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What Nails Do You Use For Siding

Whats The Best Fastener For Cedar Decking

How to Select Siding Nails

When it comes to decking applications, most people are going to use screws, ring shank nails, or spiral shank nails. With screws, theres less danger of the coating coming off when using the type with a head where the screw bit is not going to walk out of it.

The underlying material of these screws is iron, and if the coating comes off by being hit with a hammer or because the bit comes out of the screw head, you wind up with iron coming in direct contact with the woodproducing bluish-black or black iron stains. The only way to remedy this is to remove the fastener, treat the stained area with a mild oxalic acid solution, and replace the fastener with one thats approved.

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Recommended Nails For Pine Siding

As earlier mentioned, the best nails for pine siding should be stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized nails or high tensile strength aluminum nails. You should not go for common nails because these nails corrode easily. In addition, they may cause an unsightly look of the paint and wood. In case the wood is supposed to be left unfished to weather or finished in a natural manner with water-repellent preservatives or light-colored penetrating stains, then stainless steel or aluminum nails should be used.

Why Proper Nailing Is So Important For Vinyl Siding

Homes function best when every element works in perfect harmony. Even the smallest parts, like nails and screws, make a difference. But the type of nails you useand your nailing techniqueis extra important when you install vinyl siding on your home.

Vinyl is a plastic product, so its a little bit more malleable than aluminum or woodparticularly when the sun is shining overhead. Unfortunately, that means its easy to get the nailing wrong. If you mess up and nail it too tight, the siding wont have room to expand when the weather heats up. Likewise, if you dont drive the nails in straight, the siding can buckle and ripple, as well.

Dont let that put you off of vinyl, though. If you take care to install it properly, it can be a durable, attractive home cladding for years to come. Heres how to do it rightand avoid any buckles or ripples along the way.

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Makita An613 Pneumatic 15 2

  • efficient motor & trigger design offers leading fastening performance
  • tool-less depth adjustment with 9 detents settings engineered for more precise flush and countersink nailing.
  • 2-mode selector switch allows operator to select contact or sequential nailing options
  • drives 15º wire and plastic collated nails for added convenience
  • smooth nose tip prevents scratching
  • Power source type: Corded Electric

What Are The Best Nails To Use For Engineered Wood Siding

Problems With James Hardie Siding Installations

When youre installing lap siding, choosing the right LP® SmartSide® installation tools will help lead to a faster, easier process, and youll likely avoid common siding installation mistakes along the way. Once youve chosen engineered wood as a substrate, match it with the right type of nails to use for siding made from wood strands.

Nails for lap siding, such as LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, should be 0.113-inch smooth shank diameter hot-dip galvanized nails. A minimum 0.092-inch smooth shank diameter nail may be substituted depending on wind pressure, wind speed and wind exposure category limitations in APA Product Report PR-N124 or ICC-ES Report ESR-1301.

Hot-dip nails are among the best nails for wood siding because they are treated with zinc to resist rust formation. The aforementioned sizes of lap siding nails represent good basic options for most siding applications.

How Long Should Nails Be for Siding?

Ideal siding nail length involves how far a nail should go into the builds structural framing. For LP SmartSide engineered wood products, LP recommends that the nail be long enough to penetrate structural framing or wood structural panels and wood structural framing by at least 1-1/2 inches. In addition, see APA Product Report PR-N124 for a sheathing-only attachment option.

When nailing in siding, be sure to set the nail gun so the head of the nail is flush with the siding surface and try to avoid overdriving nails.

Can You Use Brad Nails for Siding?

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Can You Use Brad Nails For Siding

Nail Gun for Siding A pneumatic nail gun should be used for siding installation, especially for harder fiber cement siding. Choose a nail gun that will accept siding nails. You cannot use a brad gun for installing siding because the brads leave two holes for each brad and do not hold up as well as siding nails.

Which Type Of Nailing Method Do I Use

There are mainly two things to consider when it comes to which method to use. The first is where you want to nail it, and the second is whether it needs to look good? In our case, we have to install the siding so that it looks good. Open nail heads can often decrease the beauty of a wall. So it is better to do blind nailing.

Another thing is where the nails will be after you are done with your work. If you are using a face nailing method, then it will remain exposed. Since the siding is outside, it will go through dust, snow, and rain at times. These exposed nail heads will come in contact with these environments, wearing them down.

Here the blind nailing will protect them from the outside environment making the siding safer and longer-lasting. So it is always better to go for blind nailing rather than face nailing unless you install the trim.

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Whats The Difference Between Framing And Siding Nailers

A siding nail gun and a coil framing nailer may look very similar. However, they are designed to work with specific nails.

The primary difference between a framing nailer and a siding nailer is in nail size. Framing nails are up to 4 inches long whereas the siding nail has a maximum length of 2 ½ inches. Framing nailer comes in coil style and straight magazines . The siding nailer is usually a coil nailer.

You might be tempted to use a framing nail gun for siding installation. Framing nailers can be versatile outside of their main task, framing. They work flawlessly for subflooring, decking, sheathing, and fencing. However, if the job you have at hand revolves around the installation of siding, I recommend that you consider investing in a siding nailer for the following reasons.

Nail Size

The nails used for siding installation are smaller than framing nails. Siding nails are usually 0.12-inches in diameter and 1 ¾ inch long. On the other hand, the 16d framing nails are Ø0.162 thick and 3 ½ inches long, which is much larger.


During siding installation, you are going to lift and hold the nailer for a long time. Framing nail guns are heavy! Compared to them, the siding nail guns are nearly half the weight and hence easy on your hands.


Coil siding nailers are less expensive compared to framers. Of course, it depends on the brand you chose. For framing, I would always stick with top-of-the-line brands such as Senco, Paslode, Hitachi, or Bostich.

Can You Use Roofing Nails For Fiber Cement Siding

How Do You Blind Nail Lap Siding – Home Building and Construction

4.6/5You can useroofing nailersidingyounailyounailHardieshow tosiding using roofing nailsroofing nailer

You can shoot Hardie siding on with air powered nailers or use hand driven roofing nails to attach siding to the home or structure. The nails can be ringed- shanked or smooth just make sure you are hitting the studs in the wall. Our Crews prefer 1 3/4 smooth shank roofing nails to install Hardie.

Subsequently, question is, can you nail into fiber cement siding? Fiber cement siding can be nailed by hand or with a pneumatic nailer. It can also be attached using corrosion resistant screws. Use hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails. Nails should penetrate through the sheathing and at least 1into studs.

Hereof, what kind of nail gun do I need for fiber cement siding?

galvanized nails in his 15-gauge trim gun. He uses the same size nails to install the corners on the wall. Dont use a framing gun or try to handnail the corners together thats a good way to break the trim boards. Also, the trim nails look better where nails will be exposed, especially on a prefinished corner board.

Are roofing and siding nails the same?

Usually, roofing nailer is used to put the shingles tight on the surface. The length of nails is varied from the thickness of the surface. On the other hand, siding nails are only used for fastening siding stuff so that the nail has to be strong enough to hold it.

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Bostitch Coil Siding Nailer

  • The sliding nail gun drives wire weld and plastic inserted coil nails
  • Adjustable depth guide of the siding nailer sets nails to desired depths quickly and conveniently
  • The coil siding nailer has a lightweight aluminum design for durability
  • Soft rubber foot helps to prevent damage to softer woods
  • Tool-free adjustable exhaust conveniently directs exhaust away from the user
  • Fastener Length: 1-1/4-inch 2-1/2-inch Fastener Diameter: .080-inch .092-inch

Leave Some Room For Heat Expansion

Gently rippling waves may be nice in a reflecting pond or a lake, but theyre no good for the side of your home. Siding that buckles and bulges isnt just unsightly, it makes you more vulnerable to moisture intrusion, mold, and rot as well.

While there are a lot of reasons siding may start buckling, one of the easiest to avoid is improper nailing. Vinyl siding thats nailed on too tight doesnt leave room for the materials to expand and contract, and that causes ripples to form come summertime. For the best results, leave at least 1/16 inch between the nail head and the siding to give it some room to grow.

Additionally, unless you have to make an emergency repair, its best to begin a siding project in spring or fall, when the weather is milder. That way, your siding wont be slightly expanded or contracted .

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What Nails Do I Use For Wood Siding

4.5/5nailsnails shouldnails

Correspondingly, how do you nail wood siding on a house?

How to Install Exterior Wood Siding

  • Step 1: Gather Materials & Make a Plan.
  • Step 2: Remove Existing Cladding.
  • Step 3: Check Wall for Damage.
  • Step 4: Install Moisture Barrier.
  • Step 5: Cut Starter Plank.
  • Step 6: Install Starter Plank.
  • Step 7: Cut & Attach Vertical Planks.
  • Step 8: Install Around Windows & Doors.
  • Additionally, can I use screws for wood siding? Screwing. Screws can be used to attach the panels, but the materials cost is greater. A professional-grade screw gun for decks work well in applying the T1-11 to the studs. Whether nails or screws, it is important to use galvanized or stainless steel fasteners and then caulk them afterward.

    People also ask, can you use finish nails for siding?

    The answer is, yes. Framing nail guns can be used for siding installation, if the nail being used is long enough to attach the siding firmly to your exterior wood sheathing. While it’s recommended to always use a siding nail gun for siding installation, in a pinch, you may be able to use a framing nailer instead.

    When should you replace wood siding?

    But in many cases, a complete siding replacement is in order. There are a few things to look for that indicate your siding is past its prime and ready to be replaced: Your siding needs frequent painting Exterior paint should last at least 8 to 10 years.

    What Nails Do You Use For Siding

    Best Nails for Cedar Siding : Top 5 Picks &  Reviews 2021

    The answer is, yes. Framing nail guns can be used for siding installation, if the nail being used is long enough to attach the siding firmly to your exterior wood sheathing. While its recommended to always use a siding nail gun for siding installation, in a pinch, you may be able to use a framing nailer instead.

    Beside this, What kind of nails do you use for exterior trim?

    Nail manufacturers recommend that you go with aluminum or stainless steel fasteners when youre using either of these woodsand whenever youre using pressure-treated wood. Also, never use galvanized nails with copper flashing.

    Likewise, Can you put nails into siding?

    This can be tricky with a vinyl-sided house because you shouldnt drill or nail through the siding. Holes can cause water to seep behind the vinyl, creating problems for your home. Hang a vinyl siding hook on your house.

    Also, How do you hang things on vinyl siding?

    Hang a vinyl siding hook on your house. This is the most efficient method. Attach a cup hook to the side of your house. Hang a wire hook from the vinyl soffit trim.

    Can finish nails be used for siding?

    Framing nail guns can be used for siding installation, if the nail being used is long enough to attach the siding firmly to your exterior wood sheathing. While its recommended to always use a siding nail gun for siding installation, in a pinch, you may be able to use a framing nailer instead.

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    Window And Door Detail

    Whether or not youre installing trim boards around your windows, youll need to install a drip cap over the window. Youll also need to leave a 1/4-in. gap between the top of the window and the plank or trim board directly above it. This is to allow any water that may have gotten behind the siding to weep out. Tape the drip cap to the wall, but dont tape all the way to the bottom of the drip cap because it will be visible through the 1/4-in. gap. The top trim board will also need its own drip cap and 1/4-in. gap. Treat the tops of doors the same way.

    Can You Use A Framing Gun For Siding

    With some changes to the nail size, you could use a framing gun for siding, yes.

    It is doable if your framing nailer has depth adjustment. However, I recommend investing in a siding nail gun for siding installation tasks. But if you currently cant afford to and you have a framing gun lying around and the proper nails, it is very much doable.

    However, you cannot do it the other way around. That is, you can not use a siding nailer for framing. This is because siding nailers cant support nails that are long enough to join lumber together, rendering them useless for framing operations.

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    Can You Use Siding Nails In A Roofing Nailer

    Choosing the correct fastener and the right nailer for any job is vitally crucial. Now, if you do not want to think about the right choice for your nailer, you can use siding nails in a roofing nailer.

    If you intend to fit siding nails in a roofing nailer, then you should blind nail these. Since the siding nails have smaller heads, it has a ring shank where the whole nail gets inside the hardwood flooring board and no part of it remains above the surface.

    Blind nailing involves driving a nail into the hardwood flooring board at a 45-degree angle, just above its tongue, and driving it into the subfloor or beam.

    As the name suggests, when you blind nail them, the nail head wont be visible at all.

    Siding Nailer Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Online

    How to Nail HardiePlank® Lap Siding

    Shopping is becoming challenging day by day, specially when you have to buy one from the thousands available and you have to do it online to save time or maintaining social distancing! With multiple options it becomes confusing. Here is our buying guide to help you take the right decision before buying the Best Siding Nailer from an online shop.

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    How To Nail Vinyl Siding With A Hammer

    As outside temperatures change, vinyl siding can expand and contract as much as 1/4 inch over a 12-foot 6-inch length. For this reason:

    Do not face nail. Face nailing is not only unsightly, but it will also cause vinyl to buckle with changes in temperature.

    Do not nail any siding parts too tight. Leave 1/32 inch between the nail head and the vinyl. Vinyl siding must be attached loosely.

    Center nails in slots to permit expansion and contraction of the siding.

    Drive nails straight and level to prevent distortion and buckling of panel.

    Start nailing vertical siding and trim pieces in the top of the uppermost slots to hold them in position. Place all other nails in the center of the slots.

    Space nails a maximum of 16 inches apart for horizontal siding panels, every 12 inches for vertical siding panels, and 6 to 12 inches for accessories.

    Make sure the panels are locked at the bottom, but do not pull them tight when nailing.

    Which Types Of Nails Are Best For Cedar Shingles

    Its essential to consider the size and type of nails when installing cedar shingles. The right fasteners can ensure longer-lasting cedar shingles or shakes. The distance the nails are driven also makes a difference, as forcing them too deep could cause splitting in the wood. To avoid underdriving and overdriving the nails, all fasteners used to secure cedar roofing should be flush with the surface of each Certi-label shake or shingle.

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    Lights Receptacles And Vents

    Most fiber cement manufacturers make mounting blocks for lights, electrical receptacles, A/C lines, PVC venting, etc. Jaime prefers to use the vinyl mounting blocks typically used with vinyl siding. Theyre cheaper and easy to install, and you can cut the proper-size hole in a plastic mounting block with a utility knife or a snips. With fiber cement blocks, you have to use a jigsaw or a hole saw.

    MountMaster is one brand of blocks sold at Lowes and many lumberyards. Its available in more than 25 colors, but you can order paintable blocks if you want an exact match with your siding or trim.


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