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What Is The Best Nail Strengthening Polish

Dont Use Your Nails As Tools


Opening that soda can with your nails may seem convenient, but dont do it, babe. Using your nails in this way can lead to chipped, broken nails that will cause peeling and complete breakage. Plus, it just plain hurts! Need we say more?

Try using the pads of your fingers or a paperclip to get the job done instead.

Best Kit: Olive & June The Everything Box

Bring the nail salon home with this convenient kit, a one-stop-shop for flawless nails. Theres of course the polish to mention; you get to pick any six shades from the brands wide selection, all of which are 7-free. Theres also remover included, plus all the tools you need. But perhaps our favorite part? Their unique Poppy tool, a universal polish handle that attaches to any cap and makes it legitimately possible for anyone to paint their own nails.

Best Color Selection: Jinsoon Nail Lacquer

Jin Soon is one of the most beloved manicurists in the biz, with an impressive roster of celeb and editorial clients . Her eponymous line of polishes makes it easy to get that same, pro-inspired touch at home, thanks to a silky smooth and shiny formula thats also free of five commonly-used questionable chemicals. And the shade range cant be beaten, an extensive yet curated collection of spot-on classicsthink nudes and redsalongside more on-trend colors.

Sure, it may seem a little extra to buy designer nail polish, but this one is well worth every penny. All of the hues are formulated with unique pigments that up the vibrancy and intensity, along with polymers that ensure extra grip between the color and your nail. Theres also silicon in the mix to help strengthen nails, and the formula is free of toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, and camphor.

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Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Best Seller

When it comes to the best nail strengthener for peeling nails and other nail abnormalities, the OPI Nail Envy Strengthener is a high-end brand that offers a maximum strength formula for faster results. The formula is fortified with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium giving you stronger and longer nails in no time.

To begin with, you have to apply two coats of the formula, after that you only have to apply one coat every day on top of the existing coats. For best results, use every day and by the end of the week, remove the product and start the process again. You should see some dramatic results in a matter of weeks.

With over 2,300 OPI nail strengthener review on Amazon, this product is definitely one of the best products you can buy. The only downside is the price tag. It cost twice as much as other nail strengtheners.

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The Best Nail Strengtheners

Best Nail Strengthener 2019 (Reviews & Buyer

Price: £17 |

Soft, brittle nails will instantly benefit from OPIs cult classic Nail Envy. A miracle worker in a bottle, this nail strengtheners potent formula will immediately get to work nourishing nails with its blend of hydrolysed protein and calcium. For stronger, longer and healthier-looking nails, simply apply two coats of the strengthener to bare nails. For best results, apply an additional coat every couple of days. This formula is fine to use as a top coat over nail polish, too.

Nail Envy is one of OPIs top-selling products for good reason: it delivers on its promises to strengthen nails and works beautifully as a base and top coat. If this particular nail treatment doesnt fit the bill, then youll be pleased to learn that theres a family of other Nail Envy strengtheners to choose from, including formulas to suit sensitive, peeling or dry and brittle nails.

Key specs – Pack size: 15ml

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What Are The Best Ways To Strengthen Nails

Just like there are varied causes to weak nails, there are also different ways on how to treat peeling nails and other nail problems. If you have weak peeling nails due to vitamin deficiency, taking supplements is one solution.

If your nail growth is extremely slow, you might want to add more protein to your diet. If your nails are constantly chipping or breaking, you can always rely on the best nail hardener and strengthener to get the job done.

You Used Wrong The Base Coat

As mentioned earlier, the products that you put on your nails may also contribute to the quality of their overall health. Many of the nail products that you use contain harmful chemicals, such as Dibutyl Phthalate , Toluene, and Formaldehyde.They also contain other potential health hazards like ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, dyes, and fragrances. All of these can make your nails become brittle, thin, dry, and, even peel or break. They can also affect your overall health. Constant exposure to nail irritants in your polish, polish removers, and other nail products can strip your nails of their natural oils.

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The 4 Best Nail Strengtheners Without Formaldehyde

Hearing about the chemicals found in many nail care products can be alarming to say the least. Thankfully, these days, there are quality nail strengtheners that are free from formaldehyde and other harsh ingredients. Whether youâre hoping to heal damaged nails or do some preventative care, the best nail strengtheners without formaldehyde have got you covered.

While formaldehyde is the nail product ingredient that’s gotten the most press, it’s also worth paying attention to two other troublesome ingredients commonly found in nail hardeners and polishes, too: toluene and dibutyl phthalate . DBP is a chemical thatâs made Californiaâs Proposition 65 list because it can potentially cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. And toluene, a chemical often found in paint thinners, has also been linked to birth defects. For the most peace of mind when shopping for nail polishes and strengtheners, look for ones that are free from all three: formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene.

Additionally, since some nail options â especially acrylics â can make nails brittle, all of the nail hardeners below are infused with nourishing natural ingredients, from vitamin E to green tea to avocado oil.

Nail Strenghtener Buying Guide

BEST Nail Strengthener EVER!?!?! How to get crazy strong and long nails- OPI Review

Well all need to strengthen our nails at some point. No matter what your nail issues are, nothing is more annoying than nails that keep on breaking even if youve been extra careful.

There are different remedies to weak nails. You can whip up your own nail strengthener homemade recipe, for instance. Mixing olive oil with lemon juice then nuking it for 15 seconds will give you an excellent formula that will strengthen and whiten your nails.

But if youre like most people and youre not exactly keen on making your own recipes, just buy the best nail hardener for weak nails.

There are plenty of nail hardener that really work and they are accessible on the market today. These products are easy to apply and you can see results in a matter of weeks. The complicated part is to choose which product to buy. Luckily for you, weve crafted this nail strengthener buyers guide so youll know exactly what to look for.

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How To Strengthen Your Nails

Bringing your nails back to their full, fortified potential is as simple as finding the right topical products. “If you’re not wearing polish, I’d be sure to use an oil or something like that to keep your nails moisturized,” Fleury Rose, a New York City-based nail artist, previously told Well+Good. “Massaging a cuticle oil directly onto your nails can make them look glowy and healthy.” Dr. Nazarian recommends looking for formulas with nourishing oils and proteins, such as mastic oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E, and Apfel Glass is a fan of using pure coconut oil which aids in moisturization and prevents brittleness. Another great ingredient option? Nylon, tiny particles of which are blended into nail treatments to provide a sort of shield from the environment, making your nails thicker and less prone to cracks and breakage.

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Going Short Can Strengthen Nails

“Whether you realize it or not, when you have long nails you’re constantly hitting them on your keyboard, the door, you name it. People underestimate how much of an impact this has,” says Tuttle.

Keep your nails short and give them a chance to grow out stronger and healthier than before. The other upshot: Nails that aren’t in great shape look healthier when they’re shorter, adds Holford.

Bannon adds that giving yourself a mini “manicure” even if it’s just as simple as filing your nails every two to four days can prevent breakage and snags. If your nails are really in need of some T.L.C., repeat these manis for two to four weeks to see results and stronger nails.

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What Causes Weak Nails

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of shopping for the best nail treatment for weak nails, lets first understand what are the causes of weak nails. Theres no one single factor to blame for brittle and weak nails, but there are several elements that may be causing it. Some of these causes include:

You have nutritional deficiencies

One of the common causes of weak nails is nutritional deficiencies. You may be low on iron and that can cause stunted nail growth. If you have folic and vitamin C deficiency, youll likely suffer from brittle nails. Diets that are low in protein can also lead to weak nails.

Not maintaining your nails

Regular nail maintenance is the key to stronger nails. With a regular manicure, your nails are cleaned properly which prevents infection that can cause a number of nail abnormalities and disorders. With nails properly shaped, you also allow your nails to grow stronger. But ultimately, youll prevent chipping and splitting with proper maintenance.

Using the base coat wrong

You might think that prepping your nails with a base coat is a good thing. Youd be wrong. Base coats generally contain chemicals that will ruin your nail plate making it weaker and prone to breaking. Instead of doing the base coat first, you should apply a small amount of hand lotion onto your nails before polishing.

Leaving nail polish for too long

Does Your Nails Have Nutritional Deficiencies

Nail Strengthener

Like any other part of your body, your nails also need the right nutrition for them to grow healthy and strong. Healthy nails are naturally clear, smooth, and will not crack or peel easily. Fingernails that look otherwise may indicate nutritional deficiencies or even a disease. For instance, pits and red-brown spots on your nails may indicate Vitamin C deficiency. Deficiencies in iron and zinc in your body may, on the other hand, may cause the yellowing of your nails, normally near the nail beds. A lack of Biotin in the body and B-group vitamins can lead to dry, brittle nails. If you look at the color, the texture, as well as the shape of your nails and nail beds, and you notice an unsightly discoloration and any other nail problems, you may need to check your nail health.

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Strengthen Your Nails By Giving Them A Break

“While there’s no scientific evidence that keeping your nails polish-free will make a difference, anecdotally I can tell you that we totally notice a difference in the strength and health of the nails when our clients do take a break,” says Tuttle. Choi and Holford agree all three recommend keeping your nails au naturel for at least a few days after sporting a gel, acrylics, or dip.

If you really need to keep them polished, use a nail strengthener as a base coat, suggests Holford. You can also look for a color that contains strengthening ingredients.

The Best For Nail Growth: Ella+mila Nail Strengthener

If you suffer from nails that are constantly splitting, ella+mila’s First Aid Kiss nail strengthener was designed with you in mind. This 7-free formula contains vitamin B5 to stimulate growth and vitamin A to be an antioxidant for thin and weak nails. In addition to a treatment, this can also be used as a base coat. And, as that adorable little elephant on the bottle might suggest, it’s also vegan, animal-cruelty free, and certified by PETA.

According to one reviewer: “I just started using it as a base coat under colored nail polish and immediately noticed a difference. My nails are stronger, not peeling anymore, and my manicures are lasting a few days longer than usual. This will definitely be my permanent base coat moving forward. Highly recommended!”

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Gelish Vitagel Recovery Led/uv Cured Nail Strengthener

If you want to repair your nails and promote growth after years of acrylic use, then there is none better than the Gelish Vitagel Recovery LED/UV Cured Nail Strengthener. Unlike traditional nail strengtheners, this gel polish requires the use of an LED lamp. What we love about this is that it doesnt chip or peel off. It also doesnt stain your nails. And when you want to take it off, just soak it and it comes right off, leaving you with smooth, healthy nails. Plus, have we mentioned that its formaldehyde-free? However, it isnt easy to apply as the product is a bit thick. Also, you cant use this with other Gelish products because it will cause the polish to peel off quickly.


Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula # 2

Instant Artificials! The Best Nail Hardener Ever

Nail problems can really be annoying. Fortunately, there are several products available in the market that can help you address this problem. Several users of the Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula claim that they have seen drastic changes with their nails after several uses of this nail strengthening product. The manufacturer of this product, the Design House of Nailtiques, recommend this product for daily use. It contains Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Tosylamide Formaldehyde Resin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acrylates Crosspolymer Epoxidized Soybean Oil, Wheat Amino Acid, Calcium Pantothenate , HydrolyzedKeratin Gelatin, Benzophenone 1, Etocrylene, Violet 2 , and Dimethicone. You can check out what others are saying about the Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula, # 2 on Amazon.

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Whats Causing Your Nails To Become Weak And/or Brittle

While nail strengtheners can be good for your weak nails, it can only do so much. It wont be able to keep your nails healthy if there is an underlying cause that doesnt get treated. For example, hypothyroidism, anemia, and Raynauds syndrome are just a few of the medical conditions that can cause brittle nails. Just biting your nails regularly can also cause them to become weak. This is because doing so keeps your nails damp which make them an ideal breeding ground for fungus. Even if you continuously apply nail strengthener to your nails, and dry the nails completely, you wont be getting the results you want without treating that underlying cause such as getting rid of that bad habit.

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The Best Vegan & Organic Formula: Karma Deep Nutrition Nail Strengthener

This Karma Organic sheer nail strengthener nourishes nails while giving them a lovely tint and sheen. The bottle is free of formaldehyde, DPB, and toluene, and is specially formulated to even tackle fungus around the cuticles. The chip-resistant formula is a favorite of Amazon reviewers.

According to one reviewer: “My nails were super brittle and weak from gel and acrylic nails. But this nail polish has made my nails so strong and they grow so quickly! My nails donât break and I have to file them once a week because theyâre growing so well! The Only nail that has broke was the one I slammed in the door. Right now I am applying this polish 2x a week and I was seeing great results within the the first 2 weeks. Highly recommend.”

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Ask The Strategist: Whats The Best Nail Strengthener

In our new advice column, Ask the Strategist, we take your most burning shopping questions and scour friends, call up experts, and draw from personal experience to answer them. As always, please comment with one of your own were here to help.

Question: What are the best products to strengthen nails?

Actually, weve somewhat addressed this question before, with posts about Healthy Hoof nail cream thats originally meant for horses, but also helps strengthen and grow human fingernails, and Diors Nail Glow, which is a nail enhancer that looks like an instant French manicure . Still, to expand on this, I spoke with three experts whose answers are below.

Nina Werman, the founder of Valley Nails, a salon thats given manicures to Willow Smith and Chrissy Teigen, first recommends keeping your nails moisturized because they become brittle and dry in the winter, she says. Her favorite nail oil is CNDs nail-and-cuticle conditioner, which has jojoba oil and vitamin E, those are really important in terms of peeling nails and brittle nails that are drying out.

Its also important to be diligent about trimming your nails, which is like trimming dead ends of hair; they split if you dont, Werman says. Plus, it stimulates growth. It stimulates circulation. Here at the Strategist, weve previously written about our favorite nail clipper, the Japanese Green Bell Clipper.


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