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How To Apply Nail Powder Dip

What Came First: Acrylic Or Dipping Powder


Modern acrylic nails were invented in the late 1970s, much earlier than dip nail powder. Oddly enough, dentistry had a lot to do with the invention of acrylic powder. Dentists used a similar powder concoction to fix their patients teeth, so it wasnt much of a surprise when a dentist patented the first ever acrylic nail system brand, Patti Nails.

Will Dip Nail Powder Damage My Nails

This is a common worry and misconceptions about acrylic powder and dip nails. The substances you apply to your nails do not damage the nail bed. What damages your nails is how strong a hold the glue or monomer has on your nail. The process of removing these strong, long lasting nails is what damages your nails. You can reduce nail damage by minimizing excess buffing and using safer method of removal such as warm water over acetone. Try to only use one nail set of dip powder a month and be safe and methodical when removing your nail color. If you need more help removing your nail powder, check our our tutorial on removing dip nails safely.

How To Apply Chunky Glitter Dip Nail Powder

Have you ever seen a photo of somewhere wearing these gorgeous, glittery dip nails and wondered how the heck they manage to apply it? Well, youre in the right place! Were going to teach you step by step on how to apply chunky glitter dip nails with a few tips and tricks along the way. Well also show you a couple different methods you can use to apply your chunky glitter. Pick your favorite!

Applying chunky glitter with the dip method is an advanced technique. Its not as simple as applying your base, dipping your finger in the jar, and then calling it a day. Youll need some proper maneuvering and a few extra tools to get that glittery look youre after.

We partnered with Youtuber to get you guys these nice photos as she shared with us some of her tips and tricks!

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Apply Base & Bond Dip System Liquid

Of course, we recommend using our own Fairy Glamor Base & Bond as our powder is a bit different from other brands . Most dip systems have two separate liquids, Base, and Bond, but we created a new product that does both to speed up the application process.

Apply Base & Bond directly to your nail, leaving a small 3mm space AWAY from your cuticles. This is usually where people new to dip powder mess up. If you apply the glue-like liquid too close to your skin or cuticles, the powder will bubble-up too high and end up looking messy. Remember, dip powder is much thicker than normal polish. If you want a smooth finish you need to chant smooth 5 times out-loud and spin in a circle 3 times.

Why Is It Gaining Popularity

How To Apply Dip Powder on Natural Nails

Some people may think that all the regular messy nail polish applications are all over. The struggles of having lacquer spilled all over your hands and risks of deformities are common to women who want their nails taken care of regularly.

Basically, the nail dipping powder system offered everyone a better way of making their nails appear pretty as usual. The satisfaction of seeing nails being dipped and garnering a beautiful result has also attracted a lot of customers and social media users, this also made them curious since not all salons and nail shops offer this type of service.

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Tips For A Perfect Dip Powder Manicure

Brand leaders and top nail techs share insider secrets on how to achieve the perfect dip powder manicure.

Brand leaders and top nail techs share insider secrets on how to achieve the perfect dip powder manicure.

1. Water, Water, Nowhere: Sanitize your clients hands by cleaning them with a lint-free wipe, and avoid washing during the service. Dip systems dont interact well with water, as it can result in excessively long dry times or uneven shine. Hoang Lefty, educator, SuperNail

2. Safety First: Because dipping powder tends to be far finer than acrylic, plunging in can create airborne dust. I cover my workstation with a damp towel to eliminate some of those particles. Keeping both clients and techs healthy is most important. Tommy Phan, educational consultant, EzFlow

3. Oil-Free: The Way to Be: For a long-lasting dip powder mani, you must first rid the nail plate of oil. Create a rough surface, and remove the natural shine with a medium-grit file. Then, apply a bonder or dehydrator. Clarissa Leon, marketing director, Kiara Sky

4. Shake, Rattle and Roll: Dip powders tend to separate over time. To avoid dreaded blotchy color, shake and roll the jars before use. Storing them upside down can also help when you flip them over, gravity naturally mixes the contents. Hellen Luu, educator manager, Bio Seaweed Gel

What’s This Going To Cost Me

All told, you’ll end up with somewhere between $50 and $70 – not much more than a single manicure at the salon. And you’ll be able to give yourself quite a few manicures before you need to restock anything. Once you’ve purchased your initial products and you want to try a new color, you only need to buy the dipping powder .

Of course, we frequently run sales and promotions, so if you’ve got a keen eye for bargains, watch for those and you may be able to save quite a bit.

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How Do You Apply Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails typically follow a simple step by step process. You start by applying your base liquid like you would a nail polish , and then dip your finger in the powder. The powder bonds to the glue and hardens into even color. Brush off any excess powder that didnt harden. Then apply activator liquid. Activator hardens the powder and helps quickly dry it out for the next coat. Wait a few seconds between each step. Once activator dries you can choose any top-coat youd like to go over your dip nails, whether it be gel or matte. For a much more detailed tutorial you can follow our dip nail powder tutorial.

Using A Toothpick To Adjust Your Chunky Glitter Dip Nails

How to Apply Dip Powder with Nail Tips | Step by Step

This is where your toothpick or pointy tool comes into play.

Between each chunky glitter application, you need to use your pointed tool to either push the extended glitter onto your nail while the base liquid if still wet or take the piece off entirely. Theres really no way around it. You must do this FAST otherwise your base liquid will dry and then the glitters arent easily movable. You can also try using miniature nail scissors to cut away any extended glitter pieces if your base dried too fast.

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Easpobe Dip Powder Nail Starter Set

Make your nails beautiful and shiny with the use of this 6 color nail starter set. This product is made with a fast-drying powder that can last for up to three weeks and can withstand cracking and chipping. It is also formulated without formaldehyde, touline, and DBP and does not need UV/LED light.

How Do I Remove Acrylic Dip Powder At Home

Im so impatient when it comes to removing any kind of nail polish or falsies.

I cant wait to get it off so I can go in with a beautiful new manicure!

The good news is, you can quickly and easily remove your powder dipped nails at home, but believe me it does take patience!

I learned the patience lesson the hard way.

Experiencing chips, splits, cracks and having to do the removal process all over again have made me appreciate the necessity of a thorough and gentle removal process.

So heres what I do now to ensure that I dont completely ruin my natural nails!

Scroll down a bit and youll see 2 techniques for removal, so choose whichever one works best for you.

All you need is some pure acetone and some cotton balls .

You can do either the bowl method or the foil method:

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Saviland Dip Powder Nail Set

This unique product gives a new experience with its exciting feature. It has 10 different colors of glow-in-the-dark powder that can be easily applied to a wide variety of nails. Despite what you might think about the glow, this product is made with a non-toxic formula, so it does not harm the nail beds and it does not need UV/LED light.

Choose Your Application Method

How To Do Dip Powder Nail Application

There are multiple options you can choose from to apply your chunky dip nails. Were going to explain each option and try to help you narrow down the one thats best for you.

Option 1. The Standard Dip Method.

This method is for those that dont like changing their routine and are using short nail tips that will fit into the jar. You just apply your base liquid and dip your finger into the jar. Hey, I get it! This is the method that I choose to do. However, you cant expect to apply your dip powder the same as you would a powder without large glitters.

Standard dip instructions: When youre applying chunky glitter by dipping your finger straight into the jar, you need to apply a very generous amount of your base liquid to the nail. You cannot apply a thin layer, or the chunky glitters will NOT stick. With this method you can expect to only need to dip twice to fully cover your nail with glitter. Make sure to use a generous amount of activator liquid between each dipwhen youre using a thick layer of base, some of it can squeeze through the glitters to the top layer and you want to make sure it gets cured.

Option 2. The Cupcake Liner Method.

Cupcake Liner Instructions: Fill your cupcake liner up with at least a centimeter of glitter in depth . The trick it to apply your base liquid and then press your nail upside down into the powder. The extra force from pressing the nail directly into the powder helps the chunky glitters stick firmly.

Option 3. The Spoon Method.

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Step #: Apply Base & Dip Into Clear Powder

Next, grab your Base, and apply it to 3/4ths of the nail. When applying the Base, you always want to make sure that you are applying a thin, even layer so that the application is nice and smooth.

Dip the nail into Natural Dip Powder that comes with your Dip Kit! The Natural powder is important for building up the strength of the nail. Be sure to dip the nail into the powder a 45-degree angle and then brush off the excess powder with our Dip Powder Dust Brush. Using a soft, fluffy brush to remove the excess powder after every dip will help you to apply these thin and even layers to build up your flawless nail look!

The Videos Tutorial Helps You Get Started Quickly:


1.Sanitize hands. File and shape nails as desired. Push back the cuticles.

2. Apply a layer of Base Coat.

3. Dip into Clear powder, tap the excess powder.

4. Apply a layer of Base Coat.

5. Dip into desired color powder, tap the excess powder.

6. Repeat steps 4 to 5.

7. Apply a layer of Activator. Wipe down with a dry lint-free cloth.

8. Apply Top Coat with quick thin strokes, allowing Top Coat to air dry.

9. Apply Top Coat again for nails shinier, air drying for 2mins.


1.Sanitize hands. File and shape nails as desired. Push back the cuticles. Apply Primer to balance the PH of the natural nail and enhance the nail surface adhesion.

2. Apply a layer of Base Coat.

3. Dip nail tip into the Pure white powder gently, getting desired smile line.

4. Dip entire nail into desired color powder, tap the excess powder.

5. Repeat steps 2 to 4.

6. Apply a layer of Base Coat.

7. Dip into Clear powder, tap the excess powder.

8. Apply a layer of Activator.

9. File and shape the nail, Wipe down with a lint-free cloth.

10. Apply Top Coat with quick thin strokes, allowing the top coat air dry.

11. Apply the second layer of Top Coat for nails shinier, air drying for 2mins.

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Powder Dip Nail To Shine Brighter

Powder dip nails look chic but you need to choose the right supplies to design your nails. There are hundreds of nail dipping powder kit but all of them dont produce the expected output nor the removal process is healthy while removing them.

You can use Kiara sky dipping powder in this case. This is well known and recommended dipping powder by most of the nail techs. Youll shine brighter if you use quality powder at the time of doing powder dip nails. Lets see what could be the designs in this regard.

What Color Options Are Available For Dip Powder Nails

How To Apply Dip Powder on Natural Nails | Step by Step

Dip nail powder comes in an infinite number of colors, finishes, and textures because of how its made. Different glitter shapes, sizes, and textures can also be added. Special dipping powders like chrome, holographic, color changing, and glow in the dark are also available. Theres a large variety of fun options to choose from. You can even mix two different dip powder colors to create an entirely new color. Its popular to mix two different glitter colors to create a wild new powder.

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What Is A Nail Dipping Powder System

A nail dipping powder system is a set-up where nails are designed when the nails are dipped into a jar filled with powder of a chosen color. Unlike gel polish, there is no need for UV light which risks the nails for cancer cells or other skin concerns. This also has less danger to the fragility of the nails compared to the liquid lacquer.

However, for starters, it is still important to have the presence of manicurists to ensure that the process is followed properly. Each layer of powder is set with a coat and an overall top coat which makes it last for three weeks up to a month. This has been all over social media especially Instagram, where it is advertised by influencers and beauty gurus.

How Long Do Acrylic Dip Nails Last

Powder dip nails should last around three weeks.

They can last longer than that if you look after them.

To make your powder dipped nails last longer, try using cuticle oil and topping up your sealant.

My top tips for longer lasting powder dip nails are

1.Dont use your nails as tools.

2. Steer clear of harsh cleaning chemicals.

3. Put gloves on when youre washing up or cleaning, otherwise you might not get the full 3 weeks!

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Step #: Apply Clear Dip Powder

Now you can proceed to your clear layer! The clear powder is extremely important to your dip application because it will protect your gorgeous color pigments when it is time to file the nail.

This step is completed using the Kiara Sky Dip Powder Recycling System. This Recycling System will help to prevent any cross-contamination of other colors with your clear powder.

Apply your Base to the entire nail once again, grab your clear powder, and gently pour it over the nail, allowing the excess to be collected by your Recycling System. You can then reuse the excess powder and use the scoop to pour over your next nail!

How To Apply Dip Powder Nails Without A Uv Light

Nail Dipping Powder Nail Art / Decoration System /Set (No ...

Most dip nail liquid systems use this method of application. It does not require a UV light to apply and is frequently referred to as the “dip top coat” application method. What many people don’t realize is that the base dip liquid step is the same exact liquid as a dip top coat. Our Fairy Glamor system does not have a dip top coat because you can use the dip base as a top coat if you do not want to use the UV method.

What you will need:

  • Base dip liquid or dip top coat
  • Activator
  • How to apply your dip top coat.

  • Apply dip base or top coat over your finished dip powder nails
  • Wait around 2-3 seconds and then apply activator over your dip base
  • Apply another layer of dip base or dip top
  • Apply activator to cure
  • Wipe your dip top coat with a paper towel between applications. This will prevent the activator from hardening the brush.
  • Which method is better, dip top coat or gel top coat for at home dip nails?

    Dip top coat and gel top coat both have their pros and cons. Gel top coats tend to be glossier and shinier than dip top coats and take less layers to look pretty. Dip top coats tend to take around 2-3 layers to get a glossy effect. However, dip tip coats are great if you are worried about exposing your skin to UV rays. Dip top coats also tend to stick better to dip powder, and last longer than gel top coats.

    Here is a quick overview of the tips we shared for the dip nail application process:

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    Modelones Dipping Nail Starter Kit

    With fun and cheery colors to brighten up your day, this nail kit will surely give you a lovable result. It can be used for both professional or home setting and suitable for all kinds of nails. It contains 6 colors of dip powder, a base, activator, and top gel along with two replacement brushes and a nail dust brush.


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