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How Do I Remove Gel Nails Myself

How Much Do Gel Manis Cost

I Tried Removing Gel Nail Polish at Home for the First Time | Nidhishree Singh

How much you’re going to pay for a gel mani really depends on where you live, but also what kind of look you want. Basic one-color gel manis start around $35 to $40, according to Duguay-Gordon. But if you want crazy celeb-level nail art, it could end up costing up to $100 or more and that’s not including the 20% tip.

How To Remove Permanent Nail Polish At Home

Gel polishes have gained great popularity in recent years and most women adore them. In many beauty salons, these products have almost completely replaced the classic nail polishes. Thanks to them, the effects of the manicure last for several weeks, and the color remains as intense as on the first day.

The current situation has forced us to change our habits. The least we can do now is to postpone visits to beauty salons for a while. However, nail growth cannot be stopped.

If you are also a fan of gel polish, you must have thought these days: how to remove my gel polish. To solve the problem of messy nail appearance, we present you with simple instructions for removing gel polish in a few steps. The whole procedure can take about half an hour, or longer, depending on your skills and the effectiveness of the products you use.

Do Gel Manis Damage Your Nails

Not when they’re done correctly! “Gel manicures are not bad for your nails when professionally done,” Duguay-Gordon says. “It can be damaging though, without proper nail prep, application and removal.” A common misconception is that gel manis damage your nails when in reality, the removal process is usually the most harmful.

Avoid picking the gel off yourself , and if you’re getting your nails done at the salon, be sure your nail technician isn’t filing, buffing them down, or using a drill.

Many people worry about getting gels because they fear their nails won’t be able to “breathe,” but Duguay-Gordon assures that nails don’t breath, as they’re dead to begin with. The whole idea is a myth, but it is kind of cute to imagine your little nails with micro-nostrils.

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Growing Your Nails Offers A Safe Alternative

Dr. Lipner says the best way to remove gel nail polish is to let your nails grow out. Clipping them once a week will remove the gel nail polish and help prevent the nails from catching on clothing and other objects. If you choose this option, you need to resist the urge to pick at your gel nail polish. Picking and scraping off the polish can damage your nails.

Letting your nails grow is a slow process. Dr. Lipner says, It takes about six months to grow out your fingernails. Toenails need 12 to 18 months to grow out.

To properly trim your nails, follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists: How to trim your nails.

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Gently Scrape Away Acrylic

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

Unwrap and work on one nail at a time, so the other nails remain wrapped as long as possible. After unwrapping, check to make sure the acrylic has a soft and gummy consistency, says McCullough. If it does, take a wooden stick cuticle pusher and gently scrape off the softened acrylic, working from the area closest to the cuticle outward toward the tip of the nail. If the acrylic isnt coming off easily, dont pry it. Instead, stop, place the acetone-soaked cotton back on the nail, then re-wrap the nail for a few more minutes.

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Wrap Each Nail In Foil

Douse cotton balls in 100 percent acetone and place one on each nail. According to Allure, the cotton balls hold more remover than pads and better fit the nail shape to make removing gel polish go faster. Then wrap each finger in a three-inch square of foil. This will hold the acetone-soaked cotton on the nail and keep the solution from evaporating, Soon explains.

Secure The Cotton With Aluminum Foil

To hold the cotton or cotton ball in place, grab a roll of tin foil straight from the kitchen or pre-cut squares like these ones from ForPro . Cut into small squares and wrap each finger to secure the cotton ball in place. If you dont feel coordinated to use the foil method Poole also suggests gel removal clip caps

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Is It Safe To Remove Gel Nails Without Acetone

If you remove gel nails without acetone, you risk damaging your natural nails, so proceed with caution. Its preferable to remove your nails with acetone, either at home or at a salon. However, acetone may also be harmful to your nails. Because acetone is such a powerful chemical, it will severely dry your nails and skin. You may now employ other removal procedures without acetone, which are happily available.

Give Your Nails A Break

How to Remove Gel /Acrylic Nails At Home Without Breakage

Though it may be tempting to re-up your manicure right away, most manicurists recommend that you wait at least a few days before reapplying.

Is it possible to remove dip nails without using the harsh chemical acetone? You bet your acetone, you can.

You have a few other options to kick that polish to the curb, including:

  • white vinegar
  • alcohol
  • baking soda and toothpaste

White vinegar and alcohol make solid subs for acetone. You can follow the steps like theyre outlined above to remove your dip nails, just replace acetone in equal parts with either chemical.

To use baking soda and toothpaste, mix the two in a small bowl and cover your nails with the mixture. Allow them to sit for 15 to 20 minutes before rubbing the dip powder polish off of your nails.

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How Long Should You Keep Gel Nails On

A normal gel manicure usually lasts around 2 to 3 weeks. However if you have prepared correctly, and looked after your hands and nails, it can last a lot longer. If youre a bit more tough on your nails, e.g. exposure to lots of cleaning products, it can effect the longevity of your manicure. The main reason to switch up your manicure after 2-3 weeks is due to nail growth. As your nails grow out, your gel polish will grow out with it. At Mylee we love switching up our nails often and trying out new shades and designs!

Make It Easier To Remove

If you want to make it easier to remove your gel nail polish, here are a few tips:

  • Resist the urge to peel off the polish. While it might seem like a safe alternative to using acetone, it can actually cause more damage in the long term. Repeatedly peeling off manicures can cause onycholysis, a common nail condition caused by the nail lifting away from the nail bed.
  • File your nails before soaking them. It doesnt seem like it will make a difference, but it can require more soaking and scraping if you skip this step.
  • Try using a different brand of gel polish. Certain brands are easier to remove than others, but that typically means they may not last as long. Ask your nail technician for their recommendations on the easiest brands to remove.

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Soak Cottonballs In Nail Polish Remover

While acetone-free nail polish removers may work fine for regular polish, you should probably stick to the strong stuff when removing gel manicures. “I highly recommend an acetone-based remover because it will break down the product quicker,” says Nunez.

Fill a small dish with nail polish remover and soak 10 cotton balls . Cotton balls are also smaller and better fit your nail, which means less harsh acetone on your cuticles.

Loosen Up The Top Layer With A Coarse Nail File

The Right Way on How to Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home ...

The gel topcoat is a tough nearly impermeable layer that seals the color in placethats why gel manicures are able to last for weeks instead of days. Scratching the surface with a coarse nail file will help the acetone to penetrate without a hitch. When filing, apply a light and parallel pressure, Yankee says, which will help you avoid scratching the nail plate underneath.

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Wash Up And Moisturize

After you finish soaking in acetone, you want to make sure that you wash thoroughly, Yankee says. She also suggests putting on another coat of cuticle oil. If you want to get a little fancier than petroleum jelly this time, try the highly rated favorite Maccibelle Cuticle Oil , which comes in three different scents: milk and honey, pomegranate, and tea treelavender.

Yankee also suggests keeping the habit up for a few days just to replenish the moisture in your nails, since acetone can be so harsh.

& : Soak It Off & Wrap It Up

There are two ways you can do this next part.

The first option is to pour acetone into a small dish and soak your fingers in the acetone for 10-15 minutes. To make the process even faster, we recommend placing your small dish of acetone into a bigger bowl with warm water. Warming up the acetone will allow it to penetrate the product faster and make your removal process much easier.

The second option is to soak your cotton balls in the acetone instead. One by one, place an acetone-soaked cotton ball on top of your nail. Grab a small piece of foil and wrap it around your fingertip to secure the cotton ball to your nail. Gently press the foil, so it forms to your fingertip. Allow your nails to soak for 10-15 minutes.

Pro Tip: Cut your foil during the prep phase, and use plain, non-moisturizing cotton balls

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What’s The Difference Between Gels & Acrylics

First things first, lets brush up your nail vocab.

Perfect for a natural-looking manicure, gel nails are achieved in three simple steps. A base coat, a polish colour and a top coat. In-between each stage, the gel is cured under an LED or UV lamp , to leave you with firm, non-sticky nails that shine. Gel nails tend to last around two weeks before they start to lift or chip, and only take half an hour to apply.

What about acrylics? Warning: things are about to get a little technical. For acrylic nails, monomer liquid and polymer powder are combined to create a paste-like formula. This formula is then placed over a cured acrylic extension and left to set. After shaping and buffing, the acrylics are normally painted with a polish of your choice. They tend to last up to four weeks and are perfect for those who want to add length to their nails.

Filing Off The Nail Gels

How To Safely Remove Gel Nail Polish + At-Home Regular Manicure Tutorial
  • 1Trim your nails. Use a nail clipper to clip off the part of the nail that extends past your finger. Trim them as short as possible. If they are too thick to cut with a nail clipper, use a course file to file them down.
  • 2File down the surface of the nails. Use a coarse-grit file between 150 and 180 grit. File gently and in crosshatches to keep the work even, moving the file to different areas so that you dont feel a burning sensation in one place.XResearch source
  • The filing process might take a long time. Resist the urge to work quickly or unevenly, which can damage the natural nail underneath.
  • Wipe dust away frequently. This will allow you to clearly see how much more gel there is to go before you hit natural nail.
  • 3Look for signs that you are close to the natural nail. You don’t want to keep filing once you get down to the natural nail, since you could damage it. Signs that you’re close to the natural nail include the following:
  • A big reduction in dust that is produced from filing the gel.
  • Visibility of the natural ridges in your nails.
  • 4File the remaining gel with a finer-grit file. Work slowly and gently to make sure you don’t file the surface of your natural nail. Though damage is hard to avoid when working with regular gel nails, working gently will minimize it. Continue until the gels have been completely filed away.XResearch source
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    Are The Uv Lights Dangerous

    “Those purple-colored lights that help your nails dry are actually UV lights,” explains Miss Pop. “Conventional wisdom says unnecessary exposure to UV rays is bad for you, but they have been part of salon services forever.”

    Luckily, there have been huge improvements in gel technology, and many brands have converted to LED curing, which doesn’t have the side effects UV rays have on your skin.

    SUNUV SUNUV SUN2C 48W LED UV nail Lamp with 4 Timer Setting,Senor For Gel Nails and Toe Nail Curing

    Ask your salon for that option. If you love your UV lamp for drying, put sunscreen on your hands before just in case.

    Wait Wait Waitnow You Can Take It Off

    This depends on how long you’ve had the gel polish on , but it takes at least 15 to 20 minutes. Speaking from personal experience, we’d recommend closer to 25 or 30 minutes to be safe. Once those tin-foil claws come off, you really don’t want to put them back on.

    As you’re taking off each aluminum-foil wrap, apply pressure and rub it back and forth like you would if trying to take off regular polish. If there is still polish left on any nail beds, use a wooden nail stick or a nail file to loosen and remove the remaining gel polish. Soaking should have softened the grip, which means this should not risk stripping your nail bed.

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    Wrap Your Fingertips In Aluminum Foil

    This is a common practice used at the nail salon when you’re getting gel polish removed, and it makes a huge difference. Before soaking the cotton balls, cut a sheet of aluminum foil into handy little squares and wrap each square around your fingertip with the acetone-soaked cotton ball pressed firmly onto the polished nail bed.

    Trust us: This is much easier when helped by a friend. Things start to get dicey after you’ve wrapped a few fingertips, even harder after seven or eight. It’s doable alone, but takes longer and triggers bouts of acetone-induced anger. Wrap until all 10 fingertips are secured, looking like tin-foil claws. Now we wait.

    How To Remove Gel Polish From Acrylic Nails

    Gel Nails At Home Step by Step

    There are three effective methods of changing the gel polish on your acrylic nails, namely:

    • Using the nail file method
    • Acetone or non-acetone based nail polish remover and aluminum foils
    • The hot water method

    Each method above is as effective as the next. The major differences are the procedure and how long itll take to remove the gel polish on your acrylic nails.

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    How To Remove Gel Nails Or Why You Shouldnt Remove Them At Home

    First, theyre sweet, then theyre sour.

    This is a typical attitude that many clients have regarding gel nail polish. They love the shiny, long-lasting look, but hate the damage that gels can cause to their nails. What you may not know is that gel polish is not the culprit here. So who or what is to blame? Is gel nail polish safe? Chances are, its the removal process. But fear not, there is light at the end of this dry, damaged tunnel.

    As clients, we place our trust in nail technicians to provide us with a service that we cannot perform ourselves. Unfortunately, some nail techs take advantage of the fact that clients dont know how to perform that service properly, and the result is a speedy gel removal session that leaves their nails dry, brittle, and much worse off than they started. This type of quick-turnaround service has led to the myth that gel nails are harmful.

    Now you find yourself playing the game of wondering how to remove gel nail polish and end up with healthy nails. As a client, the best thing you can do is educate yourself as much as you can about the removal process. Its a process so easy, you could do it at home. Should you? Probably not.

  • 1. File off the top coat .

  • 2. Take a piece of cotton soaked in pure acetone and place it over the nail.

  • 3. Wrap the nail in aluminum foil.

  • 4. Soak for 11-13 minutes .

    The polish you removed should look like this:

  • Is It Worth Doing Gel Nails At Home

    While at home, maintaining a regular manicure routine helps keep your nails healthy and strong. This could be the best opportunity to learn and become skilled at DIY gel nail polishing.

    Doing gel nails at home is indeed beneficial in the following ways:

    • Its cost-effective. When doing gel nails at home, you only need to worry about the cost of buying products and equipment rather than the additional service cost.
    • Its time-saving. At-home gel manicures don’t require you to have to travel to the salon, saving you time spent on commuting.
    • You get to be creative. Coming up with unique gel nail polish styles allows you to experiment with color and design ideas to develop personalized nail art youve always wanted to try.
    • Its resourceful. Typically, each gel nail polish bottle can last you 20-30 manicures. Our S& L gel nail polishes contains more volume than the average gel polish bottle. They last really long.
    • It’s healthier. Nail salons rush to remove the gel nail polish on your nails without adequate time for them to soak. If you DIY at home, you can soak the gel polish off more patiently so your nails won’t damage.

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