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How To Take Care Of Your Nails

Pick A Good Nail Polish Remover


Like your nail polishes, removers are also harsh on your nails. When shopping for a nail polish removers, choose one with an acetone-free formula.

This 100% Natural Nail Polish Remover from luxury nail care brand Kure Bazaar can completely wipe off any varnishes minus the harmful acetone and foul odour.

How Should I Give Myself An At

The first step to a professional-looking manicure is to file and shape your nails, according to Morgan Dixon, the manicurist in charge of the nail artistry on TNTs show Claws. She suggests either holding up a high five in the air with your nails facing you, or holding your hand in a holding something position, whichever is more comfortable. From there, use light strokes with the file on the sides of the nails to get your ideal shape, and then follow up with cuticle oil. If you dont have any on hand, Dixon says olive oil or coconut oil will do.

Next comes the hard partpainting the nails. A lot of us think we have to paint directly on the cuticle to get the right look, but that just results in a messy manicure, Dixon says. If you take your time and put the smallest space between the cuticle and polish line, you will have little to no polish to clean up at the end. Another tip: Apply light layers of polish, she says. It is much easier to paint an extra layer or two, instead of trying to correct a thick chunky polish job. If you do need to clean up, Dixon says to clean as you go with a little acetone and an eye shadow brush.

To help your manicure last, Dixon says to apply top coat every two days to keep your polish in place with fewer chips during wear.

File Your Nails After Clipping Them

Most people skip this step as they do not feel the need to file their nails every time they clip them. Filing is not just to give your nails the desired shape but also to smooth them out so that they do not poke you later. The filing process gives them definition and also rounds off the edges that takes care of all the pointy ends. Most clippers come with a small filer attached but if you dont like this size, you can buy a bigger filer as well. Also Read – Astringents VS Skin Toners: Which is Best For You? Shahnaz Husain Reveals

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Hand And Nail Care Methods

Here are some tips and steps for beautiful hands and nails:

  • Eating foods that contain B group vitamins, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and D, and eating vegetables, nuts and grains.
  • Drinking a lot of water Where it is recommended to drink at least 8 cups a day.
  • Massage nails with Vaseline.
  • Avoid using acetone, as it can damage nails and make them duller.
  • Cut nails once or twice a week.
  • Clean the nails and underneath with a special nail brush to get rid of dirt and germs that are difficult to remove when washing nails with water.
  • Wash hands with lukewarm water and avoid cold or hot water.
  • Exfoliating the hands at least once a week, using a good type of scrub, to get rid of dead skin.
  • Massage your hands at night for 5 minutes using a moisturizing cream.
  • Moisturizing your hands using good types of moisturizing creams 3 times a day after washing your hands.
  • Wearing gloves while doing housework and cleaning to avoid chemical contact with hands and nails.
  • Putting sunscreen on the hands to protect them from the sun’s rays that cause dark spots and burns.

Avoid Really Rough Emery Boards

6 Best Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Nails

And never, ever use metal files or clippers. Emery boards that are too rough can cause small cracks in your nails that lead to splits and breakage. To maintain healthy nails, use 180 to 240 grit, or preferably glass emery boards. They will take off the length and allow shaping without destroying your nails. When filing your nails, go slowly and evenly and file in one direction rather than sawing at them.

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Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Your Nail Tools Too

Disinfecting your nail tools between uses is just as important as regularly cleaning your makeup brushes, and for the same reason bacteria. To keep your nails infection-free, Dr. Prystowsky advises washing metal tools with soap and water and then wiping down with rubbing alcohol. And don’t forget to regularly replace disposable tools like emery boards. There’s no reason to continue using a tattered tool when it’s so easy to rotate in a new one for a few bucks.

Get Your Fill Of Protein

Beauty is more than skin deep and your fingernails are made of a protein called keratin. Kill three birds with one stoneshinier hair, clearer skin and healthier nailsby getting your fill protein rich foods like low fat dairy, nuts, seeds, eggs and fish. Finally, do take supplements like a Biotin capsule and Omega oils to nourish your skin, hair and nails from within. Biotin especially strengthens nails and keeps brittleness away. You could opt forHealthVit Biotino-Z Biotin with Zinc 60 Capsules and OneLife Omega 3-6-9 60 Softgels. The right nutrients and youll flaunt healthy, clear nails in no time!

Are you new to the world of nail art? Then we suggest you to check out

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How To Take Care Of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they also make your manicure last for weeks. Aside from its longevity, acrylic nails provide you with long and elegant nails. And theres no denying that we all love beautiful nails, every single day!

Since acrylic nails are artificial nail extensions that are placed over the natural nail, it will hide short and weak nails.

However, a lot of people have mistakenly thought that it is maintenance-free. Contrary to popular belief, acrylic can develop a myriad of problems. Thus, these artificial nails actually do need some tender loving care.

Proper care of your acrylics will not only keep them looking great, but it will save you from possible health problems too. Not only that, but you should also care for your actual nails. Taking care of both your natural nails and acrylic will prevent potential deterioration, injury, and nail infections.

Below are helpful tips on how to take care of acrylic nails.

Clean Your Nails When Washing Hands

How to take care of your natural nail || Pippypolish

Most of the times, when we wash our hands we simply scrub the outer area and rub our palms together but nails need to be cleaned as well as that is where germs reside. This is highly important if you eat with your hands. When you wash your hands with soap, make sure you rub your thumb across the other nails and then your index finger around your thumbnail to clean them properly.

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Wear Gloves In The Kitchen

Once youve spent time creating your perfect manicure, you dont want to see it chip off the second you have any household chores to do. Getting your nails wet in any capacity can shorten the lifespan of your manicure, so protect your nails by getting a pair of kitchen gloves and throw them on next time youre scrubbing a frying pan or rinsing dishes. Theyll also protect your hands from the hot water that can dry them out.

Iodine Iron Copper Vitamin D Vitamin C Vitamin E B Vitamins

These nutrients also contribute to the formation of healthy nails. The most important thing is to understand the cause of unhealthy and tired nails, on which the additional desired nutrients will also depend.

Also, various nutritional supplements for nail health we should choose them depending on the cause.

Poor nail condition can also show other health problems that should be checked thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction , infections .

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Nail Healing System With Ecological Beeswax

So far, I had relied on both nutrition and the bodys own ability to regenerate, but it was relatively slow.

Then I discovered a great nail treatment in the Verdant Eco Spa salon, which is intended for tired, worked nails, and for those who have lived under a non-breathable gel polish coating for a long time and are regularly injured by filing and baking under the lamp.

This nail healing system has been developed by Verdant Eco SPA manicure masters and cosmetology specialists, putting together their heads rich in experience and ecological knowledge.

It is a completely ecological alternative to Japanese manicure, which is well known to many. During the procedure:

  • Nail cleansing and micro-massage with ecological scrub
  • Hand soaking in a bath of salt water and essential oils
  • Nail feeding and preparation with paste fat
  • Incorporation of ecological beeswax into the nail structure and nail polishing.

It must be said that after the first time the nails felt tidy and nourished, but it is not possible to compare the effect of this procedure the second time the manicure master also confirmed that the procedure was much easier than the first time and the nails were

  • much better
  • smoother
  • and looked incomparably healthier.

After this procedure for about a week, they cover one and a half nails with a cool protective layer, which prevents them from soaking in the bath, washing dishes and performing other abrasive procedures by hand.

Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Nails

How to have healthy looking nails

Just like you want your hair and skin to be healthy in the same way taking care of your nails is a crucial part of a neat and pulled together appearance. But unfortunately, many of us fall prey to the myths about how to take care of your nails properly. Also, the great reliance on modern day salons can affect your nails as they dont always give you the best advice. Who will not love gorgeous and well-maintained nails but despite the importance of taking care of nails many of us often tend to neglect it the most.

Here are some simple and easy to follow tips to take best care of your nails-

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Stop Overdoing Hand Washing

While it is considered healthy to wash your hands frequently but overdoing it may cause serious problems to your nails. If you are in a profession where frequent hand washing is mandatory then you should use moisturizer as often as possible and rub a little extra around the cuticles several times a day. Also when doing household chores like laundry or washing utensils try to minimize contact with harsh chemicals like washing powder and dishwashing chemicals by wearing gloves whenever it is possible.

The Only Nail Care Regimen You Need

10 September, 20197 min read

If youre living on planet earth right now, its likely that youve been sensibly sanitising your hands all year round. This might also mean that your nails are looking a little flippy, a little flakey, and less-than-fabulous. So we’ve compiled our top tips on how to care for your nails, and restore them to pre-pandemic glory. Plus a certified nail care schedule to have your revival rituals locked down.

Nail care is the future . Its the basis of an amazing manicure and ensures your nail polish looks its best. But our understanding of even basic nail care is often stuck in the past. Its time to drop the old wives tales , update and get clear. Healthy nails are easy to achieve, and even easier to flaunt.

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If You Often Eat With Hands You Need To Ensure Your Nails Are Clean All The Time Here Are Some Ways To Make Sure Your Nails Do Not Accumulate Dirt

Weve been taught from childhood to clip our nails regularly and also keep them clean as germs can pass on from our nails to our mouth when we eat with our hands. And while long nails look stylish, they can be a home for germs and food to settle in so keeping them squeaky clean is extremely important. While we all know these things already, we still do not always pay enough attention to cleaning our nails and keeping them perfect condition. Here are some tips that will help you do the same at home.Also Read – After 2 Hours, Sunscreens With Zinc Oxide Ingredient Can Become Toxic: Study

Prioritize Nail Health Over Length

Taking Care of Your Nails With Household Products!

Long nails are elegant, but if you’re someone who has struggled with hangnails or breakage, Dr. Shamban recommends that you keep your nails short at least for period of time as you allow them to grow stronger. A shorter style with rounded edges looks neat and tends to be easier to manage, so you won’t have to subject your nails to extra wear and tear. As long as each nail is uniform in shape and matches its nine neighbors, you won’t miss the added length.

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First Impressions Are Everything

Again, not to hone in too much on the fact first impressions are everything, but if youre a businessman, grimy paws arent a great reflection on your professionalism. Your grooming reflects you as a personyour ability to take care of yourself and showcase the fact you have your s%& $ together.

Remember this: Your hands are always on display. Men and women dont want to shake a claw or stare at filthy fingernails.

Also, hygiene is a huge reason to keep your nails clean, short, and trimmed. If your idea of trimming your nails is gnawing on them, youre exposing yourself to a host of germs and bacteria. Your hands touch everything. Think about how the colonies of germs on public transportation systems are like a germy jungle and the fact not everyone washes their hands after going to the bathroom. If that doesnt skeeve you out enough to stop the terrible habit, keep your nails short so you dont have anything to gnaw on.

Moisturize Your Hands And Nails Regularly

You wouldn’t go to bed without moisturizing your face so why should your nails not get some TLC too? Theres no dearth of pampering, nourishing formulas choc-a-bloc with gorgeous ingredients to keep your cuticles and nails hydrated while you sleep. Check out Nykaa Freesia & Vanilla Hand and Nail Crème infused with Avocado, Almond, Jojoba and Olive Oils. Its a good idea to keep the love for your hands going even during the day. We suggest MCaffeine Naked & Raw Mattifying Coffee Hand Cream that nourishes with its potent ingredients for soothed, soft hands.

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Why Fit Men Need To Groom Their Nails

For runners, athletes, and pretty much any active guy, nailcare can be as important as a warmup when it comes to your workout. Yes, your workout. Theres a lot more trauma inside the shoe when you have longer toe nails and calluses that arent properly taken care of, says Papantoniou. Have you ever seen a runners feet? Not the prettiest. All the rubbing and jarring movements during long bouts on the road or trail can leave toenails bruised and black. And with enough impact, the nail can even fall off since it takes the majority of the impact when your foot slides inside the shoe. Keeping your nails short can reduce irritation.

Plus, the longer your toe nails and the more you let debris build up under the nail, the greater your chance of suffering infections and ingrown nails grows. Aside from being, well, disgusting. This can deter from your workout and hinder performance due to the simple fact that youre in pain. Its so much easier and smarter to prevent this all in the first place by maintaining nice short nails and staying groomed, Papantoniou says.

Use Gloves When In Contact With Water

How to Take Care of Your Hands and Nails: 8 Steps (with ...

You should use gloves when cooking, preparing food, washing dishes, etc. These activities contain substances that can make nails more susceptible to drying out. Using gloves will help strengthen nails, protect nails from external influences and limit broken nails as well as help paint colors last longer.

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Stop Biting Your Nails

Avoid biting your nails as it can make the tips of your fingernails look uneven and misshapen. Youre also exposing them to the saliva from your mouth which overall results in weak and brittle nails. Furthermore, by putting your fingers to your mouth, you are actually transmitting the dirt and germs usually found under your nails.

Did You Know? The oral compulsive habit of biting nails is known as Onychophagia.

Tip: If you want to minimise this bad habit, you can try applying a coat of clear gel o-n your nails to make them too thick to bite through.

Be Gentle On Your Nails

Your nails are delicate, so treat them that way. Avoid using metal tools under nails, as too much digging can cause the nail plate to separate from the skin , common for people over 50, says Dr. Stern. Cleaning with chemicals and washing dishes by hand can also weaken nails. Guard them by wearing rubber, vinyl, nitrile or plastic gloves, says New York City dermatologist Janet Prystowsky, M.D., Ph.D.

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Wear Gloves For Protection


If you do your household chores yourself, then this is for you. A lot of your cleansing detergents contain chemicals and will cause harm to your nails when they come in contact with them.

A simple solution is to wear gloves and happily go about your chores without worrying about your nails. Make sure you wash your gloves thoroughly after use and hang them out in the sunlight to sanitize them.


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