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Where Can I Buy Nail Polish Strips

Nail Every #manimonday With Cheap Stick


Quality manicures can be expensive. Throw in some intricate nail art on top of the normal mani bill and a trip to the nail salon can add up to hundreds of dollars. And while it’s definitely cheaper to paint your nails at home, there’s no denying that it’s much messier. Enter: Nail polish strips and stickers.

Nail polish strips and stickers can give you an at-home mani option that skips the hefty price point. They’re mess-free, cheaper, and easy to apply to your own nails yourselfno nail technician required. Nail polish strips and stickers are the easiest and cheapest way to achieve that fancy nail art look you may want but don’t want to pay for. So where can you buy quality nail polish strips and stickers?

As you can probably imagine, is totally a top spot for buying nail polish stickers and strips. The online retailer has a massive variety of brands, colors, and styles, so you can find almost anything you want. Plus, buying on Amazon is significantly more cost-effective than, say, buying one or two sheets at a drug or beauty supply store. That’s because Amazon sells packs of nail polish strip and sticker sheets in bulk for low prices. Why buy one sheet for $5 when you can snag 14 sheets for less than $10?

Buy at Walmart.

How To Apply The Nail Strips:

1. Read the package instructions. The first thing to do is clean your nails with alcohol. THIS IS THE STEP I SKIPPED THE FIRST TIME. Dont do that. It really made a HUGE difference on my next application.

2. Choose the size that fits your nails best. There are 34 strips in a package so youve got plenty to choose from.

3. Apply the nail and press/hold down to secure and smooth.

4. Use one side of the file to trim the excess. Use the other side of the file to smooth.

Thats it!

Here are my nails after applying them:

There were a few tiny places that I didnt get smoothed perfectly but I didnt mind.

Its now been two weeks since I put them on and while there is a bit of wear and tear they still look pretty great!

After two weeks:

Next time I should put the laundry away before photos.

On a few nails there are places the strips has pulled up or chipped but it wouldnt be enough for me to remove them or even notice if I wasnt looking so closely.

Up close:

You can see some chips and ridges have formed when you look up close. Probably not enough damage for me to remove them just yet!

I kind of want to change them out just to try something new but feel like I shouldnt waste good nails still.

Color Street Products Pricing

The stunning Color Street nail strips are available at affordable rates. The prices range from $11 to $14.

For instance, solid colors cost $11, glitter nail strips cost $12, nail art designs cost $13, and French manicure costs $14.

However, these nail strips may not be cheaper than getting a nail polish bottle, as the bottle may last for quite a long time.

While these strips may last for ten days, these can only be applied once. Once removed with a nail polish remover, they are gone for good.

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Flower Nail Decals For Women

If botanical is your middle name, then you 100% need to add these Flower Nail Decals to your cart. Theyre fabulous and require practically zero effort to pull off. Easy as 1-2-3, it wont be long before youve got envious nails to share on the gram . You know the drill: Once youve cleaned the surface of your nails , apply a base coat. Then, use tweezers to carefully apply the stickers to your nails. Seal your design with a top coat and voilà.

Raves this Amazon customer, Literally the best thing ever. You get sooooo many sheets and stickers that Im thinking of starting my own nails salon during this quarantine . Also, these stickers STAY on your nails! There are so many cute designs and they send you the best tweezers so you can actually get the stickers from the sheet. So So So recommend!

How To Apply Nail Polish Strips

Where Can I Buy Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Heres an easy 9 steps guide to applying nail polish strips to get a nail salon like outcome.

If you are a beginner, follow the instructions on the package to a T to get the best results. The manufacturers know their product the best and its usually safe and smart to do it the way they recommend. If you have a little experience in the field, youll have figured out that there are a few basic steps to follow that ensure the best possible nail salon finish. Theyre listed below for those who would like to know:

  • Wash and clean your nails. Do not apply nail polish strips on already worked on nails.
  • Time to file your nails as well as buff them. Most nail polish strip kits come with a nail filer and buffer, along with a cuticle stick, so this step shouldnt be a problem.
  • Try to push back your cuticles so you get more nail space to work with.
  • Align the strip with your nails width and length. Every strip comes with stickers of varying widths to accommodate different fingernails. In this step, youll have the stickers ready and sized up to go on the right nails. Do the thumbs last!
  • To make the strip last longer, rub it between your fingers before peeling it off. This heats up the lacquer and makes it easier to apply and quicker to settle in. Now remove the clear film and peel off the strip without touching the sticky part.
  • Place the strip on your nail bed in the right position as close to the cuticle as possible. Do not place the strip directly over the cuticle.
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    The Lazy Girls Guide To Press On Nails & Wraps

    Pictured here: Power Punch and Magic Pop in Hotline Bling. Try these or these instead.


    My life is busy. I am both the chef and sous chef, run 2 full-time businesses, travel a lot, and I rarely have a fabulous looking manicure beyond a weekeven with gel nails.

    Pictured here: Easy Does It has been cycled out. Try these instead.

    Even worse, when I do get my nails done, if Im too busy to get the gel polish removed professionally, I usually have damaged nails. Ahem. Because I pick at them. I knowI know

    Pictured here: Dashing Diva Magic Press in Open Water has been cycled out. Try these instead.

    Part of my job is to find ways to help you look great all the time with our busy schedules. We are the generation of revolutionary, technology paved, nail polish alternatives! So why shouldnt we find new ways to make our manis last?

    Enter: Gel Nail Strips and Press On Nails. Though conceptually, theyve been around since the 1950s, theyve upgraded tremendously even in just the last decade.

    Personally, Ive tried a plethora of brands for wraps and press on options, so when I finally got around to trying Dashing Diva, I practically begged them to work with me on a project. Dashing Diva has distinguished themselves with salon quality, on-trend products. They do what they claim and dont have that fake nail look. More details on their history in my tutorial below!

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    Keep Calm And Chevron

    Why choose only shimmery nail polishes when you can look trendy with clear finish nail color? The timeless chevron design gives your nails a calming and contemporary feel.

    You can wear it to work daily or on any other occasion. It is a classic color that goes well with everything, depending on your mood and the event.

    Moreover, the black and white zigzag stripes on your nails can look trendy, whether you want to wear simple jeans, long skirts, or any other formal attire.

    On the other hand, if you dont want to go for only chevron patterns, you can always pair them with different nail colors or designs like A Roaring Time and Mermaid You Look.

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    Dashing Diva Plush Sorbet Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips

    We recommend these Dashing Diva Plush Sorbet Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips for beginner nail artists and busy moms alike. If you have 30 minutes to spare, then these can be applied in just six easy steps. Each pack contains both base colors and accent colors so that you can mix it up. The nail strips are made with gel polish to ensure an ultra-shiny and long-lasting finish that wont budge for up to 14 days. Once youve prepped your nails, find the nail strip that best fits your nail and apply it at the cuticle line. Then, fold the excess material and file from top to bottom in long strokes until youre satisfied with the end result.

    I havent painted my nails since I discovered Dashing Divas gel strips last year. I can get at least two weeks out of each pack, sometimes more. Theres a little bit of a learning curve to applying them but once you get the hang of it, youll love them.

    Why Should You Buy Color Street Nail Polish

    How to Apply PEDICURE Nail Polish Strips to your FINGERNAILS! A Tutorial on How to Use Color Street!

    Color Street nail polish is a great way to get fabulous nails without worrying about exposing yourself to extra toxins or dealing with a long dry time.

    Color Street doesnt promote that it is toxic-free but it is one of the less toxic options.

    Ive tried some of the less toxic nail polish and got frustrated because they didnt last very long.

    Color Street Nails come in strips and you simply take them out of the pack and apply.

    No heat is needed!

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    Nail Polish Strips Wholesale

    Fast dispatch from US warehouses

    Shipped within 72 hours


    if you want we can make your own design of package for you! We have our own design team, if you want your own design we can make for you! Because we are the factory, we can provide you the fast and more accurate communication!

    All our products and service have been highly recognized and praised by all our clients . We offer our customers below services: 1. Full Refund for any bad quality or unsatisfactory. It will be our pleasure to be your good OEM manufacturer in China to meet your OEM requirements.

    US $0.01 samples of the latest products

    For Silver Buyers and above

    Is This A Good Brand How Long Has It Been On The Market

    When purchasing a new nail polish strips, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not this brand has been around for a long time and has a good reputation. If yes, then you should have confidence in purchasing their products because they have proven themselves over time. Similarly, if no, then be wary of making your purchase because there is no guarantee that their products will perform as well as other brands on the market. In either case, you should do some research on the brand to see if they have a good reputation and how long they have been on the market.

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    Does The Nail Polish Strips Come With Any Warranties

    A warranty is an important thing to look for when purchasing the best nail polish strips. It is important that you read your warranty before making your purchase in order to know what exactly it covers and if there are any restrictions or limitations on its use. This will allow you to know what your options are in case something goes wrong with the product and also how much time you have to return or replace the product if it breaks down or malfunctions within a certain time period after purchase.

    Why I Use Them:

    Nail Polish Strips: Have You Tried?

    No dry time and they last 2 weeks as advertised! These are my go-to for everyday wear. They dont need an LED or UV lamp or heat that can ruin your hands or nails and last a really long time. A couple times Ive had a mishap, like I didnt prep my nails enough before applying or jumped in the pool and loosened one or two, but enough spares are in the package for a redo. Plus they come off with zero damagelike a nail sticker! To me, this is the biggest reason why I prefer this to gel nails. If I have one chipped gel nail, I feel like the whole set has to come off because I cant redo that one chipped nail without a lot of work or a trip to the salon.

    Day 2 These nails have not been retouched to show actual results

    I also love that you can use nail polish with these . You can treat this like the color layer for your nails. You can do anything you want to them. This means you can add a base coat, top coat, nail stickers, bling, etc. Or, if you want to use nail polish, but want a barrier base coat, they make clear strips too!

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    Some Tips To Follow Before Buy The Best Nail Polish Strips

    1. Always read the instructions before using a new product.

    2. Make sure you know where to find replacement parts in case something breaks down or malfunctions with the item after purchase.

    3. Read all of the reviews of nail polish strips before making your purchase, especially negative reviews, to see if there are any issues that you need to be aware of before making your purchase.

    4. Make sure you understand the warranty and what it covers in order to make sure your problem-free experience with the product is guaranteed.

    Is This Product Durable

    It is important to purchase a product that is durable and will last you for a long time. Any product that you purchase should be made of quality materials and not easily breakable or flimsy in nature. This will allow you to get your moneys worth from the item and not end up spending more money on replacements or repairs in the future because of a faulty initial purchase.

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    Cons Of Dashing Diva Nail Strips

    I really dont have too many cons to list. Here are a few if Im being knit picky!

    • Some sticky residue can stay on your nail once you peel these off. I can easily remove this with a nail buffer.
    • I dont always use all sizes in the package, so it feels wasteful. A friend suggested cutting them down and using them on their child which I am going to try!

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    Color Street Nail Polish Strips Review

    How to buy Color Street Nail Strips

    Last updated on By Emmanuel

    Your fashion sense is incomplete without a flawlessly applied nail polish that reflects your mood, style, and overall personality.

    Among hundreds of brands offering unique nail shades, Color Street provides you with an array of unique and ready to apply nail polish strips.

    So, today we are reviewing different Color Street nail polish strips that you can flaunt on any occasion.

    With no more heating, waiting for drying, or chipping your nail paints, you can easily maintain your nails during daily hustle.

    Give this article a glimpse if you want to learn more about how Color Street can ease your life while bringing a new look to your nails.

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    Select Your Nail Stickers

    Once your nails are dry, its time to whip out your nail stickers. Each set of nail stickers comes on a transparent sheet featuring various sizes so that they can work for people with different nail shapes and sizes. The best way to select the right size for you is by placing the stickers over your nails before removing them from the sheet. Once you have your stickers picked out, its time for some sticking action.

    Sheets Saint Patricks Full Wraps Nail Polish Stickers Self

    • Saint Patricks full wraps: the package includes 8 sheets of Saint Patricks full wraps nail polish stickers in 8 different styles, various styles are easy for you to use, also you can combine them to get different feelings, the attached nail buffer file will help you finish the nail art work better.
    • Classic clover design: these self-adhesive nail decal strips are all designed in a Saint Patricks Day theme, which printed many classic Saint Patricks elements, such as the clover, four-leaf clover, and other geometric patterns, they look chic and elegant, will show your festival spirits easily.
    • Safe enough to use for a long time: the St.
    • Convenient applications ways: our full wraps nail polish stickers feature a self-adhesive design, they can be stick directly on nails and can be DIY at any time Just gently reel the wrap stickers off from the edge, and then removing work finish, easy and time-saving.

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    What You Need To Apply Nail Polish Strips & Stickers

    Applying these self-adhesivenail strips or stickers is usually a beginner-friendly process, but having the right tools is still essential. If youâre new to this type of at-home manicure, consider a set of nail strips that comes with the tools youâll need: a cleaning pads to prep your nails, a wood stick to press the strip in place, and a nail file to remove the excess strip from the tips of your nails.Some kits are even more expansive and include items like cuticle trimmers or scissors. If youâre leaning towards using gel over regular polish strips, you might also need to invest in a UV nail lamp to cure the gel, depending on the individual nail strips.

    Decorative nail stickers tend to be even simpler to use: Tweezers are usually the only tool youâll need to apply decals to your mani, though youâll also probably want to add a layer of regular clear polish or top coat to help them last longer.

    Ahead, youâll find the best nail strips and stickers you can buy on Amazon. Iâve broken up the list into two categories â full nail strip kits and smaller nail stickers â for your convenience. Whether you prefer to stick to neutral manis or switch up your nails with different colors and designs, youâll find a set for your budget and mood.

    The Best Nail Strip Kits:


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