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How To Use Nail Stamps

Diy Decals With Nail Stamping Plates

5 Different Ways To Use A Nail Stamper!

In case you are wondering if it is possible and how to use nail stamps without stamper it is your perfect chance to learn!

  • Apply a base coat.
  • Apply white base coat.
  • Take your stamping plate of choice and cover the half of the design with white nail polish.
  • Scrape the remains of the nail polish off the plate.
  • Firmly press the stamper over the plate so that the design is transferred.
  • Take your favorite nail polish colors and color the design on the stamper.
  • Apply a top coat over the design on the stamper.
  • Wait until it dries out.
  • Apply top coat to your nails and place the decal while the top coat is still wet.
  • Nail Stamping Gel Behaves Differently Than Other Stamping Polish

    For starters, when you get your stamping image on, you have to cure it, just like regular gel.

    You also don’t have to work as quickly as you would with regular polish because it won’t air dry. You can scrape and re-scrape your plate all you want. There’s no rush.

    It’s so thick that you’re going to want to apply it to your plate with a nail brush. It’s got more of a consistency like builder gel or acrylic.

    As always, if you are able, use hand protection as recommended by the FDA to less UV exposure.

    What Are Nail Stickers And How Do They Work

    While you probably remember nail stickers as the less fun nail art for kids, they have come a long way as far as design and function. Also known as nail decals or nail tattoos, nail stickers are individual pieces of nail art that you can apply to your natural or acrylic nails or over polish to add some pizazz to your manicure.

    Nail stickers come in two common types: self-adhesive and water-transferable. Self-adhesive nail tattoos will have an adhesive backing to apply the decal to the nail. Water-transferable decals are soaked in water to remove them from the protective backing and then applied directly to the nail.

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    Nail Stamping : Basics And A Bit Beyond

    Practice makes perfectFor orientation purposes, nail stamping involves the following 4 main steps:1) Put the nail polish onto your nail plate.2) Scrape the nail polish off of your nail plate.3) Pick up the image from your plate with your stamper.4) Place the image onto your nail with your stamper.Step 1) Put your nail polish onto your nail plate.

    • One way to get a first guess about whether a polish will be opaque enough to stamp with is to look at it on the brush. If you can’t see the brush through the polish, it’s a good candidate to stamp well.
    • Test your polish before stamping. You can do this on a sheet of paper, a piece tape, a real or false nail, or flattened marble . First paint your base paint, wait for it to dry, and then try stamping over it with your target polish.
    • Inky Whiskers constantly tests out different polishes over black and white check out her blog for tons of polish tests.
    • Metallic and foil polishes as a general rule stamp well.
    • I have great luck stamping with China Glaze cremes.
    • Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polishes are almost all wonderful for stamping.
    • Pure Ice metallics and cremes are generally good for stamping.
    • Most strongly linear holos stamp very well.
    • Here is what your plate should look like with the proper amount of polish . Notice that it’s fully covered, but you can still see the indentations if you have so much glopped on that you can’t see them anymore, you probably have too much:

    Step 2) Scrape off the nail polish from your plate.

    Video Guide: How To Use Nail Stamps

    Nail Art Tutorial: How to Use the Konad Nail Art Stamps

    Would you like to decorate your nails like a real nail art master? If you do not have enough patience and skills, nail stamps are a simple, fast, and efficient solution.

    If you have not yet been convinced of the benefits of stamping nails, it is high time to learn how to use templates and nail stamps.

    Alexandar Cosmetics

    The technique of decorating nails with a stamp provides an unlimited number of possibilities, and the result is beautiful nails that everyone will notice. The procedure itself is not complicated, but it takes a little practice. After the first time, you may not be thrilled with the result, so try again, until you have completely mastered your stamping technique. Highly pigmented nail polishes and special accessories are used for stamping.

    What you will need for nail stamping:

    • Base
    • Template of desired design
    • Polish of appropriate color for patterns
    • Scraper

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    What Is Nail Stamping Anyways

    Its a fun and easy way to cute nails for those of us without a steady hand.

    If you dont know, nail stamping is a way to get fun designs on your nails.

    I love it because it doesnt require any artistic ability or steady hand. Plus as long as you get a design plate with small images it works great for tiny kid nails too!

    Im sharing how to stamp nails and some of the tricks and tips Ive learned from trial and error.

    Scrapers And Nail Stamps

    Stamps and scrapers are indispensable tools for transferring patterns from plates to nails. They can be of different sizes and colors. The most important thing about the stamp is that the pad is not too smooth so that the motifs can stick together properly. For longer use of stamping plates, plastic scrapers are recommended because they do not damage the tiles.

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    Nail Stamping For Beginners Complete Guide

    Have you always wanted to match your dress, your mood, or even the occasion with a good nail design? Have you tried doing so, but does it seem like, art is not really for you? If your answer to all of the questions is yes, you just have to get the design you want by stamping your nails.

    How To Use The Nails Stamping Technique Tips & Tricks

    How to Use Nail Stamps | Nail Stamping Kit for Beginners | Stamping Over Gel Polish | GelMoment
    • Always paint your nails with a base color before applying the stamp. After applying a base coat of nail polish, let your nails dry completely before using the nail stamping technique.
    • After each use, you should clean your nail stamp with acetone to remove all the nail polish from it.
    • Make sure to purchase good quality stamps. Do some research before buying anything, read online reviews from actual clients. This way, you will know exactly what are you paying for. Some brands are a lot more reliable than others.
    • Nail stamping is not a standardized technique. Stampsare not all made the same, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Choose one that suits your nails.
    • If possible, you should use a special polish that works with stamps. It is true that you can use any nail polish. However, you will obtain better results if you apply the patterns with a special nail polish.
    • In the beginning, avoid patterns with straight lines or single images. They are harder to apply, especially if you are new at nail stamping.
    • To achieve an original and unique design, you should try to mix several stamps on each nail. People wont see mistakes that easily when your nails are totally different one from the other.
    • To create a beautiful layered effect, you can apply different colors of the same stamp on each nail.
    • Dont apply a top coat of nail polish right after you have stamped your nails. Wait until the nail stamping has completely dried. Otherwise, it might smear your pattern.

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    What You Need To Stamp Nails

    Dont stress, you dont need all of them Im just giving options.

    When you shop through my links I get a small percentage. The prices will always be the same as regular prices . These are what I use I didnt swap any products for a cut but when they offered one anyways I linked it. Also note I have been updating this post as I learn more and find products I love so some of the pictures might not match my current favorite products.

    Nail Stamping Plates

    • There are plenty more but these work great, you can find a lot on these brands and other brands too!

    Nail Stamper

    Stamping Nail Polish

    Stamp Scraper

    Nail Polish Remover

    • 100% Acetone is my favorite, better to use this to clean up your stamping plates since it will note leave a residue

    Clean Up Supplies

    • any office tape that isnt super sticky is fine

    Base Coat Nail Polish

    Top Coat Nail Polish

    • Some top coats will smear stamping nail polish I like this one over my stamping polish
    • And I like this one over the one above to give it all an extra shine but this WILL smear your stamping polish and this layer is optional.

    Nail Polish for base colors

    How To Stamp Nails

  • Start with painted and fully dried nails. Start with a base coat and end with a top coat on top of your colors. Use a toothpick to take of polish that strayed into the side of your nail. This is also a good time to use the clean up brush and acetone to remove stray polish from your skin.
  • Paint a coat of contrasting nail polish onto your design plate.
  • Scrap excess off with scraper.
  • With a rolling motion press the stamper onto the stamp plate to transfer the design to the stamper.
  • Stamp onto the desired nail also using a rolling motion.
  • Use tape to pull of any stamped polish that got on your skin .
  • Use acetone with cotton pad to clean up your plate between each stamping.
  • Allow to dry and top with a coat of clear polish make sure it is stamping friendly some top coats will smear nail stamping polish.
  • Use your clean up brush to get any stray nail polish off of your skin.
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    Stamping With Gel Polish

    Stamping with gel polish may require you to change some of the steps, we have discussed below detailed process of stamping with gel polish step by step,

    • After getting yourself a complete gel manicure, make sure to remove the tacky layer. Choose your favorite stamping plate, nail stamper, and stamping nail polish.
    • Stamp the image directly onto your freshly manicured nails.
    • Allow the stamp design to dry completely for at least about 5 minutes.
    • Carefully overcoat with a layer of topcoat, making sure to cover the entire stamp carefully.
    • Apply another layer of top coat just to ensure that you have covered the stamp completely.
    • A cleanser or 90% isopropyl alcohol can do your job of removing the tacky layer.
    • Remove the over stamp with nail polish remover.
    • Swipe over your entire nail with a cotton ball soaked in remover. This will help you quickly wipe off the excess without causing any damage to your gel manicure. But still, if you want to stay on the safe side, you can also take help from a non-acetone remover
    • Moisturize your hands and you are done!

    We hope this article was effective for you! Do let us know!

    Enjoy Stamping!

    Why Can’t You Stamp With Regular Gel Polish

    How to Use Nail Stamps on

    Just like stamping with regular nail polish, they just don’t hold up to what stamping demands on a polish. Normal gel is too sheer to show up when stamped. If you stamp white gel over black, it’s going to show up a dirty grey–if you’re lucky.

    Because gel doesn’t air-dry it tends to pool together. This is great for self-leveling but bad for intricate lines that end up warping and sliding into each other as the gel settles.

    This new gel stamping polish is specially formulated to hold up to stamping. It’s super opaque, heavily pigmented, and thick–like really thick. This isn’t for painting your nails.

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    Stamping Image Plates Push The Boundaries Of Creativity

    Stamp image plates are metal plates on which patterns of various designs are engraved. The size and shape of the pattern itself do not affect the final result, unlike the technology of engraving motifs on tiles.

    With the MOYOU stamping plates, the patterns are laser engraved, which allows for better precision when transferring the design to the nail. There are countless possibilities to have a unique and creative nail design. Choose your favorite collection and combine your favorite motifs.

    What Is A Stamping Plate And How Does It Work

    A stamping plate is a metal disc with designs etched into it. It works because the polish is placed on the plate and then the excess is scraped off. The polish stays in the etched recesses and then when you use a silicon ended stamp, it picks up the polish in the recesses and can be transferred to your nail.

    Here is a stamping plate with polish in the recesses after scraping the excess off.

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    Vaga Nail Art Stamping Set

    VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set is considered one of the best nail stamper kits because of the huge choice it provides its buyer. The box contains 10 pieces of nail stamping plates with 60 designs, varying from geometric structures to floral patterns. It comes with a clear jelly head stamper, purple in color to give you hassle-free stamping.

    If you still crave to intensify your manicured nails, you could embellish your nails with the black, white, and colorful tiny rhinestones that are included in the package. The kit also contains 5 dual-ended dotting tools, 15 nail brushes, and a gem picker pencil.


    • Youll have to purchase polish separately
    • The stamper is not very durable.

    Varnish Remover Is Necessary For Cleaning And Maintenance Of Tools

    Nail Stamping Tutorial

    After each use, it is necessary to clean the tools you used. For that, you need a nail polish remover without acetone and oils, as well as manicure pads. Clean the stencils as precisely as possible, so that excess varnish does not remain in the patterns.

    Watch a video that explains in detail how to properly use and clean nail stamps.

    The more you practice, the sooner you will perfect your nail stamping technique. Combine different motifs and colors of varnishes. Nail stamps are the best way to show your creativity.

    We will be happy to post your photos on social media. Share your experience with us.

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    How To Thicken Nail Polish For Stamping Easily

    Would you like to learn how to thicken nail polish for stamping or just how to make thin nail polish thicker? What can you use as a nail polish thickener? Read on!

    The popular stamping nail technique can produce gorgeous results on your nails. Stamping requires the use of special thick nail polishes that youll need to apply to stamping pads and transfer to your nails using a nail stamper.

    How Do Nail Stamps Work

    Getting your nails professionally decorated isnt always practical. It puts up with a lot of time, and maybe quite heavy on your pocket. And why would even go on the pricier side when you have a cheaper solution. Stamping your nails is quite an effective way to keep your nails decorated and done in attractive colors and project them with new designs.

    Nail stamps help you decorate your nails with hundreds of choices and you dont have to pay every time you get them done. This is a once in a lifetime investment. Get yourself a quality stamper and durable plates and some stamping polishes and youre good to go!

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    Best Nail Stamper Plates

    Most stamping plates are made with stainless steel, which is durable and easy to wipe clean. We have mentioned below some of the most loved and durable stamper plates making it easier for you to decide,

    • Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates Set.
    • Ejiubas Double-Sided Nail Stamping Plates.
    • Pueen Nail Art Stamp Collection.
    • Beauty Leader 10 Nail Plates.
    • Makartt Nail Stamp Templates Kit.

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