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How To Do Dip Nails Yourself

What If You Are Worried About Acetone


You can shop around to find if a product line allows you to remove the treatment with regular nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol or even distilled vinegar . Alternately, you may find that using a slow drying nail polish can allow you to soften the coating and then rub away most of the treatment.

Do keep in mind that the longer you have worn a single treatment, the longer the soak required to remove it. As one expert said, The longer you leave on the polishthe more difficult it will be take off. It may be 15 minutes if you take them off the same day, but if you wait two weeks or four weeks, it could take 30 minutes.

Dip Nails Vs Gel: Whats The Difference

Dip nails and gel nails are done completely differently.

Gel nails are painted then hardened using a lamp, while dip nails are painted, dipped, and then harden on their own. No light is used.

Both dip nails and gel nails will last about 2-3 weeks, depending on your nail growth.

One huge difference for me is that gel nails tend to crack or chip after 2 weeks, while dip nails are incredibly strong and thick. Theyll last as long as you want and you wont need to get them redone until your nails grow out.

The reason I choose dip nails over gel nails is because dip nails are so strong. My natural nails tend to break very quickly , but dip nail polish is so strong that it allows my nails to grow without breaking.

As long as I take the dip powder off and do my nails again immediately, they have a clear chance to grow. I have honestly never had nails this long that are 100% natural!

While my nails were growing out, I asked my nail technician to use gel tips. These tips sit on the very edge of the nail and create the exact length that you want. They fall off easily with gel nails, but dip nails are strong and protect the gel tips from breaking.

Once your nails are the appropriate length, you can stop using gel tips and can work with your own nails.

Dip nails and gel nails are removed in the same way, using a bit of acetone and tinfoil or nail clips. The removal process takes about 15-20 minutes, but your nails will still be in good shape if its done correctly.

Apply The Darker Color

At this point, you will be ready to start applying the darker powder color to the nail. Make sure that you have a fluffy brush to apply the powder. Something similar to an eyeshadow brush will work best. Add a layer of bond again, starting from the middle and brushing out to the tip. Use the brush to dab the darker powder onto the tip of the nail. As you dab the powder on, let the tip darken, then fade it in as it gets closer to the middle of the nail. If you want more coverage over your nails, you can repeat steps 4 and 5 until you achieve your desired look.

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You Are Over Buffing Your Dip Powder

After youve applied your dip coats, its a good idea to buff the top of your nails to even out the powder if it isnt smooth enough. However, if you buff too roughly, this can later cause your nails to crack. Do not over-buff the top of your powder. Only buff to smooth out any lumps or bumpy areas.

Step #: Apply Top Coat

Cute ombre french dip manicure with glitter nails and ...

Finally, apply your #5 Dip Top Coat that comes in your Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit in quick, thin strokes and allow to dry! Apply a second layer of Top Coat and allow two minutes to dry. Before returning your Top Coat brush to its original bottle, wipe it clean with a lint-free wipe to make sure you’re keeping it free of debris and avoiding contaminating your glazes.

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Double Dip Start Powder Nail Kit

The Double Dip Starter Nail kit is an excellent kit for beginners. The kit includes seven different colors and contains the polishes you need to make your nails look perfect.

With every order, they include a starter kit that contains essential items you will need to speed up the nail process, including brushes, nail files, brush cleaner, and nail polish remover.

How Much Money Will You Save By Doing Your Own Nails

I used to invest in getting my nails done because I do believe a well-manicured nail positively impacts my life, both in my career and my first impressions with people.

When I have my nails done, I feel more put together when they look flawless and I feel better about myself. I find that even when Im in yoga pants at the gym covered in sweat, having a shiny beautiful nail makes me feel feminine and sexy.

Plus, I work for a Fortune 500 company and meet with global organizations on a daily basis so I need to look professional.

Therefore, a beautiful nail is a MUST in my life.

However, getting your nails done every three weeks can get expensive quickly. I had gotten them done for years at nail salons, until I calculated how much I was spending.

I was spending $65 every three weeks on getting my nails done.

I realized I was spending $1,000 per year just on my nails. That amounts to over $5,000 over the last 5 years just for my fingernails!

Not to mention, I was spending another $55 every 3 weeks to get my toes done! All together, I was spending over $2,000 a year on toes and finger nails, which amounts to over $10,000 over the last 5 years!!

HOLY SMOKES!!! Thats ridiculous. I could buy a car for that! There must be another way! I wanted to invest that money in the stock market so it could earn interest over the years and make me money, instead of going down the drain.

I decided I needed to take it in-house and do my nails at home to save money. How hard could it be?

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You Are Applying Dip Powder Too Close To Your Skin

This may seem obvious, but if even a small portion of your powder overlaps the skin or presses against your skin, it can cause cracking. When you move around and use your hands on a daily basis, even a small amount of pressure from your powder pressing against the skin can cause damage. Make sure to apply your base and bond around 2mm away from the skin to prevent the powder from touching.

Step 5 // Repeat Two More Times


Apply a second thin, even coat of Base Gel #2 to one nail. The nail will have a wet look wherever the Gel Base is applied. Repeat the process of dipping in the powder and tap off the extra powder. Continue across all nails, then brush off the excess.

Repeat one more time, for three thin, even powder coats. You should notice the color has become more even and opaque.

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Ch Nail Dip Powder Kit

The CH Nail Dip Powder Kit allows you to create beautiful nails in a short amount of time. The dry time is a total of 30 seconds, which on average can cut down the time it takes you to finish your nails by 25%.

The kit includes two color variations. You can either choose purple and pink colors or neutral colors for your dip kit. This kits price is very inexpensive, which allows you to try out dip nails without making a huge commitment.

Why Are My Dip Nails Cracking

Did you get a beautiful manicure done, only to have it crack a few days later? Cracking dip nail color is one of the most common dip complaints we see. Luckily, its also extremely easy to fixwhether you are using too many dip coats, not using activator correctly, or other problems. Try our 5 fixes below to narrow down your cracking issue and get back to dipping!

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Soak Nails In Acetone

Prep: Apply an itsy-bitsy layer of petroleum jelly to each nail cuticle to help protect your skin from the acetone.

There are two ways to do an acetone soak:

  • Dunk your nails in a bowl of acetone.
  • Wrap each fingernail in an acetone-soaked cotton ball. Cover your nails with foil, baked potato style, or use a plastic food baggie.
  • Allow your nails to soak for about 10 minutes.

    Pro tip: Remember that acetone can damage surfaces, so protect your work area with a towel.

    How To Do Dip Nails At The Salon

    How to Do French Ombré Dip Nails

    If youre getting dip nails at the salon, expect the process to take about an hour.

    Youll want to be very specific with your nail technician about:

    • The color you want
    • The shape you want
    • The length you want
    • The shine you want

    The more specific you can be, the better! I also recommend looking at Google reviews ahead of time.

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    What Is The Difference Between Gel And Dip Powder Nails

    Gel and Dip Powder nails are very different from each other. Dip Powder Nails are applied by dipping your fingernails in powder. Dip Powder nails are perfect for short nails and long nails.

    These nails need to be redone every two to three weeks and are more susceptible to water or household cleaners. This means if you are interacting with liquids consistently, dip powder nails may not last as long.

    Gel Nails are applied using a brush dipped in liquid and then dipped in powder to create a beautiful and healthy nail. Gel nails are cured using UV light. The UV light creates a strong coating to ensure your nails stay perfect for a longer period of time.

    Gel nails are generally thicker and tend to fare better on longer nails. However, gel nails are more flexible and can be left on for three to four weeks. Gel nails are the better option if you must clean or interact with liquids frequently.

    Benefits Of Dip Nails

    Dip nails offer the best of two worlds: theyre as durable as acrylics and as natural looking as gels. Heres why people fall for dip powder nails:

    • Longer lasting. Most folks report these will last about a month with normal wear.
    • Gentle. Its relatively gentle on your natural nails compared to acrylic nails.
    • DIY friendly. This is an easy nail option to do at home.
    • Lots of color options. You can find plenty of colors for dip powder online.

    No wonder why theres an influx of Instagram dip nail appreciation posts.

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    You Are Not Waiting Long Enough Between Dip Coats

    Most of the time you will need to apply more than one dip coat to full cover the nail . However, if you apply your dip colors too quickly, the color will not dry or set properly and this will cause the powder to crack. Some dip powders are quick dry, like Fairy Glamor, but some are not. If you’re using a quick dry dip powder you should only need to wait around 5 seconds before dipping again. But if you are not using a quick dry brand you’ll need to wait a minute or two before applying another coat.

    When you apply a second coat of powder too quickly, it sits on top of the unfinished first layer that hasn’t set yet. This causes instability. Think about it like trying to build a road over mud–the mud will move under the pressure and the firm bridge will try to compensate, causing cracks.

    How Do You Remove Dip Powder Nails


    Just like gels or acrylics, removing a dip powder manicure requires more time and patience than swiping remover on a cotton ball. There’s no easy way to remove dip powder nails quickly, says Zuniga. We recommend using an electric file and soaking off the remaining product with acetone, i.e., similar to gel nail removal. Of course, the best way to remove them is to go back to your nail tech otherwise you risk damaging and weakening your nails. If you are planning on removing dip powder nails at home, though, look to our step-by-step dip nail removal guide to ensure the least damage possible.

    And no matter if you remove them at home or at the salon, you should try to give your nails some downtime in between to prevent them from breaking or becoming brittle. Zuniga’s advice? Invest in some good nail after-care products to rehydrate your nails and keep your cuticles moisturized. A few of our favorites include Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil and Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Strengthener.

    Leah Prinzivalli is a beauty writer in New York City. Follow her on Instagram.

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    You Can Also Remove With Clippers

    Invest in some nail polish remover clips to make the process easier . While many manicurists will admit that, ideally, you should really leave dip powder manicures to the professionals, but monthly trips to the nail salon can get expensive, and more and more companies are offering affordable at-home powder nail kits for novices and experts alike. Below, weve rounded up 14 of the best of them.

    If youre a glitter kind of galand really, who isntthen look no further. This dip powder nail kit includes 12 different bright and bold glittery hues, plus a nail file, buff brush and reusable tray for the powders.

    One More Clear Coat Then Activate

    Finally, youll dip one more clear coat , just like you did in step 2.

    Go over each nail one last time with the acrylic tool, double and triple checking that the cuticles are clean . Brush away any excess powder one last time.

    Then, use your step 2 on each nail. This isnt really a polish, more of a liquid, so go over everything well. It will dry almost like rubbing alcohol.

    Allow to dry for a minute or two, until surface of the nail is hard.

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    How To Do French Ombr Dip Nails

    Every girl obsessed with French ombré manicure which is also called French fade manicure or baby boomer nails, and this outstanding manicure can be applied using gel polish and I have talked about this easy way in the previous post How to Do French Ombre Nails with Gel Polish.

    But this time we will talk about French ombre dip powder nails tips for learning how to do ombre nails with dip powder step by step in simple and easy way, just keep reading and enjoy our French ombre dip nail art designs that we have cherry-picked to act as in inspiration for you.

    Dip Nails Vs Acrylic: Whats The Difference

    How to Do French Ombré Dip Nails

    If youre considering dip nails vs acrylic nails, I again recommend dip nails.

    Dip nails vs acrylic nails are super different from each other. Dip nails are done with a powder over your real nail, while acrylic nails are literally fake nails glued over your real nails.

    Many people like acrylic nails because they come out so perfect, but if dip nails are done well, theyll be nearly as perfect because theyre so thick.

    Acrylic nails tend to ruin your own nails. Dip nails, on the other hand, can help your nails grow because theyre a protective covering.

    If youre wondering how much dip nails cost, then you should know that acrylic nails cost way more . Both types last the same amount of time, which is until your nails grow out and you need to have them redone.

    Lastly, acrylic nails can be painful to remove and can only be done professionally. Dip nails are 100% painless if done correctly and can even be removed at home if you know what youre doing.

    If youre considering dip nails vs acrylic nails, I recommend dip nails any day of the week!

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    How To Apply Dip Powder Nails At Home In 10 Easy Steps

    Dip Powders are easy to apply at home without the costly tools, drills, and lamps used in salons. By using a series of glazes that are topped off with a Seal Protect and glossy Top Coat, you can achieve a glamorous at-home manicure with the classic look of professionally-applied acrylics, without the added weight or potential damage to your nail beds. The best part is, dip powder can be applied on both the natural nail or with an artificial tip!

    This post is your new step-by-step guide on how to achieve your own DIY Dip Powder manicure for both natural nails, as well as on your artificial nail tips!

    Don’t know where to begin or what products you should invest in for the perfect dip manicure? You can count on us! The Kiara Sky Dip Powder Color Starter Kit is an excellent option for those of you just beginning to use Dip Powder. We also have a French Dip System for classy Dip Powder french tip application that is just as easy to use!

    Our all-inclusive color dip powder professional nail kits come with everything you need to get started all in an easy-to-use packaging. Whether youre looking to create stunning dip designs or beautiful full coverage looks, weve got you covered!

    Each of the glazes in our Dip Kit systems are numbered on the side of each bottle to help remind you of the order to apply them in so you can get your dip application down to a science! Until then, follow this guide so that you first dip application goes as smoothly as possible.


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