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How To Do Dip Powder Nails At Home

How To Remove Diy Dip Powder Nails At Home


Youre eventually going to want to take these off but, let me warn you, do NOT just try to peel off. Its really painful and damages your natural nail beds so much. Dont worry though taking the nails off is easy and doesnt require anything super fancy.

All you need is a bowl of warm water, a baggie, a dryer sheet, and soak off solution .

Put around 1/4 cup of the soak off solution in the bag, along with the dryer sheet. Put your whole hand in the dryer sheet.

Gently submerge the bag in the water, making sure the water doesnt get in the bag. Start moving your fingers aroundyoull feel the solution warm up, thats totally normal.

Every couple of minutes, take your hand out of the bag and gently try to peel the nails off. If it hurts AT ALL, keep soaking it shouldnt be painful! After a couple of minutes, the nails that had already lifted some start coming off for me.

After about 5 minutes, theyre all safely off! Now your nails are clean and ready for a new set.

Now, youre in on one of my favorite DIY finds of the past year. It takes a few sets to really figure out your groove, but trust me, its totally worth it and kind of fun! And a HUGE shout-out to the for most of the information you see in this post Ive learned so much from those ladies .

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How Do You Remove Dip Powder At Home

  • Step 1: Gently file the top of your nails to remove that top layer.
  • Step 2: Grab some acetone, cotton balls, and foil. Soak the cotton balls in the acetone, and stick them on top of your nails. Wrap your fingertips in foil to hold the cotton ball in place.
  • Step 3: Wait 15-20 minutes before you remove the foil. Use the cotton balls to wipe away the dip powder.
  • Step 4: If any patches of dip powder are still stuck to your natural nail, soak your nails in acetone again. You can also use a cuticle pusher to gently remove remaining dip powder.
  • Step 5: Once all the dip powder is removed, wash your hands and consider applying a nail strengthener and cuticle oil.

Dip Nails Vs Acrylic: Whats The Difference

If youre considering dip nails vs acrylic nails, I again recommend dip nails.

Dip nails vs acrylic nails are super different from each other. Dip nails are done with a powder over your real nail, while acrylic nails are literally fake nails glued over your real nails.

Many people like acrylic nails because they come out so perfect, but if dip nails are done well, theyll be nearly as perfect because theyre so thick.

Acrylic nails tend to ruin your own nails. Dip nails, on the other hand, can help your nails grow because theyre a protective covering.

If youre wondering how much dip nails cost, then you should know that acrylic nails cost way more . Both types last the same amount of time, which is until your nails grow out and you need to have them redone.

Lastly, acrylic nails can be painful to remove and can only be done professionally. Dip nails are 100% painless if done correctly and can even be removed at home if you know what youre doing.

If youre considering dip nails vs acrylic nails, I recommend dip nails any day of the week!

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The Uv Light Method For At Home Dip Nails

You can either apply a no-wipe gel top coat, or a matte top coat. Both our gel top coat and matte top coat require a UV light to cure.

A no-wipe top coat is nice because you dont need to wipe it down with alcohol after curing it .

How to apply your gel or matte top coat over dip powder.

Brush your top coat over all your nails as you would applying regular polish. Be sure not to get any on your skin . Seal the ends of your nails as well. This will help keep your color intact.

Put your nails under a UV/LED light for around 30 seconds. Some lamps are stronger than others, so your time may vary. For us, its around 15-30 seconds.

Note: Gel top coats are a little tricky to use with dip powder, because if you don’t apply it correctly, the top coat can peel off. A little trick we’ve found is to apply a thin layer of dip base before applying your gel top coat. This will help it stick better and last longer!

Double Dip Start Powder Nail Kit

How To Do Dip Powder Nail Application

The Double Dip Starter Nail kit is an excellent kit for beginners. The kit includes seven different colors and contains the polishes you need to make your nails look perfect.

With every order, they include a starter kit that contains essential items you will need to speed up the nail process, including brushes, nail files, brush cleaner, and nail polish remover.

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Gently Scrape Off The Remaining Polish

For the scraping process, utilize the wooden cuticle pusher and scrape away from your cuticle bed toward the top of your nail. “If there is still dip powder on your nails, repeat this process again until it is fully removed,” Suga says. And be patient: “Don’t rush the removal process because you can damage your nail beds,” she warns. “Also, don’t ever rip the dip powder nails off, as you can cause severe trauma to your nails.”

Remove The Dip Powder Very Carefully

Avoid aggressively buffing your nails or attempting to peel off dip powder with a sharp nail file, lest you want to suffer severe nail damage or âgreeniesâ , warns Sritapan. âThere is no cure for greenies or nail damage except for waiting three-plus months for the nail to grow out.â Instead, start by shortening your nails as preferred, and then filing the nail surface with as thin a file as possible, says Ogawa. âThis process makes it easier to soak off.â Next, soak a cotton pad in pure acetone, gently wrap it around the nail, and then cover it in foil or the plastic removal clips that may come with your kit. Consider placing nails under a mini steamer while theyâre soaking, suggests Honey, as pure acetone can feel uncomfortable. From there, wait 15 to 20 minutes before removing everything. Any remaining residue can be removed with a cuticle pusher or nail file.

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Soak Your Nails In A Bowl Of Acetone

Soaking your nails in acetone will remove the polish but don’t be alarmed if this takes some time. “I recommend submerging them for 10 minutes, then gently scraping off as much of the excess as you can,” Suga says. If the polish doesn’t budge when it’s nudged, even after 10 minutes, it’s a sign you need to soak for longer.

How To Apply Dip Powder Nails Without A Uv Light

EASY DIP POWDER NAILS AT HOME | how to do dip nails step by step | revel nail

Most dip nail liquid systems use this method of application. It does not require a UV light to apply and is frequently referred to as the “dip top coat” application method. What many people don’t realize is that the base dip liquid step is the same exact liquid as a dip top coat. Our Fairy Glamor system does not have a dip top coat because you can use the dip base as a top coat if you do not want to use the UV method.

What you will need:

  • Base dip liquid or dip top coat
  • Activator
  • How to apply your dip top coat.

  • Apply dip base or top coat over your finished dip powder nails
  • Wait around 2-3 seconds and then apply activator over your dip base
  • Apply another layer of dip base or dip top
  • Apply activator to cure
  • Wipe your dip top coat with a paper towel between applications. This will prevent the activator from hardening the brush.
  • Which method is better, dip top coat or gel top coat for at home dip nails?

    Dip top coat and gel top coat both have their pros and cons. Gel top coats tend to be glossier and shinier than dip top coats and take less layers to look pretty. Dip top coats tend to take around 2-3 layers to get a glossy effect. However, dip tip coats are great if you are worried about exposing your skin to UV rays. Dip top coats also tend to stick better to dip powder, and last longer than gel top coats.

    Here is a quick overview of the tips we shared for the dip nail application process:

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    You Can Also Remove With Clippers

    Invest in some nail polish remover clips to make the process easier . While many manicurists will admit that, ideally, you should really leave dip powder manicures to the professionals, but monthly trips to the nail salon can get expensive, and more and more companies are offering affordable at-home powder nail kits for novices and experts alike. Below, weve rounded up 14 of the best of them.

    If youre a glitter kind of galand really, who isntthen look no further. This dip powder nail kit includes 12 different bright and bold glittery hues, plus a nail file, buff brush and reusable tray for the powders.

    How To Do Dip Nails At The Salon

    If youre getting dip nails at the salon, expect the process to take about an hour.

    Youll want to be very specific with your nail technician about:

    • The color you want
    • The shape you want
    • The length you want
    • The shine you want

    The more specific you can be, the better! I also recommend looking at Google reviews ahead of time.

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    Cut The Extensions And File Down The Color

    Using the nail clipper, trim off any false tips until the length matches that of your natural nails beneath. Next, it’s time to deal with the nail color: Remember, you have layers of the resin and powder mix on your nails, so you will want to file down the color to make the removal process more manageable.

    “In order to remove dip nails, it’s important to file the color down as much as possible,” Suga says, which will help facilitate the removal process using acetone. “Make it very thin so that the acetone can soak through quickly,” she advises. “If you are familiar with using an e-file, it’s an even better option to speed up the process.”

    Note: E-files or nail drills, often used by professionals, can damage your natural nails. If you aren’t versed in the process, opt for a traditional nail file instead.

    And You’re Done Applying Your New Dip Nails At Home

    Amazing Nail Dip Powder Kit

    Congratulations! Youve applied your new dip nails. That wasnt so hard, was it? Dip nail powder takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, I guarantee you wont return to regular polish. We hope you enjoy your long lasting nail color and really hope this dip nail tutorial helped you with the process. Don’t forget to read up on how to remove your dip nails or how to apply chunky glitter dip nails. If you have any questions or would like us to cover another topic, let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, Fairies!

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    Paint A Base Coat And Dip Nails Into The Dip Powder

    Paint one nail with a thin, even base coat. Make sure not to get any on your cuticles or your skin because the powder will stick to that too.

    You want to do this fairly fast, then as soon as youre done, dip your nail into the dip powder.

    After dipping, tap your finger to remove any excess. Then, paint the next nail and begin the process again.

    Its best to paint one by one because you dont want the base coat to dry, as the powder wont stick properly.

    How To Apply Dip Nails At Home

    Whether you choose to get your nails done at a salon or prefer doing the process at home, your nails will take some time, attention, and special care.

    The technique listed below will help you get started! Most salons and at home kits will follow the same procedure to create a beautiful looking dip nail manicure. You can also check the kit you purchased for more detailed instructions as some of the kits may have slightly different procedures.

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    What Are The Benefits

    Naturally, one of the biggest benefits to the dip powder nails is the simple fact that it is a remarkably durable treatment. As Glamour has said, Dip powder nails are somewhere between a regular mani and a fake nail, with one of the key pros being that it is a way to get a manicure that lasts for two full weeks or more.

    Apply Colored Dip Powder

    HOW TO DO DIP POWDER NAILS AT HOME| Double Dip nail tutorial

    Finally, right? Lets add a little bit of color to that manicure!

    Apply a coat of Probase over about 3/4 of one nail and dip in the color of your choice for a few seconds. Youre not dipping the whole surface of the nail yet this creates kind of an apex that makes the nail stronger. The color Im using for this manicure is Shady. Remove nail, let settle for a few seconds, and make sure there arent any wet areas on the nail .

    I do all of the nails on one hand at a time. Pro Base, dip, brush off excess lightly, and use your brush tool to get any excess powder out of the cuticle. After the first partial dip, youll cover the whole nail with the colored powder, avoiding cuticles but getting as close as possible. Youll need to do this step 2-3 times, depending on how thick you want the nails and how pigmented a particular powder is. I did 3 color dips on this one.

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    Is It Hard To Do Dip Powder Nails At Home

    No! A DIY dip manicure is pretty easy, and as we mentioned earlier, this process is even easier with an at-home nail dip kit. While it may take a few attempts for you to hammer down techniques that work best for you, the process itself is pretty painless. The toughest part of a DIY dip manicure is deciding what color to use .

    Dip Nail Colors & Designs

    Here are some of my favorite current nails that are trendy right now! You can either copy these nails at home or show the photos to your stylist.

    Some of these nails clearly have gel tips while others are the natural nails.

    Ill update these photos monthly to make sure theyre the trendiest styles right now!

    These are a great example for your how to do gel nails at home question. Theyre a pale, light pink, and the nails are filed into a square shape. These nails are very basic and easy to do at home!

    I love this neutral dip nail look with the extra design. Its a bit complicated so youll have to find a good nail technician who can replicate it!

    These are clearly dip powder nails with tips that are filed into round tips.

    While these nails could be done with acrylic nails, I feel that with dip nails vs acrylic nails, dip always wins, and these nails are just as beautiful!

    Of all the pros and cons of dip nails, my favorite pro is how thick dip powder nails are. These nails probably have 3 coats, but you can see the creamy thickness even in this photo.

    If youre wondering how to do dip nails at home, look at the sides of these nails. They are clearly filed so that the nails blend naturally into the cuticle but are thick in the middle.

    These dip nails require a bit of sparkle sprinkled on. I recommend doing this after you file the nails and adding another coat on top of the sparkles.

    I love these square nails with tips. Theyre neutral but different.

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    How Much Do Dip Nails Cost

    Ive clearly explained why Im overly obsessed with dip nails, but one of the biggest questions is always: how much do dip nails cost at an average salon?

    The question of how much dip nails cost will depend on your location and salon, but I can give you a general idea.

    The cost of a regular dip manicure should be anywhere from $30-$50, including tax but before adding a tip. Gel tips will run you about $20-$30 extra, depending on how many you need and what type of tips the salon uses.

    You should always ask how much dip nails cost before booking with a salon. If the price is too low, they might use 2nd rate dip products, while a super high price just wont be affordable for regular upkeep.

    I also recommend asking how much do dip nails cost if youre planning on adding fancy designs, sparkle nail accents, or each nail in a different color.

    If youre wondering how much dip nails cost at home, the answer will depend on the kit you get. Ill link some of my favorite kits a bit lower down, but the price will mainly be for the initial investment. If youre committed to doing dip nails at home over time, then the cost will get cheaper each time you do them.

    Red Carpet Dip Manicure Set


    The Red-Carpet Dip Manicure set has everything you need, including a base coat, top coat, activator, brush softener, groom buffer, instructional brochure, nail wipes, remover foils, and orangewood sticks.

    This product only includes one red color as your main powder. If you want additional colors, you must purchase them separately.

    5. Azure Dip Powder Starter Kit

    We love the Azure Dip Powder Starter kit because of its top-quality formula and beautiful color selection. The kit includes eight different shades with your purchase.

    You can mix up the colors together to combine new colors! This dip powder is made from natural resins and will last about 2 weeks.

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