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What Are The Ingredients In Opi Nail Polish

Is Opi Nail Polish Cruelty


No, the parent company of OPI is Coty and it performs animal testing of its products. OPI as a brand doesnt perform animal testing on its own but they do pay third parties to test its products on animals.

The brand also claims that they do animal testing where it is required by the law, like in China where its a legal requirement to test finished products on animals.

Is Your Nail Polish Toxic

Researchers Find Toxins in Nail Polish Labeled ‘Toxin-Free’ Industry Says Report Lacks Perspective

Some nail polishes and other products used at salons and labeled toxin-free may have high levels of toxic chemicals, according to a new California report.

“The labeling does not always reflect the ingredients,” says scientist Valetti Lang, acting manager of the Pollution Prevention Branch of the Department of Toxic Substances Control for the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Her team bought 25 nail products from distributors in May 2011. They sent the samples to an independent lab.

The lab tested the products for three chemicals — dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde — commonly called the ”toxic trio.”

The chemicals have been of concern for their potential health risks, especially to nail salon workers.

In recent years, some nail product makers have removed these chemicals from their products, then labeled them as non-toxic.

“What we found out is that in many of the cases the label was inaccurate,” Lang tells WebMD. “And that’s really what our message is. We don’t know if our samples are representative of the industry.”

Some products that did not carry a toxic-free label actually had none of the chemicals in them, the researchers also found.

Some of the products tested are also for sale to consumers in beauty supply stores or via the Internet.

Toxins In Nail Polish: A Closer Look

The California scientists tested mostly nail color or lacquer. They also included some top coat, base coat, thinner, nail art, and a top coat-base coat combination.

They were looking for the chemical toluene, a toxin that may cause birth defects and developmental problems in children of pregnant women who have hadextended exposure. They also looked for dibutyl phthalate , which has been linked to birth defects in studies involving lab animals, and formaldehyde, a carcinogen.

The labels on 12 products said they were free of one, two, or all of these chemicals. The other 13 products had no such claims.


Formaldehyde wasn’t detectable in any of the products.

Only two products claiming to be free of all three actually were:

  • Color Madnic Luscious nail lacquer
  • Zoya professional nail lacquer

Among the products labeled as free of one, two, or three chemicals that fell short:

  • Sation 99 base coat
  • Dare to Wear nail lacquer
  • Chelsea 650 Baby’s Breath nail lacquer
  • Poshe fast dry base coat
  • Orly Flagstone Rush nail lacquer
  • Nail art striper brush Magenta Glitter
  • New York Summer nail color
  • Paris Spicy 298 nail lacquer
  • Sation 53 Red Pink nail color

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Nail Polish Removers Smell

Another disadvantage of using acetone on anything is the chemical smell. Some companies developed removers that use acetone but dont smell like it, such as the The Stripper by Deborah Lippmann or Sally Hansens Nail Polish Remover, which smell like soap or lavender . Although it is not pleasant to use, scientists say it isnt hazardous. The most that can happen if you accidentally inhale too much is getting a cough or a sore throat.

Secret Ingredient: Nail Polish

Opi Matte Nail Polish Ingredients  Papillon Day Spa

Polish. We all use it. We all love it. But what exactly is it made of? From tosylamide/formaldehyde resin to stearalkonium bentonite, ingredient names can sound more like a top secret formula for NASA than a recipe for regular old nail polish. Each of these ingredients, however, has a purpose and plays a part in the overall performance of the polish.

Polish typically consists of four major types of ingredients:

1. POLYMERS make up the backbone of the polish, and they consist of two main chemicals, Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin and Nitrocellulose. These two work together to produce the characteristic hard shiny surface and strong adhesion that is typical in all polishes.

Nitrocellulose a primary film former it creates the hard shiny surface of polish but is brittle when used on its own the polymer comes from cotton or wood chips by way of a chemical reaction of nitric and sulfuric acids.

Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin a film former that works with nitrocellulose to reduce brittleness, improve adhesion, and create a more durable polish.

2. PLASTICIZERS make the polish more flexible and increase its durability.

Camphor an ingredient that increases flexibility and comes from the camphor tree.

3. PIGMENTS are used to create the color of each polish. A combination of naturally occurring and manufactured pigments are blended together to create varying shades.

Mica a natural pigment that gives a shimmery look.

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Is Opi Nail Polish Safe For Babies And Toddlers

The use of OPI nail polish should not be used while dealing with babies and toddlers. The body of a baby does not need a huge amount of chemicals to cause damage. Inhaling even a small amount of fumes of nail paint can cause brain damage and respiratory issues.

None of the above-mentioned ingredients should be swallowed by the baby. If you are having a kid that likes to put his fingers in the mouth, you need to keep nail polishes out of their reach.

Phthalates In Nail Polish Work As Plasticizers

DBP belongs to a family of chemicals called phthalates, which are added to some plastics to make them flexible. So, how do you know what substitutes to look for? Well, it is helpful to understand how nail polishes are made in the first place. For example, what is the function of phthalates in nail polishes, and will nail polishes work without them?

To answer the question, as nail polish ingredients, phthalates function as plasticizers, which are chemicals. They are added to plastics to make them softer and pliable so that they do not crack and break easily. In nail polishes, they prevent chips and cracks. Obviously, removing all of them will negatively affect the quality of the product.

So, is it possible that when one phthalate is removed, the one that takes its place is less notorious only because it has less data, or has received less bad press? Also, does the removal of one phthalate make the nail polish non-toxic?

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Nazi Germany And Cold War Era

The company suffered under the regime due to the Nazi’s economic policy and their restrictions on raw-material supplies, along with wartime conditions. As , the Ströher brothers were actively opposed to National Socialism. During the , the Welle plant in was used to manufacture ventilation systems and equipment for submarines, no longer producing their permanent wave machines and hair dryers.

After World War II, the dismantled the Wella plant in Apolda as part of the enacted by the Soviet Union. The plant in Rothenkirchen was expropriated and renamed VEB Londa, becoming communal state property under the . The Ströher family and some members of staff decided to start the business again from scratch on a smaller scale in , under the name Ondal GmbH. Production began again in 1946 with the new business being registered as Wella AG in 1950 with the central management of the company located in in . Throughout the 50s and 60s the company followed an aggressive campaign in international markets within such as Chile, Brazil, the Asian and Pacific territories as well as various parts of Africa. After the , in February 1990 the Rothenkirchen plant was reintegrated into Wella, forming a joint venture with Londa to produce and market hairdressing products throughout Europe.

In 1950, Wella introduced Koleston, the first hair balm designed to protect and nourish hair. In 1954, Hollywood icon appeared in Koleston advertising.

Is Opi Nail Polish Gluten

OPI Nature Strong Nail Polish Swatches and Review! 30 POLISHES! || KELLI MARISSA

The normal OPI nail polish is gluten-free as it doesnt contain wheat or oats-derived ingredients. The vegan range, however, is not gluten-free, as it has wheat-based proteins.

There is no official or separate list of OPI gluten-free products, hence we recommend contacting their customer service for accurate information of a particular product.

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Best Kit: Olive & June The Everything Box

Bring the nail salon home with this convenient kit, a one-stop-shop for flawless nails. Theres of course the polish to mention you get to pick any six shades from the brands wide selection, all of which are 7-free. Theres also remover included, plus all the tools you need. But perhaps our favorite part? Their unique Poppy tool, a universal polish handle that attaches to any cap and makes it legitimately possible for anyone to paint their own nails.

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I Use Credible Sources To Form My Opinion About Product Ingredients

After I had a baby in 2012, I did not go back to my job as a financial analyst at the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco. Instead, I used my analytical skills and nine years of college education to make sense of home and body products. Since then, I have become a sought-after speaker and a consultant for consumers, manufacturers, and online retailers. To see what documentary film I was interviewed for, visit my About page.

As my client, you can get help with understanding how the usage of certain products may increase your potential risks. Together, we will examine your health condition, genetics, overall exposures, the methods and frequency of product applications, and stress level. I believe that stress is the biggest toxin of all.

Furthermore, to form my opinion about ingredients, including nail polish ingredients, I look into a number of credible sources. They are reports produced by the European Chemicals Agency database, the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, and the US Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel. Plus, I pay a hefty fee to read animal, clinical, and epidemiological studies in full in the US National Library of Medicine. I also check the opinions of the Environmental Working Group , and our viewpoints are not always the same. If you use the EWG database, be sure to check out my How to Use the Skin Deep Database the Right Way post.

Now, let us go over the ingredients of the OPI nail polish Infinite Shine collection.

Nontoxic Opi Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish Kiss on the Chic NLH31

The other OPI nail polishes in EWGs Skindeep Database get ratings ranging from 3-9, which means they contain potentially harmful ingredients. So if youre going to use OPI, you should stick to those two colors.

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Removing Several Chemicals From The List Of Nail Polish Ingredients Does Not Make It Safe

To begin, in 2006, OPI reformulated its nail polish to remove dibutyl phthalate . An endocrine disruptor, DBP has a rating of 10 in the EWG Skin Deep database. OPI also states that its nail polishes do not contain formaldehyde or toluene. But does the absence of these chemicals automatically mean the nail polishes are safe?

You may have heard of so-called non-toxic nail polishes free of the toxic trio or the Big Five. To clarify, the ingredients that comprise the toxic trio are dibutyl phthalate , formaldehyde, and toluene. And the Big Five consists of these three, plus formaldehyde resin and camphor. But, though camphor and formaldehyde in nail polish are not good, I believe they are not the worst offenders.

When I hear the phrase free of something, I look into what manufacturers use instead. What matters here is whether they disclose the substitutes and whether they are safer and have enough health safety data. Stay with me to find out what ingredient OPI nail polish uses now, after removing DBP.

Toxins In Nail Polish: Story Behind The Research

The new report will provide information to the San Francisco Department of Environment’s voluntary recognition program for nail salons that choose safer products, Lang says.

That program was created after the city and county of San Francisco passed an ordinance in late 2010.

California has more than 48,000 nail salons.

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control has been collaborating with the Department of Environment.

To be recognized as a safer salon, nail salons must use products free of the toxic trio and other chemicals.


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Solvents In Nail Polish Make A Nail Polish Smooth

For starters, solvents are the carriers of the other ingredients and help the nail polish flow smoothly. There are four solvents in the OPI nail polish: ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and diacetone alcohol.

According to the European Chemicals Agency database , ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and isopropyl alcohol may cause drowsiness or dizziness. Although these risks are more applicable to occupational settings, it is good to minimize inhalation of these solvents by applying the nail polish in a very well-ventilated room. The EWG rates them as low hazard ingredients as well.

Exercise caution with diacetone alcohol as one of the nail polish ingredients.

As for diacetone alcohol in the OPI nail polish, the EWG gives it a rating of 1 out of 10. However, the US OSHA lists various respiratory issues and even damage to liver and kidneys. Plus, it limits airborne exposure to 50 ppm over an 8-hour work shift . And the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel has not reviewed diacetone alcohol for safety yet, due to insufficient data. .

So, the conclusion about the solvents is that they are toxic in bigger quantities. You can reduce the potential health harms by good ventilation and infrequent use of nail polish and visits to salons.

What Is Nail Polish Thinner

OPI DTLA Fall 2021 Nail Polish Collection Swatches! || KELLI MARISSA

Nail polish thinner is a chemical solution that restores thickened nail enamel to its original consistency and helps prolong the life of the nail polish. Nail polish that is too thick may result in enamel that is difficult to apply and/or does not last as long on the nail as nail polish that is the correct consistency. The correct consistency of nail polish should allow one to apply at least two coats of enamel before needing to redip the brush.

It is important to note that regular nail polish thinner may inhibit the properties of certain fast-dry nail polishes. Therefore, seek thinners specifically designed for use with regular nail polish.

Usage of thinner typically includes the following steps:

  • Add a few drops of thinner with the polish. Some bottles come with a dropper or dropper spout to make this step easier.
  • Mix well. Some instructions will suggest to “shake” well however, shaking can result in air bubbles in the enamel that will be evident when polishing the nails. A better alternative is to hold the bottle between the palms of the hands and roll from side to side until the thinner is thoroughly incorporated into the polish.
  • Wait several minutes before applying polish. Instructions will recommend waiting up to 20 minutes before applying the newly thinned polish.

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Opi Just Launched Its First Vegan Nail Polish Collection

Beauty brand OPI just launched its first vegan nail lacquer collection. The companys Nature Strong line features 30 hues and a top coat made from plant-based ingredients such as sugar cane, wheat, manioc, and potatoesa big departure from the toxic ingredients often used in nail products. The polishes are all inspired by elements in nature such as water, flowers, sunshine, fruits, and vegetables and come in playfully named hues such as Make My Daisy , We Canyon Do Better , and Simply Radishing .

The brand created Nature Strong to connect nail enthusiasts to polish that is non-toxic and made without harming animals. To ensure that the collection was free from animal products, OPI obtained certification from The Vegan Society. Furthermore, the brand is respecting nature by using 20 percent post-consumer recycled materials in its bottle caps.

The fast-drying polishes last for seven days and are available through the OPI website for $11.50 per bottle. OPIs first vegan collection is now available in the United States but the companywhich sells its products in 100 countriesaims to expand Nature Strong to other regions.


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