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How To Hang Things Without Nails

Hang Pictures Without Nails: Steps To Hang Artwork Or Frame On Concrete Walls Without Using Nails

Ways to Hang Things on a Wooden Door Without Nails : Nails, Screws & Wall Hangings

Looking for the most effective choice for hanging art or frames without nails? You are in the right place.

This method sounds unbelievable, even if it is a 100-percent effective method. To carry out the process you need to have a clear guideline on displaying your pictures with the help of adhesive hooks.

Steps to follow,

How Do You Hang Things On A Plaster Wall Without Nails

There are several ways to hang mirrors, art, photos, and TV mounts on your plaster walls without using a single nail. Drive wood screws into wall studs for items weighing more than 20 pounds . For hanging items up to 20 pounds without finding a stud, you can use anchored screws, drywall hooks, plaster hooks, or toggle bolts. For items 5 pounds or less, use adhesive hooks. To hang multiple items on a single wall, consider using a picture rail.

Hanging Pictures With Tape

One of the easiest options for hanging pictures or frames on the wall is to use a double sided foam tape. Several brands offer it, most of them supporting pictures of up to 2 pounds. It’s important to thoroughly clean your wall surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol before installing.


Double-sided tape is inexpensive, easy to install and ideal for hanging really light posters, pictures frames or paintings.


Hanging pictures with tape can leave a small trace or residue once removed from the wall, particularly on painted surfaces, some plastics or wood. Therefore, this is not a sustainable solution, as it can only be used once.

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Wood Screws Without Anchors

When it comes time to hang an item that weighs more than 20 pounds , 2 1/2 inch wood screws are the best tool for the job. Use a magnetic stud finder to find solid wood in your wall. Then, use tape and an electric drill to pre-drill the hole for your screw. Finally, drill the screw into the wall, leaving 1/4 inch of the screw projecting from the wall.

  • Set 2 1/2 inch wood screws into wall studs to hang decor weighing more than 20 pounds
  • Pre-drill holes through plaster and into studs before setting screws.
  • A single 2 1/2 inch wood screw set into a stud can hold 80100 pounds .
  • Insert wood screws into multiple studs to hold extremely heavy items.

Keep in mind, one wood screw inserted into a stud can hold 80100 pounds . For large items that span multiple studs, insert one screw in each stud. With the combined strength of multiple screws, you can hang items that weigh over 200 pounds.

How Do You Hang An Unframed Canvas Without Nails


Stick a healthy length of double-sided tape on all sides of your canvas. Using a pencil, mark the spot where you want to hang your canvas. Peel the strip off the other side of the double-sided tape and stick it on the wall. With the help of a spirit level, make sure that the canvas is perfectly level.

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Hanging A Gallery Wall Without Nails

I shared pictures of our dining room renovation but I forgot to mention how we hung all the artwork. I really didnt want to make a million holes in the beautiful wood so here is what I did

After a little online research I bought a few of these Command Picture Hanging Strips. I was a little skeptical because some of the frames are quite heavy but it had good reviews online so I took the chance. I have to say, I am in love with them. They are amazing, so strong and they come off without a trace. Where were these when I was a college student? Our artwork has been up for a few months now and nothing has fallen to the ground although 1-2 of the tabs have come loose. The times it has failed it seems that it hadnt been adhered firmly to the wall. We adjusted the tabs and it hasnt been a problem. Have you ever used these? I am excited to use them for hanging party decor!

How To Hang Heavy Frames Without Nails

Nails and hammers are a dangerous mix, especially if youre living in rental accommodation. Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to get those massive frames on the wall without ruining smooth walls. Weve scavenged the internet to provide you with the best, nail-free alternatives that wont take much of your time and energy. These methods are also fun activities, that have the most satisfying results.

Here are three ways to hang heavy frames without damaging your home or office walls:

  • Command strips to hold up the frame
  • Hook-and-loop tapes for textured walls
  • Command hooks for frames that weigh between 50 and 80 pounds
  • We know youre itching to mount your art or photo frames using these genius ideas. We also know that you need in-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to go about each option. So, keep reading because weve explored all the methods listed above in this post for a clearer understanding. We sure hope it helps!

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    Peel And Stick Double Sided Sticky Tape

    Peel off the back and press your outdoor wall art firmly in place. I held my pieces down and put my weight into pressing to be sure I had a good seal.


    My outdoor wall art is hung, and in 10 minutes!

    Id have to say our little backyard is starting to shape up!

    That planter is my Key West DIY Wood Planter Box project and I made the DIY Coastal Rope Garden Border last week.

    See how simple it was to hang outdoor art without nails? I promised you a 10 minute project!

    Just like when you are decorating the inside of your house with wall art to add interest, the outside of your home can benefit from a little detail too. Outdoor wall decor helps define your space and helps an outdoor space feel cozy.

    This is project # 3 of my 30 Days To Fabulous Backyard Makeover.

    How To Hang Things On Plaster Walls Without Nails

    How to Hang Pictures Without Nails

    There are several methods for hanging pictures, mirrors, and even TV mounts on your plaster walls without using nails. The best options are:

    • Wood screws set into wall studs
    • Anchored screws in plaster
    • Picture Rails
    • Toggle Bolts

    Well examine the best way to use each of these techniques, as well as how much weight they can hold. With these methods, you can decorate your plaster-walled home however you desire.

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    Dont Be Afraid To Pull Out An Easel

    An onboard art auction being conducted.

    If you collected artwork at a Park West Gallery art auction, your first introduction to that work may have been viewing it on an easel next to the auctioneer.

    This may sound crazy, but why not replicate that experience at home?

    It may not be practical to have easels cluttering up your living room, but, if there is one special artwork you just love and want it to be a centerpiece in your house, placing it on an easel might be an unusual, but effective way to display it.

    If you want to know more about the exciting world of art collecting, you can join Park West Gallerys community of enthusiastic art collectors by contacting a gallery consultant or registering for our weekly live online auctions.

    Adhesive For Hanging A Mirror Without Drilling Holes

    Dont be tempted to use any construction glue for mirror installation. Mirrors have a unique surface, therefore need a specialized glue that is scientifically designed to hold it safely in place.

    The right glue for hanging mirrors is Loctite PL 530 Mirror, Marble, & Granite Adhesive. This heavy-duty mirror adhesive is resistant to temperature and humidity changes, making it perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Its multifunctional formula allows it to adhere to most surfaces found in a bathroom, like marble, granite, tile, ceramic, concrete, brick, backsplashes, drywall, and metals. Its the go-to glue for bathroom remodeling! Please note that the mirror needs to be supported at the bottom with mechanical fasteners.

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    Hang Pictures With Self

    Self-adhesive hooks are perhaps the best known for hanging pictures without using nails. This is because they are very effective and reduce damage to the wall. It is a very comfortable way to place a frame of up to 4 kilos, which is fairly substantial. Although it cannot support as much as others, it is the easiest and most economical way to decorate any space with simple frames. They can all be used to hang clothes, towels and necklaces, if you wish.

    Assuming You Have Drywall Or Plaster As Most People Do Use A Stud Finder To Well Find A Stud

    Hang Art Without Nails

    Turns out, a stud is more than just an embellishment that makes your clothes look edgy or a hot guy. It’s also a piece of metal or wood supporting your walls that you can use to hang things even if the wall material itself is too flimsy.

    This handy gadget uses a magnet to help you detect them. It also has a built-in level you can use for hanging once you’ve found the stud.

    Promising review: “This is a GAME CHANGER! Every once in a while, a new device renders all the old ones utterly obsolete. So it is with these stud finders. Oh, yes, Ive used the old battery powered devices I own several. You know, the ones with little LEDs that supposedly light-up when youre over a studexcept that they keep lighting up in different places so that you ultimately give up and just drive in a nail into the wall and hope youll be over a stud. No more! Gently rub these little gadgets over your wall, and when theres a nail underneath the sheetrock, its powerful magnets will be drawn to it, and IT WILL STICK TO THE WALL! There is NO guessing with this little fellow.” Moi Aussie

    Also, bear in mind that if the magnet is sticking to a larger stretch of wall, not just one area where a nail would be, you may have found a pipe, so don’t drill there!

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $19.06.

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    Hang Them Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

    Now, this option is one of the best ways to get your pictures up on your walls without having to use any regular nails. The thing with self-adhesive hooks and nails is that theyre a simple, effective, and pocket-friendly way to hang heavy pictures without defacing the wall.

    They come with adhesive parts designed to stick to walls. That said, you can hang heavy pictures without removing the hardware that was used to hang the picture. The only caveat is that the kind of hardware on the picture would determine if you went for the adhesive hook or nails.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the picture. You see, adhesive nails and hooks have specific weights depending on their size. So in some instances, you might need to use more than one hook or nail. It all depends on the size of the adhesives and the weight of the picture. Whatever you do, ensure that you evenly distribute it when hanging the picture.

    Once thats settled, the first step to using adhesive hooks and nails is to clean the wall because adhesive hooks and nails need clean surfaces to function right. So you want to clean the wall using some isopropyl alcohol and a clean piece of cloth.

    Allow both surfaces to dry. Then, get the adhesive hook or nail ready by removing the liner on the adhesive strip before attaching it to the hook or nail, depending on which you opt for.

    Allow the adhesive to stay up for an hour to dry. Once thats done, you can hang up your pictures using the hook or nail you set up.

    Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

  • 1Clean your wall. Like picture hanging strips, adhesive hooks and nails require clean surfaces, so wipe down the wall with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol, then let it dry.
  • Adhesive hooks or nails have adhesive backings that stick to walls, so that you can mount pictures using the hanging hardware attached to the picture. Depending on the hardware on your picture, make sure you purchase the appropriate adhesive hanging equipment.
  • 2Prepare the adhesive. Remove the liner from the adhesive strip and affix it to the hook or nail.
  • Some adhesive hooks come with the adhesive already affixed to the back. Skip this step and move on to the next if thats the case with the adhesive hook you have.
  • 3Affix the adhesive hook or nail to the wall. First, remove the liner from the back of the adhesive thats attached to your hook or nail. In the place where you want your picture hung, firmly press the adhesive hook or nail against the wall for 30 seconds.XResearch source
  • 4Wait an hour for the adhesive to dry. When the hour is up, hang your pictures normally based on the hanging hardware installed.
  • Make sure you know the weight of your picture before you purchase adhesive nails, as they generally only hold between five and eight pounds , while smaller hooks may only hold one or two pounds .
  • To hang a picture thats heavier than what your adhesive nails or hooks are rated for, use more than one. Ensure the weight gets distributed evenly by using a level during installation.
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    How To Hang Pictures On Drywall Without Holes

    So how can you avoid using a hammer and nails? Once you start looking for the best way to hang pictures without nails, youll find products that will help you skip the hardware. One example is peel-and-stick wall mounting that is specifically designed for hanging pictures on walls without nails. Using this product eliminates the need for hammer and nails, which keeps your walls looking great, even if you decide to move your art. You can also opt for a product like Loctite FUN-TAK Mounting Putty if you are going to hang light and inexpensive objects on your interior walls. It bonds items to most smooth surfaces, such as plaster and glass.

    No matter which type of product you choose, you need to read its product information and application instructions to make sure the adhesive can bond with the materials you are using and is suitable for the weight of your wall art.

    Before attaching framed wall art, ensure your picture frame has no cracks or breaks. If your picture frame needs repairing, reach for Loctite StikN Seal Indoor Adhesive. This premium, all-purpose adhesive dries clear without nasty fumes, making it safe for indoor use.

    Tape Lightweight Wall Art

    How to hang heavy items without nails or glue with VELCRO® Brand.

    Depending on what youre hanging, good, old-fashioned tape is a quick and easy solution. Use packing tape or double-stick tape to hang lightweight objects such as art prints, posters, wrapping paper, and fabric. For a more polished look, apply the tape to the back of the artwork or fasten it with washi tape to create a faux frame. Mix and match different colors and patterns of washi tape for a one-of-a-kind look. There are so many varieties of washi tape available that you can create original, large-scale works of art on your walls. You can easily move posters and prints hung with tape when its time to redecorate your apartment.

    Mr. Kate has some great tips using wall decals and much more!

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    Hang Pictures With Double

    Double-sided adhesive tapes are similar to the previous way to hang a heavy picture. Instead of buying a self-adhesive hook, you can apply this adhesive tape to a hook. It is resistant and practical.

    You will simply have to cut off the right size of tape for the back of the hook. Attach the hooks to the wall and hang the picture on them. These can be useful for outdoor spaces or rooms which go from hot to cold. This is because they are resistant to both temperatures and humidity.

    How To Hang Up Wall Art Without Nails

    No Nail, No Fail Options Command Strips. This is probably the most commonly used method of hanging up frames, canvases, and any other decor without leaving a trace on the wall. Command Hooks. Hang Art From Your Molding. Use Your Mantle. Take Up Space on Bookshelves. Embrace the Wall Lean. Put the Art on an Easel. Clip it Up.

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