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What Color Should I Get My Nails

Here’s The Nail Polish Color That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Personality Best

DOs & DON’Ts: Painting your nails | how to paint your nails perfectly

You look down at your nails and cringe. Maybe the previous set you had has finally seen its last run, or you dont normally get your nails done and want to try something new. Its time to treat yourself!

Figuring out the perfect look for our nails is no easy feat. We might start out by simply researching power colors that we like or colors that we think would complement our busy lives. Then, of course, we consider things like length and shape.

Finally, by the time we get to pick out a nail design, we have a hundred different options and could easily choose them all. The insanity of it all.

Using our zodiac signs, we can get break it down and make life way easier in search of the perfect set of nails. We want something that represents us, because we are all unique, with different astrological personality traits and interests.

These qualities are super helpful when figuring out the nail design and power color to choose from. If youre a strong and powerful Aries, flowers and hearts arent going to show off that strength.

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Choosing a nail design is one thing, but what about the ideal color? In this day and age, confidence is key, and its important that we try to give ourselves that confidence boost, especially for those days when we need it just a little more. Zodiac signs each have a specific power color or in some cases, several. A power color is meant to bring out the best in you.

Expressing Your Mood Via Nail Polish Hues

How do you feel today? Vibrant and happy? Moody and down? The answer can help you decide which color you should paint your fingernails.

For instance, blue represents depression and sadness. And yellow is the color of happiness and optimism.

So, why dont you use them as a tool to express your feelings?

Confused What Color Should I Paint My Nails

What color should I paint my nails is a common and very frequent question we, girls, get tangled up with confusion every time we get dressed up for a party, or for an invitation, or for any kind of outing.

Indeed it is a great confusing task and we face it every time as we have almost all sorts of nail paint in colors and we cant figure out what color of nail paint should I choose this time.

Simply you can paint your nails with any color you want, cause thats all up to you. If you feel to paint your nails with yellow color, you can simply go for it. Or if you feel like no, black is my favorite, then you can go with it. Theres no question next. Its just self-satisfaction is above all.

Now sometimes we cant go with our choice. Simply if you are attending a business colloquium, your attire will be different than your party wears, right? And so are your nails!

So in that situation, you have to be aware of your dress-up. And nail beauty is a great part of your proper dress-up.

If you have naturally long nails, you definitely need to paint them. Naked natural nails are good but if you are attending something with proper dress up then you cant just leave your long nails unpainted. That will seem something in your dressing is incomplete.

Now, this is the time to quickly figure out what color should I paint my Nails now?

  • Wrapping up
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    Should I Wear Sparkle

    Finally, you need to know how to paint your nails the right way. There are many tutorials around to perfect the art of polishing nails for you to learn from. Once you have chosen the best nail color for dark skin, best nail polish color for pale skin, nail color for skin tone, perfect nail polish color for your skin tone and more, go ahead and practice it on a friend. Start by applying a clear base coat on the friends nails, and then apply the nail paint. To end the routine, a top coat or clear coat should be applied to help with the longevity needs of the nail paint. White nail polish is always best as a base coat since it acts as a primer.

    Do you have any other tips and tricks that you would like to share with our readers? Do write in we would love to hear you out!

    What Is Your Skin Tone Like

    What color should I do my nails?

    Remember when we spoke about the color wheel with makeup and hair coloring? The same would be applied here in conjunction with the skin tone you are born with. This helps a lot when choosing the right nail polish to wear. For example, if you have very fair to fair skin, you should look at dark shades to wear. It should have more of the cool tones. Women with medium to dark skin, should try warm red shades and dark shades.

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    Take This Beauty Quiz And We’ll Pick Your Next Nail Style

    Are you undecided as to what your next nail style should be?

    Nowadays there’s so many styles and methods to choose from it’s hard to know what to go for squoval, stiletto, coffin, acrylics, gels, shellac, regular polish, almond shaped, metallic paint, glitter paint, nail art- you name it and it’s available out there!

    You only have YouTube the phrase ‘nail design tutorial,’ and a million different videos show up telling you how to style your nails! If that’s not overwhelming, I don’t know what is.

    So, If you can’t decide what to go for, worry no more because we’ve got your back. We’ve come up with the perfect solution for you.

    We’ve created a fun quiz that will tell you which nail style we think you should go for next time you do your nails!

    Let’s face it we don’t need an excuse to treat ourselves to a beauty salon appointment! Get your results in and book an appointment ASAP!

    How many shades of lipstick do you own? 1.) I own every color and type of lipstick under the sun. 2.) I have two day-time shades and two ‘going out’ shades of lipstick. 3.) None, I prefer lip balm. 4.) I have one shade of lipstick that I absolutely adore!

    Describe Your Last Trip To The Hair Salon

    How best describes your last trip to the hair salon? 1.) I always cut my hair myself. 2.) I don’t go to the salon I have a mobile hairdresser come to my house, it’s so much cheaper, and she does a great job! 3.) I went about three months ago. 4.) I go to the hair salon every six weeks, without fail!

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    What Color Should I Paint My Nails Quiz

    Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange- Can’t decide which color to paint those pretty little nails of yours? Play this fun “What color should I paint my nails quiz. ” You will get results that match you up with the perfect nail polish color made specifically for you!

    • What is your hairstyle type usually?
    • A.& nbsp

      Naturally brushed out and maybe in a ponytail.

    • B.& nbsp
    • I do whatever I want with hair spray, mousse, gel, etc.

    • D.& nbsp

      I have an unnaturally dyed hairstyle.

  • 2. What do you do in your free-time?
  • A.& nbsp

    Read a book or just relax.

  • B.& nbsp

    Listen to music-the love of my life.

  • C.& nbsp

    Hang with my best-est buds.

  • D.& nbsp

    Obviously, I mean come on.

  • 3. How would your friends describe you?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Naughty or Flirty

  • D.& nbsp
  • What type of clothes do you wear?
  • A.& nbsp

    Short skirt with a tank or halter top

  • B.& nbsp

    Skinny jeans and a graphic tee

  • C.& nbsp

    A pretty tunic and leggings

  • D.& nbsp

    Shorts and a crop shirt

  • 5. How often do you paint your nails?
  • A.& nbsp

    Whenever my nails chip completely from the previous manicure or whatever

  • B.& nbsp

    I don’t really have the time, so not a lot

  • C.& nbsp

    I like to do it all the time!

  • D.& nbsp

    I don’t have anything better to do

  • 6. What shape does your face have?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Selecting A Polish For An Occasion

    Gel / nail polish colors to get started as a nail technician *for all skin types*
  • 1Opt for neutral colours for formal occasions. Neutral colours tend to work anywhere, so they’re a safe option if you’re wearing polish to work or a job interview. For an every day look for professional occasions, you can opt for grays, whites, beiges, and light peachy shades.XResearch source
  • For example, wear a beige polish to a job interview.
  • For a fun color that’s still neutral, opt for gold with a little bit of shimmer.XExpert Source
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    For Normal Days Or Casual:

    For normal days or casual outings, you just dont need to put yourself under stress for choosing a nail paint color. You can paint your nails with any color.

    And of course, light pink, crimson, deep Gray, Baby Blue, or any light color paint will be just awesome if youre having fair skin. White nail paints are also in trend. Best suits on those who have fairer skin tone. Have a look on Amazon, you definitely consider giving it a try.

    Which Color Nail Polish Suites Your Personality

    Are you indecisive about what color nail varnish to go for? With so many options to choose from, it can be the world’s trickiest question. Well, save time by taking this quick quiz to see what color you should choose today.

    • What is the last color you had on your nails?
    • A.& nbsp
    • French manicure/ Other/ I dont usually paint my nails.

  • 2. Are you painting your nails for a specific special event?
  • A.& nbsp

    Yes, a party .

  • B.& nbsp

    Yes, going on a night out or to a party .

  • C.& nbsp

    Yes, going on a date.

  • D.& nbsp

    No, I just want my hands to look pretty.

  • 3. True or false: I always usually wear the same color.
  • A.& nbsp
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    Attending A Business Collaboration

    When it comes to attending a business meetup, or conference, or anything related to business, we prefer to wear formals. And in that case, you should prefer to choose light colors as your nail paints. It can be any color but not that much reflecting.

    Or if you are still in confusion to figure out the light and not so much reflecting color, then I would say, just choose the black nail paint. Cause trust me, black will suit any situation. I can say, if you conflict with choosing your next nail color, just go with black.

    Look how attractive those long nails are looking with black color.

    If you are planning to polish your nails at a professional level, try visiting a nearby nail salon.

    What Nail Colors To Use And Trends To Follow Over 40

    First time having my nails in multicolor. Had some issues ...

    When it comes to caring and having fun with your nails, age sets no boundaries.

    However, there are some important things to remember.

    • Pay attention to nailcare. You may like to consult this previous article on how to care for your nails.
    • Also consider carefully the color you choose. Think of it this way choosing a nail color is like choosing a lipstick.
    • I recommend keeping your nails short and in a squarish oval shape squoval in order to keep your hands looking youthful.
    • I have to mention this, even though I have been known to do this, but wearing false acrylic nails with an old-fashion manicure really can make you look more outdated and older than you think or feel. It is classic but it is almost like having an old 1950s VW in a society that only drives Audis.

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    How To Choose The Right Nail Color And Avoid Old Lady Hands

    One of my favorite places in the world is a nail salon! Yes, it sounds odd. But I absolutely love the array of nail polish bottles that greet you neatly lined up in a rainbow myriad. It truly takes you back to the days of opening a box of 64 crayonsHowever, with so many shades to choose from, it can be bewildering. This article features nail color ideas and the best nail colors to flatter your hands.

    If you are over 40 you will have noticed the change in the variety of nail polish colors. Now nail fashion in itself is its own industry created by women of all ages being drawn to wearing the latest fashionable manicure.

    Every woman should indulge in this inexpensive treat and enjoy the selection process especially since there are now glittery, shimmery, metallic even jewel-encrusted versions of your favorite color polish.

    Nail trends are constantly changing and you dont paint your nails just to match an outfit they have become the fashion accessory of the ensemble. Wearers no longer have to stick within the boundaries of seasons nail polish now is worn to enhance the tone of your skin as well as your beauty and nothing more.

    Good Nail Colors: Beware Of The Dark

    As we age, brown spots appear on our fingers due to exposure to the suns UV rays, so its no wonder your hands are extra susceptible. Fall and winter season trends bring deep and dark browns, blacks and purples.

    They look fabulous on short nails but they can emphasize brown undertones and your spots. Try a cranberry or burnt creamy plums, deep ambers or blood reds.

    If you still have youthful looking hands I personally love Navy, or moody blues and greens. They are bold and will illuminate your skin in a beautiful way without the harshness of black.

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    What Color Should I Paint My Nails

    So here we are going to see the best nail color you can choose based on your outfits and the most common place youre gonna attend.

    By the way, if you have long nails, you might face hardship while holding a pen and writing. Heres our recent post: How to write with long nails will help you out of this issue.

    How Do I Keep My Nails Healthy


    Our bodies are smart so when were low in vitamins and minerals, our nails and hair will show it, explains Norris.

    Eating a variety of whole foods fruits, vegetables, whole grains will usually get you all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your nails need.

    You can also take a multivitamin, but Norris advises against a one-a-day tablets: Its difficult for our bodies to digest large compressed tablets.

    Instead, she suggests looking for a product that comes in soft-gel capsules. Why? Capsules are typically made from gelatin. According to Norris, its much easier for our bodies to break down gelatin to get to the vitamins and minerals within the product.

    You can also try biotin and horsetail supplements. If you do go the biotin route, Norris advises to discontinue use 2 weeks prior to having any lab work done since it may interfere with results.

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    Find Out What Color You Should Really Be Painting Your Nails Based On Your Personality :

    What outfit would you wear?

    Which room applies to your sense of style the most?

    Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?


    How often do you hang out with your friends?

    I prefer to entertain myself.

    Whenever it happens!

    I prefrer to call them colleagues…

    Every day! I can’t go a day without them!

    Who needs friends when you have music?

    Are you a dog or a cat person?

    Cat all the way!

    Be honest, are you organized or messy?

    SO messy!!!

    A little bit of both.

    How often do you paint your nails?

    All the time!

    Which meal looks the most appetizing?


    A fresh salad is always number one for me!

    Who doesn’t like a home cooked meal?


    OMG! Cupcakes! Who needs a meal when you can have these sweets treats instead?

    Who could go wrong with a burger?!

    Hot Pink!

    Hot Pink!

    You got hot pink! You are super outgoing, fun and bubbly! You are always at every party and can become friends with any new people you meet! Go grab some hot pink nail polish and paint your nails a color that truly represents your personality!

    Royal Blue!

    Royal Blue!

    You got royal blue! You are kind of shy, but have a huge sense of humor and a great personality among your friends and close family members! Go grab some royal blue nail polish and paint your nails a color that truly represents your personality!





    Find out what color you should REALLY be painting your nails based on your personality! 🙂

    Nude Nail Color: Reliable Neutrals

    A nude polish has anti-aging power and every woman should have a go-to nude polish. Nudes, baby pinks and light whites will make stubby fingers elongated. My best advice for picking your staple colour is to pair it with your foundation colour.

    If you have light skin, choose shades of white, champagne, nude or sand. If you have darker toned skin, choose shades of cocoa, cappuccino, taupe or coffee. Chocolate and shades of grayish-brown are youthful and trendy, but be wary of dark browns as they can be very harsh and unforgiving.

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    What Nail Polish Color Should I Paint My Nails

    Ladies are usually targeted by boys because they take a lot of time to get ready before leaving the house but has anyone ever asked why? We dont think so! But girls we understand all the problems that you face when it comes to looking perfect either for parties, dinners, dates or just for some casual outings. The most common things going around in the mind while getting ready are what should I wear? What hairstyle to do? Would this suit me? And most of all what color should I paint my nails?

    The freshly manicured hands with an appropriate nail color always depict that the female is fashionable and knows how to carry herself! We can see that you are going crazy while thinking about how to choose the best nail polish color for you? We are here with the Nail Polish Color Quiz which would tell you which color is the best for your nails!


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