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The Best Medicine For Nail Fungus

Clove Oil Remedy For Toenail Fungus

The Best Treatment for Toenail Fungus, According to a Podiatrist

The clove oil has a very pleasant and strong odor, which makes it a loved choice for nail fungus. It is also known for strong anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

You must be wondering about the magical substance in clove oil to make it do so, it is the eugenol, according to research it is one of the effective ingredients to kill fungal and bacterial infections.

It is not only a treatment for nail fungus but also for the overall health, and especially the respiratory problems.

How to use clove oil for nail fungus treatment?

Using clove oil directly on the infected toenail is not a wise idea as the clove oil is a strong and reactive compound. It will destroy the skin barrier you need to dilute it first.

  • Use clove oil with Epsom salt. You can add a few drops of clove oil in your bathtub and Epsom salt, this is a convenient method to treat toenail fungus.
  • Apply the diluted clove oil directly on the infected toenail thrice a day.
  • Make a foot soak of baking soda ad add a few drops of clove oil on it.

Pros of clove oil treatment for toenail fungus

  • It will moisten the damaged skin.
  • Is effective in treating the bad odor of nail fungus, giving you a pleasant smell, all those who go out for work and do not want to carry the bad odor, should apply it.
  • It is a readily available essential oil.

Cons of clove oil for nail fungus

  • It takes almost 10 months to show results.
  • It is slightly harsh for people with sensitive skin.
  • You need to buy a separate carrier oil with it.

How Do Dermatologists Diagnose Nail Fungus

To find out if a patient has nail fungus, a dermatologist examines your nails and nearby skin. Its important to check the skin because the fungus can spread. You may already have a skin infection caused by fungus like athletes foot.

To get rid of the infection, you will need to treat all infected areas.

Before giving you the diagnosis, your dermatologist may also take some samples. Collecting a bit of debris from beneath a nail, trimming off part your nail, or scraping off a bit of skin can be very helpful. In a lab, these samples can be examined under a microscope to find out whats causing the problem.

Are you hiding an infected nail with nail polish?

Be sure to ask your dermatologist if you can wear nail polish while treating nail fungus.

Are There Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

The Internet is filled with anecdotal information on how to cure toenail fungus using home remedies. Vinegar is a commonly recommended home remedy. Some people apply various oils such as tea tree oil, coconut oil, essential oils, and oil of cedar leaf to their nails as well. The effectiveness of these home remedies is highly doubtful. Application of household bleach and hydrogen peroxide is also not recommended due to a lack of evidence that these treatments work. These agents can also cause unwanted skin irritation. Thickened nails that have been affected by fungus can be difficult to trim. Using topical urea cream will soften the nail and make it easier to trim. These creams do not require a prescription.

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Is Nail Fungus Easily Treatable

Toenail fungus infections often require diligent treatment to be successful. Early-stage toenail fungus may respond to home treatments, such as those listed below. Apply the treatment to the affected nail several times daily you may need to treat for six months or more to clear the infection as it takes 6-12 months for a full nail to grow out.

  • Tea tree oil: This oil has antifungal properties, and studies found they performed as well as some over-the-counter and prescription topical antifungal treatments.
  • Baking soda: Researchers found that baking soda prevented fungal growth in 79 percent of the specimens tested. Apply a paste of baking soda and water directly to the affected nail and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.
  • Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide also are popular home remedies for toenail fungus, but have not been shown to be effective in clinical studies.
  • Over-the-counter treatments for toenail fungus include creams, ointments, sprays and liquids. Ask your pharmacist for a recommendation or look for these ingredients, and follow the directions carefully:

    • Tolnaftate
    • Terbinafine

    Laser treatment

    Laser treatment for fungal nail infections is the newest treatment option, though it has now been available for many years. It has shown significantly higher success rates and has been the delight of many patients. It should be noted that there are two variations of laser available, hot and cold laser, and its important to know the difference.

    Best Fungal Toenail Home Remedies

    all #natural foods

    As home remedies are DIY for nail fungus treatment, these are convenient. That is why it is peoples favorite however, many people discontinue it as they think they are going to take forever to cure the nail fungus.

    To find out which home remedy is the best treatment for toenail fungus, we have discussed each remedy for nail fungus.

    So, lets start about each one of them.

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    A Pharmacist Can Help With Fungal Nail Infections

    Speak to a pharmacist if the look of your nail bothers you or it’s painful.

    They may suggest:

    • antifungal nail cream it can take up to 12 months to cure the infection and does not always work
    • nail-softening cream it’s used for 2 weeks to soften the nail so the infected part can be scraped off

    The infection is cured when you see healthy nail growing back at the base.

    Best Natural: Healing Solutions Tea Tree Essential Oil

    If you’re in search of a totally natural nail fungus treatment option or just an easy at-home remedy, Dr. Chen suggests tea tree oil. Naturally anti-fungal, “it’s been studied to be just as effective as clotrimazole, the active ingredient found in many over-the-counter fungal treatments,” she says. You never want to apply an essential oil directly to the skin , however, so dilute it with a carrier oil , before dabbing it onto the nail and surrounding skin. This tea tree oil, specifically, has more than 10,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, so it’s a total no-brainer.

    One reviewer said: “I bought this to combat nail fungus. I’ve had it for years. No matter what I used, nothing made a dent. This was true until I tried tea tree oil. In a matter of days, my nails have started to clear up!! Highly recommend.”

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    What Is The Medications To Treat Toenail Fungus

    Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of medications to treat toenail fungus is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the medications to treat toenail fungus listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

    How Candida Becomes A Whole

    What are the Best Treatments for Fungal Toenails – Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

    Now you may be wondering, how does Candida become a fungal infection? Pathogenic fungi such as Candida have evolved to survive in a human host through morphogenesis, meaning they can change their cell shape and size.8

    Candida in particular changes from a rounded cell to an elongated hyphal cell. These elongated hyphal cells can then permeate your gut lining, leading the gut to become leaky. A leaky gut allows the yeast to escape your gut via your bloodstream and colonize other areas of your body, including your toenails and fingernails.

    This is how Candida can quickly escalate from a gut issue to a whole-body problem, and why it can be so difficult to pinpoint, as it can affect everything from your brain to your skin.

    Its also why I so often see Candida overgrowth in my autoimmune patients. Candida causes leaky gut, which then leads to autoimmune disease. Thats another major reason why its key to correctly identify Candida as the underlying cause of your fungal infection so that you can pursue natural nail fungus treatments before it leads to more serious health conditions.

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    The Urgent Fungus Destroyer

    The Urgent Fungus Destroyer is an oral treatment for nail fungus, created by the Phytage labs. It is also a reliable supplement made for all age groups and genders.

    A single tablet of urgent fungus destroyer has several effective ingredients that will directly treat the incapability of your body and treat toenail fungus.

    It has pro-biotics with 40 Billion CFU and other main ingredient like Lacto bacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum and Bifidobacterium lactis etc.

    Other ingredients of urgent fungus destroyer

    The ingredients mentioned above are all probiotics. The rest of the ingredients in urgent fungus destroyer are all organic and 100% safe.

    • It has vitamin C to keep the skin safe and nourished while it is fighting with fungal infection.
    • The vitamin E extract will also ensure a healthy and smooth toenail.
    • The marine polysaccharide complex is also a known treatment for nail fungus, it balances the production of anti-inflammatory compounds in the body.
    • The olive leaf extract to reduce the risk of inflammation. It will help those who are constantly working outside and do not get enough time to keep the infected toenail safe.
    • Selenium and mushroom extract, inspired by the Japanese herbal treatment for nail fungus will strengthen the immune system. Selenium will ensure a higher level of thyroxin, which is the most needed hormone for healthy growth.
    • Grape seed extract along with the raspberry extract will ensure that the blood circulation is better than the normal.

    Lifestyle And Home Remedies

    Often, you can take care of a fungal nail infection at home:

    • Try nonprescription antifungal nail creams and ointments. Several products are available, such as terbinafine . If you notice white markings on the surfaces of the nails, file them off, soak your nails in water, dry them, and apply the medicated cream or lotion. Even if this clears up your symptoms, it’s common for the infection to come back.
    • Trim and thin the nails. This helps reduce pain by reducing pressure on the nails. Also, if you do this before applying an antifungal, the drug can reach deeper layers of the nail.

    Before trimming or using a nail file to thin thick nails, soften them with urea-containing creams. See a health care provider for foot care if you have a condition that causes poor blood flow to your feet.

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    What Is The Outcome For Someone Who Has Nail Fungus

    With treatment, many people can get rid of nail fungus. Even when the fungus clears, your nail may look unhealthy until the infected nail grows out. A fingernail grows out in 4 to 6 months and a toenail in 12 to 18 months.

    To clear the fungus, its important to:

    • Use the treatment exactly as prescribed

    • Apply the medicine for as long as prescribed

    • Keep all follow-up appointments with your dermatologist

    Nail fungus can be stubborn. If you had a severe infection, its possible to clear the infection. A healthy looking nail, however, may be unrealistic, but you can expect the nail to look better and feel more comfortable.

    Even with clearing, nail fungus can return. Youll find steps to reduce your risk in Tips: 12 ways to prevent another nail infection.

    ImageGetty Images

    ReferenceGold LFS and Rosen T. Onychomycosis: Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies. Dermatology News . March 2016:2-15.

    What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Toenail Fungus

    Toenail Fungus Treatment,Fungal Nail Treatment,Nail Repair Solution ...

    Yes, now this is the main thing everyone would be searching for to get rid of that ugly toenail fungus.

    As, there are both treatments one can go for except that Laser treatment which you can go for if you are very high on budget and want quick results.

    There is no comparison of a supplement with the home remedy in the effectiveness of function, but the best would be to go for a combination of both the supplement and a home remedy for fungus treatment that will do miracle.

    Why this combination?

    Well, think like you are pressing a soft rubber boll or a balloon between both of your hands and so, what would be the impact?

    Because you are compressing it from both sides, it will be compressed more. And now, think about the toenail fungus.

    As the supplement you would take, it will be working through the blood stream in the body, that is, the internal treatment.

    And outside your body, you would be applying the home remedy to the external part of nails which will help killing and suppressing the fungus on nails from the outside. And yes, the best miracle will happen.

    You will get the fastest results after laser treatment in curing your fungal toenails. And that would be very much cost friendly too.

    I hope, the things are clear now.


    What combination should you use now?

    So for this, let us firstly discuss the best among the supplements for nail fungus treatment and the best among the home remedies.

    Best among the supplements

    Best among the Home remedies

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    How To Choose The Best Fungal Nail Treatment For You

    Do I need a fungal nail treatment?

    If you’ve noticed that one or more of your toenails has got thicker, slightly discoloured and yellow, and is perhaps getting brittle enough for bits to break off or even start separating from the nail bed, it’s pretty likely that you have a fungal nail infection . You can treat it at home using one of the products we recommend below.

    If you’re not sure, show the nail to your local pharmacist, who’ll be able to confirm that you’ve got a fungal infection and not some other less common nail problem.

    What should I look for in a fungal nail treatment?

    Amorolfine, ciclopirox and pentylene glycol are among the most-used active ingredients of anti-fungal nail treatments. They restore pH balance, kill fungal and bacterial infections, and allow the nail to grow healthily from its base.

    Urea also blitzes fungus and can be aggressive enough to kill the infected nail tissue completely. Be careful not to get a strong urea-based treatment onto healthy skin.

    If the nail has grown very thick, you might want to file the surface first to help the solution penetrate it and reach the infected skin below. A couple of our recommended products come with files included.

    Some fungal nail treatments double up as nail polishes, so they cover up the problem while also treating it. You can also get nail treatment pens, which make anti-fungal treatments really easy and safe to apply.

    Preparing For An Appointment

    You’re likely to start by seeing your primary care provider. In some cases when you call to set up an appointment, you may be referred immediately to either a doctor who specializes in skin conditions or one who specializes in foot conditions .

    Here are some steps you can take to prepare for your appointment:

    • List your symptoms, including any that may seem unrelated to nail fungus.
    • List key personal information, including any major stresses or recent life changes.
    • List all the medications, vitamins and supplements you’re taking.
    • List questions to ask your health care provider.

    For nail fungus, your questions might include:

    • What is likely causing my symptoms or condition?
    • What are other possible causes for my symptoms or condition?
    • What tests do I need?
    • What is the best course of action?
    • What are the alternatives to the primary approach you’re suggesting?
    • I have other health conditions. How can I best manage them together?
    • Is a generic alternative available for the medicine you’re prescribing?
    • Do you have any brochures or other printed material that I can take home? Do you recommend any websites on nail fungus?

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    The Triple Fungus Blast

    The Triple Fungus Blast from 3 Naturals is the most effective antifungal formula to cure toenail fungus and improve the immunity in the best and most efficient way side by side.

    One can use this supplement without any prescription as it not only cures fungal infection but also cures the infections of Gastrointestinal tract, which sets it apart from other anti fungal formulas.

    After testing multiple anti-fungal formulas and supplements, Triple fungus Blast is at the top of the list and here is a briefing of it.

    What makes the Triple Fungus Blast the best treatment for nail fungus?

    Triple fungus blast is made up of 100% organic nutrients and extracts which is not only good for killing nail fungus but also deals with acute and chronic inflammation for the whole body.

    The most interesting feature of this formula is its effectiveness. After using this product for a couple of weeks only, you will see visible results.

    After that, the cost factor. It is the cheapest yet most effective supplement for treating nail fungus that you can get.

    Ingredients of Triple Fungus blast

    Here are the main ingredients of this antifungal formula which cures a toenail fungus very effectively and eliminates the chances of fungal growth in future.

    However, the organic ingredients and extracts it contains are as follows

  • The turmeric powder ingredient in it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Olive leaf extract in it boosts up the immunity.
  • Some other additional ingredients it includes are:


    Keravita Pro: The Final Verdict

    Toenail Fungus Treatment Options

    When it comes to providing an all-around health solution, there is no question that Keravita Pro does it so well. The general reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive and satisfactory. It is all-natural and organic, as it prevents further spread of foot fungal infections. Most anti-fungal creams and ointments come in creams or ointments. So, a capsule-based anti-fungal solution is a pleasant surprise. It also assists with other urgent health issues.

    The company behind the product has been transparent from the ingredients to the process. Its legal, since it has been approved by FDA and GMP-certified. We admire and appreciate Keravita Pro for being one of the best health supplements out there, and we truly hope you give it a try. Its worth a shot!

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