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Manicure And Pedicure Equipment Wholesale

Manicure And Pedicure Equipment Supplies

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About products and suppliers:

Pedicures are a mainstay in the beauty industry. This service is often well sought-after by ladies who simply want to change up their nails with beautiful nail polish and new patterns in time for events and special occasions, or by girls who want to enjoy some self-care and pampering. Either way, pedicures are offered and usually in high demand at massage parlours, nail salons, spas and other beauty joints.

Cater to this market by selling manicure and pedicure equipment supplies to the salons and spa outlets! You can find an array of suitable manicure and pedicure equipment supplies from wholesalers on Alibaba that are perfect for these beauty shops. There are many affordable pedicure benches, pedi chairs, pedicure tables, and even accompanying items such as a pedicure cart with footrest or foot stool for pedicures. No matter what your client's salon set-up is, you can have something to offer them and suit their needs!

If you are looking to clinch the business of up-market and prestigious salons, you can also buy wholesale luxury pedicure chairs or pedicure massage chairs. These elevate the experience of the customer with comfy leather or other material, and even a massage thrown in to the mix while they are enjoying a pedicure.

Give your clients an opportunity to elevate their business with these nail spa chairs! Buy wholesale manicure and pedicure equipment supplies now from trustworthy sellers on Alibaba to get started!

Your Products Your Customers Our Bottling Packaging And Logistics Expertise Bringing The Two Together

We treat your products like the most important thing in the world. Because they are. Youre running a small business. The marketplace moves fast. You have to be able to meet demands in slow times and when youre flying off the shelf. Our co-packing services are designed for businesses like yours.

We help you:

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Pedicure & Manicure Supplies

We can all agree that giving perfect manicures and pedicures is no easy task. No matter how skilled you may be, without the right manicure and pedicure supplies, it can be frustrating and impossible to reach that perfect look. Say goodbye to chunky nail polish and half-effective removers with our selection of mani-pedi supplies. We offer only the best brands in the nail art industry to ensure quality is never an issue. With everything from heated manicure mitts to pedicure slippers, weve got all the nail tools youll need to succeed.

Because we offer wholesale nail supplies, you can make sure youre always stocked and ready to keep your clients happy. Our unique selection of pedicure and manicure tools combines basic nail salon necessities with luxurious and innovative supplies in order to give you everything you need to stand out. With our selection of manicure and pedicure tools, your clients are sure to come running back.

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How Do I Give A Perfect Manicure

Many products and supplies are available to customize the perfect manicure and pedicure. In addition to the steps below, added services such as paraffin treatments, exfoliating scrubs, and hand or foot masks will personalize and enhance your menu options. To achieve the perfect basic manicure , follow these simple steps:

1. Soak hands and/or feet in clean, warm water.2. Clip nails to an appropriate length for your client.3. File nails to remove any rough edges.4. Buff up the nails with a nail buffing block.5. Oil the cuticle with nail oil.6. Gently push back the cuticles with a nail implement if necessary, use a cuticle nipper to remove.7. Exfoliate the feet and/or hands with a gentle exfoliant.8. During a pedicure treatment, remove with a foot file and a if calluses are present.9. In a pedicure, also use the foot file to gently remove tough skin from the heels.10. Moisturize the feet, hands, lower legs and/or arms with a quality cream or lotion. For a touch of luxury, consider running hot stones over the skin as the lotion absorbs.11. Prepare for color by wiping residual lotions or oils off the nail bed with nail polish remover.12. Wash the hands and feet with soap and water use a nail brush to gently scrub the nail beds.13. Apply two thin coats of nail polish.14. Maintain nails with a topcoat.15. While your client is drying, offer a shoulder and back massage for the perfect finish.

Benefits Of Wholesale Custom Manufacturing

Nail Spa Chair,Pedicure Spa Chair,Electric Pedicure Chair

One of the primary benefits of our wholesale customer manufacturing option is the money it saves. Organic products can be costly to produce, making them even more expensive to buy on regular grocery store and beauty product shelves. At RainShadow Labs, however, we believe in making organic options some of the most affordable ones, which is why we offer them at direct from the manufacturer prices.

Many brand name products are popular based on their prices and accessibility. Yet, these same products unfortunately often contain harmful and useless ingredients that can be irritating and at best act only as fillers.

Learn more about the hand and feet products we offer and how you can buy them wholesale!

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Get It Nailed With Salon Nail Products

Make your manicures stand out from the competition with professional nail products that offer nail perfection for every customer.

Update your wholesale nail products when you select nail products suppliers that can offer the latest in nail technician technology. From gel nail polish to high performance vinyl film nail wraps we offer salon nail products that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Our professional nail technician supplies include

  • Nail acrylic colours

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Give Your Customers A Mani

Give your customers a mani-pedi to remember. We have hand-selected the best products from the leading brands in the industry, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

We pride ourselves on supplying high-quality products along with great customer service. Our range of manicure and pedicure supplies includes manicure equipment and treatments your customers will love, quality files and buffers, gorgeous paraffin wax, and surface and bed protectors for a hygienic salon space. Shopping with Barneys Salon Supplies give you:

Curated products chosen by experienced industry professionals.

Speed and convenience of our reliable and friendly service.

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Wholesale Nail Supplies & Salon Equipment For Professionals

Nail it with our selection of wholesale nail supplies and salon equipment to keep your business well stocked with your favourite products.

Salons Direct is proud to stock an extensive range of nail and gel polishes, extensions and accessories from industry-leading brands such as Glitterbels, Glossify, Gellux, Gelluv, Brillbird, OPI and many more. Looking for inspiration or advice? Make sure to visit the nails hub on our blog and find out about the latest nail trends and top tips.

Wide Range Of Incredibly Qualitative Builder Gels And All In One Gel Polishes

T Spa Houston. Quality Pedicure Chair with Great Price
  • High-quality products with perfect-value-for-price!
  • 4000 products in our product assortment
  • Fast delivery to all countries
  • 20 years experience in nail education
  • Videos, magazines, and catalogs to make easier the use of our products
  • Wide experience running nail schools: own school in Budapest and partner schools from Lisbon through Rome, Valencia, Wien to Athene

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How Often Should You Get A Manicure

Experts recommend getting a fresh manicure every two to three weeks to keep your nails healthy and hands looking great. Of course, time between services can vary greatly depending on an individuals activity level, job requirements and nail growth rate. Using a hand moisturizer daily can keep your skin looking soft and smooth while adding a layer of topcoat to your nails will protect your polishs overall appearance.

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What Are The Benefits Of Manicure And Pedicure

Regular manicure and pedicure treatments offer much more than aesthetic benefits. Mani-pedi treatments keep your nails clean and free of cracks and chips, your cuticles healthy and your skin moisturized. Playing an important role in new skin regeneration, most professional pedicures also include the removal of tough, dry skin and calluses.

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Represented In More Than 22 Countries


The company has become a significant player in the foot and nail care market in Europe.

Our partners represent our quality products in 22 countries of Europe and worldwide.

We have around 100 resellers and 1,500 nail tech partners in Hungary, and their great results serve as proof that it pays off to become a distributor of Perfect Nails products.

Check out our distributor partners:


We strongly believe that an expert knowledge of products is essential for efficient distribution.

It is important for our company to create an ideal supportive framework for our partners, so our colleagues working at the franchise center provide our partners with a ready-made recipe for products to stock, marketing strategies and advanced trainings.

We strive for a win-win situation our mutual growth and development is the key to avoid pitfalls.

Our marketing strategy has proven to be sound, and we provide our partners with continuous advertising opportunities on our offline and online platforms.

Our franchise system does not only encompass the well-known brand name and image but also the highly developed business model of our company, together with our experience, expertise and reputation. We also allow for regional exclusivity, therefore, our franchise model is a guarantee for success.

How Long Does A Manicure Or Pedicure Last

cheap pedicure spa chair wholesaler,wholesale manicure pedicure chair ...

Keeping your manicure and pedicure looking fresh for as long as possible can be a challenge. Everyday activities and daily chores can affect the shine of the polish and potentially cause chips or scratches. When properly applied, a manicure should last one to two weeks and a pedicure should last two to four weeks. To extend the life of your manicured nails, add a layer of topcoat every few days. Pedicure Tip: To disguise inevitable chips and extend the life of your pedicure, use lighter color polishes instead of bright ones.

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Personal & Professional Nail Salon Supplies

W are a wholesale dtrbutr f nail supplies, equipment, and furnishings to the beauty industry. A mbntn of hard work, great customers, ddtd ml, superior manufacturers, and blessings have rlld u to b one of the nations largest nail supply distributors. Our inventory of personal and professional nail salon supplies includes brands like OPI, CND, IBD, DND, SNS, ANC, NOTPOLISH, DCH Blending Acrylics, Kiara Sky, Glam & Glits, Apres, Young Nails, Cre8tion, Lechat, Gelish, Todays Product, and many more.

Our goal is to serve customers impartially with a broad range of products at a mttv r. W h you find this to be the case in our efforts to earn your business. Thank you for the opportunity to be your provider of personal and wholesale nail salon supplies.

Nail Company Wholesale Supply based n th belief that ur utmr nd r of the utmost mrtn. Our rfnl tm is mmttd t mtng th needs. As a rult, a hgh rntg of ur bun comes frm referrals and rt utmr. We provide a personal lvl f service and product customization that is unrllld in th bun. If you have any questions about our professional nail salon supplies, please feel free to give us a call at 850-434-6245.

Hand And Feet Products

No two pairs of hands and feet are the same, so we offer products that meet a variety of needs and are suitable for a variety of skin types. All of our products are useful for anti aging and relaxation.

Some of our favorite products for your hands and feet include:

  • Bamboo Raspberry Antioxidant Scrub

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Who We Are

With nearly 30 years in the industry, Nail Depot has been a family-owned business since its inception in 1989. Started by Ed German, with the help and expertise of his wife Sylvia, the business has started from humble beginnings and gone on to be an international success.

The family is doing something right to have been in business to this caliber for this amount of time. We have built the foundation of excellent quality and rooted it in absolute honesty in business.

Come check us out in Pickering, Ontario at our showroom or enjoy looking at the products we have on this website. Nail Depot is always here for you if you have any questions about a product or sales. We will continue to always stay ahead of the changes and advancements in the industry and make sure we are offering the best of the best products for your beauty business to thrive.

Why Us

Haven Spa Pedicure Chair | Keller International

Louella Belle are the sole UK distributors for manicure, pedicure, beauty and spa products, distributing unique brands for your business. Our team are here to help and understand your needs. We pride ourselves in providing a personal service to each of our customers, regardless of their business size.

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