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Lily And Fox Nail Wraps Reviews

Know How To Prolong Nail Stickers


“You should use a top coat after applying a nail sticker,” says Choi, adding that “a top coat acts as a seal for the sticker and provides an even layer to lock everything in.” Choi adds that you should ensure the top coat you use is the appropriate kind for the type of manicure that you have. If you properly apply and seal the nail stickers, you should get a long-lasting result.

Faqs About Nail Polish Strips

Do you need to heat set them?

NO! That was the worst part of jamberry. And these are made from actual polish and just stick. Theyre awesome!

Do you think Color Street are Better than Incoco

Honestly, I couldnt notice a difference. Initially, I felt like there was less chipping at the top which is nice. Color Street has SO many more options though, so theres that.

Are these healthy for your nails?

Ultimately, probably not. You have to scrub harder than regular polish to get them off . I notice my nails are a bit more brittle after I use it. I also try to let my nails go au natural for a bit between strips.

How do you remove Color Street Nails?

Ugh, regular polish remover does NOT work well, and can damage your nails. My friend told me about the mineral remover I mentioned above and I LOVE it. So much better. Some of them I used a cuticle stick to take off too, with some cuticle oil.

Which did you like the least?

Lily and Fox by Far. Really, really bad.

Which did you like most?

Probably Dashing Diva. EXCEPT the rubbery-feeling nail part. That kind of bugged me. I like the feel of Color Street/Incoco more.

What do you recommend for a first timer?

I actually tell everyone to go to Walmart and get some Incocos see if you like how they feel/wear. If you like them, Id get more and get some Dashing Divas . Check out Color Street for more options as well!

How do you apply these wraps?

Nail Strips: Lily And Fox

This is best if youre hard on your hands . On average, Lily and Fox nail strips last me almost 2 weeks. And at only 3 dollars a set with free shipping, its low commitment to try them out!

A tip about nail strips: use alcohol wipes on your nails to ensure its oil free before applying. That greatly impacts longevity, as well as painting a clear top coat.

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Who Are Nail Strips Good For

Nail strips are good for those who dont enjoy applying polish and waiting for it to dry. Even with a top coat applied, nails can take a bit to dry. With nail strips you can just apply them and be on the go. Nail strips are also a great choice for those who want the fancy salon look of nail art but dont want to pay the salon prices. Another benefit is that for those are concerned about going out you can order nail strips online and have them delivered to your home.

Skip The Salon Pricing And Say Hello To Lily And Fox Nail Wraps

Lily and Fox Review: Are They Better Than Color Street?

Pro-Quality Only $2.99

“I am beyond obsessed with these nail wraps. I have ordered so many because I dont want to run out lol! My nails are so healthy now compared to what they used to be with acrylics or gel! I tell everyone about these.” – Jenny L.

“I was soooo happy to find this site. I was literally paying 14.99 plus shipping and handling charges for 1 set… unbelievable its 2.99 here. What a difference and it’s basically the SAME product !! And tbh it comes shipped nicer as well. Smh .. love these” – Christine A

“I thought these sounded too good to be true when a friend first showed them to me. But they are amazing. Easy to apply, lasted for weeks & best of all very easy to remove with no damage to my existing nails. My first order has just arrived. The service and packaging with a hand written note was great. Im hooked on them. Such a big variety to choose from too. I will be definitely reordering” – Kathryn F.

“Ive used both . Lily and Fox are the better wraps all around price, free shipping, last wayyyy longer than any other! Cool designs. I just took off a wrap that lasted over two weeks and the only reason they had to come off is due to my nail growth, the wraps still looked great! Super simple to apply and no waiting til they dry.” – Karen R.

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How To Apply Nail Wraps And Nail Stickers

Nail stickers and nail art stickers are extremely easy to apply. They already come with an adhesive backing. If you are working with a full nail sticker, you want to prep your nail per instructions. Then, match the nail sticker to your nail bed. Apply, use a buffer on your nail to file off the excess sticker. You may even apply a top coat to make it last longer. And presto!

If youre using nail art stickers, just apply them in any pattern onto an already prepped and polished nail.

Best Pedicure Nail Stickers

  • Easy to apply
  • Can be difficult to remove

Yup, you can totally use nail stickers on your toes too. These pre-shaped nail wraps from Dashing Diva are perfect for quick and easy pedicures, and they leave you with shiny, fresh color that lasts for days. Now all you need is a pumice stone for the real spa-like experience.

THE REVIEWS: “I really like using these. It is much easier to apply than polish. There’s no smudging, irregular lines, and drying time. I used them during social distancing to avoid going to salons. They lasted more than two weeks!”

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Lily & Fox Glitter Set

The next set I tried from Lily and Fox was a glitter set because I wanted to see how they compared to Color Streets glitter designs. For this set, I left my right hand top coat free but I applied a layer of fast dry top coat to the left hand to see if it helped.

The right hand bubbled up just like the first Lily and Fox set I tried, but it bubbled way less than the solid set. I think the glitter holds up better just like Color Street glitter does.

The side with the top coat never bubbled up. It lasted the two full weeks with the only noticeable wear being growth at the nail bed and a tiny bit of nail showing on the tips. You can see there is a lot of nail showing on the set that didnt have a top coat on. The bubbles are not as noticeable on the glitter nails but you can really see it on that thumb nail.

Im still wearing the Lily and Fox glitters on my toes and its been over a month. Just like Color Street the pedicure last much longer than the manicure.

Best Abstract Nail Stickers

Lily and fox nail wraps haul and review #haul #review
  • A variety of patterns
  • May be difficult to remove

Perfect for mixing and matching on each nail, these stickers from Ciaté London include everything from cute florals and fruits to pink and black cow print. Just stick them on your bare or painted nails and lock them in with a thin layer of top coat. Easy, right?

THE REVIEWS: “These nail stickers are great! Stickers usually peel up on the edges and are nice and smooth with two top coats. They dont feel like they will fall off/ peel off. They also werent impacted by putting a topcoat on them . There are lots of them in the pack tooenough to do many, many manicures. Love these!”

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Ultimate Comparison Between Color Street And Alternatives

Best nail stickers:

  • Color Street/Incoco seem to have the best strip formula
  • Color Street has more variety & includes more strips, but Incoco is cheaper and can be grabbed at Walmart.
  • Ultimately, I think Dashing Diva was my favorite. They just make your nails SOLID. Theyd be especially great if you were doing something tough on your nails, as I think they are a good support. They just feel a bit weird, and I dont know that Id wear them frequently as I felt they hurt my nail health a bit when I ripped them off).

So, thats all I can say about these. If you liked this post, Id love it if youd join us on the Curls, and check out my other fashion/beauty posts below that!

Best Solid Nail Stickers

  • Very long-lasting
  • Can turn tacky if certain lotions get on them

Nail stickers aren’t just about cute little decals and accents, BTWthey’re also great for creating quick, solid-color manicures. This kit comes with everything you need for a stick-on manicure, including prep pads, a nail file, a cuticle pusher, and teal nail strips.

THE REVIEWS: “I have tried other brands of nail polish stickers, but Tough Girls are my hands-down favorite by far! They are the longest-lasting, and easiest to apply any other brand.”

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Peel The Nail From The Top Side

  • Peel your chosen wrap from the top side, this is the side that will get filed away as excess.

  • Try not to touch the adhesive to anything before you put it on your nail to keep it as sticky as possible!

  • That said, our wraps have some crazy tech in them that lets you stick them down, pull them off, and put them down again – just in case you want to reposition them on your nail .

What Are Nail Polish Strips Stickers And Wraps

Lily and Fox Review: Are They Better Than Color Street?

Nail polish strips are stickers made of a thin layer of nail polish. Nail polish strips or stickers are slightly different than nail wraps, which are thin products designed from paper, silk, linen, fiberglass, mesh, or other fabrics and applied to the nail for extra reinforcement. They can be embedded within acrylics and gels or used as a natural nail coating or extension and sealed with the help of resin.

These products make DIY manicures a fast, easy, and hassle-free experience. Scroll further to check out the nail polish stickers and wraps you can buy online.

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How To Cut Off The Nail Wrap

With an of them, youll need to cut it off the end of your nail somehow.

With all of the brands, I preferred clipping the ends off often taking a bit of my nail off with it.

I know they say to wrap it around your nail and then use the filing board to file it off. But that always left me with jagged ends, I thought.

I already dont love them for the first 24 hours or so, but using a nail clipper helps a lot.

Are Nail Wraps And Nail Stickers Bad For Your Nails

Nail stickers do not damage your nails at all. The adhesive is quite gentle. In the case of the nail art stickers, you would apply them over a base coat.

The full nail sticker is applied directly to the nail surface. But even in this instance, it will not damage your nails. Most of the damage with nail enhancements is actually caused by the removal process. Luckily, nail stickers inherently are very easy to remove as they are made of real nail polish. All you need is a nail polish remover.

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Best Nail Wrap Brands And Stores To Check Out For Pretty Easy

Getting a manicure is a fun, relaxing way to change up your nail looks, but it can be time-consuming and costly when added up over time.

Thats why nail stickers are truly a lifesaver for those of us who want to do our nails at home but dont have the skills for elaborate nail designs. They are quick, easy, affordable and without any potential mess that nail polishes can cause.

Before we get to our top recommendations for nail wraps, here are some tips that can help you apply them without creating any ridges or bubbles and help them stay on for as long as possible.

Review Of Lily & Fox Nail Strips

Lily and Fox nail wraps haul #review #haul

Price $2.99

Fyi, I only found these online, but they do have free shipping.

I was SUPER excited to try these! I loved the price, but most of all I loved all the different options that they had. SO many cute colors and patterns. Great themes for holidays, etc.

At first glance, they look like the rest of them.

Then, I pulled them out of their package, and tried to use them.

It was a SUPER difficult application process.

First off, the clear stuff on the top was super hard to peel off, and it was also more difficult to get the sticker off the backing.

The sticker itself seems thicker than Color Street. The first side went on fine, but when I went to remove the tab and use the other half for my other nail. it wouldnt come off.

I ended up stretching the sticker and it was super wonky for my other nail.

Eventually, I just started cutting off the tab section on each nail, which made it work.

Also, I bought stripes for my first go with these, and that made it even harder, fyi for any of these, I think Ill steer clear of stripes for a bit. Im not that adept.

The wear on these was horrible. Within minutes I was seeing chipping along the edge of my nail. Sometimes it didnt chip, but the sticker would just slouch up making it super annoying.

I had chips and weirdness on them immediately. You an also tell in the photo above that some of the color rubbed off, and they just wore REALLY weird.

The sticker itself was more like a sticker and was pushing up on my nails.

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Honorable Mention: Lovely Hello Nail Strips

These are very similar to Lily and Fox, and also are $3 per set. Additionally, they offer pedicure and kid manicure strips. Ive also noticed they have less nail damage than Lily and Fox if you plan on removing them early, within a week. One of the main reasons I docked it down was that it only offers free shipping when you spend at least $15, so its a little more commitment than Lily and Fox which is always free shipping.

  • Sally Hansen nail strips
  • Color street nails

Best Tips For Applying Nail Strips / Nail Wraps:

  • Make sure that your nails are clean and free of any residual polish. Really get all that old nail polish off.
  • Push your cuticles back and buff your nails. You want a smooth surface for applying the nail strips.
  • Make sure to really go over all your nails with alcohol to remove any excess oils and make sure they are completely dry before trying to add the strips.
  • When applying the nail strip, dont apply it and take it off too many times to adjust it as that takes away from the ability to stick to the nail. Think about it if you were to put a sticker on a piece of paper and pull it up and adjust it. It wont stick as well the second time.
  • Dont get your nails wet for as long as possible like at least a couple hours. And dont have a shower for at least 8 hours after applying.
  • Put a top coat on your nails. For several of these brands that is the only way you are going to get the five day last.

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Best Designer Nail Stickers

  • Very affordable
  • Some are small so you may need tweezers

K, so these Louis Vuitton nail art stickers are truly the easiest way to add that designer vibe to your style . Theres a ton of different sizes, too, so youll have a sticker for every nail. Remember to seal the sticker with a layer of clear top coat to prevent any lifting or peeling.

THE REVIEWS: I personally reviewed these nail stickers, because once I saw them, I fell in love! Not only do they last a super long time when sealed with a top coat, but you’ll also wanna take a million hand selfies.

Review Of Color Street Nails

Lily and Fox Review: Are They Better Than Color Street?

Price $13

Shipping was also $3 making these. If I had bought 3 I couldve gotten one set for free, putting them closer to the $10 dollar range .

I thought Id try the ACTUAL Color Street if I was going to share alternatives with you guys.

After trying Lily And Fox these were an absolute DREAM to put on.

SO easy to get them off the paper and apply to my nail.

I actually think they were easier than Incoco.

They smoothed out so nicely, and they dont feel like rubber on my fingers.

I had heard they were of a higher quality than Incoco, but honestly, after I put them on they feel pretty much the same. If you buy through a color street rep you will get a much larger variety of nails to try, but the nails themselves seem pretty similar to Incoco.

Also, you do get more nails with Color Street than you do with Incoco so that is a benefit!

Keep in mind that they say you can only use them when you open them. Thats because these CAN dry out. I put mine in a ziplock and cross my fingers, but a lot of my friends use their flat iron to seal the packet for their 2nd use.

I could also use my food sealer. but that seems like a lot.

I also liked that they include a larger variety of nail sizes. They had one much bigger than my thumb and they have one that is smaller than my pinky. Which, is nice.

These seem to wear very similar to Incoco. I noticed some chipping on the ends right away. The strips I chose were darker in color, and I dont notice cracking .

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