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Can I Buy Shellac Nail Polish

How Long Do Shellac Manicures Last


A manicure applied following the proper CND Shellac system will deliver 14-plus days of high-performance, high-shine, trouble-free wear, Arnold says.

We can attest, the finish is very durable and rarely chips or peels. This manicure does stand up to most household chores like washing dishes.

While this finish is known for its durability, some chemicals can damage your manicure, so you should still be careful and wear gloves when cleaning and doing other harsh tasks.

Shellac Vs Gel Is It Just A Matter Of Time

Nail polish may have been around for over 3000 years, but the biggest changes have come recently with the introduction of shellac and gel. Thanks to Instagram and the changes in polishes, we all expect so much more from our polish.

Gel was the first newbie on the scene, in 2009, created by Gelish who delivered gel polish in a bottle. Suddenly we were able to achieve no-chip polishes that lasted a couple of weeks. Gel nails became the beauty treatment of choice.

Then along came shellac. Shellac wouldnt be here without the invention of gel polishes. Shellac is simply gel polish mixed with regular polish.

In short, shellac has taken the best of gel and added the benefits of traditional polish .

What Is Shellac Nail Polish/varnish

Shellac is actually the brand name given for a patented product that is basically the next generation of nail polishes. Shellac is actually a hybrid between nail polish and lamp cured gel color.

It applies similarly to a nail polish but still requires curing time on a UV lamp to be set. Typically, it lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks and offers an in-between semi-permanent solution for those that want to get a similar look to a nail polish with longer lasting results.

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Its Also A Matter Of Colour

Its not just about the removal process. For many of us, the fun element of having your nails done is the chance to choose different colours to suit our mood or plans. If youve got a skilled nail artist, then colour becomes even more important as you indulge in complex designs.

Gel is available in nearly three times as many colours as shellac. With a spectrum of nearly 400 shades, compared to shellacs 132, this can be a game-changer for many.

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Buy Shellac Nail Polish

Some more info about Where Can I Buy Shellac Nail Polish ...

* Polish Catalogue Below. Scroll Down To Buy Online

If you are like thousands of women, you must want to buy Shellac nail polish. Maybe you are a DIY manicurist or a professional nail technician the desire is the same. You want the amazing shine, durability and trust that Shellac offers the wearer.

can I buy shellac nail polish? Yes you can buy Shellac nail polish. Depending on where you are located you may be able to find a distributor of Shellac in your area in order to purchase the product.

Another easy and trusted source for buying shellac is to buy shellac online. Getting shellac online is probably the best solution for most soon to be shellac owners. The distributors are trustworthy, shipping is cheap, and your products come straight to your door.

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What Is Better Shellac Or Gel

The gel manicure is definitely more durable than the regular manicure, and if you like the plush, ultra-glossy finish, its the way to go. Shellacs removal process is much gentler on the nails, so you can change your colors more easily. If you choose to have a manicure, you will get a longer lasting polish than if you had a basic polish.

Vrenmol Glow Gel Nail Polish Set

What Makes it Worth Choosing:

If you are into funky bright colors this kit is ideal for you. Six vibrant colors comprise this kit and all of the colors are perfect to make an impression.

Another cool thing about this kit is that the colors are glow in the dark. When you go in the dark wearing these nail colors, your nails will be visible even if there is no light.

The science behind this is that during the UV light curing the nail paint traps light also during daytime it traps sunlight, thus at night or in darkness, the trapped light creates a luminous effect on your nails.

There are a total of six colors each of them bright and gorgeous enough to catch anyones attention. All the polishes are contained in an attractive box. This also makes this nail kit a proper gifting option too.

What Could Make it Better:

This kit is definitely one of the shellac nail kits to keep in the collection. Yet if they improved the texture or composition of the raisin ratio a bit more then it may take a lot less time to dry. Drying time is a vital quality of a nail lacquer that is responsible for the quality of polish on the whole.

Final Verdict: The color options are very vibrant and bright plus glow in the dark nail kits are also a collectors choice, so overall a good shellac kit.

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How To Remove Gel Nails

Again, you can ensure a fuss-free removal by heading to the salon to get them removed by the pros, But, given that this takes an hour-ish out of your day and costs around a tenner, plenty of people prefer to DIY it.

First off, you need to break the bond between the gel and your actual nail. Very, very gently, buff the nail. This will break the gels seal. Next, cut out ten pieces of cotton pad, one for each nail, and soak in acetone nail varnish remover. Cut out ten pieces of tin foil. Pop each cotton pad piece on top of a nail, then cover with one of the tin foil pieces, twisting at the top.

Chill for 15 minutes, unwrap and gently push off, using a cuticle stick.

How To Remove Shellac


When removing the polish from your nails, you can very gently lift the polish off with manicure sticks but make sure you are not scraping the nail. If it doesnt lift off easily, you need to soak for longer, Lucy warns.

Now youve got an experts top tips on how to remove shellac and gel nails at home without damage, you can thank us later..

After youve removed your shellac nail polish, its always a good idea to pop on a coat of your favourite nail growth product or nail repair polish to keep your nails healthy.

Our GHI experts put lots of nail products to the test to bring us the best products for nail polish removal, nail growth, nail strengthening. Here are the products that came out top of their tests:

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Whats The Difference Between Shellac And Vinylux

Describe the differences between the two. With Vinylux, you can wear your Color Coat for one full week, increase its durability, and self adhere it to the surface for a chip-free, high-shine finish. A LED lamp should be used to apply and cure Shellac Color Coat for 1 minute, or a UV lamp for 2 minutes.

Can You Get Shellac Nails At Home

Sadly, the official CND Shellac service is an in-salon only treatment. But you can certainly have a crack at getting a close effect, by using a gel-style nail varnish. Gelish and OPI brands are both good, with a decent base coat and gloss top coat. Barry M also have a Gelly Hi-Shine range, with pots of polish costing less than a fiver.

Always remember to buff your nails before you start to give the polish a better chance of adhering.

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Care For Your Cuticles

After all the acetone, your cuticles are going to need some attention. Grab a bowl from the kitchen and fill it with some lukewarm water and a little coconut or essential oil. If you dont have either, any other oil will do you could even use a splash of white vinegar. White vinegar disinfects the nail and helps to soften the cuticle bed. Apply a cuticle remover to the base of your nail, and then just insert your fingertips into the warm water for 10 minutes .

After soaking, remove your finger tips from the water and dry them on the towel you have laid out at the beginning. Gently use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles, and the appropriate nipper to trim off the dead skin tag on top. The common misconception is that you actually cut the cuticle, however this is not the case. If youre interested in reading more about this, head over to Nail Pros Cuticle Guide for a full explanation of what the cuticle is.

Hot Baths Or Showers Can Cause Gel Polish To Lift

Iced Cappuccino Shellac Nail Polish

A gel manicures worst enemy is hot water, says Rita, hence why soaking them is the most effective way to get them off. Long baths, showers, or time spent in a hot tub can cause lifting, so try your best to avoid these or keep them to a minimum and always wear rubber gloves when you do the dishes! Duly noted.

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Tips On Cnd Shellac Application

I also asked her some questions I often heard regarding CND Shellac application. To keep it short, Ill just post the answer below:

  • Its not uncommon to hear customers complain about her nails getting dry after using CND Shellac. Michele suggests to use CND Solar Oil every day to combat this problem. If Solar Oil is used often, there shouldnt be problem of dry or splitting nails.
  • Regarding nails that are not cured properly, check the bulbs. Perhaps one of the bulbs is out. Also on CND Shellac 36-watt UV lamp, you can press the Reset button to see how many hours left for the current bulbs. Also shake, shake shellac coats or polish to make sure the ingredients mix well.
  • Her choice for French Manicure is Cream Puff or Studio White for the white tip and Clearly Pink and Romantique for the pink. Heres her French Manicure with Studio White and Clearly Pink.
  • Using less than 99% Alcohol wont show the full shine of Shellac. Make sure when buying, you get only the 99% Alcohol.
  • For customers with weak or splitting nails who want to use Shellac nail polish, she advices to use Brisa Gel as a foundation before using Shellac. The purpose is to strengthen the nails before applying Shellac.

Finally, take a look at these photos on Shellac colors and products that were used.

I noticed using pump bottles like these make application process less messy and easier.

That pretty red nail is Red Baroness. Two coats with a Top Coat.

Shop Our Extensive Collection Of Cnd Shellac Uv Gel Polishes

Looking for the best of CND Shellac? Buy online and get wholesale pricing on todays top CND Shellac colours.

When you want CND gel nail polish, bulk is the way to go. Get a manicure or pedicure that just wont quit with CND Shellac nail polish that offers 14+ days of chip-free nail colour wear. Their patent pending UV3 tech polishes combine monomer, polymer, and solvents to create shellac nail colours that harden fast and set for longer than traditional UV gel polishes. The result is a perfect manicure or pedicure that is sure to outshine and outlast the competition.

We offer one of the biggest CND colour collections online, so browse our CND polishes today and find exactly what youre looking for. In addition, we also offer a carefully curated selection of CND skin careproducts, including hydrating lotions, intensive treatments, and cuticle oils. All products seen are strictly original and 100% genuine, we do not sell or endorse knock-off counterfeits and falsely branded goods.

If youre looking for the best, you cant go wrong with CND. Try our CND products formanicures and pedicures and get a great look that lasts.

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  • Lynn, MA 01902 USA
  • Please Call Between the Hours of
  • 10 AM 6 PM EST

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What Are Pros And Cons Of Shellac Nails

The biggest advantage of the Shellac mani includes a long-lasting effect. If you ask us, How long do Shellac nails last? well probably surprise you with the answer up to 14 days! In that case, you may also be wondering, How long can I leave Shellac on my nails? And here comes another answer to surprise you up to three weeks, depending on the speed your nails usually grow. We do not recommend wearing the same coating longer than this period. The thing is that the longer you have Shellac on, the longer it will take your nail tech to remove it, as it does not stop hardening as you wear it.

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Home Vs Salon: Can I Do A Shellac Polish At Home

Tutorial: Shellac Nail Polish (CND)

You can buy gel polishes and have a go doing them at home. Wed caution against this because gel isnt easy to get right, and if you get it wrong, you have to go through the harsh removal process.

You cant have a go with shellac at home. The official CND Shellac treatment is in-salon only. However, at Secret Spa we bring the salon to you. As such, you may not be able to do the treatment yourself and why would you want to when we can pamper you?! but you can have it done by a professional in the comfort of your own home.

Its also all too easy to damage your cuticles and the skin surrounding them, by trying to remove shellac or gel nails on your own. We really do recommend having a professional nail technician do this, especially as it is so low cost. Take care of your nails between treatments too.

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The Five Donts Of Shellac Removal

  • While you can get your shellac manicure removed at the salon, you dont have to.
  • You can buy special shellac remover wraps, but you dont need them.
  • The acetone should loosen the shellac so it can be gently pushed off of the nail you dont need to scrape or file or otherwise mistreat your nails to remove it.
  • Dont neglect the nail conditioner. The shellac polish itself protects your nails while it is on, but the acetone can dry them a bit.
  • Dont be too sad to take that gorgeous polish off. It just means you get to pick another stunning colour for your nails.

You may have been wondering how do you get shellac off your nails, and hopefully you are encouraged to learn how simple and easy the process of removing shellac nail polish really is. Take the time to gather exactly what you will need so you arent searching for something part way through it. Even if you arent at the salon for your shellac removal, theres no reason not to indulge yourself. Put on some good music, make yourself a nice cuppa and relax. Invite a friend over and make it sociable. Just remember to always love your nails and treat them kindly!

Now you have removed your shellac gel nail polish, its time to start choosing your next shellac colour.

Dont Skimp On Correct Shellac Removal

In terms of damage prevention, be cautious that your nail technician doesnt cause any unnecessary harm to your nail bed both before and after application. A correct application will NEVER buff the natural nail! warns Marian. It isnt necessary and is key to the success of a true CND Shellac application.

She adds, The correct UV lamp is also key for a proper cure of the product. For removal, it should be very fast and, most important of all, no tool should be used after the wrap has been removed. If any tool is used to remove any remaining product then there is a very high incidence of damage. This is the most common cause of nail damage there is no need for this! If any product is still on the nail, then a cotton pad soaked in remover should be used just like polish removal.

If you have had a bad Shellac experience though, dont despair. A restorative oil provides the most useful of helping hands. If there has been a bad removal, then SolarOil will be the very best remedy, advises Marian. But there is no need for any damage if a good nail pro applies it and it is removed properly.

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Knowing When To Remove Your Nail Extensions

Best practice is to get infills to your extensions every two weeks, but they can last up to a month. It is at this point though that either an infill or removal becomes essential. That being said, this only applies if your nails continue to look healthy with no lifting. If your nails do start to chip or lift within those 4 weeks, it is advisable to remove them immediately. If your nails begin to lift either from the bottom, sides or even from the top between your natural nail and the extension, its time for them to go. This lifting allows moisture and water to creep in between the nail and extension, and it can result in infection.


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