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How To Do Nail Art

Basic Nail Design Techniques

10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide #2!

Though painting your nails seems straightforward, there are specific techniques involved when learning how to master basic nail arts design.

First, apply a thin layer of base coat. You shouldnt be able to see the brush linesif you can, you likely have a bit too much.

Then, apply your polish of choice. Hold your hand out in front of you with your palm facing you, then bend your fingers toward you so that you can see each of your nails. Slowly drag the nail polish brush from the cuticle line toward the free end of your nail. Try not to go overboard, as too much polish will make it tough for your nails to dry completely.

Once your nails are dry, use cotton swabs and nail polish remover to clean up the edges of your skin and cuticles. Finally, apply your top coat, again keeping this layer thin and smooth.

Now, get creative!

Easy Small Polka Dots

Band aids have little holes in them to allow your skin to breathe, but in this case, were using them as stencils! Stick the holed part of the band aid on your nail, paint over it, and then peel it off after it has dried to reveal perfect mini polka dots.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions Diyncrafts

How To Nail It

  • For small dots, use a bobby pin or toothpick. For larger dots, use the back of a make-up brush or a the ball end of a sewing pin.
  • Use a square of tinfoil as a palette and drop a puddle of your desired dot nail colours on top.
  • Then, with your dotting tool of choice, dip it in the colour and lightly press into the desired area of the nail.
  • ‘It doesn’t get easier!’, says Remark. ‘For a fun monochromatic polka dot look for spring, try the design I created for Rixo at London Fashion Week – it can be achieved using a bobby pin and the back of a make-up brush!’

    Your next minimalist nail art design? Done and done.

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    What Supplies Do I Need For Nail Art

    Youll need to know about the different tools and items available for nail art. This nail art for beginners guide will briefly go through each item with recommendations to help you get started!


    The first and most important thing youll need is nails, of course! You can always use your own or someone elses. Alternatively, you can also use training hands and nails. These are fake items that are typically used for training and practice.

    Although youll always have your own nails to practice on, its actually quite different to do nails for other people if youve trained on only yourself!

    Base and Top Coat Nail Polish

    Whether you plan on adding pigments to your nails or only other decorative elements, it is always good to have a base coat. A base coat will smooth out any imperfections or discrepancies to give you a prepared canvas. Some base coat nail polishes can also double as a topcoat, such as this nail polish from Sally Hansen. The topcoat will help protect your work.

    Base and Top Coat Nail Polish

    As with other methods or art, you will need an array of brushes. While most polishes come with a brush attached to the lid, it is essential to have more than that brush. Included brushes are used for full nail applications, so youll want to have a smaller brush for sure for finer details.

    Nail Polish Remover
    Nail Files
    Nail Stamps
    Nail Stencils/Stickers

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    How To Do String Art

    How to Do Pressed Flower Nail Art: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

    This article was co-authored by Nicole Bolin. Nicole Bolin is a Crafting Specialist and the CEO of Stencil, a DIY Craft Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Nicole specializes in interior design and various craft and DIY projects. Nicole holds a BS in Animal Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and spent 15 years in the scientific field before switching careers. Nicole holds a Certificate in Interior Design from the New York Institute of Art and Design. She opened Stencil in 2017 to teach others to create DIY projects that fit their home and lifestyle.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 11 testimonials and 91% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 546,674 times.

    String art is a fun, easy way to make a colorful picture by wrapping thread or embroidery floss around pins or nails. This is an inexpensive activity thats good for craft fans of all ages.

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    White And Orange Flames Nail Art

    Everything about this nail art design is so fresh and youthful. The color combination is great, and it can be pulled off as the perfect summer nail look. You can also use a different set of nail colors if youre aiming for a different look.

    What You Will Need

  • Apply two coats of white nail polish for the base.
  • Place the strips diagonally across each other and apply a coat of yellow nail polish.
  • Place another strip vertically at the center and apply orange nail polish on one side.
  • Place the strips as shown in the image and apply black at the base of your nail.
  • Apply a coat of clear polish to complete the look.
  • Color Blocking And Graphic Nails

    Graphic nails in random colors are super cute and easy to do at home if you have the right tools. For this technique, youll need two to three different colors of nail polish and clear tape. You heard us right: clear tape creates a precise line between colors with little effort. You may also use nail stickers.

    Apply two coats of color to each nail and allow them to completely dry. Paint one nail in a different color for a fun twist. Make sure theyre completely dry before you proceed to the next step.

    Cut small squares out of the tape and apply one square per nail with one corner facing the bottom of your nail and one corner facing up. Make sure it leaves a v pattern at the end of your nail. The tape must securely adhere. This will ensure that your paint doesnt bleed into the other color you just painted. If youre using nail stickers, strategically place your stickers wherever you dont want your next color to be.

    Paint the uncovered part of your nail in the other opposite color youve chosen.

    Allow the polish to dry completely before removing the tape.

    Apply a top coat and allow it to dry.

    Thats it! Youve created a color block nail pattern.

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    Gradient Or Ombre Nail Art Diy Idea

    Ombre nails created quite a buzz a while ago and have gradually emerged as a timeless trend. If youre looking for nail art home designs that looks like youve walked fresh out of a professional mani-pedi store, then this is where you start. Plus, picking different colours every time you try this design offers it great versatility!

    Floral Swirl Nail Design:

    7 Ways To Do Marble Nail Art For Beginners

    The floral swirl design is an interesting way to jazz your usual nail paints. Just add a beautiful floral swirl design of your choice. Then instantly look glamorized for any occasions. In the blue base, the white floral swirl in the ring finger adds such a beautiful charm. You can obviously customize the design according to your will. Even you can add swirls of 2 different colors or paint in each nail.


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    Creative Easy Nail Art Designs For Lazy Girls

    Hey, girls if you are also lazy like me and wants to do some creativity with your nails to look attractive then here are some Easy Nail Art Design At Home For Beginners. If you are a beginner then also need not to be worried there are also some easy nail art designs ideas for you my dear friends. Every time you do not need to do it with some nail art tools there are also some accessories in our kit like bobby pins, cello tape by using them you can also make your nails to look damn beautiful. Girls, get ready to do some Interesting & Funny Nail Art Designs.

    Rubber Band French Manicure

    Painting that pretty white tip for a French manicure does not necessarily come naturally to all of us, so heres a great hack: knot a small rubber band in half and put one loop over your nail where you want the tip line to be, and the other over your thumb to keep it in place. There you have your guide!

    Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions NailNerd

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    What Is Squiggle Nail Art

    The art is inspired by abstract doodle or wavy lines, which are created to give an artful effect. The best part about these is that they can self-done post a manicure, without having to pay a fortune to a professional. The complex-looking design is actually pretty easy and can be successfully done at home, even for those who struggle with other types of nail art designs.

    Water Marble Nail Art

    10 Simple Nail Art Looks You Can Do Yourself At Home

    In this instructable, I’ll be showing you how to do this amazing nail art. It looks really tricky, but it’s simple once you know how to do it! Marble nail art doesn’t take much: all you need is nail polish and water to do it. Keep reading and I’ll show you how.

    For this nail art, you’ll need:A container filled with water Nail polish removerNail polishes of your choice Base coat

    Paint your nails with a clear base coat. Spray with fast-drying spray if you want.

    Paint your nails with the white nail varnish. I recommend 2 coats.

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    If The Frame Has A Hanger On The Back Use Adhesive Hooks

    If your picture frame has a hook on the back, you can also use adhesive hooks. Adhesive hooks have a weight rating of between one and eight pounds. You can use multiple hooks to hold artwork that weighs more than eight pounds. Like adhesive strips, these can be easily removed from smooth wall surfaces without damage. Be cautious using these on textured surfaces as they may remove the finish.

  • Clean the wall with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Youll be hanging the artwork on the hook with hardware thats attached to the back, so you wont need to remove anything unless it prevents the picture from hanging flat against the wall.
  • Remove the paper liner from the back of the adhesive, and press firmly against the wall for 30 seconds.
  • Let set for one hour before hanging your artwork.
  • Nail Polish Remover Jar

    Cleaning your nail polish off can be quite an annoying task with all the cotton swabs needed, so here is an innovative way to get that color off. Shove a sponge into a small jar and pour the nail polish remover in so that the sponge absorbs it. Next time you have to clean your nails, you can simply stick them in the jar.

    Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions BellaShoot

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    Try Smitten Tips Gel Nail Polish Strips

    Smitten Tips gel nail polish strips make it easy to get the perfect at-home manicure in minutes. Made with real nail polish, our nail strips feature a semi-cure formulation for better fit and durability that lasts up to 14 days!

    Key Features

    • Semi-Cured. Our semi-cured formulation provides superior durability and a better fit. Get the salon look without all the chemicals.
    • Length? Yes! Our nail strips are designed to beautifully elongate your hands.
    • Small Batch. Small batch production ensures the highest level of quality.
    • Size Options. Our products come with 12 size options so you can get the best fit every time.
    • Multiple Applications. Each set comes with 30 strips for up to 2 applications.
    • Mirror Salon Finish. Get a professional nail salon look from your own home, in minutes!
    • Exclusive Designs. Stand out in style with our exclusive, limited-edition collections.

    Take Up Space On Bookshelves

    How to do Cow Print Nail Art

    Yes, bookshelves are for books, but theyre also great for displaying art, too. Your carefully curated frames can be displayed on empty shelves or between sets of groups. Rather than stuffing your bookshelves full of books you havent touched in a few years, clean out your collection and make some space for your favorite photographs.

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    How To Hang A Heavy Picture Step By Step

    Start by taking a pack of VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips . Designed for hanging heavy pictures and mirrors, these large picture hanging strips can hold up to 16lbs per pack.

    Attach one half of each set to your picture frame, and the other half to the wall and press down firmly.

    Rub the pads for 30 seconds and then wait one hour to allow the adhesive to bond with the wall and the picture frame.

    This is an extremely important step giving the adhesive plenty of time to set will ensure your heavy picture stays securely stuck to the wall.

    Last but not least, hang your frame on the wall! Make sure to press it firmly against the wall to ensure the picture hanging strips are securely stuck together.

    How easy was that?! Such an easy way to hang heavy pictures without one single nail or hole in the wall!

    And when youre ready to take your picture down, VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips peel cleanly off the wall without leaving any marks!

    Stay on our blog for more clever home decorating hacks!

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    Head To A Craft Store

    When it comes to at-home nail art, craft stores are a true gold mine. A wide variety of the products sold at most standard craft stores can inspire your creativity and expand your options for DIY nail art. Plus, the products you can find at craft stores are often just much more inexpensive versions of cosmetic items sold specifically for nail art purposes.

    Visit your local craft store to find rhinestones and plastic jewels in an endless variety of colors and sizes. Use acrylic nail glue to adhere these jewels over a base coat of polish to add instant flashy elegance to your manicure. Or, grab a container of colorful loose glitter. Sprinkle the glitter over the top part of your painted nails and seal it in with a clear top coat for a flashy, party-ready look.

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    The History Of : : : :

    The earliest recorded method of nail art is women in India using henna to dye their fingernails. This practice can be traced back to 5000 BC, approximately 7,000 years ago. Processes for adding pigment to nails were spread worldwide after this, slowly building as the world evolved. Modern nail art did not exist in recorded history until the 15th century, when the Incas decorated their nails with pictures of eagles. Going into the last century, Revlon released their first nail polish in the 1930s. This move urged more businesses and people to hop into the skill, bringing forth fake nails in the 1950s. The 2000s led into the nail art movement that you know today, with the various colors and creative methods becoming unlimited.

    Guide To Hang Art Prints Without Using Frames

    22+ Simple and easy nail art designs you can do yourself ...

    Now it is simple to hang the prints without frames. You can easily post art prints on your wall with the help of the below mentioned handy alternatives.

    It is better to use office supplies because these can be useful for decorative purposes. Overall, these are easy to find, at the same time cost-effective options when compared to others.

    This will be useful to add some classic look to your walls.

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    More Expert Tips On Hanging Artwork Easily

    Seaman adds IKEAs FIXA 102-piece hooks and hanging set has all the tools and equipment you need to get your home just the way you want it. For those newer to home DIY projects this starter kit will set you up for all your future projects. The screws and hooks are made of galvanized steel to protect against corrosion to protect your walls, and can be stacked with other boxes in the FIXA series for those more ambitious home renovation projects. The assorted hook and screw eyes can be used for hanging decorations, textiles and pictures on walls made of wood, including hook driver and steel wire. The S-hook can be used to join two screw eyes together or with a chain, while the hook driver makes it easier to screw hooks straight and firmly into walls or ceilings without hurting your fingers.

    And, admire!

    How To Hang A Canvas Painting Without Nails

    Heres what youll need for a seamless process to hang a canvas painting without nails:

    • Level
    • Four or more command strips
    • Painters tape/piece of chalk/pencil

    Before you get started, ensure your canvas painting is nowhere near your working area. You wouldnt want your foot landing on your fancy piece accidentally! With that said, lets get started:

    Step 1: Take the command strips and separate each one by pulling them off. Connect the bottom sides of each strip, one on top of the other. As you connect the sides, youll hear a snap sound. This is one way to verify the strips functionality.

    Step 2: Separate the strips and paste them on the corners at the back of your canvas painting. How many strips youll need depends on the size of your canvas painting. Once youve placed them on the back of your canvas painting, unpeel the covering from each command strip.

    Step 3. Position your canvas painting on the desired spot and place the level on top of it. Hold the canvas painting in a way that you dont press the canvas painting to the wall. Once the bubble is at the center of the level, aligned at the top of the canvas, be careful not to adjust the canvas painting any further.

    Push the canvas painting on the wall and press it hard until it sticks. If possible, knock on the corners with a little force for a more solid grip.

    Watch this video for a more practical explanation:

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