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How To Hang Heavy Things Without Nails

How To Hang Things On Dorm Walls Without Nails

How to hang heavy items without nails or glue with VELCRO® Brand.

To hang art or posters without frames or nails, think outside the box! To minimize the damage to your walls, use colorful washi tape for each corner of your poster or picture. Binder clips at the corners of a poster also make a convenient hanger- just use a thumbtack to hang each binder clip!Jul 9, 2016

How To Hang Heavy Things Without Nails

Nails have their place in construction but rarely work best when it comes to hanging heavy paintings, photos or decorative works on the wall. Unless it’s secured through drywall into a stud, the weight of the hung item can cause the nail to pull out, bringing a bit of drywall with it.

Avoid using nails altogether to avoid having issues with them. Instead, hang heavy items with molly and toggle bolts or with screws secured directly to studs to keep them safely in place.

The Proper Way To Hang Objects 10 To 25 Pounds

Instead, use a threaded drywall anchor to securely hold objects between 10 and 25 pounds such as heavy picture frames, bulletin boards, mirrors, and light-weight shelving. No power tools are required for this self-drilling fastener. Use a screwdriver to screw it in until it’s flush with the wall. You can also use a hammer to tap it in tight.

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Adhesive Hangers & Hooks

The first and most popular idea on our list of hanging things on walls without using nails is adhesive hangers and hooks. There are abundant sellers in the market selling hooks and hangers with a unique bonding agent that can stick to your wall when you need them. You can also easily remove these hangers or hooks when you dont need them anymore. The best thing about these adhesive hangers is that they can hold any items such as artworks, photo frames, or something decorative.

We would recommend you to read the packaging and know how much weight each hanger or hook can bear. Generally, adhesive hangers can hold a few pounds, but you can also find the ones that are made for heavier objects. To avoid any hassle, it is better not to just randomly pick it up from a store. Instead, have a clear picture of the object you are going to hang. Talk to the salesperson and let them know what you are going to hang and how much it weighs.

Hang Photos With Mounting Sticker


This is a very easy solution that works especially for smooth surfaces like tiles or glass. the sticker doesn’t leave marks and its application is very simple. It is a silicone-like paste that is usually sold in tubes. Follow these steps to use the mounting sticker to hang heavy images:

  • Place a drop of fixing glue on each corner of the painting, hold it against the wall for a moment and then remove it. This will leave some of the sticker on the wall.
  • After a few seconds, the paste will have dried a little.
  • Match the marks on the wall to the frame, press and it should stay there.
  • When you want remove paint, you just need to use a paint scraper. use it as if you were taking gum off a table and the sticker will come off without leaving any marks. If you leave it, it will also be very easy to remove.

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    How Do You Show Unframed Art

    My 5 Favorite Ways to Display Unframed Art Photo Ledge Shelf. Photo ledge shelves definitely work for framed prints, but theyre also perfect for unframed prints! Print Hangers. I love the minimalistic look of print hangers. Wood Block. I love the simplicity of wood block displays. Display Easel. Hang from Binder Clips.

    If You’ve Got Brick Walls Understand That Drill Holes Are Harder To Repair In Mortar So Opt For Brick Clips To Bypass The Drill Altogether

    If you do want to install something more permanent on an exposed brick wall, learn how from Brick Underground.

    Brick clips fit right onto the bricks, so there’s no need to drill. This set fits bricks 2 1/8 to 2 1/2 inches tall and each one can hold up to 25 pounds. Brick is tricky, though, so be aware that even these may leave some marks.

    Get a set of two brick hooks from Amazon for $5.95.

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    Best Ways To Hang Things On Plaster Walls Without Nails

    Nails are not an ideal tool for hanging items on plaster walls. Not only is hammering a nail into plaster hard work, but it also runs the risk of cracking the plaster. After all that hard work, the hole in the plaster is often slightly larger than the nail, leading to a loose fit and falling decor. You can avoid all of these headaches by using the following techniques.

    Hanging Pictures With & Without Studs: What You Should Know

    How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails or Damaging the Walls

    Many people think that in order to safely hang a picture its got to be on a wall stud. The fact is, wall studs typically arent in a location where you need them to be. Hanging pictures is more common sense than anything else.

    Do I need to find a stud to hang a picture? No, lightweight items like picture frames, canvases, clocks, decorative plates, etc. can be hung directly from the drywall with a nail, hook, or screw according to the weight of your piece. To hang shelves, larger pictures, televisions, artwork, or mirrors, youll need the extra hanging power of a wall stud. Use screws and a wall anchor to secure the object.

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    How Do You Stick Canvas To A Wall Without Nails

  • A command strip is probably the easiest and most common way to attach frames, canvases, and other decor.
  • Is it possible to use command hooks…
  • Your Molding Can Be Used To Hang Art…
  • Don’t be afraid to use your mantle….
  • Books that take up shelf space.
  • Let the wall lean on you.
  • You need an easel to put the art on….
  • You can clip it up.
  • If The Studs Aren’t Where You Want Them Find The Proper Hardware So You Can Sturdily Hang Things In Between Them

    One piece attaches to the top of the frame, while the other goes on the wall, and the two fit together. It even comes with a tiny sliding level inside the wall bracket to make sure it’s positioned just right. Watch a full installation tutorial from Hangman Products, and see a cool example of one of these being used to hang a floating shelf from Nifty.

    Promising review: “I needed to hang a bunch of larger items items in the house . For larger items or items that you want to give some extra security, these can’t be beat. Installation is pretty simple. They come with decent drywall screws or you can use your own. Once installed, the items mount nice and flat against them. The small downside is that the frame has to be fairly wide and fairly thick to accommodate the cleat without it being visible.” Joe F.

    Get a set from Amazon for $6.49.

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    How Much Weight Can Command Strips Support

    As previously stated, each command strip has its unique size and weight restriction. This information is frequently printed on the package.

    Larger strips may support art or pictures weighing more than 16 pounds. However, smaller command strips can only support a maximum weight of four pounds.

    It is advised that you get a size somewhat larger than the actual weight of your photograph. You should also avoid utilizing two command hooks to hang your frame for optimum results.

    It is recommended to utilize a single strip with a higher weight capacity. The Command Jumbo Utility Hook is a nice example. This strip can support a whopping seven and a half pounds while being firmly affixed to the wall for the most extended period.

    Some Tips For Covering Tiny Holes In The Wall

    How to Hang Heavy Things Without Nails

    Just because you are renting, it doesnt mean that you cannot talk to your landlord about your needs. Sometimes, holes become completely unavoidable in creating or personalising the space according to your needs. In such cases, you can communicate with the proprietor and assure them that you will either pay for the damage or repair it yourself. If they give you the go-ahead, you can quickly fill small holes in the wall with the tips shared below:

    • Make a paste of white cement, just as much as you need, and use it to fill the whole.
    • You can also fill tiny holes in the wall by using a mixture of plaster of Paris.
    • Toothpaste is also a great way of covering nail holes in the wall.

    Just remember these tips are only for white or similar coloured walls that wouldnt look odd with small and white coloured patches. Again make sure that the landlord is well-informed about the situation and doesnt have any problems with it.

    For more renter-friendly home decoration ideas, keep visiting Zameen Blog. Get our latest updates delivered to your inbox directly. Just enter your email address in the box on the right side of your screen.

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    How Do You Hang Wooden Walls Without Nails

    No Nail, No Fail Options

  • Command Strips. This is probably the most commonly used method of hanging up frames, canvases, and any other decor without leaving a trace on the wall.
  • Command Hooks.
  • Hang Art From Your Molding.
  • Use Your Mantle.
  • Take Up Space on Bookshelves.
  • Embrace the Wall Lean.
  • Put the Art on an Easel.
  • Clip it Up.
  • Wait For Few Minutes:

    Wait for a few minutes which can be useful for Adhesive To get Dry completely. Avoid hanging your picture or arts immediately on the hook. Give 30 to 60 minutes to try.

    After that you need to test the strength of the hook, finally, hang your heavy arts or picture. If the hanging is weak then you need to repeat the whole process by using new command hooks.

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    S To Hang A Canvas Painting Without Using Nails:

    There are plenty of methods available for holding canvas painting without nails, if you need to make your walls smooth and clear you must follow the below steps,

    • Level
    • Four or more command strips
    • Painters tape or piece of chalk or pencil

    Try to avoid putting canvas painting or art near your working area because this will create some difficulties. Keep all the safety precautions when it comes to holding the fancy pieces.

  • First, you need to take the command strips after that you need to separate each one. Then you need to connect everything from the bottom sides. While connecting these sides, you will hear a snap sound. Through this, you can verify the strips functionality.
  • Secondly, you need to separate the strips after that paste them on the corners. You need to stick it by using the back of your canvas painting. Based on the painting size, you need to use the trips. After placing the painting on the wall, you need to unpeel the covering from the command strip.
  • Finally, set up the position of your canvas painting. You need to hold the painting for a few seconds but dont press it. If the bubble is at the center, then you need to align the canvas again. You should be taking care of it. Try to avoid making adjustments to the painting.
  • If You’re Looking To Decorate On A Budget Or Don’t Want To Fully Commit Major $$$ To Gallery Wall Pieces Just Yet Etsy Has Lots Of Instantly Downloadable Prints You Can Print At Home In Whatever Size You Need And Can Swap Out Frequently Since They’re So Affordable

    Here’s How You Can Hang BIG Wall Art Without a Single Nail or Hammer

    Some shops, like Kiki & Nim, even offer pre-curated gallery wall sets like the one above to get you started! This Black woman-owned shop makes so many stylish, instantly downloadable works of art for every style and occasion, you’ll probably be able to find something for every room. Each order comes with four JPG files in different sizes, but you can also message the shop owner if you need a custom size!

    Get the set of 10 prints from Kiki & Nim on Etsy for $15.40.

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    How To Hang Pictures Without Nails

    Theres nothing like a framed family photo or painting to make a house feel more like a home. But the thought of getting out a hammer and nails and making a mess of the walls can be off-putting. Is it worth the bother?

    Luckily, theres an alternative to the hassle that comes with using nails. With the right product, you can keep your walls in pristine condition and display pictures with pride.

    Allow The Adhesive To Dry

    Dont hang your picture on the hook just yet. Give the adhesive approximately 30 to 60 minutes to do its job and keep the hook tightly stuck on the wall. Later, test the strength of the hook by hanging your heavy picture.

    If it falls off, repeat the whole process with a fresh set of command hooks and follow each step more carefully.

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    Use Picture Hanging Strips

    Picture hanging strips are a great way to hang heavy pictures without having to use nails. Some of them, like these 3M Command Strips, are built to hold up photos as heavy as 16 pounds . Using this option to hang a heavy picture is pretty straightforward.

    You could quickly get the strips online and from offline stores specializing in hardware, supplies, or crafts. However, removing the heavy pictures after hanging with this option might require peeling off wallpaper or paint used as wall covering.

    That said, to hang a heavy picture with these hanging strips, follow the steps below:

  • Remove any hanging hardware around the area where you want to hang the heavy picture. The reason is that the picture hanging strips are adhesive, so they require a clean, flat surface to work right.
  • Remove hardware protruding from the back of the picture. This includes screws, nails wires, sawtooth fasteners, or just about anything that impedes the smoothness of the surface between the wall and the image.
  • Clean the surfaces after removing any obstructions. The idea is to wipe down the back of the heavy picture and the wall to the point where both surfaces are as smooth as possible. An excellent way to go about this is to use some isopropyl alcohol and some clean cloth.
  • Attach the photo to the wall once youre done applying the picture hanging strips. To do this, remove the liner on the strips. Then, press the picture against the wall.
  • How Do You Hang A Heavy Mirror Without Nails

    How to Hang Large Pictures Without Using Nails  The ...

    How to hang a mirror without nails Start by preparing the wall by wiping it with a damp cloth. Take a roll of FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape. Cut the mounting tape to size youll need two pieces that are the same width as the mirror. Stick the strips of tape onto the back of the mirror. Remove the backing.

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    What Drywall Anchor Should You Use

    When choosing a drywall anchor to use, first figure out the weight of the object you would like to hang. Next, choose a drywall anchor with a weight rating that is higher than the weight of the object that will be hanged. Choosing a higher weight rating will ensure that the anchor will not fail in case you accidentally added weight to the hanging object or if you accidentally grabbed onto it and pull it down.

    So for example, if you are planning to hang an 80 lbs. mirror, you can use a snaptoggle anchor with a weight rating of 90 lbs. or more.

    You can also use more than one drywall anchor to carry heavier weights. So using two self-drilling drywall anchors with a weight rating of 30 lbs. each can carry a maximum weight of 60 lbs. . Just be sure that the weight of the object is equally distributed to the two drywall anchors.

    Hang Pictures With Non

    If you haven’t heard of frame fixings, you may have just found the best way for you to hang a heavy picture. Non-mark hooks are usually made from plastic and have two tiny teeth at the top of them. These allow you to place them on a plasterboard wall where they will stay, even if you put on a heavy frame. All you need to do is tap it with a small hammer and damage to the wall is minimal. Certainly much less than drilling and hammering nails.

    These frame holders can support a weight of up to 4 kilograms. But there is a trick for heavier pictures. If you link two or more together, you can support even more weight.

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    How Do You Hang An Unframed Canvas Without Nails

    Stick a healthy length of double-sided tape on all sides of your canvas. Using a pencil, mark the spot where you want to hang your canvas. Peel the strip off the other side of the double-sided tape and stick it on the wall. With the help of a spirit level, make sure that the canvas is perfectly level.


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