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How To Hang Up Heavy Pictures Without Nails

Hang Heavy Frames With Adhesives

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails or Damaging the Walls

Sure, hanging lightweight prints and maps is easy to do without damaging the walls of your apartment. But, when you have a collection of antique mirrors and large, brass frames, you might need an alternative that is more heavy-duty than duct tape. Luckily for renters, there are several variations of durable adhesive hooks, strips, and hangers to accommodate nearly any frame or mirror. Velcro strips are a popular choice for those gallery wall enthusiasts and those who frequently update their home decor with new frames or photos. Some companies make wall adhesives featuring strong, metal hooks that can support up to 50 pounds, perfect for oil paintings encased in ornate frames and heavy mirrors.

What Are The Best Nails For Hanging Pictures

There are many things to consider when hanging pictures. Its actually a tough job if you dont have the correct materials. Most importantly, you need to have the correct nails that will be sure to hold the weight you are hanging. 1 1/2 2 finishing nails are perfect for hanging pictures on walls

  • Picture hanging 411
  • Frameless mirrors are great. Theyre easy to clean. They have a sleek look. And, they dont take up a lot of space, so you have more room for other things.

    But, a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of hanging a frameless mirror. How do you do it, anyway?

    Well, weve outlined this guide to hanging frameless mirrors with adhesives, with mirror clips, and with z-clip mirror brackets. That way, no matter how big your mirror is you will be able to get it on the wall safely.

    Hang Art From Your Molding

    Picture rail molding hardly exists anymore, but if you were lucky enough to land in a place that still has it, take advantage of it. All you have to do is find hooks that fit the width of your molding, some aesthetically-pleasing rope or string, and design your walls. This method is very modular and allows you to change out your artwork pretty easily. It’s also a great way to utilize different kinds of frames and even different mediums of wall art, since the cohesive element tying all the pieces together is the string.

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    Hanging Pictures On Studs

    Drywall and plaster wall surfaces are generally built over a wooden frame. This wood is called a “stud” and it’s the strongest part of the wall. It’s therefore the ideal place for hanging heavy frames. That being said, your studs aren’t always in the right place, style-wise, to hang your pictures.

    How to find a stud?

    You can use a stud finder tool in order to locate a stud. Otherwise, simply use your finger and tap along the wall. You should hear a hollow sound until you arrive at a stud, where the sound will turn into a dud. Kind of like a bat using echolocation to find a fruit tree ) Once you’ve found a stud, you can use a thin nail which can hold up a picture of around 20 pounds. You can also use coarse threaded wooden screws, to hold up pictures over 50 pounds.

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    How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails
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    How To Hang A Mirror Without Nails

    Hanging a mirror with strong adhesive tape instead of nails or screws is the quickest and easiest way to do it. And it only takes a few simple steps:

  • Start by preparing the wall by wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • Take a roll of FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape.
  • Cut the mounting tape to size – you’ll need two pieces that are the same width as the mirror.
  • Stick the strips of tape onto the back of the mirror.
  • Remove the backing.
  • Press firmly against the wall until stuck.
  • And that’s it! Using FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape to hang a heavy mirror is much quicker and easy than nails or screws – and it’s just as secure.

    Stay on our blog for more time-saving DIY tips!

    Use Picture Hanging Strips

    Picture hanging strips are a great way to hang heavy pictures without having to use nails. Some of them, like these 3M Command Strips, are built to hold up photos as heavy as 16 pounds . Using this option to hang a heavy picture is pretty straightforward.

    You could quickly get the strips online and from offline stores specializing in hardware, supplies, or crafts. However, removing the heavy pictures after hanging with this option might require peeling off wallpaper or paint used as wall covering.

    That said, to hang a heavy picture with these hanging strips, follow the steps below:

  • Remove any hanging hardware around the area where you want to hang the heavy picture. The reason is that the picture hanging strips are adhesive, so they require a clean, flat surface to work right.
  • Remove hardware protruding from the back of the picture. This includes screws, nails wires, sawtooth fasteners, or just about anything that impedes the smoothness of the surface between the wall and the image.
  • Clean the surfaces after removing any obstructions. The idea is to wipe down the back of the heavy picture and the wall to the point where both surfaces are as smooth as possible. An excellent way to go about this is to use some isopropyl alcohol and some clean cloth.
  • Attach the photo to the wall once youre done applying the picture hanging strips. To do this, remove the liner on the strips. Then, press the picture against the wall.
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    Hanging From Crown Moulding

    This is a great option for old houses that dont have modern structured walls. Picture rail is an alternative if your home doesnt already have crown moulding. Start by marking off where you want the clock to hang, and then mark the molding in the center above the clock. Place a hook in the marked spot of the crown molding. Attach the cord to the back of the clock, aligning it with the 12-hour mark, and make sure its secure. Then hang the cord from the hook and center your clock.

    For oddly-shaped clocks, see if youre able to make more than one point of contact with the cord that will hang from the picture rail. It may also be a good idea to have two hooks in the moulding in order to distribute the weight better if youre trying to hang a heavier clock, or youre concerned about the integrity of the moulding. Test the hooks with the cord by hanging something durable that weighs about the same as your clock to ensure that your clock will be well-supported.

    What Are The Biggest Downsides Of Command Strips


    Command strips are effective, easy to use, and convenient, but they have downsides.

    The biggest knock on Command strips are, compared to nails, they are expensive. You could probably buy a hundred nails for the price of one pack of Command strips.

    However, when that moment finally comes when you have to take down a picture, buying wall putty, sanding, painting, and being left with a less than perfect wall is a much higher price than the cost of these strips.

    Secondly, hanging pictures with Command strips takes more steps than it does with a hammer and nail. Although these steps are quick and easy, you need to have the right number of strips, make sure you place them on the frame correctly, peel off the cover, press firmly, etc. I dont see this as a significant downside, but its worth mentioning.

    Additionally, as youll see in the next section, Command strips could detach from the wall and ruin your frame, art, or photo. If you follow the instructions, the chances of this happening are slim, but it certainly does happen.

    The last downside is that you can only use Command strips once. Command designs their pull-tab release mechanism to ensure there is zero wall damage. When you pull the strip to take it off the wall, it stretches out and becomes unusable. Unfortunately, you cant use them more than once, but paying a little extra for more strips beats the time it takes to patch holes.

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    M Claw Strong Durable Drywall Picture Hanger

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    Hanging Pictures Without Nails

    We understand that choosing where to hang your favorite pieces of artwork in your home or office can be difficult, not because you cant decide where to display them but because you dont want to put too many holes in the walls. Were here to help.

    Though each complete picture frame from Frame Destination comes with a complimentary hanging kit and instructions and we even offer a Picture Hanging Tool to help with the job youre not obligated to hang your frames. If youre living in a rental home or just want to avoid holes in your own walls, you can find creative ways to hang frames without nails.

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    Figure Out The Best Height For Your Pictures

    Knowing how high to go when hanging pictures leaves many a little confused. It depends on the look you want but as a general rule, when youre hanging one picture frame, you want your eye line to be roughly of the way up the picture. However, this might not work with your rooms dimensions or with the furniture you have in your room so its also about trusting your gut instinct too. If it looks like a good height to you, then youre probably on the right track.

    Use Templates And Tape


    Cut out paper patterns and arrange them on the wall with low-adhesive masking tape. The temporary red line from a laser level is helpful for aligning a series of photos level with one another. The laser level is ideal because you get a perfectly straight line without having to mark up the walls. A standard carpenters level will also work. Check out our essential guide for using plumb bobs and levels.

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    Why Do We Go With Command Strips

    Generally, the command strips available in a unique size that also has a weight restriction. Everything is listed on the package. Most importantly it can hold the weight excess of 16 pounds.

    Alternatively, the small command strips will hold up to four pounds. To get strong hanging it is better to use two command hooks that will help to hold weight up to 15 pounds.

    It is the better choice for hanging frames on the walls.

    Do Command Strips Ruin Walls

    Damage-free hanging, great for surfaces notoriously difficult to drill. Command adhesive holds strongly to a variety of surfaces including solid, hollow and painted walls, and those difficult to drill such as tiles and glass. Theyre easily and cleanly removed no cracks, holes, damaged plaster or sticky residue.

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    Step : Creating The Templates

    Use a blank piece of paper to create a sketch of the layout, including measurements . Also, number each item.

    After, take the painters paper and trace each item onto it, adding the number of the item according to the sketch. Then, cut out the template from the paper.

    Once everything is cut out, use painters tape to attach the templates to the wall in the layout of your sketch.

    TIP: I would recommend leaving the templates on the wall for a day to make sure you are happy with the layout.

    Can You Really Hang Pictures Without Damaging Walls

    Putting Up Frames Without Nails : Nails, Screws & Wall Hangings

    Adding personal touches to your home is what makes it cozy, special, and welcoming. Most homeowners opt for wall art. It can come in the form of actual artwork you purchased, or precious family memories, framed and proudly displayed.

    Sure, wall art looks great when you hang it. But should you ever decide to move it, youll inevitably be left with unsightly holes in the walls. Rather than ruin your walls each and every time, why not choose a more elegant method to display art one that keeps your walls looking like new?

    This is also convenient for the homeowner who doesnt have the right toolkit, including the proper nails, hammer, and wire, all of which are necessary to hang pictures in the traditional way.

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    What Will Happen When You Hang Something Without A Stud

    No wonder, the stud is one of the strong pieces of wood which can be useful to hold heavy frames. In general, the vertical studs are perfect for walls.

    When it comes to using an adhesive, you must follow the above guides. In addition to this, it is also important to be sure about the provided instructions to prevent any damages or fallouts.

    Now there are plenty of techniques available for hanging artworks without damaging your beautiful wall. With the right option, you can easily beautify your home by hanging plenty of attractive artworks and frames.

    S For Hanging Heavy Picture Frames Without Nails

    To get started, take note that your walls require basic prep work, which is not something that is overly complicated. Basically, you just need to ensure that the surface of your wall is clean and dry so that you can maximize the use of our frame hanging tool alternatives.

    Most of these options require the use of heavy-duty adhesives. Keep in mind that these alternatives wont work effectively if theres a critical issue with your walls. With that said, here are the steps for prepping your walls starting with command hooks:

    Prepare the wall surfaces.

    You can use store-bought cleansers, a DIY mix of part soap-part water, or a generous application of isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is highly recommended because it doesnt contain toxic denaturants that are present in other types of alcohol.

    Use some paper towels or a clean rag to completely wipe down the wall surface and allow it to dry to ensure that the adhesives will work effectively.

    You dont want to be all over the place. Now that the surface is clean, lightly mark out the place where youre planning to install your frames.

    Take note that you have to be completely precise to ensure that you wont make any frustrating mistakes down the line as you work on the entire process.

    Time to stick them in!

    Peel out the command hooks out from their protective coverings and align them with the light pencil markings youve made on the wall.

    Give them time.

    Here are the next steps once youre done with the wall preparations:

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    Perfect: How To Hang Pictures Without Nails

    Knowing how to hang pictures without nails is an invaluable DIY skill. By using the right adhesive tape, you can save yourself the hassle and mess of drilling, and avoid damaging your walls with ugly holes. Our guide will show you how to stick pictures on the wall without ruining the paint, giving you picture perfect results.

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    Using Them On Uneven Surfaces

    How to Hang Pictures Without Using Nails

    If you have rough walls, youll be better off when you make them smooth first before hanging heavy pictures. This applies to walls made of timber, concrete, textured wallpaper, and brick walls.

    A sure way to cover up roughness is by using high-quality wallpapers that fit your homes general design. Read, 15 Faux Brick Wallpapers That Can Transform Any Room Design, for more tips and ideas.

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    Thinking About Hanging Heavy A Picture Without Nails

    Have you ever thought about hanging heavy pictures without nails but were unsure how to go about it? Well, youve found the guide thatll help you get the job done safely and efficiently, so read on to learn how to hang heavy pictures without nails!

    Hanging heavy pictures without nails is sometimes a tricky business since there are many different factors to consider. However, there are several methods for hanging heavy pictures that do not involve the use of nails, and well cover three of them in extensive detail in the following steps:

    • Option 1: Command Strips
    • Option 3: Press-In Hooks


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