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How To Get Nail License In Florida

License From Null And Void

Cosmetology : How to Obtain a Cosmetology License in Florida

Florida Cosmetology, Full Specialist, Facial Specialist and Nail Technician licensees, If your original license has gone null and void due to non-renewal, you may qualify for licensure through this process.*

Application Requirements:
  • NULL AND VOID: Allowing a license to expire because of non-renewal. A null and void license cannot be reinstated unless the applicant demonstrates that he or she failed to renew the license due to an illness or economic hardship.
  • HIV/AIDS COURSE: Complete a board-approved Initial HIV/AIDS course and submit the course completion certificate with your application. The HIV/AIDS course must have been completed within two years prior to submitting an application and must be at least four hours long. For more information, please refer to our list of board-approved Initial HIV/AIDS Courses. ParagonCET’s 4-Hour HIV/AIDs
  • FEE: Pay the required fee as provided in the application. Make check payable to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Military veterans, their spouses and Florida National Guard members may be eligible for a fee waiver, fee reimbursement, and/or fee discount. Please visit our DBPR Military Services page for more information.
  • APPLICATION: Complete the application by clicking on the “Printable Application” link at the bottom of the page.

Links to Board Forms

Attach Your Photo And Laminate

Remember, you need to attach a new 2 x 2-inch photo of yourself and then laminate the entire certificate.

From the Cosmetology Laws and Rules Book:

61G5-20.004 Display of Documents. All holders of a cosmetology or specialty salon license shall display within their salons in a conspicuous place which is clearly visible to the general public upon entering the salon the following documents: The current salon license, A legible copy of the most recent inspection sheet for the salon. All holders of a cosmetology or specialty salon license shall require and ensure that all individuals engaged in the practice of cosmetology or specialty display at the individuals work station their current license or registration at all times when the individual is performing cosmetology or a specialty. The license or registration certificate on display shall be current and shall have attached a 2 by 2 photograph taken within the previous two years of the individual whose name appears on the certificate. The certificate with photograph attached shall be permanently laminated..

If you do not display your current license, you put yourself at risk for disciplinary action from the boar, Discipline includes a fine for each offense.

61G5-30.001 Disciplinary Guidelines.4. Display of documents Rule 61G5-20.004, F.A.C., relating to display of licenses and inspection sheets. -, F.S.) A fine of $100 for each violation for the first offense.

Florida Hair Wrapper Registration

A Florida specialty registration is required to perform hair wrapping services. Hair wrapping is the wrapping of manufactured materials around a strand or strands of human hair, without cutting, coloring, permanent waving, relaxing, removing, weaving, chemically treating, braiding, using hair extensions, or performing any other service defined as cosmetology. Below is a list of application requirements:

  • Age: Specialty registration applicants must be at least 16 years of age or have received a high school diploma
  • Education: Applicants must complete a Board of Cosmetology approved one-day, six-hour hair wrapping course and submit the course completion certificate with the application
  • Examination: You do not have to take the Florida cosmetology examination for this registration
  • Fee: Pay the required fee as provided in the application. If applying online, you can pay with a credit card or electronic check. If mailing your application, please include a check payable to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Military veterans, their spouses and Florida National Guard members may be eligible for a fee waiver, fee reimbursement, and/or fee discount
  • Application: You can apply online or and fill it out manually
  • If you have questions or need assistance in completing this application, please call the Customer Contact Center at 850-487-1395 or use their online contact form

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Do You Need A License To Do Nails In Florida

In the Florida, nail technicians must be licensed. A license will open many professional employment opportunities, such as salons, spas, among many more. Once you have completed the hours required in the nail technology program, as well as the schools final exam, you will be able to apply for your license.

Becoming A Registered Body Wrapper

Can You Get Nail Tech License Online

To become a registered body wrapper in the State of Florida you must complete a two-day, 12-hour Board of Cosmetology approved body wrapping course. Upon the successful completion of the educational course, a completed body wrapping registration application should be submitted to the Department along with the applicable fees. Once the application has been approved, the body wrapping registration will be issued. Note: A licensed cosmetologist is not required to have a separate body wrapper registration.

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How Do I Begin

Start today by contacting a local accredited beauty school with a nail program! In the Miami area, La Belle Beauty has been in the beauty education for over 40 years. As a long standing local business, La Belle Beauty has three modern locations in South Miami, Hialeah and Flagler area. Also, the school offers interest-free payment plans and financial aid for those who qualify in certain programs.

Check out these sites for more information:

What Is A Nail Specialist Salary

First of all, the nail industry in 2018 was good for about 8.53 billion dollars according to NailsMag!

The salary for pedicurists and manicurists around $25,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure does not include tips or account for the differences in salons and healthcare environments. They also project job growth to be faster than average at 13%. NailsMag has average weekly service income at $653 a week.

Want to be more versatile or combine your education with other programs? There are so many options that you can add to your skillset. Here are a few examples.

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What License Do I Need To Open A Nail Salon In Florida

A cosmetology certification is not required to open a salon in Florida however, there is an application and fees you must pay prior to opening. With you salon license and a few more essential steps you will be on your way to opening a new nail salon in the Sunshine State.

When Do I Renew My License

How to Transfer Cosmetology License to Florida (Hair, Nail, and Facial Applicants) – Free Checklist

Not everyone licensed or registered by the Board of Cosmetology renews at the same time. You belong to one of two renewal groups. All licenses and registrations issued by the Cosmetology Board need to be renewed biennially, or every two years.

Group 1

These licenses and registrations expire on October 31st of odd years .

Group 2

These licenses and registrations expire on October 31st of even years .

If you do not know which group you belong to, check your displayed license, or look online here.

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Salary Information For Manicurists And Pedicurists

Manicurists and pedicurists earned a median annual salary of $22,150 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the low end, manicurists and pedicurists earned a 25th percentile salary of $19,910, meaning 75 percent earned more than this amount. The 75th percentile salary is $26,440, meaning 25 percent earn more. In 2016, 126,300 people were employed in the U.S. as manicurists and pedicurists.


You Will Most Likely Have T Pay A Fee To Take The Exam And Will Be Notified By Mail If You Pass With A Copy Of Your License Included In The Package

How to get nail tech license in florida. To become a nail technician, you need to be at least 16 and hold a high school diploma . In order to legally continue to work as a nail tech, the license must be reinstated. A florida specialty registration is required to perform manicure, pedicure and nail extension services.

Apply to a nail technician program. Check youre eligible for a florida nail specialist license Steps to become a licensed nail tech.

The salary for a nail technician depends on a few things. In summary, in order to earn a license to practice as a nail technician in washington, you must fulfill certain requirements key among them being training. Fees and the time it takes for notification.

Complete 1,200 cosmetology school program hours. Passing a nail technician licensure examination. Nail technicians need to complete the following steps:

Complete a nail technician program. Because you are applying for a nail specialist registration based on florida education, you must. Here are the steps that must be taken to obtain a florida cosmetology license.

The second, necessary step to licensure as a nail technician is the completion of a nail technician examination. Often it is less expensive to renew the license than it is to pay for reinstatement. Applicants typically need to be at least 16 years old and possess a high school diploma or ged.

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Florida Nail Technician License Requirements

Beauty is a big priority in Florida, with the states residents and tourists enjoying the services of local salons, spas, and beauty shops. Whether you decide to work in a major tourist city, a suburban area, or a smaller rural area, you may use your nail technician skills to build a rewarding career for yourself.

To earn a nail tech license, Florida residents must go through the Florida Board of Cosmetology. This agency requires a thorough education, passing scores on two licensing exams, and a background check.

Licensing keeps track of beauty professionals and ensures that they meet high standards of education and customer service. As you work through the licensing process, youll need to pay certain fees and meet training hour requirements.

Where Do I Get The Training I Need

Can You Get Nail Tech License Online

Hands on training is a large part of your curriculum at an accredited beauty school. You will learn as you work on clients nails under the supervision of your nail tech instructor. The hands-on experience, under the watchful eye of your teacher, will help you refine your techniques as a nail tech.

Friends can always lend a hand too! The more you can practice and refine your techniques, the more confident you will be. With your effort, your work will continually improve and soon enough, youll have your own clientele.

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Becoming A Registered Hair Braider

To become a registered hair braider in the State of Florida you must complete a two-day, 16-hour Board of Cosmetology approved hair braiding course. Upon the successful completion of the educational course, a completed hair braider registration application should be submitted to the Department along with the applicable fees. Once the application has been approved, the hair braider registration will be issued. Note: A licensed cosmetologist is not required to have a separate hair braider registration.

How To Become Licensed Through Florida Nail Tech Schools In Miami Tampa Etc

For you to become a nail professional in Florida there are educational and regulatory requirements the first is to choose among the many Florida nail tech schools you can attend. The rules are in place to make sure that all nail technicians are professional service providers. It also protects the integrity of the profession as well as clients.

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Links Fees And Courses For Delinquent Licenses And Registrations

Again, this is for those of you who are a little late to renew and those who have not missed two renewals. You will not have an application to fill out. After you complete a 10-hour Florida cosmetology board-approved continuing education course, log into your account on the DPBR website and click on manage my license. You will be directed to pay your renewal and applicable late fees.

  • Complete board-approved continuing education course
  • If you were late/delinquent for 2019, the board has changed the renewal requirements from 16 to 10 this year, but some people have said that delinquent licenses still need 16 hours. I am waiting for more clarification on this, but everything I have been told by the board office points to needing 16 hours. If you need the 16-hour course, let me know.

    Currently, the Board of Cosmetology requires all cosmetologists, facial specialists, nail specialists, and full specialists to complete 10 hours of board-approved continuing education prior to the license/registration renewal. It is no longer required to complete 16 CE hours to renew in 2020 or 2021 these licenses and registrations.

  • Log into your account on the DPBR website to manage your cosmetology license or registration
  • Pay fees
  • The board issued a renewal holiday in 2019 and 2020. No fees are due to renew licenses, however licensees still must complete required continuing education. Below are the typical fees when there is not a renewal holiday.

    Cosmetology Continuing Education Florida Cosmetology License Renewal

    How To Renew Florida Cosmetology License – Hair Stylists, Facial, Nail, and Full Specialists

    Cosmetologists are trained beauty specialists that make client ideas a reality by specializing in hair, facials and other extremities. A license renewal is not only important for cosmetology, but it allows you to be educated in the rules and regulations that change in Florida law each 2 years.The Florida state board of cosmetology grants license for all beauty specialists, not just cosmetologists and barbers. Nail, facial, full, body wrappers, hair wrapper and braiders are also included. All hair and beauty professionals are required to possess a license in order to perform a safe practice. These specialists must make sure their license is always active. This ensures not only the safety of the clients, but the safety of the employees and business owners who oversee their own practice.

    In the state of Florida, you will receive notice of your renewal by mail. The period a cosmetology license is valid is 2 years. It is important to keep your addresses as updated as possible in order to ensure you receive the notice for your license renewal. If you do not receive notice and take the renewal course before your expire date, your license will become invalid and you will not be permitted to practice cosmology in the state of Florida.

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    Consider Your Career Options As A Registered Nail Specialist

    As a registered nail specialist in Florida, you have a number of excellent career options, including working as an employee of a nail salon, spa, or full-service salon working as an independent contractor and renting salon space working as a mobile nail technician or even owning your own nail salon.

    As part of your continuing education requirements, you may choose to take courses in areas such as management, business administration, and marketing if you have aspirations of managing or owning your own nail salon one day.

    You may also work toward achieving registration in another cosmetology specialty in Florida, such as facials and body wrapping, or even pursue a full cosmetologist license.

    There is a multitude of luxury resorts in Florida that offer high-end personal care services, including nails:

    • Acqualina Resort & Spa, Miami
    • Boca Beach Club, Boca Raton
    • Elizabeth Point Lodge, Amelia Island
    • Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach
    • LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort, Naples
    • Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Little Palm Island
    • Longboat Key Club and Resort, Longboat Key
    • Ocean Key Resort & Spa, Key West

    Nail Technician Schools In Florida

    If you want to become a nail technicianalso called a nail specialist, manicurist and pedicurist, and nail techin Florida, now may be the perfect time to begin. The state is experiencing significant growth in the field, and with the number of tourists visiting each year, you could have ample opportunity to perform services for residents and visitors alike.

    Browse our directory of nail technician schools in Florida, or skip ahead to learn about the state’s nail technician licensing requirements and job outlook.

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    Nail Technician License Renewal In Florida

    Continuing education required

    All nail technician licenses in Florida must be renewed every two years. The deadline for renewing your license is October 31st, and you’ll be placed into one of two groups: those who renew their license in even years and those who renew in odd years. To renew your license, you must complete ten hours of continuing education and pay a $45 fee. However, for 2019 and 2020 renewals, the Board of Cosmetology has issued a “renewal holiday” and waived all feeskeep an eye on the board’s website for updates.

    If you don’t renew your nail specialist license in time, it becomes inactive until you do so, and you may not work as a nail technician during that time. After two consecutive missed licensure cycles, a license becomes null and void. Once considered null and void, your license will not be reinstated unless you can prove to the department that the failure to renew was due to illness or economic hardship. If you can do that, you may renew your license once you meet the following conditions:

    • Complete a four-hour board-approved Initial HIV/AIDS course
    • Pay a $75 fee
    • Give an explanation of the illness or economic hardship that delayed renewal

    Florida Nail Technician Licensing Requirements

    Nail Technician License In Texas

    Unlike some other states, you don’t need to take an exam to gain licensure to become a nail specialist in Florida. Instead, you’ll need to complete 240 hours of study, pass a state-recognized four hour HIV/AIDS course, pay any relevant fees, and apply for licensure with the Florida Board of Cosmetology. The initial licensure application costs $75.

    Military veterans, their spouses, and Florida National Guard members may be eligible for a fee waiver, fee reimbursement, or fee discount.

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