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How To Use Nail Stamping Plate

Fingerangel 21pcs Nail Stamp Plate Set 16pcs Mix Design Stamping Nail Art Plate + 2nail Stamper + 2scraper+1pcs Case Nails Art Stamping Plate Scraper Stamper Set Leaves Flowers Nail Plate V17

Nail Stamping – How To Use Moyra Stamping Plates
  • Package Included: 16 Pcs nail art plates, 2 stampers, 2 scrapers, 1 Storage Bag.
  • DIY Nail Art: Our nail stamping plates made in high quality stainless steel, thickness enough to ensure will not bend each template cover with a transparent blue film which can prevent protected from scratches and damaged.
  • Various Image Patterns: letter, floral, vintage, flowers and so on by FingerAngel.
  • Easy to Use: Apply the nail paint to your chosen pattern use the scraper to remove the excess paint.
  • Sweet Using Tip: Pls peel off blue protect film before using, transfer image with the reusable clear jelly, and stamp on plate by the stamper.

Can We Use Regular Polish For Stamping

Regular polishes can be used for nail stamping, but due to its lighter consistency and not being as highly pigmented as stamping polish, chances are you will end up getting a less striking result.

Due to its thinner consistency, it is more prone to bleeding while the process of drying. So, if you want to get the best nail art done by yourself, you should go for a stamping polish.

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The Original Clear Jelly Stamper

Patented Nail Art System

Clear Jelly Stamper is the inventor of both clear nail stampers and layerable nail stamping plates.

Create stunning nail art with the authentic Clear Jelly Stamper. No more guesswork or misplaced nail stamps – just beautiful results. With Clear Jelly Stamper, you can transfer images from a stamping plate to nails in seconds. The innovative clear design allows you to see where you stamp, making it easy to layer to build intricate designs. Bring your vision to life and become an artist with Clear Jelly Stamper. Youll get the perfect pick-up on every image using our stainless steel stamping plates. Choose from a variety of stamping plate collections and sizes, or customize a bundle. Be inspired to create and share your creations with the Clear Jelly Stamper. Learn more about the invention of the original Clear Jelly Stamper. Follow us on Instagram to get inspired! #seewhereyoustamp

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Nail Stamping Tips And Tricks

Who else doesnt want perfect pretty nails? Nail art is a vibe and unless it is done properly it just seems so irritating. Here I am discussing some of the tips and tricks that will surely help you become a perfectionist in the world of nail stamping. You must have heard practice makes a man perfect. This is what is in the case of nail stamping.

The more you do it the better you will be in it. Practice, practice, practice till you become perfect. Patience is the key, stay patient and allow your nails to dry completely. After they are dried, apply a top coat and wait till it gets ready for stamping.

This will help you quickly wipe off the destroyed nail art or even if you dont like the stamp. Use only nail stamping polish, your ordinary polish may not give you the best results, they are so much better to work with and give amazing results. They are a bit on the expensive side but the results are 100% worth it. Lighter colors of polish work better and give you way more options to create stuff on.

How To Use A Nail Stamper

EJIUBAS @laublm Stamping Plates 2 Pieces Nail Stamping ...

This article was co-authored by . Marta Nagorska is a Nail Technician and Nail Art Blogger based in London, UK. She runs the blog, Furious Filer, where she gives tutorials on nail care and advanced nail art. She has been practicing nail art for over 5 years and graduated from Northampton College with distinction with a Nail Technician and Manicurist degree in 2017. She has been awarded the top spot in the OPI Nail Art Competition.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 91% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 171,035 times.

If you are interested in nail art, you may want to try using a nail stamper. Nail stamping kits can be obtained at a reasonable price and come with a disc that has designs etched into it, a scraper to remove excess nail polish, and a stamp that allows you to roll the design onto your nails. Using these tools, you can begin stamping fun and whimsical designs on your own nails. A nail stamper can be a great way to improve your nail art skills and impress friends and family!

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Custom Laser Etched Designs: Sloth Face

I also like to call this step trial and error and error and error. For your etching you want it to be deep enough to hold a nice layer of polish, but not deep enough that it forms a pool of polish.

How to tell if it’s too shallow: The design won’t transfer over to your stamper completely

How to tell if it’s too deep:While it looks good transferring to the stamper, when you try to put it on your nail it’ll bleed and smudge.

If your design isn’t showing up at all:Try making your lines a bit thicker. If you look closely at my test plate I tried three different thicknesses on Mervin’s lines and finally decided on the middle one.

I tested out varying the power and speed settings and here’s what I found worked best for etching nail plates on an Epilog 60 Watt Laser using 1/8″ white acrylic: 600 dpi, Power 100, Speed 80

Again, your settings will vary based on the way you are etching and what materials you are using but that should give you a good idea where you might want to start your tests.

I made this design 8mm wide to fit on most nails, but this can also vary. Vectors are included here for you to play.

Biutee Stamping Nail Polish Gel Set Of 6

A unique approach in creating wonderful artwork on your nails, this set of gel nail polishes is easy to apply, mess-free, and easy to remove. You can choose a different gel each day to improve your stamping skills or use these gels on top of each other too. Made with natural resin, this gel stamping polish set is non-toxic and safe to apply on the nails directly. Made especially for professional use and nail stamping, it transfers artwork and images neatly.


Weve come to the end of our list of the best nail polishes for stamping, but wed also like to give you a few helpful pointers before you purchase one.

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Master The Art Of Stamping In Seven Simple Steps

Intricate nail art with crisp, fine lines once required awe-inspiring freehand skills and a lot of time. Now, any tech can instantly achieve impressive nail art with stamping, a technique where nail polish is embedded in the grooves of an engraved design and then transferred onto the surface of the nail using a stamper. With practice, its a quick and easy way to make nails look amazing with little time and effort, says Melissa Fisk, a nail artist who specializes in stamping and the creator of .

Stamping requires three basic tools: stamping plates, a scraper and a silicone or rubber-tipped stamper. Stamping plates are made of thin steel and are usually etched with several images per plate. Designs range from small accents to fancy French tips to detailed patterns that cover an entire nail. In general, plates that are etched deeply make the cleanest images. If youre new to stamping, Fisk recommends avoiding designs with very fine details at first. Small details can dry out quickly and wont transfer well if you dont work fast enough, says Fisk. Also, size matters. If some of your clients wear long enhancements, be sure to get plates with designs that are large enough to cover the nails.

Stamping Nail Art Tutorial + Tips

Born Pretty Stamping Plates || 7 Plates, 6 Nail Art Designs || caramellogram

Pin ItThis is a really long and picture heavy post. But if you really wanna learn stamping, just take out 5 mins and go through it peacefully. Those who know stamping, please feel free to point something I may have missed.My note: For practice I used acrylic paints on paper. See below pic on how I apply polish for full nail designs.My noteMy note:A few tricks to help: Plus I am not sure if these are safe enough to be used on hands as we eat food with themyoull understand the flow of things better once youve managed to stamp on paper a few times.rrrroll

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What Is Nail Stamping Anyways

Its a fun and easy way to cute nails for those of us without a steady hand.

If you dont know, nail stamping is a way to get fun designs on your nails.

I love it because it doesnt require any artistic ability or steady hand. Plus as long as you get a design plate with small images it works great for tiny kid nails too!

Im sharing how to stamp nails and some of the tricks and tips Ive learned from trial and error.

Comparison Chart For Best Nail Stamping Plates

56138 reviews were considered when writing our recommendations for the Nail Stamping Plates in this article.

  • Perfect KitãThe set include 15pcs 12*6cm manicure plate,1Double-head stamper ,2 scrapers,1 storage bag.
  • High QualityãThe plate made of 304 stainless steal,Durable and Sturdy.You can get image easily.
  • Double ProtectionãBoth two sides of plate have transparent blue film, well protected from scratches and damaged.
  • TipãFor better product performance, we recommend to use our nail stamping polish Gel.
  • Warmest ServiceãNo matter any problem you meet,donât hesitate to contact us,we will solve it for you.

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How To Make A Nail Stamper At Home

Dont have a nail stamper? You probably do not need to worry. You can get the advantage of a lot of things around your home to make yourself a nail stamper at home. An eraser can perfectly do the job. Choose a soft and squishy clean eraser, put some polish on the plate, scrape the excess put on the eraser, press and put the eraser on your nail. Clean the eraser before going to the next nail.

Best Nail Stamping Polish

Nail Stamping Noobs

Nail stamping polishes are a bit different from ordinary ones they are specially designed for nail stamping they are supposed to be with a thick consistency and have more pigment in their formula as compared to regular nail polishes.

  • Twinkled T Polishes, it is a premium brand that generates health-conscious stamping polishes.
  • Biutee Stamping Gel Polishes, Considered as one of the highest quality gel polishes for stamping
  • Maniology Stamping Polishes, it is an ideal stamping polish option for beginners.
  • Born Pretty, they have the cheapest stamping polish combination sets.
  • Pueen Polish, they have the best metallic-colored stamping polish set.
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, one of the regular polishes that can also work nicely for nail stamping.

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What You Need To Stamp Nails

Dont stress, you dont need all of them Im just giving options.

When you shop through my links I get a small percentage. The prices will always be the same as regular prices . These are what I use I didnt swap any products for a cut but when they offered one anyways I linked it. Also note I have been updating this post as I learn more and find products I love so some of the pictures might not match my current favorite products.

Nail Stamping Plates

  • There are plenty more but these work great, you can find a lot on these brands and other brands too!

Nail Stamper

Stamping Nail Polish

Stamp Scraper

Nail Polish Remover

  • 100% Acetone is my favorite, better to use this to clean up your stamping plates since it will note leave a residue

Clean Up Supplies

  • any office tape that isnt super sticky is fine

Base Coat Nail Polish

Top Coat Nail Polish

  • Some top coats will smear stamping nail polish I like this one over my stamping polish
  • And I like this one over the one above to give it all an extra shine but this WILL smear your stamping polish and this layer is optional.

Nail Polish for base colors

How To Use Regular Nail Polish For Stamping

To use regular nail polish for stamping, follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean, file, and buff your nails.Step 2: Apply a base coat.Step 3: Pick your favorite color or a different color than your base coat and apply 2 coats of it.Step 4: Put a drop or 2 of a nail polish of your choice over the design on the nail stamp.Step 5: Clean your nail stamping plates.Step 6: Carefully scrape off nail polish using the scraper tool.Step 7: Pick up your design using the stamp.Step 8: Place the design on your nail in a rolling motion.Step 9: Seal the design with an extra swipe of topcoat without smudging it.

Theres a certain indescribable elegance about freshly-painted nails and an even more alluring charm when nails are done to perfection with intricate and exquisite designs. However, not all of us are keen on visiting a nail art professional, and most of us arent blessed with an artistic hand. That is why a tool like a nail stamper is convenient, accessible, and easy to use. You may have a brilliant nail stamping kit by your side, but without good-quality nail polish for stamping, your kit is no good. Did you find a stamping nail polish to your liking from this list? Let us know in the comments if we missed out on any good stamping polishes.

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What Kind Of Nail Polish Is Best For Stamping

  • This set of 13 Nicole Diary nail polishes is perfect for any nail polish enthusiast
  • A nail color by Sally Hansen called Insta-Dri
  • The Essie Nail Lacquer Good As Gold is a great choice for your nails
  • The Twinkled T Stamping Polish Friyay is a great polish
  • A special effect nail lacquer from Idol Color.
  • A super intense stamp polish from Pueen
  • The Biutee Nail Stamping Polish Gel Set Of 6 is a set of six.
  • How To Choose The Best Nail Polish For Stamping

    Stamping 101 | How to Use Stamping Plates for Nail Art – Dip Powder

    Finding a nail polish for stamping is as easy as pie. Make sure you look for one that is specially designed for stamping. A nail polish for stamping should be highly-pigmented, thick inconsistency, and should ideally provide an opaque finish, irrespective of the texture of the polish. These qualities make it easy to transfer art from plate to nail seamlessly.

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    How To Clean Nail Stampers & Stamping Plates Properly

    One of the main issues most women face when starting nail stamping is that they use the wrong cleaning method for their stampers and plates. This can either damage your plates and stamper or mess up your designs.

    Now in this article, I will discuss and give you tips on how to correctly and safely clean your Nail Stampers and Stamping Plates.

    Table Of Content

    Topcoat Smears My Design

    Potential Cause: Direct contact with the polish brush Your image transferred beautifully, but your topcoat turned it into a smeared mess. You need to float the topcoat on to resolve this problem. Dip into your topcoat bottle and get twice as much on the brush than you normally would. Next, hold the brush perpendicular to your nail and let a bead of topcoat form at your brush tip. Now move the bead down your nail without touching the brush to the nail. Try to limit your strokes to 3: down the middle, left side, right side.

    If you notice the fine details of your design bleeding after floating the topcoat, try a thicker formula. I like Glisten & Glows HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat and MoYou Londons Smudge Resistant Topcoat.

    Heres a few other things that came to mind, but didnt really fit elsewhere.

    1. While you should be working in a open, well ventilated space due to the fumes, you dont want to work where there is a lot of air circulation. For example, sitting under your ceiling fan or next to the register for your heating/cooling system isnt ideal. Weve talked a lot about polish drying too fast and working in the example situations will absolutely cause this problem.

    3. The final tip comes from a great friend. She said that oily nails could also prohibit you from transferring the image to your nail. It can be from cuticle oil, a base or topcoat, or just the way your nail are. A quick wipe with an alcohol pad can remedy this problem.

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    Stamping Plates Set Nail Art Stamping Plates Plaid Flowers Leaves Lace Stamp Templates Kit Nail Image Plates Nail Manicuring Diy Printing Tools 8pcs

    • PACKAGE CONTENTS:8Pcs stamping plates,plaid lace flower leaves snowflake Christmas patterns.
    • USAGE TIPS:The stamping plate should be cleaned in time after use.
    • PATTERNS:Picture is showing our design in digital format .
    • IDEAL GIFT: BORN PRETTY stamping kit are appropriate for any holiday or special event,such as birthday, holiday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentineâs Day, Halloween gift.
    • SERVICE GUARANTEE:BORN PRETTY strives to provide our customers with perfect products and service.


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