need oil for health and strength. This may seem counterintuitive since we remove the oils prior to application, but using an incredibly stripping remover like acetone later only makes the Color Street problems worse. Slap on another layer of nail polish and your nails never have a chance to regain their nourishment

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Color Street Nail Polish Strips

Do you hate chipped nail polished? ;When I get a manicure at the nail salon, I have them apply clear nail polish, because my nails tend to chip within a day or two. ;My friend Rachel recently invited me to a Facebook party for Color Street nail polish strips. ;I decided to give it them a try and ordered two sets of nail polish strips in Charleston Blush and Venetian Masquerade . ;Ive been pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability of the nail polish strips. ;This is a problem solver and product that will make your busy life easier. ;I suggest you give it a try.

What are Color Street Nail Polish Strips?

Color Street nail polish strips are nail polish in a dry strip form with base coat, color coat and top coat in every strip. ;When I opened the package, I was surprised that it smelled like a bottle of nail polish. ;The strips are 95% dry so they are flexible and repositionable.

Color Street nail polish strips are made in the USA. ;They are developed and manufactured in New Jersey. ;I like the idea of supporting a local business. ;They are cruelty free and made from the same ingredients as nail polish .

Whats Included in Each Set

Each set comes with 16 double-ended strips, 2 nail prep pads and a small nail file. ;I recommend that you also have a cuticle pusher and small scissors handy when youre applying the strips. ;The strips are double-ended. ;If you have short nails, you can use one strip on two nails. ;Keep unused strips in a Ziplock bag to keep them from drying out.


Color Street For The Win

Glamour Case for Color Street

In my opinion, Color Street nails are the winner in the Sister Company challenge. There is no comparison when it comes to the style choices Color Street has. The nail polish strips themselves seems to be better quality and last longer. In this case, you really do get what you paid for.

I also like how helpful Color Street Stylist are. You get much better costumer service with a stylist. If I had had a problem with my nail polish strips like I had with the Coconut brand, I know my stylist would have replace them for free.;

Like I said before, I will try Incoco and Coconut nails again for a pedicure. Ill update the post once Ive tried them out on my toes. I do think the price is great on both so they are worth a try.;

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How To Apply Color Street Nail Polish

Overall Color Street Nail Polish Strips are pretty easy to apply. I didnt do much to prepare my nails for this manicure. I had recently filed my nails down, so I just pushed back my cuticles and used the alcohol swabs to super clean the nail bed. I compared each nail strip to my actual nail beds to decide which strips to use. I have fairly small hands but long nail beds, theyre somewhat narrow though. I ended up using the 4 biggest strips, skipped 1 strip size and used the next one for my pinkie. They all fit pretty well except for my middle finger, it could have used the same size strip as my index finger.

Theres a clear plastic coating to remove from the strips and then you can remove the nail polish strip from the backing. It is a little sticky, but it isnt difficult to work with. Once youve removed the tab at the end, you can apply the polish on to your nail. There are 2 ends you could put near your cuticle, and my nails are a little more of a squoval so I used that end at the base of my nail. I push down in the middle first and lay the polish down flat, stretching as I need to.

Once Ive positioned the polish in the right spot I pull it down over my nail and pull, the polish will rip over the nail in just the right spot. You can then file down the excess.

Color Street Tips For Easiest Removal

Nail strips can do damage to your nails if not removed in the right way. Here are our Color Street tips for the easiest, healthiest removal.

  • Use an acetone free nail polish remover. Color Street nail strips are made well, and made to stay put, so it can take a lot of remover to get them off. Nail polish remover with acetone can be very drying to your nails. We recommend you go acetone free. Mineral Fusion would be our first choice.
  • Nail clips are awesome. Using nail clips can save the skin on your finger tips, and your nail polish remover. They hold remover in place right on the nail, so you dont have to sit with your nails in a whole bowl of remover, or so you dont have to spend your precious time holding remover on one nail at a time.
  • White felt sheets work great with nail clips. Why pay for nail polish remover pads? White felt sheets can be cut to size, and work great for holding your polish remover with your nail clips. You can get individual sheets at craft store, or get a set of sheets that will last you a LONG time here.
  • NEVER peel off your nail strips! As stated above, Color Street nail polish strips are made well, and made to really stick to your nail. This means you never want to just peel it off. If you do this, you will most likely pull off some of the nail as well, and your nails will get brittle.

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