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Where To Buy Neon Nail Polish

China Glaze Nail Polish In Im With The Lifeguard

LA Colors Neon Jelly Nail Polish Collection Swatches! (Drugstore Brand) || KELLI MARISSA

If youre feeling adventurous, why not try a neon green nail polish? This limey shade has a touch of shimmer to it, so it doesnt feel too radioactive. It covers the nail easily without any sheer spots, though the formula can be a little thick and slow to dry. Its worth the fuss, though, since it lasts for so long. Its sold on .

Pastel & Neon Nail Polish

If youre looking for something that is a little bit different to add into your nail polish collection then our pastel & neon nail polish is perfect for you. With an array of different colours finishes to choose from, youll be able to find the polish of your dreams whether it be vivid or a little more subtle. From a range of high-end names such as China Glaze and Cuccio, you can introduce some reliable and long lasting polish into your pampering regime. If youd like to browse a collection that is equally as impressive, why not check out our range of CND Vinylux for the perfect go-to?

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How To Wear Neon Nails Tips And Ideas

Well, this is what makes a difference regardless of the quality or even price of the polish you wear. You dont want to look like you have just had a highlighter explosion. Here are tips to help you wear neon fingernail polish perfectly:

Here are tips to help you wear neon fingernail polish perfectly:

  • Keep your nails short, otherwise, they will look scary. It is much better if you make them almond shaped.
  • Avoid overdoing the trend, so, wear neon lacquers on your toenails or with a plain outfit. Avoid clashing as it is no longer trendy. It is 80s fashion!
  • Use neon nail paint sparingly. Also, minimize the rest of the makeup.
  • If you are of fair skin tone, avoid yellow as it will clash with your skin tone.

If you like the look of neon nail polish, you might want to try softer neon shades first. Hopefully, this article will help you rock the trend in a new way every time you go for it.


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Maybelline has a new Bleached Neons collection, and while I’m not so in love with their formula, I am smitten over the coloursthis Bleached in Peach in particular. It took three streaky shades to look like this , but I love how it’s exactly what it says it is: a bleached-out neon. The peach shade is really flattering on my clawsyup, they’re back!and I just generally loved the shade. To avoid application issues, I think this would have worked much better over a fresh coat of white.

Where to buy: Drugstores

Neon Nail Polishes To Light Up Your Nails This Summer

[Visit to Buy] Saviland 1pcs Glitter Diamond Rainbow Neon ...

Its the summer of neon nail polishes as mainstream, salon and indie brands release a rainbow of ultra-bright shades.

It is an amazing time to wear bright colors, especially to signify us easing into some sense of normalcy after the past year, nail influencer Lauren Phelps told HuffPost.

If bright nail polish colors arent typically your thing, there are ways to wear neon shades that arent quite so bold. One way I love to incorporate neon without being too loud is to add neon accents to a nude manicure, said nail influencer Kelli Marissa . Whether its a neon French tip or a striped accent, its a great way to add a little bit of fun to an otherwise neutral look.

Its often recommended that you apply a white base coat under a neon color to really make the color pop, but you can wear these polishes solo, too.

Here are our top picks to get in on the trend, organized in rainbow order.

1. Zelda by ZoyaGet Zelda by Zoya for $12.2. Misbehaving by ILNPGet Misbehaving by ILNP for $10.3. Hot Strawberry by Olive & June4. Kapowski by Loud LacquerGet Kapowski by Loud Lacquer for $12.50.5. Munchies by Cirque ColorsGet Munchies by Cirque Colors for $12.50.6. Tangerine Dream by Orly7. Lime Fizz by Olive & JuneGet Lime Fizz by Olive & June for $8.8. Electric Daisy by Cirque Colors9. Head To Moji-Toes by China Glaze

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How To Make Neon Nail Polish Diy Homemade Steps

With easy DIY steps, you can make your own neon polish at home and actually make it any color that you want. Here are the ingredients and things you will need to make it:

  • Food colorant of the color you want
  • A paper funnel
  • A good quality clear nail polish
  • Ball bearings.

Tutorial: Steps to Follow

  • Add two or three ball bearings into the clear nail polish. .
  • Using the paper funnel you made, add a small amount of food colorant into the bottle of clear top coat.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the contents. You might need to shake every before use.
  • Thats it ladies on how to make it. Remember that nail polish remover may not be able to remove this cheap homemade neon polish. So, you might need to scrub it off.

    Nicole By Opi The Coral Of The Story

    You know a polish is good when you gasp the second you put it on, and I totally gasped when I swatched The Coral of the Story. It’s definitely more of a deep coral colour, but it’s still bright and is definitely neon. I painted my sister-in-law’s nails with this gem, and it looked gawgeous. I loved it on myself as well. I think this will look great with most any skin tones, and the application was perfect.

    Where to buy:

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    Essie Nail Polish In Geranium

    This is one of Essies most popular nail polish colors, and with a good reason. Its a stunning shade that exists somewhere between coral and red, so it is very bright but also rich and sexy. Its very shiny, so its stunning for summer, though it can be a little sheer, so you might need three coats to get your nails totally covered. You can get it on .

    Opi Infinite Shine Long


    You cannot go wrong with an OPI neon nail polish . This stunning shade is an electric pink with some purple leanings. It has a bit of iridescent shimmer that gives a metallic effect, so you can feel even more glam. It goes opaque easily, and as with other OPI polishes, it tends to last without chips for a few days and up to a week if youre careful. Get it at Ulta or !

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    Orly Nail Lacquer In Neon Heat

    This gorgeous fuchsia is the kind of neon nail polish color thatll make you feel vibrantly feminine. Its awesome for summer, with a creamy finish thats timeless, cool, and flattering, though you can add a top coat for extra shine. It is wonderful to apply because it doesnt streak and becomes opaque in just two coats. Shop for it on !

    The Best Neon Nail Polishes For 2019

    This might be blasphemous coming from a New Yorker, but: Neutrals are out this summer. Instead of our usual minimal capsule wardrobes, everyone is indulging their inner 12-year-old and piling on the baby-doll dresses, tie-dye, and jelly sandals. This fun loving spirit has bled over to our manicures, where statement nails are having a moment.

    While nail art like confetti, stars, and rainbows are all good and fun, the simplestand most summer appropriateway to have a little fun with your mani is a bold neon. From the slime green that every fashion girl is obsessed with to hot pink fit for Barbie, neon is popping up left and right on Instagram. Even celebs like Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez are getting in on the trend.

    Instagram content

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    What Is Neon Nail Polish Is It Legal How Does It Work

    Neon nail polish is a type of lacquer that is bright and fluorescent. It actually glows under black or UV light. That is how it works. Some people call it UV nail polish, but it is different from gel nail polish which may use LED lamps or UV light to cure. Colors such as yellow, bright pink, orange and green are the most common of the neon colors.

    So, is neon nail polish illegal in the United States, Canada, and India?

    Here in the United States, neon nail varnish is illegal to manufacture but not illegal to sell imported. If you buy neon polish from any drug store, it is likely to be imported from a country outside the U.S like Canada, U.K or India.

    Nonetheless, let us list the best neon nail polishes or brands that have the top-rated neon nail polishes according to reviews.

    Best Neon Nail Polish Top Rated From Reviews : Buy Belle Fille Gel Nail Polish Lacquer ...

    Neon nails are a hot trend worth trying out. However, regardless of the shade you pick, the bottom line is getting a brand that offers a high-quality formula.

    Here is a list of good neon polishes for summer and yes, any other season and event you want to attend, such as Halloween. So, go for them if you want something that is outstandingly glow in the dark.

    • Best Essie neon nail polish: Essie in Saturday Disco Fever Essie Aruba Blue Essie Funky Limelight
    • Best OPI neon nail polish: Nicole by OPI Scandalous and Notorious kit OPI Neon Revolution Kit Mini Pack OPI La Paz-itively Hot
    • Best Revlon neon nail polish: Revlon Neon Nail Art in Ultra Violet
    • American Apparels Classic Neon Pink
    • Butter London in Cake Hole Nail Lacquer Butter London in Cotton Buds
    • Illamasqua Rare Illamasqua in Gamma
    • Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Sets
    • Orly in Mayhem Mentality
    • Milani Neon Neon Nail Lacquer
    • China Glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy Orange Knockout Towel Boy Toy Shocking Pink
    • Sinful Colors in Neon Melon
    • Colorbar in Pina Colada

    That is the list of the best neon color nail polish to pick from ladies. Go for it.

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    Please Dont Glow Girl By Kbshimmer

    • Needs two to three coats
    • Formula is thin and streaky at first
    • Not as neon as others

    If youve been searching for a great traffic-cone orange nail polish, check out Please Dont Glow Girl by KBShimmer. This is a creamy true orange that doesnt rely on yellow for its brightness. The formula is nicea little thin and sheer for regular polish but much thicker than most neon colors.

    You dont need to layer this one over a white base and its opaque in two to three coats depending your preference. Its not streaky or patchy at all. It dries matte so youll need that top coat. Like all KBShimmer lacquers, Please Dont Glow Girl is three free and long-lasting.

    • More neon over white base
    • Needs three coats without base
    • Streaky compared to other Zoya polishes

    Another super juicy, summery shade, Cana is a perfect poolside pink. While not streaky or too thin, it is sheer so youll want two to three coats for full opacity.

    You can get away with not using a white base color but the color pops a lot brighter if you layer Cana over a white creme polish. That also means you have some options for what shade of pink youre in the mood for which is nice.

    Its slightly crelly so you will want the full two to three coats of Cana even over the white. Heres a great swatch video that swatches Cana over bare nails and over white so you can compare.

    • Needs three or more coats without base
    • Streaky formula

    Race Against Slime By Kbshimmer

    • Needs two to three coats without white base
    • Formula is a little thing
    • Some may wish it was more chartreuse

    Starting off strong we have Race Against Slime, an intense neon green by KBShimmer. This dayglow color will definitely attract attention with its intense pigmentation and creamy coverage.

    Its a true lime green that doesnt stray off into chartreuse in order to achieve its neon color. It reminds me of Nickelodeon slime from late 1990s kids shows and Ghostbusters Slimer.

    After I featured this shade in this post, KBShimmer sent me a sample so I could get a true first-hand look and Im thoroughly impressed. It claims to be opaque in two to three coats without needing a white base and as skeptical as I was, this is completely true. I do find it to be slightly brighter with a white base and two coats of Race Against Slime, but it doesnt need a white base.

    The creme formula is very easy to work with and wont pool on you. It dries patchy on that first layer but depending on how thick your layers are you can get away with two to three coats for full opacity. Being a neon, this will dry more matte than most so youll want a good glossy top coat.

    For a matte finish, this has impressive staying power, like all KBShimmer lacquers.

    • Jelly formulas need two or more coats
    • Not as neon as others
    • Not everyone wants those flakies

    For something a little bit different, Misbehaving is a neon holographic jelly polish. Its this juicy cool neon pink that reminds me of summer taffy.

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    Orly Nail Lacquer In Surfer Dude

    Almost everyone needs at least one neon orange nail polish in their arsenal for summer, for vacations, or just for days when you want an easy source of joy. This color pops even without a base coat, and despite being neon, it also has a certain richness thats incredibly flattering on most skin tones. Purchase it online from !

    Opi Life Gave Me Lemons

    Beetles Gel Polish Unboxing and Demo on Acrylic Nails | DIY NEON Nails at Home

    Life Gave Me Lemons, a tennis-ball yellow-neon mix, looked a little unappealing to me in the bottle, but it was so nice on, I instantly fell in love. It looked great on my slightly sun-kissed skin, which means it would only look even more amazing on darker skin tones. I liked it so much, I applied it on both hands right after swatching. Again, it was a pretty easy application over white, taking two coats to look this lemony and delicious. And once more, I have nothing like it in my collection, so it’s definitely unique.

    Where to buy:ULTA Beauty,

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    China Glaze Nail Lacquer With Hardeners In Orange Knockout

    This is a slightly richer neon orange thats flawless for hot summer nights. Its warm and vibrant, but in certain lights, it seems deeper like the orange of a sunset. The demi-matte formula is versatile, though we like it best with a glossy top coat. The color is opaque but can be a little streaky if not carefully applied. Order it from Ulta or !

    Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer In Kundalini Hustle

    This is the kind of color wed call a neon red! The tone is neutral but the level of saturation is intense, making for a color that is vivid and eye-catching with a ton of seductive appeal. The formula is exquisite since its easy to apply but quick to cover and long-wearing. Lastly, this polish gets bonus points for the super chic bottle it comes in. Its available on Dermstore.

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    Best Neon Nail Polish Colors To Brighten Up Your Look

    The Glowsly editors independently research and hand-pick the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from the affiliate links.

    Adding a few neon nail polish colors to your collection can be an easy way to celebrate the arrival of summer! Vibrant, electric shades are not for everyone, but if you want to break away from the gloom of winter, bright nails can help.

    Whether you like to use neon nail polish only on your toes, or you like to play with a bunch of shades for creative nail art, we want to make it easy with the best neon nail polish colors online! From neon green to red coral, we selected the most vibrant, bright, and fun neon nail polish colors you should try this summer!

    Essie Nail Polish In Play Date

    AQ Fashion Nail Polish Neon Colors Matte 48 ml: Buy AQ ...

    This gorgeous lilac is a playful and lovely neon nail polish color. As with other Essie formulas, its extremely easy to use, with just two coats to full opacity and a creamy texture that glides on easily without any streaks. This is one of the most universally-flattering shades you can find, and unlike other neons, its just subtle enough to fit more professional environments. Grab it from !

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    Nicole By Opi Leapink For Joy

    I’m completely obsessed with LeaPink For Joy, a bubblegum pink that manages to be the brightest of all bubblegum pinks. It is THE prettiest on and had such a nice application, I didn’t even use a white base! The Nicole by OPI neons really impress me, and I’d have to say were the best of the list in terms of application. They went on super-smooth, dried quickly, and were just generally awesome. Good on you, Nicole.

    Where to buy:


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