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Pedicure Chair No Plumbing For Sale

Continuum Simplicity Se Pedicure Chair

Bella Pedicure Chair (No Plumbing)

For a lasting quality and durability, from another well-known brand in the industry, who gained their name from their unique design of the curved arches and genuine cherry wood, the Continuum Simplicity SE Pedicure Spa is another portable built to last. It is so simple to use that you just need to plug it in and start giving pedicures. It is truly one of our most simple, functional, and eco- friendly portable spas. This pedicure spa also does not need plumbing.

No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs

Don’t have a water supply and drain at your pedicure chair? No problem!

Just get a no plumbing / non plumbed pedicure chair. Take the bowl to a sink and fill it with water, serve your client, then dump the dirty water in the sink.

Even without plumbing you can give top notch service in a beautiful, luxurious chair.

In fact, since there’s no plumbing you’ll have less to worry about, since there won’t be any pipes to leak or jets to break.

How Do You Choose

Well now what? There are so many pedicure chairs out there, and not much information about them. How could you possibly choose the one that’s right for you?

We’re here to make it easy for you.

Our Recommended No Plumbing Pedicure Chair

Some pedicure spas are best sellers for a good reason. This is our best selling non plumbed pedicure chair by far. It’s the Continuum Simplicity LE.

We recommend this one chair above all others.

Want To Talk?

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What To Look For In A Pedicure Chair

Before we start with our list lets look at some of the key features you should consider looking for in a chair:

  • Seat reclining adjustment options

Everyone has different body types, genetics, working habits and probably also injuries that affect the body. Having this feature is important for the client because, it allows them to adjust the chair to their own body making them feel more relax instead of tense. It also gives them the option to adjust to their comfort needs.

  • Adjustable headrest and footrest

The adjustable headrest is beneficial for people who have neck and shoulder problems, because it allows them to not have to support their own weight on their neck. Instead, it gives them the option to relax their muscles. Having an adjustable footrest is just as important as the headrest, because it provides more comfort and relaxation for the client and also more control which provides more flexibility for the nail technician.

  • Seat cushions that are padded, leather, or cloth

It provides comfort and overall, a luxury look for your salon or spa. This will appeal to a wide variety of clients, because one of the most important things people look for is how comfortable their seating arrangements will be.

  • Shiatsulogic technology
  • Pipe- less technology

Serenity Ii Pedicure Spa

Calvin Pedicure Chair, No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

If you are seeking something that is attractive to look at but also affordable and not too intimidating to manage on a day-to-day basis, Serenity II is the one for you. It comes with Shiatsulogic technology which provides that therapeutic massage with the settings of rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing, and knocking to give your body the comfort it needs. Serenity II comes in two different models as well the Exclusive EX-R Chair and Luxurious LX Chair also having multiple cushion color options.

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Independence Portable Pedicure Chair

This is perfect for convenience and limited space because it is a lot smaller and still gets the job done. Great for beginners or at home salons to start with or for salons who dont have much space and need something more on the smaller end. It is equipped with the world-renowned Footsie Bath which is beneficial for salons who dont feel like dealing with all the plumbing requirements. It comes fully accommodated with adjustable headrest, reclining and adjustable footrest. It also comes with a matching stool.

Simplicity Luxury Edition Spa Pedicure Chair No Plumbing Specifications:

The lightweight removable basin features disposable, recyclable liners for ultra-fast clean-up and sanitation. The clients aqua foot massage experience can be customized using the 3 soothing vibration settings, 3 heat settings and with an adjustable center leg support. The leg support is contoured and has an adjustable height range so the footrest can be positioned to fit the comfort preference of both client and technician perfectly.

Rich upholstered chair in choice of 3 colors complements the cherry wood beautifully, and comes with a white basin. Dual reinforced pivoting arms and low to the floor seating make for easy and comfortable entry and exit. Durable industrial finish on the wood veneer will preserve its beauty for years to come, and an unbeatable No-Nonsense Warranty covers parts and labor for 2 years.

The main differences between Simplicity and Simplicity Plus is that the Plus model offers a full shiatsu massage, an electronic 4-way seat, and also has optional manicure trays. Absolutely no plumbing or installation required. Just plug it in.

Lightweight removable tub easily fills from any sink without hoses or connectors. Disposable liners ensure quick and sanitary cleaning, saving valuable time. Aqua massage features soothing vibration and heat. Optional Manicure trays are available. Electronic 4-way seat.

Dimensions: 61.71L x 29.5W x 52.2 H

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Thats The Good And The Affordable But What About The Fast

This is where many other companies fail, which means we double our efforts here. Our customer service team is available 24/7 so that you can get instant answers to any question you may have. You can contact Anna directly to receive a response in just a few short hours, and we offer super-fast shipping so that you arent left waiting.

Our theory is that by bringing you products that are good, affordable, and fast, we can move beyond simply selling you a product. Were here to form an ongoing relationship with your business, and we know that in order to maintain your loyalty, we have to continue to offer competitive prices, fast service, and quality goods. Thats why in over five years of operation, our business has never once dropped the ball on these goals. Check out our Best Price Guarantee to see one way that we are honoring that commitment.

Get in touch with us today with any questions you may have. Youll receive a response in just a few hours or less from our highly trained staff. Or browse our catalogue to get started shopping today!

Simplicity Luxury Edition Spa Pedicure Chair No Plumbing

Calvin Pedicure Chair, No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

» FREE SHIP TO YOUR SALONEstimated Delivery Time: 10-12 Business Days

Simplicity Luxury Edition Spa Pedicure Chair No Plumbing

Simplicity Luxury Edition Spa Pedicure Chair from Continuum lives up to its name no plumbing or installation is required. You just plug it in and seat your first customer. The gorgeous sweep of real cherry veneer atop a durable welded steel frame supports a luxurious seat that delivers Shiatsu massage.

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Fast Shipping & Easy Returns

Shipping and Returns Policies: Our goal is to get your salon and spa products to your door as quickly as possible.

Shipping times

Order today and be confident that you will receive your order quickly and easily. In general, heavier salon and spa products ship within 3-5 business days and are delivered via freight and curbside. Smaller items that ship non-freight are delivered to your door, like regular Fedex/UPS shipments.

Most packages arrive within a week of shipment. Place your order today and leave the rest to us!


Where do your items ship from?

Our inventory ships directly from our manufacturers’ warehouses. This saves you both time and money, and it is how we are able to offer you the very best prices online! Most of our brands and warehouses are located on the East Coast.

Instant Order Confirmation

As soon as you place your order you will receive an order confirmation.

If you don’t receive it, please check your email spam folders. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to carefully verify that their order confirmation is correct and immediately inform us of any changes required.

Need your order sooner?
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White Glove Delivery

Pure Luxury Spa Pedicure Chair No Plumbing

» FREE SHIP TO YOUR SALONEstimated Delivery Time: 10-14 Business Days

Pure Luxury Spa Pedicure Chair No Plumbing

No plumbing? No problem! The Pure is plumbing free, portable, and versatile. Simply plug the power cord into the wall, fill the tub from a sink and the chair is ready for pedicures! Pedicure tub tucks away, saving space. Featuring a top of the line Caresst Massage, built in power outlets, foldable manicure trays, as well as purse hooks. Included pedicure tub has vibration and heat.

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What Is The Average Price Of A Pedicure Chair

The cost of pedicure chairs depends on the different variables it has to offer such as the features, upgrades, and the brand name. Typically, the average cost for a nonportable pedicure chair is around $2,000 to $8,000. The more luxury and tech- savvy the chair is the more expensive. For a more affordable route, you can get a portable one for about $300 to $1,000. Portable pedicure chairs are the perfect option for beginners or a smart choice for salons that dont have space for large equipment and/or have no plumbing setup for the pipe-less pedicure spa chairs.

Now that you know the different features you should look for in making sure you get the pedicure chair of your needs. It is time to go through our list of the best-quality pedicure chairs that you need to upgrade your salon or spa for 2022!

Scissors & More Guarantees The Lowest Price For An Entire 6 Months After Purchase On All Items

Impact Pedicure Chair No Plumbing Belava

For New Orders:If you haven’t purchased from us yet, you have two options to get the best price guarantee:

1. If you see the item on our website, order it today and we will guarantee it is the best price anywhere online for an entire six months after purchase. If not, we’ll refund you the difference!

2. If you can’t find the item you are looking for, or you want options or other custom additions not listed, call or email us at [email protected] and we will put together the lowest price quote you will find anywhere online, guaranteed.

Our 100% Price Guarantees terms and conditions:

  • The price guarantee is valid for up to an entire 6 months after purchase!
  • Please purchase the item from us before requesting your Price Match
  • Clearance or Special Promos, such as buy one get one free aren’t eligible
  • The item must be in stock on the competitor’s website
  • The price match applies to online-only retailer without warehouses ie. Costco isn’t eligible
  • Auctions, marketplaces, or any kind of liquidator sites such as Overstock or eBay aren’t eligible
  • The competitor must be an authorized dealer and follow dealer MAP Policies
  • We cannot price match the manufacturer websites ie their retail websites
  • The guarantee includes the total price of both item and shipping charges
  • QuadPay or TimePayment transactions are not eligible

Feel comfortable knowing that you are paying the best price for all purchases on – Buy a product and leave the rest to us!

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Bella Pedicure Chair No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

Bella Pedicure Chair, No Plumbing Pedicure Spa

Key Features:

  • Optional Footsie foot bath available
  • Soothing ultrasonic vibration
  • Retractable 7-foot cord for the Footsie foot bath
  • Disposable Footsie foot bath liners


  • Chair maximum length with extended footrest: 76″
  • Chair mininmum lenth with footrest retracted: 32″
  • Width from arm rest to arm rest: 36.5″
  • Width with arm rests flipped out: 52″
  • Backrest maximum height from the floor: 49.5″
  • Seat cushion: 21″W x 20″D
  • Height from floor to seat cushion: 22″
  • Backrest width: 20″
  • BASE ONLY dimensions: 28″L x 27.5″W
  • Weight: 200 lbs


The Bella pedicure chair with Footsie foot bath is a great combination to have in your spa if you have limited space or want to have a pipe-less pedicure spa chair.

Warranty Information:

Diva Deluxe Pedicure Chair

Our high-end pedicure spa The DIVA Deluxe Pedicure Chair is a true salon showstopper. The Diva massage chair has extended the back-massage functions further to arm massage. Another key feature of this high-quality massage pedicure chair is that the seat is controllable with buttons on the tub. This considerate feature allows the pedicure technician to adjust the seat recline degree easily and move the top chair forward or backward to the best position without standing up a perfect combination of functionality and technician comfort!


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Lotus Ii Shiatsulogic Lx Pedicure Chair

For an elegant and unique look its main attraction is the LED lights flowing across the sides on the base and the semitransparent glass bowl. This chair comes with modern features such as sanitary pipe-less jets from Luraco and a fully adjustable Shiatsu massage.

One special feature that separates Lotus II from other Shiatsulogic Massage Pedicure Spas is that it as the ability to be upgraded with Magnetic Jet Head Wet-end with LED light which can help create a luxury lighting atmosphere in your salon.


J& a Empress Se Pedicure Spa Chair

My Pedicure Set Up:Non- Plumbing Pedicure Chair/Home Based Nail Tech

Looking for a good sturdy and durable pedicure chair with one of our top brands? This is the right choice for you! The Empress SE Pedicure Chair J& A was built to impress with its beautiful design resin bowl, powerful pipe-less Infiniti jets, a full shiatsu massage chair, footrest adjustments, and a base wrapped LED lightening for the finish touches.


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Pedicure Chairs That Will Upgrade Your Salon For 2022

Choosing the right pedicure chair these days can be a tough decision especially with all the different options, so how do you know which pedicure chair is best for you?

Easy, let the experts help you choose!

With more than 40 years of experience helping salon owners and professionals select the best, high-quality products for their businesses, our understanding of what features make products bestsellers and why people like them is incomparable. In this article we will share some of our knowledge, experience, and tips, while also mentioning our favorite top 10 pedicure chairs for sale.

Think of pedicure chairs as a beautiful piece of art that captures the eyes of people who view them as a masterpiece of art. Apart from the look aspect it is also a good investment. When you get the right durable, and high quality pedicure chair, it can be a great source of revenue for nail salons of all sizes.

Florence Shiatsulogic Lx Pedicure Chair

Our FLORENCE Shiatsulogic LX Pedicure Chair is another crowd favorites. Why is that? You might may ask. Well because, it features has the full-function Shiatsulogic capabilities and a high-end beautiful authentic glass bowl. In its latest upgraded design, it includes features like a diamond tufted chair cushion for a luxury look. While also having manicure trays, cup holders, phone holder, USB port, and a purse hook as additional accessories. You can choose from five assorted leather cushion cover sets for your top chair, including Black, Deep Red, Coffee, Storm Grey, and Cappuccino. The FLORENCE includes four tub options, each of which will make a stunning statement for any upscale nail salon or the everyday, local nail salon. Many customers will agree that FLORENCE best fits with a high-end theme because of its shining authentic glass bowl and luxurious massage chair functionalities.


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Element Pedicure Chair No Plumbing Belava

**This item does not include any accessories in the pictures, unless stated otherwise in the product description.The Element Pedicure Spa Chair in ultra-sleek design and the signature NO-plumbing pedicure spa system provides a sophisticated full service setting for your salon treatments. Comes with a laminated “distressed” wood base, reclining ergonomic cushion with built-in heat and vibration, rotating manicure table, adjustable footrest, and pedicure bowl tucked away in a pull-out drawer. You can choose between the Pro Heater/Massager or Trio Foot Spa Massager for it to be equipped withShipped fully assembled, with complimentary basic nail tech stool in matching upholstery color, pedicure tub and 50 disposable liners for hygienic feet soaking.Features:

  • Comes with a laminated “distressed” wood base, reclining ergonomic cushion
  • Built in heat and vibration
  • Rotating manicure table
  • Pedicure bowl is able to be tucked away in a pull-out drawer
  • No plumbing necessary
  • Made to order, please allow 4-5 weeks for deliver.
  • Designed and handcrafted by Belava in USA


  • Length: 50″
  • Cushion reclines up to 160º angle and has built-in heat and vibration with remote control
  • Cushion swivels up to 360º for easy in and out access
  • Chair footrest can be adjusted up & down to customer’s needs
  • Manicure/accessory table pivots and swivels around cushion, powder coated for acetone resistance
  • Weights under 120 lbs
  • Weight capacity 350 lbs




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