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How To Do Marble Nails With Gel

What You Will Need

3 Ways To Make Realistic White Marble Nails With Gel Polish!

Base color You can use any color for your base shade. Most people, however, go for the classic black polish because it has a glossy shine.

Texture color Your texture color needs to be at least a shade lighter than what you picked as your base coat.

Detail color This is an integral part of your DIY project because you will need it to draw lines. You need to pick a color that will pop.

Metallic color the metallic shade needs to match with the detail color that you picked. Ensure that you find a color that aligns nicely with the detail color.

Detail brush Go to your makeup bag and pick up your eyeliner to use as a detail brush. You get to save on added costs, which are excellent.

Plastic wrap the plastic wrap in your kitchen will help create the marble effect that we need. You probably didnt see this coming.

Topcoat A top coat will seal your polish and ensure that you get a smooth texture. Finishing is important because it makes the entire project pop.

Clean brush use an eye shadow brush

Nail polish remover you will need to dip your brush in nail polish remover to ensure that all the excess polish is wiped away.

Step 1: Apply the base coat

Ensure that you brush your entire nails using your base coat. Use two coats for better results.

Step 2: Add texture

Step 3: Add detail

Step 4: Add some shine

Clean your detail brush and use it to add metallic color to your nails. Ensure that you keep the metallic color near the squiggly lines.

Step 5: Remove smudges

Pink Marble Nails Tutorial

  • Prep your nails ready for gel polish. Take a look at my perfect prep routine here for more details.
  • Apply your base coat and two coats of a light pink gel colour. Make sure you cure after each layer
  • Take a small blob of white polish on a mixing palette and using a striping brush, draw wiggly lines onto your nails
  • Using a flat brush, use a little prep and polish solution to blur the white lines of your marble
  • Keep wiggling and smudging until youre happy with the design and cure!
  • Cover your marble design with a sheer pink gel polish layer cure
  • Finish with a top coat, cure and youre good to go!
  • What Should The Nail Technician Take Into Account When Working With Marble Technique

    A stone manicure can be performed on any length of nails. In trend 2019, the pointed form is in trend. It is possible on long nails and short ones. Thanks to her, the nail plate looks not only elongated, even on the nails of a small length, but also elegantly.

    How neatly and harmoniously your fingers will look with a marble design depends mainly on the professional skills of the nail technician. Another half of the success depends on the high-quality and durable tool.

    The final result and clients satisfaction depend on how well the tool is sharpened and how convenient it lies in the hand of a manicurist. The brand of professional beauty tools STALEKS PRO is a line of quality products for beginners and experienced manicurists. Thanks to the wide range and recommendations for choosing an instrument, you are guaranteed to choose for yourself the perfect assistant!

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    Is Blooming Uv Gel The Same As Aatercolor Nail Polish

    No. A lot of products use the terms interchangeably but it’s important to understand the distinction.

    Watercolor polish is alcohol-based and air dries quickly allowing you to create interesting layered designs that build on each other. They’re pigmented, with many different colors available, and translucent so you can see what’s underneath.

    Blooming polish is a special formula of clear gel polish that affects gel polish colors that are added to it causing them to spread out and bloom.

    Generally, if a listing has a bunch of bottles of different colors, you’re looking at watercolor nail inks. If the listing says it needs to be cured under a nail lamp, you’re probably looking at blossom gel.

    How To Choose The Right Color To Create The Image Of Stones

    Marble gel nails

    The name of the process itself emphasizes that the main task of the nail technician is to convey the real image of the natural stone. It may not necessarily be marble. You can imitate any other gem or semiprecious stone like opal, turquoise, malachite, and lapis lazuli.

    Whatever jewel the client chooses, each nail can get the look of a unique and catchy gem. For the result to please the client, it is necessary to rely on the following points when choosing a gamut:

    • Choose current fashionable shades: blue, gray, malachite, white, gold, classic combination of white, black, gamut of gray
    • Do not mix more than 4 shades
    • It is preferable to choose varnish fluids with a different texture: matte, pearlescent, rainbow, metallic, etc .
    • You can enhance the extravagance, mixing bright and rich colors. If obliges an image or a certain celebration, you can combine soft and pastel colors.

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    Dip Your Finger Into The Swirl

    Olive & June

    Once your design is swirled to your desire, gently dip your finger into the water so that your nail is covered by the design. Wait a few moments for the polish on the surface of the water to dry and gently lift up your finger. Repeat on all remaining nails. And pro tip: This is a messy mani, Gibson-Tuttle exclaims. If you’re looking for easier clean-up, you can try liquid latex around the nail plate or apply extra hand lotion or oil to the skin around the nail to create a barrier and help prevent the polish from sticking to the skin.

    What Are Water Marble Nails

    First things first, lets touch on what water marble nails actually are. Rather than simply being called tie-dye nails, Gibson Tuttle says the name is a nod toward the process used to create them. “It’s a nail art technique where you place drops of nail polish into a cup of water to create a beautiful swirl of color on the surface that will then be used to create a marbleized pattern on your nail, she explains. It’s so much fun to create and the color combos are endless.” With that in mind, gather your materials and follow the steps below.

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    Think Of Gel Polish As Liquid Acrylics

    Ever wonder specifically just how gel manicures remain so excellent for so long? The chemical make-ups for gel polish and routine nail polish vary with each brand, however, the significant distinction is that gel polish will only dry out under straight UV or LED light contact, while routine nail polish can broadcast completely dry, discusses star nail musician Yoko Sakakura. Gel gloss applications treat under a lamp, producing a hard layer of polish that makes it more resilient and also longer lasting. The removal procedure for gel gloss is more complicated as well, needing the nail to be soaked in acetone to appropriately liquify the formula off of the nail. Not only will they last much longer, but theyll look more difficult and also shinier while youve obtained em, too.

    Interesting Possibilities Of Recreating Marble On Nails


    Any version of applying a texture for the image of a real stone profile is different in the complexity of the procedure. The technique of creating a picture gives completely different results. Consider the main stages of technology.

    Using gel-polish mechanics allows you to create masterpieces of stone images. Gel polish does not dry as easily as traditional polish. Mixing shades, you can get the original ornament. The nail technician makes drawing with a thin brush or wand.


  • We make a hygienic manicure: process the nail plate, form the contour, remove the cuticle
  • Apply a thin layer of the base necessary to strengthen the nail, dry in the lamp
  • We fix on top with the primary color, again dry for 1-2 minutes
  • Preparing cleanser liquid to clean the brush
  • On the foil or in a special container drip a few drops of colored varnishes selected for mixing
  • Dip the brush in one drop and apply curved lines, producing an imitation of a stone pattern
  • Also with the following shades, each time washing out the brush and again applying color along the lines, giving them a blur effect
  • Dry the drawing carefully and cover it with a gel top
  • Dry the finished coating.
  • Another technique of applying a pattern on a wet gel polish is possible. The actions will be as follows:

  • Processing nails and skin around using tools from STALEKS PRO
  • Apply the base dry then the primary color and again dry
  • Apply the next layer of the same color
  • We mix linearity, blur the bordering colors
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    Versatility Of Marble Nails

    The power of marble nail designs also lies in their versatility. The effect reminiscent of a marble floor is perfect as a complement to both an elegant dress or a more casual outfit worn every day. For this reason, marble nails can be successfully during business meetings, as well as during informal parties with friends or family gatherings. The marble effect on the nails will look very attractive on any occasion.

    How To Do Marble Nails Choose From 4 Different Techniques And Tutorials

    So, here we come to the main question how to do marble nails at home? Marble nail art can be done by using different techniques.

    Method 1 Water marble nail art

    • A selection of nail polishes
    • Top coat
    • A bowl filled with lukewarm water
    • Petroleum jelly or duct tape
    • Cotton buds
    • Nail polish remover

    Step 1 Prepare your nails

    Cut your nails to the preferred length, file them in the desired shape and push the cuticles.

    Step 2 Apply a base coat and petroleum jelly

    Choose a transparent base coat and apply it on the nails. It will help the nail polish adhere better. Apply petroleum jelly around the nail plate, so that it is easier to wash off excess lacquer, optionally you can use duct tape. Make sure the nails are not covered with petroleum jelly otherwise the nail polish will not be able to adhere.

    Step 3 Mix the nail polish colors

    In small bowl filled with lukewarm water, drip a few drops of nail polish in the center of the bowl, holding the brush close to the water surface. The polish should disperse and form a thin film. Repeat the process with the rest of the colors. Use a toothpick and gently drag it through the nail polish in the water creating a pattern.

    Step 4 Dip the nails in the bowl

    Dip your hand right down into the bowl of water. The nail polish will adhere to your nails.

    Step 5 Clean your nails and finish them

    Use nail polish remover to clean excess polish from your fingers. Let your nails dry and apply a protective top coat.

    • Glossy top coat

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    Using The Toothpick Swirl The Polish

    Olive & June

    Here comes the fun part. Using a toothpick, create a swirl of polish in the water. This is how the design will look on your nail, so swirl to create your desired effect, Gibson Tuttle says. Just remember: For the best-looking swirls, the water should be room temperature. If the water is cold, the polish will start to dry too fast and you won’t get the desired effect.

    While we’ve chosen neutral colors, you can create water marble nails with any three nail polish colors you’d like. However, we recommend sticking to a similar color family for the best results.

    Matte Marble Nails: A New Step By Step Pics Nails

    Child of the riot.: Space Marble Nails

    Matte Marble Nailsone of the most original and appreciated Nail Fashion of this Spring-Summer 2017 Season! Thats why it could not lack a Step by Step signed Pics Nails dedicated precisely to the realization of this particular technique of Nail Decoration!

    Matte Marble Nails: surely you already heard of this fantastic Nail Art Fashion…or you might discovered it by reading our insights dedicated precisely to the Nail Fashion and Trends of the current Spring-Summer Season!

    In any case, Matte Marble Nails won really all!

    As we already had the opportunity to tell you, it is a peculiar and elegant technique of Nail Decoration inspired by the Marble Effect…but with a Matte finish able to embellish and customize even more your Hands!

    The Marble Effect, in fact, reminds of the typical color veinings of this precious and refined stone…it will then be your creativity and ability to give your Nails an always different look, playing with different nuances and color contrasts of great visual and aesthetic impact!

    Below, we wanted to show you how to get your Perfect Matte Marble Nails: a new Step By Step Pics Nails to guide you in your work and help you obtain always perfect Nails in line with the latest Trends of the Season! Good Job Girls!

    The decoration proposed in this Step by Step shows the Marble Effect on different Colored Bases, but obviously in order to obtain a Better Effect we recommend the right contrast of Black/White or Dark/Light Colors.

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    Be All Blend All: Three Ways To Use The Marble Mani Technique

    Three ways to use the marbleizing technique that will inspire you and your clients to create more.

    Learn how to create multiple looks with one simple nail art technique.

    The marble mani is one of the hottest nail art trends, and there are a variety of products on the market that make it easier than ever to blend away. From blooming gels to tinted lacquers, they all have one thing in common: A drop of the product immediately turns your traditional color palette into a watercolor effect. Love the technique, but bored with the execution? Fear not we provide you with three ways to use the marbleizing technique that will inspire you and your clients to create more.

    Look One: The Classic Marble Mani

    Step 1: Prep the nail, and apply two coats of off-white gel polish, curing after each.

    Step 2: Remove the tacky layer, and then dot pink and purple watercolor polish or gel polish onto the nail in a Y shape. .

    Step 3: When working with a watercolor polish, lightly dip a flat gel brush into acetone or alcohol and spread the watercolor polish around the nail to create imperfect lines. If using watercolor gel, use the product to manipulate the design. Cure if necessary.

    Step 4: Paint a thin line at the cuticle with gold glitter gel polish. Finish the design with gel top coat and cure.

    Look Two: Blooming Blossoms

    Step 1: Prep the nail, and apply two coats of nude gel polish, curing after each.

    Look Three: True Turquoise

    This article was first published in the

    Water Marble Gel Nails

    You will probably struggle a lot if you try to recreate this masterpiece, but if you master it, you will see that it was worth the struggle! These nails are so colorful and just perfect for the spring. You can, as seen in this picture, put a shiny top coat over any of your designs. It just gives the nails some additional sass and glossiness.

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    How To Create Marble Nails Step

    Creating marble nails is not as time-consuming as it might seem at first glance. Of course, its best to visit an experienced nail artist in a professional salon, but a bit of knowledge and a skilled hand you you can create marble nails at home.

  • The first step in any hybrid nail design is to manage the cuticles and give your nails the desired shape .
  • After completing this, we can start the matting procedure, followed by degreasing with a Cleaner. A base can be then applied on the appropriately prepared and matte nail plate, and cured using a UV or LED lamp.
  • The next step is to apply two layers of a selected hybrid nail polish and cure each layer for about 2 minutes.
  • Then we can start with the black hybrid nail polish while creating irregular lines.
  • The next step is to create a marble effect. To achieve this, its necessary to use a brush for decorations and cleaner to obtain a blurred look appropriate for this method, and then use a lamp to cure the layer.
  • Finally, you need to take care of the delicate contours the best way to do this is to use the thin brush offered by Indigo Nails under the name Nail Art 006.
  • After curing, the whole design should be covered with a hybrid top coat .
  • Sharpie Nail Art Is Easy To Do

    Easy Stone Marble Nails | Gel Polish

    This DIY nail art tutorial will show you how to create marbled nails using sharpies. You can take the styles to the next level and use these instructions to create galaxy inspired nail art as well. This method is simpler to do than marbled nails using water because there is no mess to worry about, and it’s much easier to clean up around the cuticles if you aren’t as precise.

    A few things you will need for this nail art are:

    • White nail polish

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    Try To Restrict Your Exposure To The Light

    A 2016 research from the American Academy of Dermatology disclosed that gel manicures may not be a safe alternative for people who are very sensitive to UV light. The UV dosage that you get throughout a gel manicure is short, yet its intense, Dr. Adigun claimed in the research. In time, this extreme direct exposure can add up to trigger skin damages.

    An additional issue is the increase in appeal of LED nail lamps, Dr. Adigun notes of her research study on the safety and security of gel manicures. LED lamps have become preferred as much for their faster treating times as the idea that theyre much safer than UV lights, but Dr. Adigun urges this is not the situation. Although many individuals erroneously believe these lights do not make use of UVA to cure, they use higher intensities of UVA wavelengths to achieve the much shorter treating times. This higher strength of UVA irradiance suggests that it calls for much less time for these lights to possibly damage the skin, she explains.

    Instead, Dr. Adigun recommends bringing along your pair of YouVeeShield handwear covers to safeguard your hands against UVA radiation . It is the most protective material because it protects the entire digits and also wrist, Dr. Adigun states.


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