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Nail Salons Opened On Sunday

What To Expect At A Walmart Beauty Salon

Warm-Up Spa and Chit-chat â?ï¸? ASMR Whisper

If youre thinking about getting your hair cut or styled at a Walmart beauty salon, you might be wondering what to expect.

Theres no need to worry about the quality of service as salons in Walmart are typically staffed by professional stylists and barbers who have received training from significant companies like Regis Corp.

The prices for services at a salon inside Walmart will vary depending on your location and the type of service you are getting. However, you can expect to pay around the same price as you would at a traditional salon.

Walmart is not the only retailer getting into the beauty salon business. Department stores like Sears and J.C. Penney are also opening their salons inside their stores.

So, if youre not a fan of Walmart, you might still have the opportunity to get your hair cut or styled at a department store.

The bottom line is that if youre looking for convenience and affordability, a salon inside of Walmart is a great option.

You can expect to receive quality services at a price comparable to what you would find at a traditional salon.

If you need a haircut, stop by a Walmart beauty salon and give it a try!

Regal Nails Salon & Spa Customer Support And Staff

Regal Nail Salon and Spa has a team of highly trained staff that includes experienced manicurists and beauty experts. The manicurists are trained in nail art and can apply beautiful designs such as Shellac nails, diamond nails, and even lace nail art.

The manicurists can also paint various motifs such as snowflakes for Christmas or cobwebs and spiders for Halloween.

The overall ambiance of the salon is very relaxing and soothing. In addition, salons inside Walmart are kept clean and hygienic for the steady stream of daily customers.

The staff sanitizes all tools and equipment regularly to always be ready for the next customer throughout the day.

If you have any concerns and skin conditions, give the staff a heads up, and they will take extra precautions for your skin and nails.

All the equipment used at Regal is generally safe for the skin and hands. In addition, the staff performs pre-manicure and post-manicure treatments to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

Each manicurist will prep your nails by cleaning them with a germ-killing solution and a dehydrator solution. Its designed to dissolve any residue on the nails that will hinder the nail polish application process.

After your nails are done, the manicurist will apply nourishing cuticle oils to your hands. It keeps your skin and cuticles smooth and supple to stop them from drying out during the application process.

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Here Is What Our Customers Had To Say About Nail Salons On Groupon:


fabulous and friendly nail salon., Very professional and extremely clean. They change plastic liners in pedi bowls between clients and extras too, like wax on hands and feet and massages.The best place I have been and I keep going back for 2 years now for all my nail care.. Cannot rave about it enough!! Highly recommend..-cynthia h.


This was a friendly and local salon. The people that were being attended to seemed like they come here often. I am very satisfied with the service and, to my surprise, will probably return again. Thats not something that usually happens with Groupons, as we all know. The lady who attended me took her time and explained everything. Again, /very/ satisfied. Highly recommend..-Nicholas S.


Received a very nice manicure. The esthetician took her time and I did not feel rushed. The hand and arm massage was lovely. Unfortunately the chair was very uncomfortable and the only manicure station was located in a tiny corner space with holes in the wall. Did not care for the atmosphere. Staff were friendly..-S. K.


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Nail And Hair Salons Are Beginning To Close How Will This Affect Workers

One of my coping mechanisms for navigating the world is to always have manicured nails. It is a privilege to be able to afford to get them done by someone else on a regular basis. As Ive been watching the news over the past few weeks as COVID-19 spreads around the world, I have nervously chipped away the gel polish on all my nails. Beauty salons, like many other brick-and-mortar businesses, will be operating on life support as New York, California, and, likely the rest of the country, shuts down to reduce the number of sick people falling ill to COVID-19.

Its a difficult decision, but it will save lives. Keeping salons open right now risks everyones health. Teen Vogue spoke to Amy Greer, PhD, research chair in Population Disease Modeling at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, and asked the question floating around right now: Can you still go to the salon if youre in a location where those businesses have not been forced to close?

Just Use Our Interactive Map Below That Automatically Finds All The Nail Salons Nearest To You

Nail Salon Open Sunday La  Misterwew

Weve made finding a local tanning salon simple. The map above is all you need and it inserts all the results for you. You dont even have to search, just tap on the markers above!

Make sure you have your GPS turned on if youre using a mobile device. To see how to turn on your GPS, if you have an iPhone and if you have an Android device.

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What Can Google Maps Do For Users

1.Rely on Google scale as you grow

When you build on the same infrastructure that serves billions of Google Maps users, you can count on a platform that will scale and flex as you do. On our secure, future-proof infrastructure, you can grow from prototype to planet-scale without having to think about capacity, reliability, or performance.

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Find Hair Salons Open On Sundays

Hair Salons Open on Sunday Near Me Search now for hair salons near you open on weekends. View maps, reviews and more.

Are you bored with your current hairstyle or hair color? Do you want a new look? Or maybe you have a special event coming up and you would like to look beautiful? With the search options and map below you can instantly discover the closest hair salons near you that are open on weekends. You can also search for hair braiding salons nearby. Are you looking for the nearest place where to get your hair done or a hair salon that is open on Sunday in your area? There are usually various good nail salons in any town.

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More And More Salons In Walmart

The salon industry is a multi-billion dollar business, so its no surprise that several major companies are seeking to enter this market. The growing number of salons in Walmart maybe just be testing out the market but there are several reasons why having these hair cutting centers inside of Walmart could be a successful venture.

Nail Design Hot Trends In 2022

nail salons that do polygel near me nail salon near me that does designs 2022

A fresh manicure is a perfect way to add a little something extra to your outfit. While we will always love ballet slipper pink or a classic red, why not try something a little more adventurous for your next manicure? From subtle chic detailing to bold designs, there is something for everyone with this seasons most stylish nail trends because life is too short for boring nails.

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How Do I Find Nail Salons Open Late Near Me

Use the map to look for the nearest nail salons near me open late. Just click on the location that interests you and you will be able to see more details, such as opening hours, reviews, address, contact information and more. You can use the map to look for nail salons open late or on Sundays in another city as well. In order to do so, just adjust the map to show the area that you are interested in and you will see the same information as described above. If you dont see any info and are using a mobile phone, make sure that your location and GPS is on. In addition to the map, you can use the search box to look for nail shops open late nearby by typing your city or zip code.

Find Nail Salons Open Late Near You

Nail Salons Near Me Open Late Search now for nail salons, nail shops open on Sunday, or nail salons open till 9 using the location finder. View maps and other useful information.

Are you looking for where to get your nails done? Are you tired of wasting time doing your nails at home and not getting the results that you want? Are you looking to get a manicure, pedicure, or other types of nail enhancements that you cant do yourself? Or maybe you wish to try a new type of gel nail polish? Are you asking yourself how can I find nail salons open late near me or nail shops open on Sunday or nail salons open till 9? If you dont have time to go to a nail salon near you during normal business hours, then you can search for one that is open after work or on weekends. Now you can easily find what youre looking for. You can instantly locate the closest nail salons in your area by using the search options and map provided on this page. In addition, there could be other beauty salons nearby, so that is why thorough research is important.

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How To Choose A Nail Salon Near Me

Be sure to take your time when choosing a Nail Salon closest to you and that suits you. The stations should all be clean and all the instruments should be disinfected.

Its always a good idea to do your research before going in for an appointment. From checking reviews and hours on Google Maps or Yelp, youll be able get more information about the salon that suits what works best with your schedule!

When picking out which nail spa is right for yourself there are many factors worth considering including location as well as price range so take all this into consideration before making any decisions because if not then chances could arise where certain stations may have been neglected during servicing while others havent even cleaned properly since prior customers were already satisfied without being given priority treatment anyways- remember everyone deserves clean tools after using them.

There Are Several Ways To Help Even If It Means You Dont Get A New Manicure Or A Haircut For Now

Nail Salons Open On Easter Sunday Near Me

Some of my clients have reached out to send money towards future appointments, and that is so generous and helpful for me right now, said hairstylist Topher Gross. Its a move being echoed across the country. Writer Anne Helen Petersen and her mother have done the same. I really wanted to get my hair cut, but looking at the chart of workers who face the highest COVID-19 risk underlined it was the right decision for me to cancel and pay my stylist as if I didnt. My mom is just sending a check to her hairdresser. I paid mine over the phone it’s so easy.

You can also donate to the One Fair Wage Emergency Fund, which directly supports a variety of tipped workers right now. Besides stylists and manicurists, it supports restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and more. There is a visual map of global support listing fundraisers and local mutual aid networks that is constantly being updated at the moment too.

This fund will directly support nail salon workers to meet their needs, and the needs of their families during this time. We know that we may be isolated, but we are still united, stated a representative of the Nail Salon Workers Resilience Fund. The California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative is accepting donations. There are state-by-state pledges and calls for more sick days for workers and emergency funds to be disbursedto workers of all kinds. Now is the time to get involved.

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Are Dip Nails Better Than Gel

Well, I cant say, but if you read in between the lines, you ought to have known that first, the process involved in dip nails is a lot quicker than gel.

Secondly, in terms of durability, they last longer, and thirdly, the level of protection they possess for your natural nails cannot be compared to other manicure.

So if you ask us as to which to go after, then the answer lies within you. Both are great, but it all boils down to individual differences and choices.

What Are The Walmart Nail Salon Hours

The Walmart nail salons are open all days of the week. In addition, the Walmart nail salons open hours are aligned with the store hours to get your nails done in many cases.

Use the Regal Nails Salon store locator to find a nearby salon nearby. Most nail salons inside Walmart are open from 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays.

The Walmart nail salon weekend hours open between 9 am and 12 pm and close between 5 pm and 7 pm. Saturday hours tend to be 9 am to 7 pm, and Sunday salon hours tend to be 12 pm to 5 pm.

  • Monday: 10 AM 8 PM
  • Tuesday: 10 AM 8 PM
  • Wednesday: 10 AM 8 PM
  • Thursday: 10 AM 8 PM
  • Friday: 10 AM 8 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM 7 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM 5 PM

Find a Regal Nail Salon near me using the store locator.

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Walmarts Regal Nails Prices

While commonly known as Walmart Nail Salonthe official name for the salon is Regal Nails. The prices at Regal Nail Salonare incredibly affordable, with great rates for most treatments.

Regal Salon Nail Prices

Nail treatment prices at Walmart Nail Salonoffer great value for money. Starting as low as $15, there are a range oftreatments to suit all tastes, from solar nails to acrylic nails. For instance,an acrylic treatment starts at $20 while a powder gel treatment starts at $28.

Anyone looking to pamper their nails willappreciate Walmart Nail Salons affordable rates for manicures and pedicures.For example, a pedicure is just $20 while a manicure is only $10! There arevarious other options available too, including deluxe pedicures, gel manicures,and manicure and pedicure combo treatments.

RegalNail Salon Waxing Prices

Waxing prices at Smart Style Salon are alsovery affordable, beginning at just $5 for a lip wax. A full leg wax costs $60and is the most expensive wax treatment, although still much cheaper than mostbeauty salons! You can get eyebrows, lip, chin, half leg, full leg, bikini, andunder arm waxes at Smart Style Salons.

RegalNails Prices for Other Treatments

The treatments dont stop and the hands, feet, and hair! Walmart Nail Salon offers a variety of other beauty treatments to leave you feeling rejuvenated. For instance, nail art is just $2 and a great way to add style to your nails, while treatments like a sea salt mask or foot mask cost just $5!


Good Nail Salon In My Area Should Be Clean

Trying go glam nail salon!

Salons often use the same equipment for every client since it is not economically wise to use new tools for every customer. But you must ensure that the equipment is disinfected before using them on you. Also, be sure that all disposables are gotten rid of.

Check out the environment of the nail places near you. If the nearest nail salon location is not healthy, you have no business in the salon. You came for an enjoyable experience and not to get infections.

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Walmart Nail Salon Prices Hours & Locations Updated 2022

  • Summary: Walmart Nail Salon Prices, Hours & Locations · 4.1 More and more salons in Walmart · 4.2 Convenience for the customer · 4.3 Lower prices for services · 4.4
  • Matching search results: Disclaimer: Walmart Nail Salon Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact

How Do I Locate Nail Salons In My Area

Next time you decide to look for nail salons near me open late or a nail salon open Sunday, you may like to consider the following tips to improve your search experience. Make sure that you do the necessary research as outline below so that you can be better informed and can find the right nail shop for your needs.

Do a lot of research: read posted reviews online of people who have visited the nail salons that you are interested in and learn all about their nail shop experience. By doing so you will get useful information on the nail salons services, quality, prices and other details that may help you choose the right nail shop open late for you. You will know what you might expect and that can minimize the possibility that you will be disappointed with your nail shop experience. Before going to any nail salon nearby, you should find one that provides the best quality and price.

Call the nail salons: make sure to verify any information that you find online before you visit the nail salon location that is open late or early in your area. You can also ask the different nail shop locations if they have any coupons or promotions. Sometimes it may the case that not all information is listed on the nail salons website and you may be missing out on good sales and other promotions.

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