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How To Hang Pictures Without Using Nails

Hang Art From Your Molding


Picture rail molding hardly exists anymore, but if you were lucky enough to land in a place that still has it, take advantage of it. All you have to do is find hooks that fit the width of your molding, some aesthetically-pleasing rope or string, and design your walls. This method is very modular and allows you to change out your artwork pretty easily. It’s also a great way to utilize different kinds of frames and even different mediums of wall art, since the cohesive element tying all the pieces together is the string.

How To Hang A Heavy Picture Without Nails

Put away your hammer and nails theres a quicker and easier way to hang heavy pictures. And it wont put holes in your walls.

Whether youre a renter, a homeowner or living in student accommodation, VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips are the easiest way to hang pictures of all shapes, sizes, and weights without marking or damaging your walls.

They bond strongly and securely with a variety of surfaces including painted drywall, tile, wood, metal and plastic, making them ideal for use all around the home. Read on to find out how to hang a heavy picture without one single nail.

Prepare To Hang Your Pictures

To be on the safe side, especially if you are using nails, its worth investing in a pipe and cable detector. Follow the instructions specific to your product but otherwise, run the detector along the wall to identify any hazards. If you get the all clear youre fine to continue. Of course, this need only apply if youre using nails. If thats not the case, you have nothing to worry about.

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Hanging Pictures Without Nails And Without Drilling Machine These Options Exist

The type of nail always depends on the surface quality of your wall. Therefore there are different nails for the different wall surfaces. Universally it can be said that short steel nails with a length of four to five centimetres are well suited for any wall. However, if you have a heavier picture, your nails should also be bigger. However, if your wall is porous, you should reach for a drill as well as dowels and screws.

Embrace The Wall Lean

5 Ways to Hang Pictures Without Nails

This is the simplest solution of all, but it’s totally effective. All of that empty space on top of your giant dresser or media console is open for you to express yourself artistically. Play around with the different pieces you have by overlapping them or clustering them all on one side for asymmetrythe sky’s the limit here. This also goes for larger pieces that can be rested on the floor. Mirrors and bigger canvases can have a huge impact when they are at the same level as your feet.

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Wait For Few Minutes:

Wait for a few minutes which can be useful for Adhesive To get Dry completely. Avoid hanging your picture or arts immediately on the hook. Give 30 to 60 minutes to try.

After that you need to test the strength of the hook, finally, hang your heavy arts or picture. ;If the hanging is weak then you need to repeat the whole process by using new command hooks.

What Will Happen When You Hang Something Without A Stud

No wonder, the stud is one of the strong pieces of wood which can be useful to hold heavy frames. In general, the vertical studs are perfect for walls.

When it comes to using an adhesive, you must follow the above guides. In addition to this, it is also important to be sure about the provided instructions to prevent any damages or fallouts.

Now there are plenty of techniques available for hanging artworks without damaging your beautiful wall. With the right option, you can easily beautify your home by hanging plenty of attractive artworks and frames.

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For Heavy Art Use Press

Dealing with a heavy piece of artwork? Youre in luck. Manufacturers include Monkey Hook that can hold up to 35 pounds, Gorilla Hook for artwork weighing up to 50 pounds, Super Hook for up to 80 pounds, and Hercules Hook for massive pieces weighing up to 150 pounds. These will make a small hole in the drywall but do not require tools to install.

  • Push the long, tapered end of the hook through the wall so just the small hook is sticking out. Make sure the hook is upright.
  • For heavier pictures, you’ll need to use more than one hook. Use a level to make sure the hooks are at the same height. Measure the artwork width and divide it into thirds or quarters to balance the weight.
  • Hang the artwork. A wire strung along the back of the frame may be easier to line up on the hooks.
  • Top Tips Before You Start


    Before you get stuck into your picture hanging project, heres a quick checklist of things to take into account to help avoid frustration later. ;

  • Hang your pictures at eye level.;Hanging pictures well takes a little advance planning particularly concerning where to hang them and how high. Choose the right spot and then hang your pictures at eye level to allow them to be viewed more easily and remember, eye level will be lower in living rooms and dining rooms where you mostly sit down.
  • Use a spirit level.;Theres nothing worse than hanging a beautiful picture, only to step back and realise its wonky. Before you start hanging pictures, ask someone to hold the frame against the wall while you use a spirit level to make sure its straight. Then draw a faint line along the top edge of the frame to mark the position. ;
  • Know your weight.;Its important to check that the picture hanging method that you choose is strong enough to hold your frame . Do this to avoid disaster later!
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    Hang Pictures Without Nails: Steps To Hang Artwork Or Frame On Concrete Walls Without Using Nails

    Looking for the most effective choice for hanging art or frames without nails? You are in the right place.

    This method sounds unbelievable, even if it is a 100-percent effective method. To carry out the process you need to have a clear guideline on displaying your pictures with the help of adhesive hooks.

    Steps to follow,

    Hang Pictures With Adhesive Strips

    These adhesive strips provide a solution very similar to that of velcro, only they can support even more weight. The only important thing to keep in mind is that they are more recommended for surfaces such as tiles, since they could leave marks on other types of walls.

    To use them, cut off strips for each of the four corners of the frame. Attach them to the back of the frame, peel off the tape and then hold the picture against the wall where you want it. Press firmly and let go. Be careful that you place it in the correct place. If you don’t, it will be difficult to remove and it will be more difficult to adhere it again.

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    How To Hang A Canvas Painting Without Nails

    Heres what youll need for a seamless process to hang a canvas painting without nails:

    • Level
    • Four or more command strips
    • Painters tape/piece of chalk/pencil

    Before you get started, ensure your canvas painting is nowhere near your working area. You wouldnt want your foot landing on your fancy piece accidentally! With that said, lets get started:

    Step 1: Take the command strips and separate each one by pulling them off. Connect the bottom sides of each strip, one on top of the other. As you connect the sides, youll hear a snap sound. This is one way to verify the strips functionality.;

    Step 2: Separate the strips and paste them on the corners at the back of your canvas painting. How many strips youll need depends on the size of your canvas painting. Once youve placed them on the back of your canvas painting, unpeel the covering from each command strip.

    Step 3. Position your canvas painting on the desired spot and place the level on top of it. Hold the canvas painting in a way that you dont press the canvas painting to the wall. Once the bubble is at the center of the level, aligned at the top of the canvas, be careful not to adjust the canvas painting any further.

    Push the canvas painting on the wall and press it hard until it sticks. If possible, knock on the corners with a little force for a more solid grip.;

    Watch this video for a more practical explanation:;

    Hang Pictures With Self

    Picture Hanging Systems No Nails

    Self-adhesive hooks are perhaps the best known for hanging pictures without using nails. This is because they are very effective and reduce damage to the wall. It is a very comfortable way to place a frame of up to 4 kilos, which is fairly substantial. Although it cannot support as much as others, it is the easiest and most economical way to decorate any space with simple frames. They can all be used to hang clothes, towels and necklaces, if you wish.

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    Hang Them Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

    Now, this option is one of the best ways to get your pictures up on your walls without having to use any regular nails. The thing with self-adhesive hooks and nails is that theyre a simple, effective, and pocket-friendly way to hang heavy pictures without defacing the wall.

    They come with adhesive parts designed to stick to walls. That said, you can hang heavy pictures without removing the hardware that was used to hang the picture. The only caveat is that the kind of hardware on the picture would determine if you went for the adhesive hook or nails.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the picture. You see, adhesive nails and hooks have specific weights depending on their size. So in some instances, you might need to use more than one hook or nail. It all depends on the size of the adhesives and the weight of the picture. Whatever you do, ensure that you evenly distribute it when hanging the picture.

    Once thats settled, the first step to using adhesive hooks and nails is to clean the wall because adhesive hooks and nails need clean surfaces to function right. So you want to clean the wall using some isopropyl alcohol and a clean piece of cloth.

    Allow both surfaces to dry. Then, get the adhesive hook or nail ready by removing the liner on the adhesive strip before attaching it to the hook or nail, depending on which you opt for.

    Allow the adhesive to stay up for an hour to dry. Once thats done, you can hang up your pictures using the hook or nail you set up.

    Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

  • 1Clean your wall. Like picture hanging strips, adhesive hooks and nails require clean surfaces, so wipe down the wall with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol, then let it dry.
  • Adhesive hooks or nails have adhesive backings that stick to walls, so that you can mount pictures using the hanging hardware attached to the picture. Depending on the hardware on your picture, make sure you purchase the appropriate adhesive hanging equipment.
  • 2Prepare the adhesive. Remove the liner from the adhesive strip and affix it to the hook or nail.
  • Some adhesive hooks come with the adhesive already affixed to the back. Skip this step and move on to the next if thats the case with the adhesive hook you have.
  • 3Affix the adhesive hook or nail to the wall. First, remove the liner from the back of the adhesive thats attached to your hook or nail. In the place where you want your picture hung, firmly press the adhesive hook or nail against the wall for 30 seconds.XResearch source
  • 4Wait an hour for the adhesive to dry. When the hour is up, hang your pictures normally based on the hanging hardware installed.
  • Make sure you know the weight of your picture before you purchase adhesive nails, as they generally only hold between five and eight pounds , while smaller hooks may only hold one or two pounds .
  • To hang a picture thats heavier than what your adhesive nails or hooks are rated for, use more than one. Ensure the weight gets distributed evenly by using a level during installation.
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    How Much Can Command Strips Hold

    As noted earlier, every command strip comes with its own unique size and weight restriction. This information is often listed on the package. The larger strips can handle art or pictures that weigh an excess of 16 pounds. Smaller command strips can only hold up to four pounds.

    For hanging anything, its recommended that you buy a size thats a little bigger than the actual weight of your frame or photo. This is worth trying if you doubt whether the strip you purchased can actually handle the weight indicated on the package.;

    For best results, steer clear from using two command hooks to hang your frame. Once the adhesives of the two strips are pushed together, they can hold a combined weight of 15 pounds.;The best thing to do is to use a single strip with a better weight capacity. A good example is the Command Jumbo Utility Hook. This strip can hold a whopping seven-and-a-half pounds and stay firmly plastered on the wall for the longest time.;

    Option : Hang Pictures From The Ceiling

    How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails or Damaging the Walls

    If youre living in an older home, look up: you may have a built-in picture frame hanging system. Picture rails, a type of molding usually placed below the crown molding or a foot from the ceiling, were common in 19th- and early 20th-century homes but have since fallen out of favor. However, your home may still feature these unique moldings. To use them, youll need additional picture wire and picture rail hooks that fit the molding.

    There are a few ways to attach the wire to the picture frame, using one or two picture rail hooks:

    If youre good with tools, you can also install a picture rail in your home. This breaks the no nails rule, but the holes will be high on the wall and covered by the molding, which is less likely to be removed than a picture frame. Some picture rails, also called gallery rails, are more modern and have built-in hooks that make hanging picture frames much easier.

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    Figure Out The Best Height For Your Pictures

    Knowing how high to go when hanging pictures leaves many a little confused. It depends on the look you want but as a general rule, when youre hanging one picture frame, you want your eye line to be roughly of the way up the picture. However, this might not work with your rooms dimensions or with the furniture you have in your room so its also about trusting your gut instinct too. If it looks like a good height to you, then youre probably on the right track.

    Step : Arranging The Collection

    Now that you have the decorative items, its time to arrange your artwork.;

    The easiest way I have found is to lay your artwork on the floor and rearrange there.

    Move pieces around, add, or take away until you are happy with a layout.;

    But then, WALK AWAY, maybe take a picture first just in case something gets moved. The reason I tell you to walk away is that when you come back, you have a fresh look and you will see if you truly like the layout.

    Come back and see if youre happy rearrange or remove items if necessary.;

    When youre satisfied with the look, its time to create a template of each item. This makes hanging items on the wall much easier.

    TIP: Take a picture of the final layout before moving forward.

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    Step : Creating The Templates

    Use a blank piece of paper to create a sketch of the layout, including measurements . Also, number each item.

    After, take the painters paper and trace each item onto it, adding the number of the item according to the sketch. Then, cut out the template from the paper.

    Once everything is cut out, use painters tape to attach the templates to the wall in the layout of your sketch.

    TIP: I would recommend leaving the templates on the wall for a day to make sure you are happy with the layout.

    How To Hang Pictures On Drywall Without Holes

    hanging pictures without nails

    So how can you bypass hammer and nails?;With a little investigating into how to stick pictures on walls without nails, youll find products for this exact purpose. One, for example, is a peel and stick wall mount specifically designed for hanging framed photos on drywall. This will eliminate the need for hammer and nails, keeping your walls looking great even if you decide to move your frame. These products are single use and are easy to remove, generally in two quick actions. First you remove the plastic cover then all you do is pull the exposed tab down and the mount will come loose. Youre done!

    Before attaching the wall art, ensure your picture frame is free from any cracks or breaks. For any picture frame that needs repair, reach for Loctite StikN Seal Indoor Adhesive. This is a premium all-purpose adhesive that dries clear and without the nasty fumes of some other glues, making it safe for indoor use.

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