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Why Are My Nails Peeling

What Causes Fingernails To Peel Off In Layers

Nail Peeling! Why it happens and how to work with it!

You are probably wondering, Why are my nails peeling in layers. Well, peeling fingernails and toenails may be indicative of a medical condition but when only the fingernails are involved, it is typically the result of an external aggravation. Causes of peeling fingernails can be broadly classified into internal and external factors. They include:

Problem #: Peeling Skin On Fingers Near Nails

Exposing your hands to harsh detergents or submerging them in water for a long period of time may cause the skin around your nails to peel or become red and inflamed.

Peeling skin around your nails can also be an allergic reaction to something youve touched or come in contact with, says Dr. Schlessinger. That could be anything – from fragrance in a hand soap used for washing dishes to a metal, such as nickel, on jewelry or clothing.

Skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, may also lead to peeling skin, so if the problem persists, schedule a visit with your dermatologist to receive a professional diagnosis.

Give Your Nails A Breather

In manicuring, the nails are exposed to prolonged water exposure, says Dr. Zubek. When repeated over time, this can lead to overall dehydration of the nail and surrounding skin, thereby weakening or increasing brittleness of the nail.

Nail polish remover further compounds the problem by dehydrating and changing the chemical properties of the nail surface, Dr. Zubek adds. The nail cells ability to stick tightly to one another is weakened, leading to brittleness and ridging.

If your nails are becoming dry or brittle and youre noticing increased ridging, its recommended to take a three to four week break from manicuring to allow the nail to grow out and regain its strength, says Dr. Zubek. Consider giving your tips a hand by applying a keratin treatment to your nails when youre between manicures, like CND RescueRXx.

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How Do I Stop My Nails From Splitting And Peeling

Consider these simple tips:

  • Keep your fingernails dry. Repeated or prolonged contact with water can contribute to split fingernails.
  • Practice good nail hygiene. Keep your fingernails neatly trimmed, and round the tips in a gentle curve.
  • Avoid harsh nail care products.
  • Apply a protective layer.
  • Tip #: Always Use Base Coats

    Why My Nails Are Peeling: Reasons And Treatment At Home ...

    If you are not currently using a Base Coat, then this could be your problem.

    You may think that a Base Coat is not required and is an unnecessary cost. You may think so because nobody ever sees it.

    However, it plays a very important role in keeping your Nail Polish on.

    The truth is, a Base Coat is totally necessary for three different reasons:

  • It keeps your polish from staining. If youre using a strong color like a Red, Green, Blue, and especially Black they will stain your nail. It can actually be permanent depending on the polish and you may even have towait for the nail to entirely grow out. A Base Coat will protect your natural nail from getting stained.
  • They strengthen your nail and will help your Polish to last longer. Applying a base coat gives you an extra layer of protection on your nail. It makes it a little bit thicker so that its a stronger nail in general. Base Coats are what prevent nail breaks.
  • Acts as glue for the nail polish to stick to your nail. So when you apply the base coat, thats going to make your nail polish last a lot longer because youve got a glue-like layer on your nail to keep the nail polish stuck to it.
  • Base coat is super helpful and I really recommend using it.

    If youre not currently using one, then this is an ideal place to start.

    The Best Base Coat is one that is crystal clear and will not be visible through your Nail Polish.

    I personally use LondonTowns Base Coat its amazing!

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    What Vitamins Help With Peeling Skin

    8 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Dry Skin

  • Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin thats critical for many aspects of health, including the health of your skin.
  • Collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and accounts for 75% of your skins dry weight .
  • Vitamin C.
  • Fish oil.
  • You Always Clean Or Wash The Dishes

    Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom is a necessary chore, but repeated, prolonged exposure to chemicals found in cleaners as well as soap and water could be weakening your nails, leaving them brittle and prone to splitting.

    The fix: This ones easy throw on a pair of rubber gloves before scrubbing. This will prevent chemicals, soap, and water from touching your nails while you clean.

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    File In One Direction

    If the file is particularly coarse, only file in one direction to avoid splitting the nail. If you can, invest in a crystal file. They seal the nail as you go, so you dont end up with any small splits. Try Leighton Denny Small Crystal Nail File, £12.50 at Boots. Its bascially the Rolls Royce of nail files.

    You Buffed Your Nails Too Much

    Why Are Your Nails Peeling & Splitting ? | How to Stop It For Good

    Just as moisture-laden nails can be prone to peeling and splitting, so can nails that are dried out from too much buffing, according to Dr. Peters.

    Excessive dryness causes the nail to become brittle so minor trauma easily damages the nail, she explains. That means a small nick can turn into a big split when nails are too dry.

    Be sure to use a rich moisturizer or nail oil after buffing your nails to keep them from drying out, suggests Dr. Rose.

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    Why Do My Fingernails Peel And Crack

    This article was published more than 10 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current.

    The question

    My fingernails peel and crack a lot. I’ve been told it’s related to my diet, but I do eat a lot of calcium-rich food. What else could it be?

    The answer

    Fragile nails that peel and crack is a common concern and diet is not the only cause. There are four main reasons why nails become brittle:

    Aging: As we age, the integrity and strength of nails can weaken and split.

    Damage: One of the most common causes of peeling and cracking nails is from repetitive exposure to water with swimming, dishwashing or bathing, chemical exposure, or repetitive trauma such as biting. These actions can breakdown the nail matrix which can weaken the structure and lead to the peeling and cracking.

    Diet: In addition to calcium, iron and vitamins A and D are essential building blocks for strong nails. Also, a deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to dry nails which split easily.

    Other medical conditions: Brittle and cracked nails can be a clue to other potential medical conditions such as thyroid disorder, liver and kidney disease. If nails are thickened in addition to being brittle, this may be due to a fungal infection or psoriasis.

    Try the following tips to keep your nails strong and healthy:

    Because nails regrow slowly at approximately 3 mm each month, healthy regrowth can take up to six months.

    Read moreQ& As from Dr. Wijayasinghe.

    to see Q& As from all of our health experts.

    What Are Cracked Nails

    Healthy nails are smooth, with no spots or discoloration. They donât have pits or grooves, although they may have vertical ridges. Nails that are cracked, split, or brittle can sometimes be a sign of a health problem.

    Learn what causes cracked nails, and find out what steps to take to get the problem under control.

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    Peeling Nails Are Painful

    If youve ever had a hangnail or cut your fingernails too short, you know how sensitive your fingernails can be. Now imagine dealing with this kind of pain on a daily basis thats what people with peeling nails a. The sharp, biting pain that can occur when the layers of the fingernail plate dry out and separate casts a burden on multitudes of otherwise healthy, hygienic individuals. If youre suffering from peeling nails, you know the obstacles associated with your nail pain. Unfortunately, pain is only one of the problems associated with unhealthy fingernails.

    How Should Peeling Fingernails Be Trimmed

    Why are my fingernails peeling

    Your nails should be trimmed so that theyre not too short, and then shaped. The roughest side of the file works well on your nail tips, and helps you to shape them.

    To get rid of that peeling problem, gently go over your nails with the other three sides of your file. Youll be working on the entire nail, rather than the tip only. With the second roughest side of your file, do each nail in a back and forth motion several times. This will make shavings, and remind you to go slowly so you dont remove too much nail.

    Going to the third roughest side, using this will also yield shavings, though not as many as before. Be sure you spend an adequate amount of time for each nail. Using the softest part of your four-sided file will leave your nails with a shiny, natural finish. If you follow this plan once or twice each week, you wont see peeling nails anymore.

    What Causes Peeling Fingernails

    Peeling fingernails can be caused by a variety of reasons. They include overexposure to water, exposure to certain chemicals, infections and skin diseases. When your body produces less moisture and oil, your nails will be more prone to peeling or breaking. Using nail products too often can also dry out your fingernails.

    • The environment is to blame the dry heat of winter weather, the humidity and intense heat of mid-summer, and the various seasonal changes can cause the nails to react badly. Any time that the skin changes because of environment or weather, the nails can change too.

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    Why Do Nails Peel

    There are many things that can cause chronic nail problems. As for peeling, these are the most common causes:

  • Dry nails. You have dry skin you see cracks. When you have dry hair, your ends split. Nails are no different. “Often our nails get dry and brittle and begin to peel,” says board-certified dermatologist Tanya Kormeili, M.D. Dry nails can be the result of dry skin overall, sun damage, or exposure to harsh surfactants and soaps.
  • Trauma. A very common cause of peeling nails, being too hard on your hands can lead to splitting. “It can also be the result of trauma from sports,” says Kormeili. But even small traumas can trigger it, says Amy Lin, nail expert and founder of sundays, a wellness nail care brand with New York studios. “Things like opening a can of soda can potentially cause that too,” she says.
  • Harsh manicures. “If you wear gel polish, the removal process can potentially damage your nails by soaking in acetone for 15 to 20 minutesplus too much scraping and filing on your nail plate can make it become thinner,” says Lin. “When you peel your gel polish instead of soaking it in polish remover when it gets chipped. Peeling your gel polish can create further peeling.”
  • Age. If you notice more nail issues with the years, it’s because nails can weaken with time. “Much like our hair getting thinner with age, our nails become dry and brittle with age as well,” says Kormeili.
  • Why Is The Top Layer Of My Nail Peeling Off

    Peeling nails can be the result of too little or too much moisture. The former can be caused by repeatedly getting the nails wet and then drying them. With the latter, sheer soaking in water while performing things like household chores makes the nails soft and possibly causes peeling or sloughing of the nail.

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    When To See A Doctor For Splitting And Peeling Nails

    If you have brittle nails, see your doctor to help determine the cause and begin appropriate treatment. As the cause is often related to moisture or trauma, simple measures may be all that are needed.

    But if you have a fungal infection, your doctor will likely recommend an antifungal medicine. Your doctor can also determine whether your nail problems are a sign of a medical disorder or nutrient deficiency.

    Reviewed and revised by Mary D. Daley, M.D.

    • If you have brittle nails, see your doctor to help determine the cause and begin appropriate treatment.
    • Your doctor can also determine whether your nail problems are a sign of a medical disorder or nutrient deficiency.

    What Causes Skin Under Nails To Peel


    In this article, we have added 8 common reasons that can make skin around your nails to peel. All human beings have unique skin types. Our skin can be oily moderate or dry. Some people have inherently dry skin. They got dry skin from their genes. Such people who have inherited dry skin suffer from this problem a lot.

    Regardless of whether external factors or any nutritional deficiencies they suffer this problem of skin peeling below their nails. Dry skin is prone to decay and damage and as soon as it starts cracking it starts to peel.

    The following are some of the reasons due to which skin under nails began to peel.

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    Dehydration Of Your Fingernails Or Toenails:

    • We frequently see peeling of the toenails and peeling of the surrounding skin in people who sweat a lot more get their feet wet a lot.
    • For example, if you are a dishwasher as a professional, you would likely have peeling skin around your fingernails and your fingers.
    • This dehydration can cause keratin granulations in the peeling of the skin in the toenails to develop in your body.

    You Have A Gel Manicure Obsession

    Gel manicures look gorgeous, and they last longer than traditional ones, making them a great option for vacation. The thing is, theyre not so good for the health of your nails. In fact, they can actually lead to brittleness, peeling, and cracking. Its not exactly the gel polish thats to blame this type of manicure has to be removed with acetone, which is also weakening. Plus, nail technicians will scrape and file and attack your nails pretty dramatically to attach and remove all that gel, which isnt great for your nails, either.

    The fix: If you have a standing appointment at your nail salon, take a break and let your nails breathe between gel manicures. Switching to traditional nail polish may also help. Finally, keep your nails moisturized between gel manicures by regularly applying lotion or oil to your nails and cuticles.

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    You Have A Fungal Infection

    Onychomycosis, or fungal infection of the nail, can cause several different types of nail dystrophy including nail peeling, says Dr. Rose. You may also experience thickening of the nails and white or yellow-brown discoloration, according to experts at the Mayo Clinic.

    If you think you have a fungal infection, make an appointment with your dermatologist, as they can be tricky to treat. Your doc can confirm that you have an infection and will likely prescribe oral antifungal meds to help the nail heal.

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    Peeling Nails Are Unsightly

    Why Do My Nails Peel And Break

    One of the most common reasons people seek help for their peeling nails is that they are tired of looking down and seeing the toll that theyve taken on the appearance of their hands. Peeling nails are not attractive and can detract from the beauty of a persons hands, leaving them forced to hide their hands at work or among friends. Unsightly fingernails can dampen the confidence of a the person dealing with them and foster an unnecessary sense of self-consciousness that often results in their choosing to isolate themselves from social situations. The long-term negative impact of negative nails plagues countless individuals who want nothing more than to free themselves from their nail dystrophy. Luckily, there are ways to go about neutralizing the impact of peeling nails.

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    Which Is Better For Nails Gel Or Dip

    Resins in a dip powder may be susceptible to water and household cleaners, while gel is solvent resistant. If your client uses or washes their hands regularly, a gel service might be better for them. A salon should be a safe space, where your clients can expect a clean, honest service that makes them feel good.

    How To Prevent A Nail Infection In The First Place

    Trim your nails carefullyingrown nails can arise from cutting nails too short at the edges, since as they grow out they can catch skin. Cut nails straight across and get rid of any pointy corners. And never share clippers, as this can spread infection from person to person even consider bringing your own tools to a professional mani or pedi.

    Its also important to wash your feet with soapy water, being sure to get in between your toes, to prevent fungus or bacteria from building up and be sure to dry them thoroughly, since fungus loves a moist environment. Wear breathable socks and use antifungal spray or powder if going sock-less.

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