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How Many Roofing Nails Needed Per Square

What Type Of Nails For Felt/underlayment

Button Cap Roof Nails – How Much Do You Need?

Roofing felt is a type of underlayment that professionals install beneath a roofs shingles. Unlike selfadhering underlayments, such as ice and water protector, felt underlayment needs to be fastened in place with nails. Specifically, youll need roofing cap nails. These have large plastic caps for heads, which help prevent water intrusion.

Dont confuse these cap nails with gasket roofing nails. Roofing nails with gaskets are intended for metal roofs. The gasket is rubber, not plastic. You want roofing nails with plastic washers for roof underlayment.

How Many Nails For Starter Strip Shingles

If you are installing starter strips and you should always use starter strips beneath your first course of roof shingles then youll need more nails. You should have at least 5 nails in your starter strip shingles, as they are your first defense against wind uplift and moisture penetration on your roof.

If you purchase a pack of starter strip shingles that covers 50 linear feet and your starter strip shingles are 40 long, then youll have 16 starter strip shingles per bundle. Multiply 16×5 and youll need at least 80 nails per one bundle of starter strip shingles.

How Many Bundles Of Shingles Per Square

A package of roofing shingles is called a bundle. Laminate or architectural shingles, one of the most common types of roofing shingles, are generally packaged in three bundles per square.

So in the 2400 square foot gable roof example, you would need 72 bundles of shingles .

Here are a couple more examples:

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How Many Roofing Nails In A Square Of Shingles

Roofing nails are used to hold the singles in place securely, preventing them from coming loose in high winds or under the weight of snow. The number of roofing nails you should apply to each individual shingle can vary, and it is determined by a number of factors, including the slope of your roof, the type of shingle, the local building code, and local climate.

You should always check your local building code before embarking on DIY construction projects to ensure your home meets the necessary requirements for safety. You should also check the instructions that come with your shingles, as this may dictate that the shingles you have chosen need fewer roofing nails or more roofing nails.

As a general rule, for standard shingles, you would want to fasten each shingle in place with four roofing nails, with the exception of the starting row, which should have five roofing nails on each shingle.

For standard shingles, which have four roofing nails per shingle, this will equate to approximately 320 roofing nails per square, based on average-sized shingles. As with the number of shingles you order, you should also order extra roofing nails to account for any that you drop and lose while on the roof.

For some more complex styles of roof, or for those situated in climates that routinely experience high winds, it is recommended that each shingle should be fastened with six roofing nails. This will equate to approximately 480 roofing nails per square.

How To Account For Shingle Wastage

Roofing Materials List

There will always be a certain amount of wastage when constructing a shingle roof, but this can vary hugely depending on the shape of your roof and any extra features it has.

For a complex roof with lots of corners, you can expect to go through more wastage and offcuts of shingles compared with a simple roof. Roofs with dormer windows or skylights will also have more wastage compared with those that dont, as you will need to make more cuts in the shingles, and the leftover portions will be unusable.

For any roofing project, you should buy between 10 and 15 percent more shingles than you have calculated. So for a roof that measures 20 squares, you should buy an additional 2 or 3 squares to account for wastage. This is because 10 percent of 20 is 2, and 15 percent of 20 is 3. If you are ordering your supplies in bundles, then this will mean you will want between 6 and 9 extra bundles, based on the fact that there are 3 bundles in each square.

Although this might seem like needless extra expenditure, you dont want your project to be delayed if you run out of shingles and cannot get hold of more of the same ones immediately. It is always safer to have more shingles than you need as opposed to less.

If you have shingles left over at the end of your project, you should save them for future repairs or replacements on your roof, so you wont have to have mismatching shingles.

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How Many Nails Are In A Square Of Slate

Most roofers prefer smooth shank as it makes for easier repairs. In most cases, nails are sold by the pound. A 20 x 10 x ¼ slate will require 2.32 LBS of 1 ½ nails for one square of material. Each piece of slate will have two nail holes which are drilled or punched depending on the slate supplier.

How Many Cap Nails Per Square Of Synthetic Underlayment

Synthetic underlayment has existed since the early 2000s with various types available. You can find spun or woven synthetics that are created from polypropylene or polyethylene. Each type has different characteristics, such as thickness, manufacturing procedure, walkability, and exposure time, but generally, the ingredients are quite similar.

Synthetic underlayment is usually differentiated to their weight and their feeling. The unit used to estimate the synthetics are grams-per-square-meter .

How many roofing nails per square of synthetic underlayment required is the same as the common underlayment calculation above. However, most roofing contractors choose to use staples instead of nails for this material. The staples are places once every 4 or 8, then they are secured with a second underlayment layer with staples once every 2 to 3.

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Roofing Nails Per Square

Most shingle manufactures recommend using four nails per shingle on the main area of your roof and five nails per square in the first row of roofing. This adds up to an average of 320 nails or 100 square feet. If you have high wind areas, you will want to use five nails pers shingle, equating to about 480 per square.

When using a 1.5-inch roofing nail, they usually have a large 11-gauge shank and an oversize, 7/16-inch flathead. These nails are hot galvanized, which helps them withstand sun and rain on your roof. About 140 of these types if nail weighs one pound. You will need approximately 2 ¼ pounds of nails to install a square of shingles in regular conditions, and about 3 ½ pounds if you are dealing with windy conditions. Because nails are purchased by the pound, so can ask your supplier for the correct number of nails for your size roof, in the length you specify.

How Many Roofing Nails Do I Need Per Square

How Many Nails Do You Need Per Roofing Shingle?

Nailper Squarenailsperofroofnails perofnails per squaresquareneednails pernails per square

Also question is, how many nails are in a box of roofing?

Wire Collated. 160 Nails/Coil. 7,200Nails/Box. 1-3/4 in. Hot Dipped Roofing Nails,Ring Shank, Bulk.

Beside above, how many squares of shingles do I need? This means you would need 240 squares ofshingles to cover that roof. The most common type ofshingle, called a three-tab or strip shingle, isgenerally packaged three bundles per square. For a new roof, youwill also need the same amount of underlayment.

Then, what size roofing nails do I need?

The more common roof thickness is 3/4-inchdecking. When installing asphalt shingles on felt only to any gradedecking you should use 1-inch long roofing nails.When installing dimensional shingles to felt only, Roofhelp.comrecommends you use 1 1/4-inch nails.

How many nails do you put in a shingle?

Most shingle manufacturers recommend at leastfour nails per shingle and six in high wind areassuch as Florida and Oklahoma.

nailssquaresquare feetnailsnailssquareroofing nails

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Is Roof Underlayment Necessary

The underlayment on a roof is a membrane that is applied to the plywood or deck of your roof as an extra layer of water penetration protection before your shingles are installed. Underlayment isnt always necessary, but should be applied to low-sloped roofs, as well as specific high water risk areas of your home.

The Cost Of Roofing Nails

The cost of your roofing nails will depend on a few factors, including material, type and length. Also note that nails are sold by the pound, and if youre a professional roofer, it may benefit you to buy in bulk in order to reduce costs.

That being said, you can expect a small, 5-pound box of smooth shank galvanized steel roofing nails to cost around $10. Nails for roofing felt are also more expensive than typical nails.

If youre estimating the cost of your nails, its best to head into your supplier and compare their prices yourself, as costs vary by location too.

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Where To Nail Starter Strip Shingles

Starter strip shingles should be nailed 3 to 4 from the bottom of the shingle. Nailing too close to the bottom edge risks the nails being exposed in between the gaps of the first course of standard roofing shingles. Nailing the shingles too high may allow more movement in the shingle, damaging the sealant strip.

How To Fix Nail Pops In A Roof

Asphalt Shingles

Nails can pop above the roof surface for a number of reasons. Perhaps they were underdriven in the first place. Nails that didnt fully penetrate the sheathing may work their way up over time. Or, if a roofs decking has warped or bent, it can pull nails out of place. Whatever the cause, its important to fix any nail pops in a roof to prevent damage.

Fixing the nails is simply a matter of removing them, removing the shingle and installing a new shingle. Be sure you to use the correct nail length and place it properly.

Do not simply hammer the nail down, renail it in the same spot, or use the same shingle. All of these methods could allow water through the roof. For example, if you remove the nail and drive it back into the same spot, your aim wont be perfectly accurate. There will be a tiny gap on one side of the nail or the other. Even if it is imperceptible to you, water will find it.

If you use the same shingle and add the nail back in a different spot, youre leaving behind a hole where the nail once was. Some suggest you fill this hole with roofing cement, but this repair option must be done carefully to maintain the roofs water-shedding performance.

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How Many Square Feet Does A Box Of Roofing Nails Cover


Typical box count is 7,200 nails per box, with 120 per coil. That will do abount 21 squares.

Subsequently, question is, how much does a box of roofing nails cost? Compare all Specifications

Grip Rite 1-1/4 in. Smooth Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails 1-1/4 in. 11-Gauge 15-Degree Wire Collated Galvanized Roofing Nails
Nail Length 1 1/4 in. Nail Length 1 1/4 in.
Collation Material Wire Collation Material Wire

Similarly one may ask, how many squares are in a box of roofing nails?

Nail Quantity per SquareShingle manufacturers recommend using four nails per shingle in the main part of the roof and five nails per shingle in the first row. This amounts to an average of 320 nails per square, or 100 square feet. In high-wind areas, you need five nails per shingle, or 480 nails per square.

How many shingles are in a square?

Three bundles to a square is most common, which applies to most three-tab strip shingles and laminated shingles. When shingles are three bundles to the square, there are 29 standard-sized shingles in each bundle.

How Many Nails Per Square Of Cedar Shingles

Cedar is a solid choice of material for roof shingles. It usually comes with natural preservatives to fight UV rays, damage, moisture, and infestation. It has wind-resistant quality naturally, so cedar shingle might be an ideal selection if you use it in windy areas.

So, how many nails per shingle that cedar roofing material need? In general, four to five nails per shingle would be sufficient. The standard required amount of nails for cedar shingles is 320 pieces per square.

For areas with a lot of wind, six nails for each shingle might be needed, which means you need 480 nails for each square. This latter calculation is also applied if you use mansard roofing.

You should always refer to the shingles or underlayment application instructions before and during the installation process, including seeing the correct nailing pattern.

Dont hesitate to ask someone who knows more about the roofing installation project about how many roofing nails per square you should use. The last, you should also check the local building regulation in your area regarding roofing.

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Whats Your Roof Slope

You will also need to know the slope of your deck.

To determine this, measure the vertical rise of your deck in inches over a 12 horizontal distance.

If this rise is 4, then your roof slope is 4 in 12.

Roof slopes are always expressed with the vertical rise mentioned first and the horizontal run mentioned second.

How Many Nails Will You Need

Roofing Coil Nails – How Many For Shingle Installation?

Nails will also be required for any roofing project. The average 3-tab shingle needs four nails per shingle. High wind areas and other types of shingles may need more. 320 nails will be needed to install a square of standard 3-tab shingles, assuming four nails per shingle and 80 shingles per square.

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How Long Should My Roofing Nails Be

Nails shouldlengthnail mustlongroofnail length

How to Estimate How Many Pounds of Roofing Nails Are Needed

  • Measure each area of the roof, in feet, to determine how many shingles will be needed.
  • Multiply the length of each area by the width to determine the square footage.
  • Add the amount of square footage for each area together.
  • Divide the entire square footage by 100 to reach the estimated amount of shingles needed.
  • Also, what kind of nails do you use for roofing? Stainless steel nails are also good for fastening tiles and slate, or you can work with copper nails for standard roofing purposes. Galvanized roofing nails are steel nails that are zinc-coated. They hold up better against rust, and they can also be used for asphalt shingles.

    Also to know is, should roofing nails go through the sheathing?

    A 1nail will fully penetrate through 3/8roof sheathing, but it won’t fully penetrate 1/2sheathing. The other way to determine if the proper nails were used is to look in the attic; if the roof has 1/2sheathing, you should be able to see the nails sticking through in to the attic.

    Where should nails be placed in shingles?

    Use 4 nails per shingle placed 6-1/8″ above the butt edge, 1″ and 13″ in from each end and 1/2″ above each cutout. Drive nails straight so that nail head is flush with, but not cutting into shingle surface.

    How Many Nails Per Bundle Of Shingles

    The amount of nails you will need per bundle of shingles depends upon the number of shingles in the bundle. Most bundles cover around 33 square feet. However, the size of the shingle itself will dictate the number it takes to cover that square footage.

    Traditionally, a 36 x12 3-tab shingle was the standard size for a roof shingle. Using that example, a 33 square foot bundle of shingles of that size will have 26 shingles in a bundle. If we multiple 26×4, we get 104. That means youll need 104 nails minimum to install that type of roof shingle.

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    How Many Roofing Shingles Do I Need

    To estimate how much roofing material you need, such as bundles of architectural shingles or rolls of synthetic roofing underlayment, you need to know the total square footage of your roofs surface.

    How to Calculate Total Square Footage of Your Roof

    To find your roofs total square footage:

  • Measure the length and width of each plane on the roof then multiply length times width.
  • Add the square footage of each of the planes together.
  • Example #1: Shed Roof with One Roof Plane

    For example, this shed roof has one roof plane.

    Multiply length times width :

    A x B = 40 x 30 = 1200 sq. ft. for the total square footage of the roof.

    Example #2: Gable Roof with Two Roof Planes

    This gable roof has two planes.

    So to derive the total square footage of the roof, you would:

  • Multiply length times width and length times width to get the square footage for each plane.
  • Add the two planes together.
  • For example:

    • Plane 1 : 40 x 30 = 1200 sq. ft.
    • Plane 2 : 40 x 30 = 1200 sq. ft.
    • Plane 1 + Plane 2 = 2400 sq. ft. for the total square footage of the roof.

    The Importance Of Nails In Roofing

    How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Roof â Roofing Park City

    Every time there is a gust of wind, we rely on the nails weve chosen to hold new shingles in place. Choosing the right roofing nails and driving them properly is essential for getting the best performance out of your roof. For more tips on roof installation and tools, read our article about choosing between a nail gun and a roofing hammer.

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    Find The Area Of The Footprint Of The Roof

    To calculate a roofs dimensions, you need to measure the roof as if it were flat, then account for roof pitch, calculate square footage, and finally determine how many squares of material are required for the roof.

    The calculator above can handle all of this, simply enter the length, width, and pitch, and it will determine the size of the roof in squares.

    Start by measuring the roofs length and width in feet as youre standing on the ground. Remember that the length and width need to be found for the roof, not the house, so take into account that the roof overhangs the building.

    Then determine the area of the roof as if it were flat. Multiply the length by the width in feet to get the area measurement.


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