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How To Repair Damaged Nails

Leave The Cuticle Cutting To The Pros

Extremely damaged nail transformation – How to fix it with Polygel

Unless youre super advanced at at-home nail care let your nail tech do the intense cuticle work. Please dont cut your own cuticles! says Tammy. If they need a little extra TLC after youve done your maintenance then book into a salon with a pro who can do it properly for you – your cuticles play a super important role in stopping bacteria getting into your body and cutting them improperly can lead to infections.

How To Feed Your Nails

The first step in restoring your nails to their former glory is using a cuticle oil. Adding yet another step to your beauty regime might seem arduous but cuticle oil is key to nail health they moisturise both the nail and the cuticle and applying it can also increase the circulation around your nails which stimulates nail growth – key if you want to get your nails back in top condition. We put some of the best cuticle oils to the test to see which made a difference.

Tip #3 Wear Gloves Where Possible

One of the reasons why nails become weak and damaged in the first place is because they can dry out.

As such, you do not want to keep regularly wetting and drying them particularly with soaps and other hand creams.

Instead, it is advised that you wear gloves when doing household chores, such as the dishes, so that you can reduce the number of times that you need to get your nails wet.

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Remove Gel Polish And Acrylics Correctly

Okay, so technically this isn’t a repair tip, but do this first and it can save you from having to deal with a lot of potential problems. First and foremost, repeat after us: I will not pick off a gel manicure.

“Picking off gel is probably the worst thing you can do to your nails,” says celebrity manicurist Geraldine Holford. “The immediate effects are harming the nail plate because you’re removing the top layers of the actual nail along with your polish,” she explains.

“The long-term effects are thinning of the nails, harm to the nail bed, and irregularities on the nail plate and in growth patterns.” No thank you.

ORLY’s Senior Product Testing Manager, Kelly Bannon agrees, adding that even if you soak your nails to remove the polish, you can still damage your nails if not soaked long enough or if the topcoat barrier is not broken, prohibiting the remove to reach all the gel layers. She strongly recommends having your gels removed by a professional top prevent any damage.

Pro tip: Whether you’re having gel or dip removed, ask your tech to cover your hands in hot towels while your nails are wrapped up in the acetone-soaked cotton pads the heat will help speed up the process, explains Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of Olive & June.

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What I Did To Restore My Nails After Gel Manicures

Expert Tips to Damaged Nails

I had the gels removed at the salon, had my nails trimmed short and got a regular manicure. Heres how my nails looked on that day. You can see they are thin, ridged and uneven.

My restore my nails regimen started with applying one coat of nail strengthener daily. I did this for seven days. On the seventh day I removed the nail strengthener and started again.

After the nail strengthener dried, I applied cuticle oil to my nails and skin around them twice a day. I followed this with a heavy moisturizing hand and nail cream. Why use both an oil and a cream? The oil absorbs into the nail bed better and the cream creates a barrier so that the moisture doesnt escape.

I left my cuticles alone. I didnt trim or pick at them because the cuticles are there to protect the new nail growth that is occurring underneath.

If I needed to file my nails for any reason I used a glass nail file. Why? Because a glass nail file smooths and seals the freshly filed edges, reduces the nails susceptibility to splits and breakages. It does this by sealing the keratin layers at the edge of the nail together, preventing peeling and chipping. A glass nail file is inexpensive and the best investment you can make in restoring your fragile nails.

Other reasons to invest in a glass nail file?

I went for a manicure every 3 weeks. At that time, I did allow my manicurist to trim my cuticles, but only then. I also had her apply nail strengthen rather than traditional nail polish.

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How To Repair Damaged Nails According To The Experts

May 16th 2020 /

Whether your nails are flakey, brittle or weak, we’ve got the remedy

Since lockdown began we’ve been in involuntary nail rehab – no gels, no infills, nada. If you’re like me, you’ll have removed your own gels right at the start, with varying degrees of success. Or maybe you’ve just let your mani grow out, like Katy Perry who shared a snap of her very grown out polka dot mani.

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Since lockdown began there’s been a surge in sales for nail maintenance products, reports Superdrug nail care and implements have seen an 11 per cent rise in sales while nail essentials such as gel nail removal wraps, nail files and strengthening treatments have all seen an uplift.

If you removed your own gels you might have noticed your nails aren’t in the best shape, but don’t blame the gel itself. “It’s actually the removal of gel rather than wearing gel polish that causes damage to the nails,” explains Lynn Grey of nail care brand Mavala. “The natural nail is made up of three visible layers of skeletal cells that are glued together with oil and moisture within the nail plate. When you use acetone to remove gels and acrylics the nail can become very dehydrated weakening them and causing them to flake.

“During removal you may even have had layers of the nail plate come away leaving pits in the surface, thus making them weak and vulnerable to breakage,” Lynn continues.

How To Repair Your Fingernails After Fake Nails

Fake nails come in a variety of lengths, colors and designs, allowing people to drastically change the look of their hands. Unfortunately, fake nails can also damage the natural nails underneath due to the chemicals in the primer and adhesives used to apply them. These chemicals make the natural nails thin, weak, dry, and prone to splits and breaks. It takes time to grow healthy nails and reverse nail damage, but there are ways to speed up the process.

Apply a clear strengthening polish to your nails every two days until your nails are healed, which can take a month or two. These polishes usually have added minerals, such as protein and calcium, and are designed to bond the nail layers together and make them stronger. They also work to protect your nails.

Apply a cuticle cream to your fingernails every night. Look for a cream that has vitamin E. This will nourish your nails and promote healthy growth.

Soak your nails in extra virgin olive oil for 10 minutes a day for a month. After the month is up, you can soak your nail in the oil twice a week. This home remedy provides strength and moisture to your nails.

Wear gloves for chores such as dishes and scrubbing the bathroom. Cleaners have harsh chemicals that can damage your nails and make already dry nails even worse.

Eat foods rich in biotin, which helps to make nails thicker and stronger. Cauliflower, avocado and whole grains are sources of biotin.

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How To Repair Nails After A Gel Manicure

This article was co-authored by Mia Rubie. Mia Rubie is a Nail Artist and the Owner of Sparkle San Francisco, a nail studio based in San Francisco, California. She has over eight years of nail artist and management experience and is known for her push-the-envelope designs and artistic eye for colors. Her clients include Sephora, Target, and Vogue. Her work has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and StyleCaster. She holds a BBA focusing on Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from San Francisco State University. You can find her work on her Instagram account @superflynails. This article has been viewed 170,011 times.

Gel manicures can be a fun look, but they can also cause dry, brittle nails. You want to make sure you protect your nails from damage if you get a gel manicure. Treat them with products like moisturizers after the manicure. Keep your nails strong by practicing healthy habits, like eating right. Avoid bad habits, like peeling off the polish and cutting your cuticles.

How To Repair Damaged Nail Bed After An Injury

How to fix damaged nail | Acrylic sculpting tutorial | nailcou

Acrylic and gel treatments arent the only way that your nails can get damaged. Injuries can also cause unseemly damage to your nail beds. If youve ever accidentally slammed a door on your hand, or cut your finger while cooking, you might have experienced bruising, discoloration, or other damage to your nail beds. This damage can be painful, unattractive, and quite difficult to heal.


In the medical community, a bruise under your fingernail is also known as a subungual hematoma. These might occur if youve dropped something heavy on your hand, or endured some other powerful trauma to the nail bed. If the bruise is particularly large, you might want to consider visiting a doctor.

The pressure of a large bruise under the nail can be quite painful and might require medical treatment.

If the bruise is small and relatively painless, then youre just going to have to wait for it to grow out. Once the affected portion of your nail grows out, there wont be any lingering sign of the bruise. Until then, you can cover it up with regular nail polish.

The Shorter, the Better

While your injured nail is healing, its important to keep it trimmed short and neat. This minimizes the risk of further damage from breakage or brittleness and ensures that the existing damage can grow out as quickly as possible.


Nail Condition

Horizontal nail splits are very common after removing acrylics and gels and injuries.

Final Thoughts

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Moisture And More Moisture

After removing your nails, they will be very weak and dry. When trying to repair your nails they need to moisturised to become stronger. So you should immediately go buy some hand cream, cuticle oil or natural oils. You should rub the oils into your cuticle for 2-5 minutes every day. By doing this you can begin to strengthen and start to repair your nails after acrylics.

Stick To A Strengthening Regime

Making your nails stronger should be one of your main goals after acrylics. This means that you need to develop a routine to keep you on track. It is worth getting a strengthening treatment to help speed up the process however some of them may not work,so be careful. Combining this along with moisturising your hands should speed up the process even quicker. People say it can take up to a month for your nails to become stronger again depending on how weak they were before.

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Strengthen Your Nails By Giving Them A Break

“While there’s no scientific evidence that keeping your nails polish-free will make a difference, anecdotally I can tell you that we totally notice a difference in the strength and health of the nails when our clients do take a break,” says Tuttle. Choi and Holford agree all three recommend keeping your nails au naturel for at least a few days after sporting a gel, acrylics, or dip.

If you really need to keep them polished, use a nail strengthener as a base coat, suggests Holford. You can also look for a color that contains strengthening ingredients.

If In Doubt Seek Professional Help

How to repair damaged nails from gel

For really flaky nails its always worth seeking in salon help if you can to get advice from the pros. If your nails are super brittle, its worth a visit to your local nail salon/technician for a professional opinion, says Tammy. If they cant treat it they might forward you on to a GP to rule out any underlying issues that may be causing it before they book you in for some TLC.

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Simple Ways To Treat Damaged Nails

Your nails need love, and when they dont get the special attention they deserve, they can end up brittle, ragged, split or cracked. We asked the experts for some tips to help you repair and treat damaged nails right at home.

Dont Peel Off PolishThe number-one thing you should avoid doing to your nails is peeling off your gel manicure. Tearing off polish can result in stripping of your nail, leaving it flaky and chipped, says celebrity makeup and nail artist Blondie. The proper way to remove gel polish is to soak a cotton ball in acetone and place it directly on top of your nail. Wrap each finger with a small piece of foil and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and the gel polish should slide right off.

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The Olive Oil DipOnce the damage is done, youll need to do damage control to get your nails back to a healthy place. Dip your fingertips into olive oilbelieve it or not it works! Soak them for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse. Do this every day until you see results. It helps replenish dry, brittle nails, says Los Angeles nail artist Sarah Chue. Olive oil penetrates the skin to help repair, soften and condition your nails and cuticles.

But Do Use Cuticle Oil On The Regular

Peeling, brittle nails and dry cuticles can be a sign of dehydration so make sure you are using nail oil regularly, says nail tech and OPI Nail Boss . During the pandemic we are constantly washing our hands and using hand sanitiser, washing out the natural oils, so replenish the moisture loss by applying your cuticle oil at least twice a day to reap the benefits. A regular use of cuticle oil is also a great way to prevent painful hangnails. Keep a bottle on your bedside table and use it before you go to sleep.

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Best Ways To Keep Your Nailshealthy

If you have recently cut or damaged your fingernails and wish to know how to repair damaged nails, youve come to the right place. Nails are a sensitive part of the body. They are extremely delicate and when injured, they can be severely deformed. Here are a few tips on how to repair damaged nails.

10-Take break from the routine that hurt your nails

Take a break from the routine that hurt your hands and let the injured part of the nail grows back naturally. Applying acrylic nails or natural nail oil rich in Vitamins A and E to your cuticles a couple of times a day will also assist your natural nails to recover some strength. Cut your nails as close to the skin as possible. This will rid the thin and brittle part of the nail of any extra pressure, helping it to heal more quickly.

9-Try home remedies

You can also try some home remedies to learn how to repair damaged nails. Rubbing apple cider vinegar on the cuticles has been shown to be effective. Mix some apple cider vinegar with warm water and apply it to the cuticles. Let it stand for about fifteen minutes, then wash off. Nail polish remover may also be useful.

8-Use cuticle oils
7-Use Olive Oil
6-Biotin has many great benefits for the body
5-Apply hand lotion
4-Get manicures and pedicures when the cuticles are soft
3-Keep your nails clean
2-Take care of your skin
1-Avoid infections

Dont miss this routine! you will adore it.

How To Repair Nails

How To Repair Damaged Nails After Dip Powder, Acrylics, or Gel!â Nail Care Routine 2020!ð

It takes nails three to five months to fully grow out, but while you’re waiting for fresh flawless talons to grow there’s plenty you can do to help them along the way.

“Post gel polish, your nails need some TLC they need to be hydrated, strengthened and protected while they repair themselves,” says Lynn. “I recommend applying a nail serum once or twice a week to remoisturise the layers and help bond them back together. Hand creams and moisturisers are good but won’t work in the same way to rehydrate the nail.”

A thin layer of nail serum can be applied to polished or unpolished nails, just make sure to cover the whole nail and cuticle area we love , £12. Itâs infused with emu and tea tree oils to help maintain strong, conditioned and shiny nails – it softens cuticles while the antibacterial ingredients help protect against irritation, hang nails and breakages

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Keeping Your Nails Strong

  • 1Use a nail strengthener. This works well if you don’t prefer polished nails. Instead of going for colorful nails, or more gel products, apply a clear, strengthening product after your gel manicure. You can find many clear strengtheners or colored polishes with strengthening formulas at drug and beauty stores. Look for strengtheners labeled “for problem nails.”XResearch source
  • 2Keep your nails short. If you let your nails grow out immediately after a gel manicure, they will be more prone to breaking or snagging. Trim your nails short while recovering from a gel manicure.XResearch source
  • Round your nails as well, as this is the strongest shape. Do not use sawing gestures when filing. Instead, use gentle swipes to file in one direction.
  • 3Protect your nails. If your nails are not recovering as fast as you want, have another manicure done. Tell the manicurist you’re looking to protect your nails from damage. They will able to give you the right treatment to keep your nails strong while they recover from a gel manicure.XResearch source
  • 4Eat a healthy diet. Your eating habits can actually affect nail strength, so healthy eating after a manicure is key. Make sure to get sufficient amounts of protein, biotin, and calcium.XResearch source
  • Dairy foods can be a great source of protein and calcium. Leafy green like spinach and kale are also calcium-rich foods.
  • Some evidence indicates Jell-O makes nails grow faster, so stock up on Jell-O if you like it.

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