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How To Make Custom Press On Nails

How Do You Make Press On Nails Last Longer

How To Custom Make Press-On Nails | Butterfly Press On Nails | DIY Press On Nails

Here are some general tips:

  • 1Rub down your nail beds with rubbing alcohol before layering the adhesive. This helps remove any oils, products, or residues, which allows for the adhesive to stick better to your nail or base coat.
  • 2If using glue, try using thin layers to both your natural nail and the press ons. This allows the adhesive to dry evenly, creating a stronger bond.
  • 3Avoid getting your hands wet for at least 2 hours afterward. This allows the glue or adhesive to completely dry, which helps them stay on longer.
  • 4Avoid using your nails for damaging tasks that involve motions like picking and prying. For example, when opening a pop can use the side of your finger rather than your nails.
  • Can You Reuse Press On Nails

    There are so many reasons why press on nails are one of the hottest nail products on the market right now. Despite what you may think, todays press on nails are totally different from the hot pink variety that you loved as a teenager.

    These days, press on nails can have the look and feel of a professional salon-applied acrylic nail! With tons of different styles, its not hard to find a variety that you love and that works for your life and style.

    We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about press on nails and we are here to answer them! As it turns out, press on nails are the product that you need to use if you are looking to get the best bang for your buck.

    Don’t Forget The Glue

    Most press-on nail packs will come with double-sided tape. But if you want your press-on nails to last longer, use glue. “If you are worried about any nails coming off, be sure to apply the glue at the tip of your own nail and near the base of the artificial press on,” Edwards suggests.

    According to the pro nail artist, glued-on nails can stay on for up to 10 days. But to ensure your fake nails hold up, she recommends to avoid soaking your hands in warm water for 24 hours immediately following the application. “Let the glue and nail settle and mold to your nails,” says Edwards.

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    How Long Do They Last

    Again, this comes down to the quality of press-ons you purchase, but Frank says that a good application can last up to two weeks with proper care. If the nails themselves are durable, you can reuse them too, she says. My rule of thumb is: More glue equals longer wear. The cool part about press-ons is that you actually can wear them for very short periods of time too! Just look at Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella performance. There’s no salon backstage, Frank says. She just switched out her press-ons! So, whether you want flashy nails just for the weekend or youre hoping for a longer-lasting mani, press-ons might just be the answer to your prayers, especially those that come with adhesive tabs .

    How To Make Press On Nails To Sell

    DIY Fake Nails

    How To Make Press On Nails To Sell.

    So you want to get started with a custom press-on nails business, right? Our last video on press-on nails guided you through the legal process of setting up for business. And in todays video, I want to show you more of the fun stuff, in regards to setting up to make press-on nails to sell.

    Greetings all, welcome back to my channel. If you are new here I am Paola of and I help aspiring nail solopreneurs master gel nails using Japanese Gel only.

    So today we will be talking Set up for massive press on nail success.

    And in case throughout your reading, youre wondering if I have any supply recommendations, here they are.

    And since my very first video on press-on nails Ive found people to be wondering who to sell press-ons for, and in theory because press-ons are such a personalized item you are essentially selling them to your audience, however big or small. But if you know how to create incredible nail art, say like Disney characters, etc., the skys the limit as to who would love to buy from you, just make sure to photograph your work the best you can.

    First things first, clear the area you will be working on from clutter. You want this area whether it is a little corner in your house, or private studio to be pristine ready to create.

    Line up your table with a lint free covering, whether that is a dental bib, a silicone mat, etc.

    Alright so lets set up now.

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    Static Nails French 75 Pop

    In case you haven’t heard, the French manicure is back. And this press-on nail set makes it effortless to get even white tips. The kit comes with 24 reusable nails in 12 sizes per hand. Even better: They can be reshaped and painted if you want to customize your French further. Rainbow tips anyone?

    To buy: $16

    What Are The Benefits Of Press

    • First of all, press-on nails are extremely affordable! Prices average at about $8 per set, though you can certainly dish out closer to $20 for a set of Static Nails.
    • It takes me less than 10 minutes to prep my nails and apply the falsies which makes getting ready for an even a snap Having said that, you might take longer the first couple of times, but not by much.
    • They leave my nails healthier than before
    • They are super-duper easy to remove without causing any nail damage.
    • My favorite thing about press-on nails though is the wide variety of designs and colors to choose from.

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    Expand Your Offerings With Custom Press

    Buddy Sims poses with Kathy Griffin, who is holding her custom nail tips.

    Some industrious nail techs are making a name for themselves and making money with custom press-on nail sets. The owner of CKS Natural Nail Design Studio in Tacoma, Wash., Stacey Luffy uses a Tatz nail printer to add photos directly to clients nails or to press-on sets. I have regular salon clients who cant wear long nails at work and they love that they can get a custom, one-of-a-kind press-on set to wear for an evening, weekend, or up to two weeks, Luffy says. But I really get the most out of my printer when I make press-on sets to promote an event or artist Im going to see. This year I had a booth at the Tacoma Pride festival and I made several press-on sets some to sell and some to raffle off. It was a hit and helped get my name out there.

    Nail tech Buddy Sims, owner of Vibe Salon & Day Spa in Omaha, Neb., has had a similarly positive experience. I love doing press-ons! he says. They can be super quick and easy to do, all while watching my favorite binge obsession. Sims creates souvenirs and gift packs for salon clients as well as those in the public spotlight, which he then promotes on social media. Some of his creations have even caught the eye of celebrities like Kathy Griffin and Kesha.

    Stacey Luffy delivers nails to Heather Hostility, a member of the Gritty City Sirens burlesque group.

    For reprint and licensing requests for this article,

    Kiss Full Of Roses Impress Press


    With three complimentary colors, the manicure possibilities are endless. Use a single color on all 10 nails, mix and match them by adding an accent nail, or do an on-trend rainbow manicure. The kit includes a file, wooden stick, prep pads, and nails with pre-applied sticky tape.

    To buy: $8

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    How To Reuse Press

    Another great thing about press-on nails is that you can reuse them. I would recommend using the cuticle oil or non-acetone nail polish remover when you take them off if you plan to reuse, however, as acetone will eat away at the acrylic.

    Its also important to note that kits normally come with 20+ different nails. That means that even if you used half of the box, you can keep the rest of the nails to mix and match with other sets in the future.

    How To Prep Your Nails For Press

    The most common mistake people make when applying press-on nails? They dont prep their nails first. When you head to a nail salon to get acrylics, gel nails, or just a regular manicure, theres a lot of prep that needs to happen before a drop of nail polish or glue touches your nails, and it should be the same for press-on nails. Here is how to up your press-on prep game.

    Find Your Fit:

    Test the press-on nail tips and make sure they fit your natural nails. While most nail brands either offer custom sizes or include an array of options in each set, you may need to gently file down the sides for a better fit. Buff the Back: Lightly buff the back of each press-on nail with a buffer. This step is not necessary for nails that come with adhesive.

    Clean Your Nail Beds: Remove any nail polish on your nails, then file and cut them down as needed. Care for Your Cuticles: Push your cuticles back to ensure maximum surface area. Buff Your Beds:

    Gently buff the surface of your nail to remove excess oils or lotions and create a rougher surface for the nail to stick to. Some press-on nail kits may also come with an acetone prep pad that will help remove any remaining residue. Now that you’re prepped and ready to go, its time to learn about the application process.

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    Here’s What Our Flourish Babes Are Saying:

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    Megan E.

    They are sooo hard! They aren’t weak like the ones in the store! Great quality!! Everyone thinks that I got them done bc I used to all the time but I got tired of sitting in those nail shops! Oh and girl don’t get me started on your glue!!

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    Asia S.

    Adding product to your cart

    Have you been wanting to order a press-on nail set, but you are unsure about your nail measurements? Nail Sizing Kits are a must! Each sizing kit includes 1 of each nail size in the shape/length of your choice. This will ensure that your custom press-on nail set fits perfectly.

    How To Care For Your Press On Nails

    Beyond Custom Press on Nails

    If you are looking to reuse your press on nails, you need to care for them while youre wearing them! Just like a regular manicure, there are just some things you shouldnt do with press on nails if youre looking to preserve them.

    • Keep your cuticles moisturized with cuticle oil and your hands nourished with lotion to provide a solid base for your press on nails.
    • Apply a top coat to your press on nails to better protect them from everyday wear and tear.
    • Wear gloves when you are doing dishes, using cleaning products, gardening, or handling hot water that may end up softening the glue or damaging your nails.
    • Dont apply too much force on your press on nails or they might pop off or even break. It may be tempting since you have long nails that are able to open things or reach things that you normally couldnt, but this could end up damaging your nails and make it impossible for you to reuse them.
    • Apply an extra touch of glue if you notice that one side of your nail is starting to come up, and press down for 30 seconds to one minute.

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    Why Are Press On Nails Superior

    After years of being devoted to acrylics, many women are now ditching acrylics and switching over to press on nails.

    While acrylics were a great option back when press on nails were cheap and flimsy, times have changed and our nails should change as a result! We have become so used to our bi-monthly nail salon appointments to get our acrylic nails filled with the hottest colors. At first glance, this might not seem so bad. After all, who doesnt love a trip to the nail salon?

    However, spending hours and hundreds of dollars at the nail salon each month just to end up with damaged nails thanks to acrylics doesnt really sound like an ideal situation. But if you havent experienced anything else, then you might not even question it. Thats why we guarantee that once you try press on nails you will become totally hooked and will never go back to your old acrylic days.

    Press on nails are totally superior to their fake nail alternatives because you can apply them in your own home, on your own schedule, without having to shell out a bunch of money to a nail technician. Instead of spending tons of money to maintain your acrylics every month, you can pay $10 or so for a whole set of press on fake nails that last up to two weeks and are even reusable!

    How To Make Press

    You can make your press-on nails last longer by following these 4 simple tips:

    • Tip 1: Whether using clear polish under the glue or not, always make sure to use rubbing alcohol to clean off any remaining residue and natural oils before applying.
    • Tip 2: Use a strong adhesive nail glue by applying it both to the back of the press-on nail and your natural nail.
    • Tip 3: Put pressure on every nail for 30 seconds as you are applying. This lets the adhesive spread across the full surface thus ensuring a stronger bond. This will, in turn, make press-on nails stick better.
    • Tip 4: Do not wash your hands or come in contact with water for at least 2 hours after application to help your press-on nails stay on longer. I find that doing this overnight is the easiest .
    • Tip 5: Use a top hardener coat to make your nails look polished and help them stick better. This also has the added benefit of hardening the actual nail surface which makes it more durable.

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    How To Remove Press

    You can take off press-on nails without damage without much difficulty if you just follow a few easy steps. The one thing you should never do is try to physically pull them off.

    Below I will outline the 3 easiest and best ways to get faux nails off and remove glue residue while keeping your digits healthy.

    Pro Tip #2

    Do Press On Nails Damage Your Real Nails

    How to make custom press on nails | Cow print nails

    No, press on nails dont damage your real nails as long as you follow proper application and removal procedures.

    However, improper removal, like leaving your nails in acetone for too long can lead to dryness and brittleness. You can also damage the surface of the nail bed by ripping off your press ons.

    To avoid this, soak your nails in warm, soapy water for 10 mins or until the nails lift off easily. Then, use cuticle oil and a good hand moisturizer to rebalance your moisture levels.

    You can also use a good quality base-coat before application. This creates a protective layer between your natural nail and the adhesive, which may reduce the chance of damage during removal.

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    Hand Painted Press On Nails

    Your set will include 20 Hand Painted nails, 2 alcohol wipes, 1 file, 1 cuticle stick and 48 sticky tabs. Nails can be glued using nail glue if you prefer.

    Screen shot our easy application & removal instructions from here or our highlights in our Instagram bio to save more paper in your box.

    Please note that these nails are hand painted and only one set of each design is available unless you request a custom order


    ~ Before you start, wash hands thoroughly~ Trim down any length on your natural nail~ Take nails out of packet and size up so you know which ones youll be using~ Push back cuticles using cuticle stick~ Gently buff nails to remove shine on natural nails using file – this helps the adhesion of the press ons to your natural nails~ Dust residue away and wipe over nails using the alcohol wipe~ Size up your sticky tab, place on the nail, peel back the clear film and press nail on and hold for a few seconds~ OR if you are using nail glue, place a dot of glue in the middle towards the cuticle area of the tip and hold down for 10-15 seconds~ ENJOY YOUR MANI!


    ~ The nails should begin to lift if soaked in warm water & this way youll be able to save them and apply them again. Dont use acetone as this will melt them and they will be gone forever!~ Gently buff away any residue left on the natural nail but be careful not to over filed damage your natural nails~ Apply cuticle oil generously


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