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How To Do Nail Designs

Unique Pink Take On The Classic French Manicure

10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide #2!

French tips in a sparkly glitter pink make this a festive look for date night or Valentines Day. This nail art design is a gorgeous idea that can also be pulled off in any color scheme, whether you choose a glittery version of the same nail shade or get funky by mixing things up. This version of a French nail design takes this timeless trend and breathes new life into it.

D Black And Gold Checkered Nail Art


This bold black and gold nail art is gorgeous and will make you stand out from the crowd. It looks great on short nails as well and is low-maintenance. Its also simple to do.

What You Will Need

How To Recreate This 3D Black And Gold Checkered Nail Design?

  • Apply two coats of black nail polish for your base.
  • Apply a coat of clear polish.
  • While the clear polish is still wet, start placing the gold studs from the tip of your nail to form a checkered pattern.
  • For the thumb, add a bit of sparkle and glitter at the tip and stick a heart-shaped stud at the base.
  • Top it up with clear polish! BAM! Say hello to spunky nails.
  • White And Silver Striped Accent Nail Mani Tutorial

    This is one of the coolest nail tutorials I have seen lately because it is so easy and awesome looking. You need to find silver or colored nail tape but that can be ordered online or picked up at a drug or beauty supply store. Easy to apply, follow the step by step tutorial to learn how to get this look. You dont need to go to the salon to get the best manicure. Try this one at home and see for yourself. Use any nail polish color you want, too. Black is just as pretty as white, and gold works really well with it. Red and green could be pretty for the holidays, pretty much any color combo. Simple but gorgeous, the best kind of look.

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    D Daisies Summer Nail Art


    This cute nail art can be done in a few simple steps. The design is bright and goofy with a cherry red base and white studded flowers. If you like to keep your nails short, you can still pull off this floral nail art with elan.

    What You Will Need

    • Clear polish

    How To Recreate This 3D Daisies Summer Nail Art?

  • Start with the red base. Apply two coats of a cherry red nail polish. The Maybelline Color Show nail lacquer in the color Downtown Red is an ideal choice.
  • Using a thin nail art brush, make dots with white nail polish for the flowers and then fill them in. This is the easiest way to create those daisies.
  • Apply a coat of clear polish or use glue to stick the yellow rhinestones at the center.
  • Once its all good and dry, apply a layer of top coat.
  • Youre all set with your new daisy nails!

    Easy Nail Designs With Bow Ties

    Easy DIY Nail Art Design Ideas

    Get funky and play around with some unique nail art ideas. Why not create a tux and bow tie design for your prom to compliment your dress and make your nails the center of attention.

    • First, paint your nails with white nail polish.
    • Then use a pointed pen and draw the dots and the bow design. Finito!

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    Your Nail Design Questions Answered

    Many people are drawn to DIY easy nail designs because of how user-friendly they are, and you dont need any special skills to achieve them. Many of our readers express interest in easy nail designs but have a few questions before they get started. Here are some of the most popular questions weve received from our readers on easy nail designs:

    Color Block Nail Design With Shimmers:

    Colour block trend looks striking statement to your regular look. This involves the mixing of different vibrant colors. This enhances the vibrant style of your personality. Especially the soft shade of pink is the new trend. So the addition of the dusty rose color with white nail paint looks elegant and chic too. The golden shimmer instantly spices up the whole color blocking. This design creates a luxury appeal to the nails too. The almond-shaped nails are the perfect choice to go for this nail design.


    Follow these Steps to Make Nail Design:

    • Apply a base coat and wait until it dries.
    • Then apply the three nail paints creating edgy designs. Make sure they dont overlap
    • For precaution, you can add nails strips before apply another nail paint.

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    Be Your Own Manicurist

    Stepping out of the nail salon with a set of freshly painted nails can make you feel like a new person. There’s nothing like a little pampering and a fresh mani to make you feel like your best self. But it can get expensive fast, especially if you opt for some nail art.

    That’s why we rounded up 30 of our favorite simple and easy nail designs that you can do at home . We’re not nail artists by any means, but luckily with these looks, that doesn’t matter. Whether you want to rock a set of stars along your cuticles, a tonal gradient across all 10 fingers, simple glitter stripes, or a double French mani, you’re sure to find a look that you love. See all of our favorite easy nail art ideas to DIY below.

    Which Nail Design Did You Choose

    How to Do a Stripe Design with Tape | Nail Art Designs

    These easy nail designs are truly awesome and so simple to do. If you want to wear one of these cool, artistic nail designs then you can easily do it yourself from home. You can also let the amazing nail art printing machine do it too. I mean it is 2021 right!?

    So what are you waiting for? These DIY, easy nail designs are super achievable and can suit almost any outfit! With our beautiful selection of simple and easy nail designs to choose from, youll never have to visit a salon again.

    Let us know in the comments which nail design is your favorite, or show us your very own DIY nail art creations!

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    Rose Gold Tips Fit For A Queen

    Rose gold is no longer just for jewelry. This versatile design is effortlessly awesome in so many ways. Its simple enough for the office yet bold enough to add some spice and pizazz to your evening as well. Best of all rose gold is a universally flattering shade that works on every skin tone from the palest porcelain to the deepest ebony. Both rose gold nail designs, and glitter nails add a touch of whimsy sure to delight and impress. This eye-catching nail color is one of the most popular and sought-after new nail trends.

    What Is Nail Art

    Its getting more common to see the people around you with their nails done, some being extravagantly so. Nail art is the decorative appearance displayed on the nails of your hands and feet. In nail art, you use various tools such as different paints, brushes, and methods of obtaining extra details. Nail designs have been evolving over the millennia, leading us to the art pieces we see today. Nail art can range from being a single color to an entirely themed piece of art.

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    How To Do Nail Art 6 Easy Tutorials To Do At Home

    Learn how to do nail art at home step by step

    Today I bring you this 6 easy nail art tutorials that you can do at home. Most times, we are discouraged when we see difficult tutorials on how to do nail art and nail designs. Much more peopled would be interested if it was something less complicated.

    You should continue going through this blog page if you are interested in having cute nails. Here, you will find easy nail art tutorials that you could do with materials laying around at home.


    • Dotting tool or a bobby pin
    • Gold studs, bindis, or gold polish.
    • Dotting tool, bobby pin or pencil.


    • Apply a base coat. Except on your ring finger, the pastel should be applied to the rest of the nail.
    • A gold knob should be positioned closed to the surrounding membrane of the index as well as pinky finger nails.
    • This should be done before the polish gets dry, to help it stick.
    • You could make use of the gold polish if you are out of knob or bindis.
    • Right now, you are about to design the middle and the thumb nails.
    • Daisies will be used to cover this two nails.
    • Design 5 tiny marks in a circle with a dotting tool to give it a daisy resemblance.
    • If a dotting tool is unavailable, the bottom of the dotting tool could also do the trick.
    • The gold knob or gold nail gloss will be positioned about the middle of the daisy.
    • Then use the top coat, and you are done!

    Easy Ways To Do Swirl Nail Art

    25 Simple Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

    Swirl nail art is comparatively easy to do than other nail art. All you need is an expert hand that can do the swirl effectively using a toothpick or anything else. Youll need the basic supplies to do swirl nail art, just add an extra toothpick to the list. Swirl nail art will look stunning on your nails but a messy nail art will ruin the overall beauty. You should have the following tools to have swirl nail art on your fingernails.

    • Base Coat
    • Toothpicks
    • Acetone or Nail Polish Remover

    When you are done with the arrangement of the supplies, you can start the designing. You can do swirl nail art by following the steps mentioned below.

    • Paint the nails with a base coat.
    • Put two or more color drops of different colors on the nail beds.
    • Swirl the color drops using a toothpick. Add more color to cover the flaws if needed.
    • Seal the deal by applying a top coat on the nails.

    Check Out Following Video Tutorial to Do Easy Swirl Over French Pink Nail. It Can Be A Perfect Pick For Your Wedding Day.

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    When Life Gives You Lemons

    Lemons go well with tequila, but lemon nails are even better. This nail masterpiece is a lot easier to do than it looks: use the back of a paintbrush for the round lemons and then dip a mechanical pencil in green polish to draw on the two leaves this is what makes it look more fruity and less like yellow polka dots.

    What Are Dip Powder Nails

    Dip powder nails are types of manicures and a perfect option for acrylic, gel nails, and nail polishes. The whole process involves removing all the present polish, shaping, and using a bond or dehydrator to do away with any oils and debris. The surface is then built up with a base coat and natural powder to make it thick and durable. After that, colors are applied using various layers using the coated base where later on, the nails will be dipped into a pot having highly colored powder, or you can pour it to your nails. This process is repeated for every nail, depending on what effect you want to acquire. To finalize the look, you have to seal or activate the coat to harden the powder and the topcoat to enhance its beauty and fresh manicure shine. You can place the powder on both natural and fake nails, which turns out to be a perfect option for everybody.

    Here is a quick step by step process on how you apply dip powder nails:

  • Buff your nail bed.
  • Apply your base dip liquid coat as you would a nail polish.
  • Dip your finger into the acrylic powder and hold for 3 seconds.
  • Remove your finger and brush away excess powder.
  • Repeat these steps another time.
  • Then apply dip activator liquid all over your nail.
  • Wait a few seconds and then apply your dip topcoat for a glossy finish.
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    French Stiletto Nails With Mini Hearts

    Some style experts say that stiletto nails are for lovers. Thats surely something that could be said of this tipsy French manicure. A creamy pink base coat gives way to unusually arched white tips. These naturally blend into the contours of the sharp tips. Each ring finger boasts a tiny heart-shaped cuticle embellishment. The cherry-red details are sweet yet subtle. Keep this exquisite look in mind for next Valentines Day.

    Floral Swirl Nail Design:

    Easy Emoji Nail Art! | DIY Emoji Nails Tutorial

    The floral swirl design is an interesting way to jazz your usual nail paints. Just add a beautiful floral swirl design of your choice. Then instantly look glamorized for any occasions. In the blue base, the white floral swirl in the ring finger adds such a beautiful charm. You can obviously customize the design according to your will. Even you can add swirls of 2 different colors or paint in each nail.


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    Romantic French Tips With A Hint Of Glamour

    This set of gel nails takes the traditional French tip look and updates it with a little bit of pizazz. If you are new to experimenting with nail designs with diamonds, this is a lovely way to get your feet, or fingers, in this case, wet. This nail design would be a fantastic choice to highlight a new engagement ring.

    Easy Spider Web Halloween Nail Designs

    Of all the Halloween nail art ideas Ive seen, this one is by far the cutest. I was a fan of the candy corn nails until I learned how to paint these spiderwebs. Much more my style, you can do the webs in black and white nail polish or add orange like the photo shows. Purple and green nail polish are also cool colors for Halloween, and of course blood red. Match your Halloween costume with this fun DIY nail art idea or start celebrating your love of Halloween early and sport this nail art to work or school. Buy a bag of candy and put it out early while you are at it. Trust me on this one!

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    Easy Ombre Nail Designs

    This beautiful ombre nail design is a subtle look that brings both style and a little edginess to your look.

    • Paint a base color onto your nails.
    • Pour two colors of nail polish into a container and use a toothpick in connecting these two colors.
    • Dab a sponge onto the mixture and apply it on your nails.
    • Lastly, apply a clear topcoat t protect the nail polish.

    Perfectly Pink And Polynesian Inspired

    How to Do Pressed Flower Nail Art: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

    Choosing a 3D design allows you to let your creativity take center stage. This design blends several trends by adding white half moons to the base of French nails. Stunning pink crystals adorn the base of a blushing nail. Finally, a Polynesian inspired three-dimensional design graces several nails. This is a look that Disneys Moana could rock any day.

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    Dazzling Pink And Glitter Nails

    This ultra-feminine selection blends glitz and glamour to produce nail art that is perfect for any true nail addict. A delicate blush pink is complemented by a rich, luxurious silver-toned glitter. These designer nails are sure to impress as they glint and glimmer whenever they catch the light. This look takes artificial nails to the next level.

    Easy Lightning Strike Nail Designs

    This lightning strike nail design really does the job at making as statement.

    • First, apply black color onto your nails.
    • Next, combine blue, white, and purple colors and mix with a toothpick.
    • Use a sponge to apply the colors onto your nails.
    • Then use a micro-tipped pen in order to paint a white design that resembles a lightning strike.

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    Easy Splatter Nail Design

    This look is perfect for both long and short nails as well as being such an easy DIY nail design.

    • Start by painting your nails white.
    • Get a makeup brush and dip it in bright-colored nail polish.
    • Then dip the makeup brush into some nail polish remover in order to thin it out.
    • Pull back the brush in order to splatter the polish all your over nails.
    • Continue doing this with other colors.
    • You can use at least three bright colors to complete the look.

    A Hint Of Glimmer Livens Up The Blues

    7 Ways To Do Marble Nail Art For Beginners

    Midnight blue nail polish designs are breathtakingly gorgeous on their own. By adding a pop of glittery frosting complete with delicate crystals, this look achieves on-trend status. Crystals are easy to apply with a small dab on nail glue. Seal your art with a clear, shiny top coat to protect your baubles from falling off.

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    Nail Art Stamping Tool Kit With Nail Polish

    This nail art stamping kit is jam-packed full of quirky nail design accessories. With eight stamping plates, you can choose from cute animal prints, crackle texture, polka dots, flowers, and lots more!

    This stamping nail polish kit also includes 10 striking nail polish colors such as classic gold, silver, black, white, red, vibrant green, purple, yellow, orange, dazzling laser glitter.


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