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What Color Nail Polish Goes With My Skin Tone

What Neutrals Suit You

#EmbraceColor // Nail Polish for Different Skin Tones Collab // What polishes to avoid

Think about the basic clothes you have that go with everything.

Do you tend to wear a lot of black, navy and stark pure white?

Or do you go for light tans, beiges and creamy off whites instead?

Cool tones look best in pure white, navy and gray whereas warm toned beauties will shine in light browns, camels and creams.

Matching Based On Tone

Another strategy you can try for matching nail polish to your dress is to look for polish colors with the same undertone as your dress.

Most green shades will have either yellow or blue undertones.

Greens with yellow undertones like lime and chartreuse are considered warm greens.

Greens with blue undertones like teal, jade and hunter green are considered cool greens.

Warm greens:

If your dress is a warm green, it should pair well with a warm toned nail polish like ivory, peach, or coral for example.

Warm greens also look great with reddish purples like fuschia, burgundy and wine, as well as with gold, amber, apricot and copper.

Cool greens:

If your dress is a cool shade of green, look for a polish that has cool undertones like turquoise, bluey gray or magenta.

Cool greens look amazing with bluish purples like lavender, amethyst, violet and indigo.

They also work well with baby and rose pinks, silver, sapphire or royal blue, and ruby red.

Nude Nail Polish Best Brands & Colors For Your Skin Tone How To Choose

Nude nail polish and colors make a perfect manicure that matches any outfit. In this article, find out:

  • What is the best nude nail polish color?
  • How do I choose best nude color for my nailsWhat is the best nude polish for my skin tone
  • What is Nude Nail Polish?

And all you need to know about nude nail polish.

So what is it?

Nude nail polish is a natural nail color that closely resembles your own skin tone. It has does have a coloring pigment but its beige and neutral. There are many brands of nude nail polish, but there are shades that arent perfect for everyone. For instance, a nude nail color for a fair skin girl would not look the same as in a dark skinned girl.

Nude nail colors are fleshtoned and will imitate your skin color closely enough. With a chic nude color, your nails will look almost like you dont have any polish on them. Since we are used to wearing vivid colors such as neon polish, Halloween extremes or white nail polishes, you can take a break and opt for a nuder color.

Below, we will look at the best nude nail polishes to choose from:

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Nude Nail Polish For Fair Skin Tones

For girls with a fair skin tone, you should look for creamy pinkish nude nail polishes. Those with cool blue undertones are, in fact, the best because they counteract the redness of your skin color. Some of the best nude nail shades for ladies with fair skin tones include the following:

  • Givenchy Le Vernis in Rose Illusion
  • Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Ballerina
  • Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer
  • Jin Soon in Nostalgia
  • LOréal Colour Riche Nail in How Romantic
  • LOréal Colour Riche Nail in Sweet Nothings.
  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Dont Pretzel My Buttons
  • Essie Brooch the Subject
  • MAC Nail Lacquer in Muscle Tone

Top Summer Nail Colours

What Color Nail Polish Goes With My Fair and Dark Skin Tone?

It’s all about nail care and health this year and polished, healthy and natural-looking nails are this summer’s hottest trend. “This year we see a big spike interest in nail health. In terms of aesthetic, a natural looking healthy nail with minimal accents or nail art is the preferred choice of our customers,” says Krisztina Van der Boom, co-founder of uber-cool blow-dry and nail salon, DryBy.

“From a colour standpoint, nudes are in highest demand while colour isn’t requested so much, despite the upcoming summer.”

But, Alex Fox, Editor-in-Chief of Scratch magazine has a different spin, “Citrus shades of yellow and orange punctuated the London spring/summer catwalks.”

“Well see corals, smooth nudes and whites promenading alongside the colour of the yeargreyand a gorgeous look for summer was seen sashaying down the runway of Olivia Ruben with hands adorning a pastel palette of lilac, pale blue, yellow, red and coral.

As well as the 2021 trending colours, nail art will take a much more paired-down approach. Nail art will be minimalist, says Alex, while that perpetual favouritethe baby French mani also features but in revised versions, French will appear in a myriad of ways from a thin line or doubled up to sensational coloured tips.

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Look At The Veins In Your Wrist

You must do this test in natural light for it to work. So sit by the window or go outside.

Take a look at the veins in your wrist.

What color are they?

  • Bluey purple veins mean your undertone is cool.
  • Green or yellowish looking veins means you have a warm undertone.
  • And if its hard to tell between blue and green you have a neutral skin tone.

Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Another good way to test your undertone is to take a look at your jewelry collection.

Do you tend to prefer gold or silver?

Without realising, youll go for jewelry that best suits your complexion.

Silver jewelry looks best on skin with cool undertones. So, if your bling collection is mostly silver you might be cool toned.

Gold jewelry makes warm skin tones shine so if you like to wear gold youre probably warm toned.

If both gold and silver jewellry are flattering you are most likely neutral.

If youre still not sure, try laying a gold and silver bracelet or necklace across your wrist which one looks better?

You can also get a sheet of gold and silver foil and hold it up against your skin to see which one makes your complexion glow.

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Check Behind Your Ears

Acne and other skin conditions can cause redness and make it hard to see your true understone.

This trick is super useful for anyone with a skin condition that gets in the way of some of the other tests.

You will need a friend to help you out for this one.

Get someone to take a look at the skin just behind your ear.

They need to look at the skin thats just behind the crease, so hold your ear forward a bit so they can see.

Get them to tell you if the skin behind your ear looks yellow or pink.

  • Pink means cool undertones.
  • No clear pink or yellow color means neutral.

Best Red Nail Polish Color For Olive Skin

All about Nail Color obsession | My Nail Polish Collection

Red is one of the most suitable shades for olive skin as it can brighten it up without looking too bright and excessive. You can wear almost any shade or red as long as it leans towards the neutral to warm side.

If you have light to medium olive complexion, consider trying out these red shades:

  • Dior in shade rouge 999. A medium to deep red shade with neutral undertones, perfect for any day or night occasion.
  • Nars Nail Polish in Soup Can. An interesting spin to the classic red shade that resembles the color of tomato soup can. Formula goes on smoothly and only one stroke is enough to produce even looking results.
  • Opi Red. Another true red shade with neutral to cool undertones and hint of coral that makes it perfect for summer.

If you have tan to dark olive skin tone, these shades of red will look great on your nails:

  • Rimmels Double Decker Red. A deep red shade thats just a hint darker than the famous red color of London buses. The formula takes only 60 seconds to dry and sells for less than 4 dollars per bottle.
  • Tom Ford in Smoke Red. A scarlet red looking polish that reminds of old Hollywood glamour and elegance. The nail polish retails for $30 but its worth every penny.
  • Revlon Nail Enamel in Revlon Red. Probably the oldest cult red nail polish used for decades by generations of young and old women. The shade is a deep vibrant red and retails on average for 7 dollars.

Other Colors for light to medium olive skin tones include:

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Nail Colors That Look Especially Amazing On Dark Skin Tones

Out of all the decisions you have to make in a day, choosing your nail color probably isn’t the hardest. But with so many shade options, it can take quite some time. Thankfully, widely inclusive color options make finding shades that suit your skin tone fun. Practically every day, another new nail shade launches. And brown-skinned beauties, there are so many shades made with you in mind. The best nail colors for dark skin tones span, well, pretty much all hues of the rainbow. It’s truethere’s not one shade that doesn’t look good on your melanin-rich skin. High-impact shades pop against dark skin tones, and deep, sultry shades look seamless. Rejoice: We lucked out in this category .

If you usually stick to the same nail shades for your dark skin, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with having a little fun. We’re all guilty of being creatures of habit with our favorite nail shades, but allow yourself to experiment more with vivid, brighter shades that’ll pop against your deep complexion or neutral shades that suit your skin just right. Push yourself out of your nail comfort zone and feast your eyes on these 30 fun nail colors that look amazing on dark skin tones.

What Color Nail Polish Goes With A Green Dress

Not sure what nail polish will go with your green dress?

Lets talk polish matching!

In this post, were going to look at the best nail polish colors for different shades of green.

Were gonna go deeper into this, but if youre in a rush, heres the nutshell answer and some easy nail polish options that will go with any green dress.

For a green dress, choose a nail polish color with a similar undertone to the shade of green thats in your dress . A green dress that has yellow undertones is warm and will pair well with a warm toned nail polish. A green dress with blue undertones is cool and will look best with a cool toned nail polish.

Neutral nail polish colors like black, white, cream, gray, nude, beige or sage green will work with any shade of green dress.

Ready to find the perfect polish to match your green dress?

Lets get started!

  • Beige

Neutrals are great for creating a sophisticated, pulled together look.

Neutral polishes wont draw too much attention to your nails, so theyre great if you want to let your dress do the talking.

I love neutral nails because they go with so many clothes that I dont feel the need to change my nails as often.

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How Do You Tan

How your skin tans can be a key indicator of its undertone.

  • If you dont tan at all, or you go red / burn before you turn brown then chances are you have a cool undertone.
  • If you become a bronze goddess with little effort, youre probably warm toned.
  • Neutrals may tan fairly well, but might have to control their exposure and do it gradually.

Does Silver Or Gold Go Better With Green

20 Nail Polish For Dark Skin Tones to Compliment The Beauty

Great question! Ive struggled with this myself.

Im cool toned, so silver jewelry looks best on me.

I also love to wear forest green.

Ive been wearing my forest green top with a silver and pearl necklace, but I was never sure if I should have been pairing it with gold instead.

So I did some digging and heres what I found out.

Silver is basically a metallic with a gray base.

That makes silver a neutral color, so it can be worn with green.

Gold is yellow based and yellow and green are next door neighbors on the color wheel so gold also works well with green.

But which is better?

Well, after looking at how graphic, fashion and interior designers use green, gold and silver

  • I can conclude that anything goes!

Green and silver are used widely and so are green and gold.

I wanted to give you some kind of helpful advice to follow .

But the truth is that there doesnt seem to be any rules.

I thought that silver might work better with cool greens and warm greens would be paired more with gold but gold and silver can both be used equally with very similar shades of green.

So that settles it neither is better or worse so wear what you want!

Personally, Id stick with the color that best flatters your skin tone.

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Should Lipstick And Polish Match

The current trend for matching lipstick and nail polish isnt a new thing.

It was all the rage back in the early 50s, then it fell out of vogue for a while and now its back with a vengeance!

You dont have to match your lips and tips, but if you do want to indulge in the trend, then you can buy a lipstick and nail polish set from most of the major players.

Matching your lipstick and nails isnt the sort of thing you do when your chillin in jeans and a sweater.

But it does create a deliberate, sophisticated, classy put together and elevated look thats perfect for a special event or a night out.

If you prefer not to match thats totally ok too.

You can create a stunning modern look with a great pop of color by wearing complimentary lips and tips.

Match, dont match.

Alternate between matching and not.

Theres no golden rule when it comes to matching lipstick and nail polish so just do you!

Best Nude Nail Polish Brands Top Rated Nude Nail Color Lacquers

We all have different skin tones. Therefore, it can be very difficult to find the best nail nude nail polish to match. In addition, when you look for nude polishes, you will find that most of them are made for French manicures or used as a base for other colors like blue, green and pink.

Below, you can find the best nude for your very skin tone and tips to follow when wearing such shades. But first, what are the high-quality nude polishes out there? Here is a list of the most reviewed and top rated nude nail color brands:

  • Ciaté Olivia Palermo for Ciaté Paint Pot in Off Duty Nude-Sundays
  • ZOYA in Nude Perfector
  • MAC Nail Lacquer in Skin Crème
  • Butter London Hen Party a sheer color with an opal finish
  • Chanel Le Vernis in Ballerina
  • Estée Lauder Pure Color French Nudes Collection
  • Ciate Paint Pot in Members Only
  • YSL La Laque Couture in Beige Leger
  • CoverGirls Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Perma-Pink
  • Deborah Lippmann Dancing in the Nude Mini Nail Lacquer Set
  • Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel in Bare Bones
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Kava Kava
  • Essie Blushing Bride
  • HippxRGB Nail Foundation Collection
  • LOréal Colour Riche Nail Color in How Romantic
  • Nars Sheer Nail Polish in Candy Darling
  • OPI Samoan Sand
  • China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Innocence
  • Rococos Nude Wardrobe
  • Dior Vernis Nude Collection
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sheer Ecstasy

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Picking A Polish Based On Personality

  • 1Use metallics to convey a wild personality. Maybe you see yourself as someone with a wild side who enjoys partying. Metallic colours, like metallic blacks, blues, and silvers, really give off a party vibe. These can be a great option to convey your fun loving personality.
  • 2Go for an edgy look with black polish. If you want to give off a punk rock, edgy vibe, black nail polish can be great. When paired with things like leather, hoodies, and band t-shirts, black polish can appeal to your rebellious side.XResearch source
  • 3Pick bright colours for an energetic look. A variety of bright colours can give off an energetic look. Pick oranges, greens, and yellows if you want to emulate energy. Bright pinks can also work for an energetic look.XResearch source
  • If you want something both bold and energetic, go for a bright orange or green. These are somewhat unusual colours that can add a touch of quirkiness to your look.
  • If you want something very bright, you can even go with white polish.
  • 4Choose muted colours for a softer look. If you want to give off a serene demeanor, look for softer, more played down polishes. Shades like light purples and pinks have a feminine, soft feel. You can also try pastel shades of blue.XResearch source
  • 5Show off sophistication with darker polish. If you want to look sophisticated, choose a deep polish with berry tones. A deep purple polish or a wine red polish can really reflect a classy personality.XResearch source
  • Vibrant Roses And Pinks With Berry Undertones

    My Favorite Nail Polish Colors


    • Revlon Vintage Rose. As its name suggests, this a vintage rose shade that matches almost any skin tone and outfit. Formula is easy to apply and color payoff is great with just one or two strokes
    • Kiko Nail Lacquer in 365/Tattoo rose. A beautiful deep rose shade with neutral undertones perfect for any season and occasion.
    • Chanel Rose Insolent. A rick berry rose shade thats great for spring and summer, without necessarily appearing too bright or radiant.

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