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Manicure Tables With Ventilation System

Imc Vented Manicure Table

DIY Vented Manicure Table

The IMC Vented Manicure Table comes with a genuine marble top, generous storage capacity, and Ventilation System Hookup. This is a specialized table for venting to the outside of your salon and assisting in the removal of fumes, toxins and nail dust. Ventilation can be installed to both floor and wall along with preference of side . The IMC helps create a healthier environment for both clients and employees. Mechanical code approved and all the features of a practical nail table. Features

  • Exhaust Vent Connects Directly to Ventilation System
  • Meets Code Requirements in Several States
  • ETL Listed
  • Overall Dimensions – 42″ L x 17″ W x 30″ H
  • From Floor to Center Of 4″ Pipe – 26.5″ H
  • Vent Hookup – 4″ Diameter

Centrifuge Classic Nail Table

  • Custom-made manicure nail table featuring beautiful, classic style and design.
  • Build-in ventilation system, ready to connect to your salons central air
  • Custom-design, with Mahogany wood laminates
  • Choice of White or Dark Marble top.
  • Built in amenities and functionalities

Ventilation System: On board filtration system with replaceable tow state filter & dustbag. High-Powered fan filters air at a rate of 650 CFM Located on the table top, the vent filters nearby dust to keep your customers feeling safe and protected from harmful toxins and particles.

Self contained exhaust vent table and remove Build-in ventilation system, ready to connect to your salons central air.

Designed and assembled in the USA

ETL-Certified for safety

Dimensions: 42W x 16.75D x 30.5H

  • From Floor to Center Of 4 Pipe: 26.5
  • Exhaust Fan Hole 3 Diameter
  • 4 Diameter For Vent Hookup

Professional Spa Manicure Table Nail Salon Station With Ventilation

This manicure station is designed to be both functional and clean. It offers generous storage with several drawers for storage and two open straight through top shelves to save counter space for your gel lamps or dryers!


  • Manicure table with built in drawers on each size
  • Open top shelf for gel lamps and dryers
  • Elegant and simple design that would fit in most location
  • Ventilation system to help with dust particles and harmful odors


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Gs9129 Verona Single Nail Table Without Ventilation System And Fans


GS9129 Verona Single Nail Table without Ventilation System and Fans .

GS9129 Verona Single Nail Table without Ventilation System and Fans with Walnut Laminate and Gold Trim, White Marble Top

Dimension: L39 x W17 x H30½

Ktaxon Manicure Nail Table Station Black



  • Sturdy iron structure, with fine workmanship
  • A large tabletop offers a spacious work surface
  • Two large lockable cabinets, plenty of storage
  • Eight locking casters, easy to move to suit any occasion
  • Also include an LED lamp

Specifications:1. Material: Fibre Board & Iron & PP Drawer2. Color: Black3. Dimensions: / cm 4. Side Cabinet Dimensions: / cm 5. Individual Drawer Dimensions: / cm 6. Vent Dimensions: / cm 7. Hand Pad Dimensions: / cm 8. Weight: 57.32 lbs / 26 kg9. LED Lamp Type: USB Port

Package Includes:

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How To Choose The Right Ventilation System For Your Salon

Nail technicians are exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals every day. The dust and vapors generated from products are close to the breathing zone of you and your clients and can cause a variety of long-term health problems. While they arent lethal, they can irritate the delicate membranes of the eyes, nose and lungs. This irritation may cause a burning or itching sensation, which is a warning sign that you need to reduce your exposure to that particular product before any serious damage is done, says Jeff Cardarella, president of Aerovex Systems, Inc.. Proper ventilation can remove any potential inhalation hazard and help ensure safe air quality. Dont assume that your salon is exempt from these needsventilation is vital if you do any kind of nail enhancement services. Even if you only perform manicures and pedicures or your salon smells fresh and clean, you still must take the necessary precautions to properly ventilate your space.

Keep in mind that general heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems designed for offices, schools and other nonindustrial settings are inadequate for keeping potentially hazardous substances at safe amounts in the airthis type of ventilation dilutes contaminants in the air, but does not completely remove them.


Another option is a ventilated nail table linked to an outdoor venting system. This is great for a salon that already has ventilated tables and can install ducts to the outside.

-Jill Clark

Codenotes: Nail Salon Exhaust Requirements In The International Codes

This CodeNotes Nail salon exhaust requirements in the International Codes provides an understanding of the requirements for an exhaust system for manicure tables and pedicure stations.

The design of exhaust systems is extremely important to the occupants of a building. There are specific occupancies and activities that have the potential for introducing hazardous substances into the indoor environment. Nail salons are one such occupancy. There are approximately 200,000 nail salons in the U.S. utilizing manicure and pedicure stations. These types of activities use chemicals like acetone, isopropyl alcohol and formaldehyde that may be exposed to the atmosphere when the station is not in use. To maintain safety to workers and customers, the fumes from these chemicals must be removed from the space. Section 502.20.1 Operation was added to the 2021 IMC to help accomplish this.

The ventilation prescribed in Table 403.3.1.1 is accomplished by bringing in the required amount of outdoor air and discharging or exhausting an approximately equal quantity of indoor air. Instructions shown in the table and the information given in footnotes b and h describe the application and use of the table along with any special requirements applicable to a specific occupancy.

There are approximately 200,000 nail salons in the U.S.
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Ja Table W Vent White


The J& A glass top manicure table with fan is the essence of functionality. This contemporary-chic manicure table features a convenient glass mounted draft fan, frosted glass top work surface with rounded edges and plenty of concealed storage to keep your space sleek. The Draft Fan is an added self cleaning feature that will help keep the surface free of the added dust created during the manicure process. This beautiful nail table with draft fan is a perfect addition to any salon. The J& A Glass Top Nail Table with Draft Fan also offers great design continuity with the matching Glass Top Accessory Pedi Cart and Reception Desk.



Criteria For Selecting The Right Table

HealthyAir IMC Compliant Pop Up Source Capture Vent for Nail Salons

There are two main types of manicure tables: closed back and open back. Open-backed tables have the advantage of being able to provide ample ventilation for cleaning purposes. They are also easier for clients to climb onto and exit from. On the other hand, closed-back tables offer more privacy for those who prefer it. They also have the advantage of providing more storage space for products and tools.

When purchasing a manicure table with ventilation, you should consider your salons needs as well as any considerations that will make your work easier. If you need plenty of space to work, an open-backed table might be best suited for you. If you want maximum client privacy, a closed-back table would be better. You might also consider whether or not your employees will be doing pedicures before investing in a new manicure table with ventilation because many employees feel uncomfortable having their feet facing the door while they are doing pedicures on clients.

If you have any questions about what you need when it comes to manicure tables with ventilation, talk to one of our specialists at Tori International today!

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