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How To Do Dip Nails At Home

What Diy Dip Powder Nail Kit To Get


I used the Quick Dip Starter Kit, but there are a ton of Dip Nail kits you can get on Amazon that have high rating and are the exact same steps here. You could try the Lavender Violets powder dip set that has really high ratings. Check out the Mefa dip powder acrylic brand thats pretty inexpensive with good ratings on , and the ANC Dip Powder Kit.

I wanted to my dip powder kit to have neutral shades, but, you can go wild if you want with tons of SNS colors. There is a bit of a learning curve when you first try doing your nails with powdered acrylic, so, until you get the hang of things, I would suggest choosing a nail color that is neutral.

Finish Preparing Your Nails

One you have 95% of the old powder off, you’re going to want to start preparing the nail surface for your new powder. This step wasn’t covered very well in the tutorial that I watched so I may have gone overboard. Frankly, I could see how the powder would fill in most of the gaps and since you’ll be smoothing out the top later, maybe this step is skipped in the interest of time. That said, I know from woodworking, auto-body work, and drywalling that a smooth base is key to a great finished product. Let’s get to work!

Step 1: Remove and smooth any residual powder with a rotary tool.

This is where a smaller drill or rotary tool would come in handy. Sand off and smooth any remaining nail color powder. Again, don’t go too deep or else you risk sanding through the nail. You’re just looking to get the nail smooth. Also, don’t stay in one spot too long, barrel sanders and rotary tools can make round indentations. Finally, when using “coarse” grits of sandpaper, always sand with the grain, in other words, the rotation of the tool should go parallel to your finger. This will prevent large gouges in your nail as the tool tears the ridges perpendicularly which will require more time to sand out.

Step 2: The sanding blocks

Repeat this process with the 320-grit until your nail is nice and smooth.

Step 3: Cut and shape your nail

Trim your nail to roughly the shape that you want. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

Now you’re ready to start the dipping process!

Are Powder Dipped Nails Better Than Gel

The biggest difference between gel and dip powder is longevity. Dip powder manicures can last up to a month, which is twice as long as gel nail polish. Also, dip powder manicures don’t require light curing lamps. That means you won’t have a bulky nail lamp taking up space in your closets or drawers, and you won’t have to deal with UV exposure.

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How To Do Dip Nails Perfectly At Home To Save $1000 A Year

Nothing beats the look of beautiful nails. However, getting your nails done can really break the bank over time. Save $1,000 a year by doing your own fingernails at home with todays guide on how to do dip nails at home .

They say you can tell everything about a girl just from the look of her nails. If you think about it, its usually true.

However, as much as I love the look of nails done by a nail salon, they can be extremely pricey over time. I found I was spending $1,126 a year on my dip fingernails and $953 a year on my gel toes! Thats over $2,000 a year! Over 10 years, thats $20,000! However, if I invested the nail money I was spending every 3 weeks and put it into the stock market, after 20 years, Id have $102,491! After 30 years, Id have $259,144! Thats the power of compound interest!

Check it out for yourself in a compound interest calculator, linked here for you. The stock market makes 8% per year on average. Its actually sickening when you realize how much we pay for all the maintenance we require.

Okay, sorry to get all nerdy, but its changes like this in life that do change your life.

Other money saving recommendations:

By doing my nails and toes myself, I put that money into the stock market instead so that my money can compound and make me more money.

, lets just get smart about how we do it.)

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The Pros And Cons Of A Diy Powder Dip Manicure


Despite my messy manicure, I still have good things to say about the process. I like how bright and durable the gel is after application. With standard polish, I tend to behave more delicately with my hands because it seems like the polish will chip or lift from the smallest tap, no matter how the strength of my top coat coverage.

On the other hand, this durability also means that its more difficult to clean around the edges of your nail once the powder is set. Cleaning up around the cuticles with dip powder can be a bit tricky since the adhesive is technically glue, says Atkinson. She recommends using an electric file with a precision tip, such as this rose-gold portable tool from Alles.

After the application, if you do not have an e-file, I would recommend hand-filing around the cuticles and free edge, she adds. From my own experience, hand filing works best if you have a strong file and my metal nail file was far more effective than my emery board.

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Dip Into Best Practices

If it were as simple as just dipping a nail into some powder, youre clients wouldnt come to you for the service. Theres an art to dipping, and it begins with these best practices.

Consider temperature. After practicing on nail tips , pay attention to your surroundings. Understand that once you apply dip nails on a customer, heat will accelerate application time. Body and room temperatures as well as environment will impact curing times, too, Sritapan says.

Use thin layers for your base coat. Working with thin layers of base coat prevents the dip powder from becoming too thick or uneven when dipping the nail, minimizing filing time later once the dip powder has been activated/cured, says Clifford. Because base coat will start to dry as soon as you apply it, Nguyen recommends brushing over your very first stroke again to re-wet the area. This allows the powder to absorb more evenly, he says.

Never flood the cuticle. The first layer of base coat should only cover half of the nail and shouldnt touch the cuticle until the final coat, says Clifford.

Mix dip powder with a stick before using. This creates the most accurate and even color pay off on every single nail, says Clifford. Because ingredients and pigments used to create dip powder have varying weights, heavier shimmers and glitters tend to sink to the bottom of the jar.

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Nail Color Dip System Neons

Key selling points: It can be hard to find a neon polish that actually *stays* vibrant, which is where this eye candy-worthy set of eight jars comes in. Reviewers love their compact sizeand the fact that the colors stay bright and glossy for two weeks.

What customers say: The product comes in a bag, making storage and organization a breeze. Ive only used one color, but so far Im a complete stan. The hot pink color is so pigmented, and I get tons of compliments. The containers are large enough for my long nails to easily and comfortably dip without having to do the weird shimmy needed for the travel-size colors that come in other sets. For the price of a salon manicure, you get eight colors to mix and match. Will purchase the other set in the fall. Le Negrita, reviewer on

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Slowly Apply Your Top Coat Starting At The Top

Step 4 is the most difficult part of the process and will take some practice. Because the secondary powder is loose on your nail, youre essentially using the top coat to seal it to the primary color. You must start at the top and slowly, in long motions, gently stroke the top coat over the ombre. If you brush too hard, the ombre will smudge down the nail. You only want to do two strokes, enough to seal the ombre in your top coat.

Tip: Use more topcoat than you normally would. A big dab is best! If you use too thin of an amount, your brush will smudge the secondary color much easier.

Tip 2: I like to use a gel top coat because its thicker than a normal polish top coat. The thicker coat will help prevent your ombre from smudging.

Smooth Out Your Nail Dipping Powder

EASY DIP POWDER NAILS AT HOME | how to do dip nails step by step | revel nail

Remember all that fun sanding that we did in step three? Well, we’re going to do it again!

Step 1: Drum Sander

This time, instead of removing all of the color, we’re just removing enough of the top layer to leave a smooth surface. Also, instead of sanding parallel to the finger, we will be sanding perpendicular. Sanding this way allows you to sand the entire length of the nail so that it’s smooth the entire way down. Just roll your finger back and forth to avoid low spots.

Step 2: Sanding Blocks

Return to your 180-grit sanding block first. I found a couple of small voids in my wife’s nails, and that’s ok. Just sand the area in a circular motion until it’s gone and then work the rest of the nail in circular motions. Finish up with 320-grit for that extra smooth surface.

Your client may or may not have lost their enthusiasm at this point

Step 3: Shape the nail

This won’t be the final shaping but you should get 90% of the way there.

Step 4: Final applicator layer

I’m pretty certain this step is just to get all the dust left over from sanding to flatten out. Apply a very thin layer of applicator to the nail, let it dry for 10 minutes.

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Best Overall: Nailboo Essentials Dip Kit

  • Complete kit with all tools and products

  • Only one color included

Aaron says this is a good option for dip powder newbies, and while its not professional-grade, it is good quality for a DIY option. While it only comes with one shade of dipping powder, we like that you get the option to choose which shade that is. Plus, per the point of newbies, this comes with every possible tool and accessory you could need to master the dipping process, even cotton balls included.

Shades: 1 included with kit | Dry Time: Air-dry 2 minutes

What Is An Sns Powder Dip Manicure Exactly

Different to your standard gel or acrylic nails, an SNS manicure uses a gel base polish to begin and then while wet, the nail is dipped in powder for colour. It dries instantly and doesn’t require an LED or UV lamp to cure the nail .

According to SNS creators the gel base polish is packed with nutrients including vitamins A, E, D and B5 to help protect your nails.

For anyone who has had an SNS manicure before, you’ll understand how complex the process is it’s definitely a skill that will make you appreciate your nail technician a whole lot more but after a few practice runs it’s possible to master salon-quality nails at home, on your own!

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What Is The Best Nail Dip Kit For Beginners

Obviously were a little biased we think our nail dip kits are the best options for beginners. However, here are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for a nail dip kit:

  • Average price: You should expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $200 for a high-quality dip kit. Be wary of companies who shove absolutely everything into a dip kit and sell it to you for $50. Youre looking for long-lasting dip powders and liquid polishes. The idea is to save money and time. And remember, variety is the spice of life. Look for a kit with at least 2 different colors in it.
  • Liquid polishes: Make sure you get a kit with all of the required liquid polishes in it. As a recap, this includes your bond, base, seal protect, and top coat.
  • Add-Ons: If you are fine spending a little more on your kit, make sure you get some useful add-ons with it. These additions can include a recycling system, cuticle oil, multiple powder colors, and nail glitter.
  • Colors: If your kit comes with 3 different colors, make sure you really like those colors. Again, the whole idea here is to save some money . If you dont like the colors you choose, then youll end up taking off your polish and heading to the salon which defeats the whole point of a DIY, budget -friendly manicure.

Diy Or Dont: The Results

Amazing Nail Dip Powder Kit

In this instance, perfect really wont happen without a lot of practice. Doing your own dip powder nail set isnt impossible, but it might take some getting used to before getting it right. Also, remember that preparation is key and that while making mistakes wont ruin your manicure, having the right tools to correct them will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Even so, while the thought of DIY dip powder manicures is appealing, I think Ill leave this technique to skilled professionals. I love how gel nails look, how quickly they dry, and the dipping process is fun but I realized that Id much rather sit and wait for standard nail lacquer to set after application than wait for it to break down enough to come off when Im more than ready to see it go. When the day comes for me to visit a salon again, Ill give gel or powder polish another try this time, in the care of expert hands.

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My Powder Dip Manicure Is Growing Out How Do I Fix It

There are other factors to keep in mind to preserve your nails health, especially if you want to continue dip nail sets in the future. The most common mistake I see is that people dont soak off the nails before each new set, Atkinson says, urging people against filling in any bare growth with more powder as a quickie way to top your manicure off. Doing so can lock water or other moisture between your nail and the powder, which is a major risk. You do not want to trap any moisture between your nails, she explains. It can cause mold and fungus. Its also good to avoid picking, plucking, or prying at the gel if it lifts as doing so can cause damage to your nails underneath. Instead, soak the chipping polish off and start fresh.

Its also worth investing in cuticle oil to keep your nail beds hydrated between manicures. Contrary to popular belief, oils simply lock in moisture rather than imbuing your skin with it, so only use a cuticle oil after applying moisturizer to your hands. Cuticle oil does wonders for the nails, especially during fall and winter. Atkinson advises, To keep your nails and cuticles hydrated, cuticle oil and hand lotion is a must! It actually improves your nail health, making them stronger!

Is It Worth It

In a pre-pandemic world, an 11-step beauty treatment wouldn’t make my to-do list, but we’re living in unprecedented times and I’m suddenly doing unprecedented things. Also, the end result is actually quite impressive and worth the effort.

If you take the time to prep your nails correctly, that is shape, buff and apply the base layer correctly, the manicure will easily last up to three weeks.

As someone who likes to keep my nails short, I found I was filing them down after about two and ready for a colour change well before the mani was ready to be removed. It’s staying power is no different to an in-salon SNS mani.

The initial outlay might seem like a lot, but if you’re someone who goes to the salon monthly and pays $60-$70 for the pleasure, you’ll enjoy major savings three-to-four manicures in.

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Dip Nails Vs Gel: Whats The Difference

Dip nails and gel nails are done completely differently.

Gel nails are painted then hardened using a lamp, while dip nails are painted, dipped, and then harden on their own. No light is used.

Both dip nails and gel nails will last about 2-3 weeks, depending on your nail growth.

One huge difference for me is that gel nails tend to crack or chip after 2 weeks, while dip nails are incredibly strong and thick. Theyll last as long as you want and you wont need to get them redone until your nails grow out.

The reason I choose dip nails over gel nails is because dip nails are so strong. My natural nails tend to break very quickly , but dip nail polish is so strong that it allows my nails to grow without breaking.

As long as I take the dip powder off and do my nails again immediately, they have a clear chance to grow. I have honestly never had nails this long that are 100% natural!

While my nails were growing out, I asked my nail technician to use gel tips. These tips sit on the very edge of the nail and create the exact length that you want. They fall off easily with gel nails, but dip nails are strong and protect the gel tips from breaking.

Once your nails are the appropriate length, you can stop using gel tips and can work with your own nails.

Dip nails and gel nails are removed in the same way, using a bit of acetone and tinfoil or nail clips. The removal process takes about 15-20 minutes, but your nails will still be in good shape if its done correctly.


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