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What Is Color Street Nail Polish

Common Color Street Problems

Fastest and Easiest Way to Remove Your Color Street Nail Polish Strips!

It may or may not come to a surprise that there is a slight learning curve when it comes to applying and preventing common Color Street problems. It is not a hard product to master, but there are problems that I see come up frequently. And because of this a lot of people end up asking can Color Street ruin my nails? Its important to troubleshoot when these problems occur to get the best application possible. Youll love your nails more and theyll love you back!

  • How do I make my Color Street last longer?
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    Lets get to solving these Color Street problems and making sure you know how to troubleshoot on your own!

    Is Color Street Made In The Usa

    Parks revolutionary vision, a 100% nail polish strip, was born!. Fast forward decades with much hard work to perfect and patent his product, Mr. Parks innovation has become a leader in the beauty industry. All products are proudly made in the USAwhich matters to him, as he has made his American dream a reality.

    Battle Of The Nail Polish Strips: Color Street Vs Lily And Fox

    Lauren is a busy mother of two magnificent children and loves music, food, and experimenting with her hairstyle.

    When I first began my foray into nail polish strips, there were few reviews on Color Street and none on Lily and Fox. So I decided to review and compare both companies so that others could be informed before they buy.

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    Tips On How To Remove Color Street Nails Easily

    July 28, 2017 by Kaysi

    Tips on How to Remove Color STREET Nails Easily

    So I am obsessed with Color STREET nails. They are amazing and I love how they look, feel and how easy they are to put on and take off. Because they are 100% nail polish, they can easily be removed with nail polish remover. All of the nail polish strips come off with nail polish remover but I have found that the glitter ones are a little bit harder to get off . Well I found out a way and a remover that makes it super easy to take it off the glitter polish . So here is a post on how to remove Color Street nails.


    herecheap spongesCutex oneTinseltown Brooklyn Beathere

    Here is a fun video to see how easy they are to apply!

    These also make great gifts, so I made up some printable pouches to put them nails into. You can get the designs here:

    Suggestions And Tips For Using Color Street Nails

    Pin by Nailsbychica on color street nails / nails by chica ...
  • Apply prior to going to bed to avoid getting Color Street strips wet for several hours, and to allow the polish to set.
  • For best results apply at room temperature.
  • When ready to remove, do not peel Color Street off your nails. Use nail polish remover. Mineral Fusion is a good one to try.
  • If you would rather soak off, put some warm water in a bowl and put Mineral Fusion in a plastic baggie and soak.
  • Buff nails in-between applications, and apply cuticle oil.
  • If your nails are dry, instead of using the provided prep pad, simply wash hands in Dawn dish soap.
  • Apply to your pinky finger first and work your way to your thumb. In this manner, you can use your thumb to help apply Color Street polish strips to your other fingers.
  • For stronger adherence, apply your own base coat before applying Color Street.
  • For longer lasting results, apply a clear top coat after Color Street is set, and then reapply every couple of days.
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    Why Are My Color Street Nails Not Sticking

    If this is one of your main Color Street problems, let me tell you that youre not alone! Again, this is another huge problem I see from people and most of the time it is a problem with application. Your skin produces a lot of natural oils that keep it hydrated and healthy. You know all those fingerprints you see on windows and stainless appliances? Thats your skin oil. In order for Color Street to stick properly your nail must be free of these oils.

    One of the very first steps to Color Street application is using an alcohol prep pad and one is included with every set. However, if after doing this step the strips still arent sticking there are other things you can do to remove that oil.

    The next step I recommend is washing hands with soap and water making sure to get into the crevices around the cuticle. This will usually do the trick, but if thats still not good enough or your nails still look shiny you can rub acetone nail polish remover over them. While I dont usually like to recommend acetone remover it is very good at drying things out which is what your nails need if theyre oily.

    Another tip that Ive seen other Stylists recommend is a base coat with Color Street. The strips seem to grip better when using one if they have oily nailbeds. Using a base coat in general is a good thing for your nails as well. Ill mention this again later, but when using a strengthening base coat it can help prevent your nails from peeling and breaking due to weakness.

    What Is Color Street Color Street Is The Brand Name Of Globally Patented 100% Nail Polish Strips

    These nail polish strips can be applied to fingers and toes in just a few minutes. Each package of Color Street Nail Polish Strips includes 16 strips of 95% dry nail polish in various widths and shapes. This ensures that each person can match each nail as close as possible. Color Street Nail Polish Strips go with every outfit, fit users of all sizes and make it easy to have beautiful nails!

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    Things We Like About Color Street Nails

    • One of the best things about Color Street Nails is how versatile they are with colors and patterns. A lot of the patterns that Color Street has to offer are nearly impossible to do with liquid polish or nail art. Also, they come in a wide variety of different colors, so you are bound to find a color and/or pattern that fits your wants and needs!
    • You can shape them to perfectly fit your nail size and shape. Color Street offers different sized nail polish stickers to best match each nail size. From there, you simply file off the excess for a perfect shape at the end of your nail.
    • These stickers usually last up to 10 days. This means 10 days without chipping or becoming dull!
    • Lastly, you can usually apply these pretty easily yourself. That means you dont have to go out to the nail salon every time you need your nails done. This is not only convenient for you, but it also is great for people who are on a budget!

    The Color Street Manicure

    How To Remove Color Street Nail Polish in 60 Seconds!

    All of these above are manicures Ive done over the last few months. You can see that its super-easy to do some custom nail art with these babies, too! Since theyre in strip form you can simply cut them into different shapes.

    Color Street is a game changer when it comes to the nail polish world, which hasnt seen a major technological update since the early 1900s when the nail polish bottle was created. Other nail stickers have come out, but these are actual polish. Its an amazing technology because it solves so many problems with the traditional liquid format. You know I love problem-solvers, in fashion and beauty. I love that I can stop mid-manicure and make Sienna a snack or let Camper outside. I used to get gel manicures often, but the cost, time and damage to my nails made it less-than-fun for me. It became more of a chore. These, however, are so fun, especially since they are coming out with new shades now monthly!

    If you have tried these before but havent checked out the styles in a bit, Color Street has really upped the choices for fall by bringing on a former executive at OPI and consulting a fashion color house for fall trends. Word. Some of my favorite fall shades are Made in Milan , Manchester Mauve and Only In Vegas. And the new Halloween collection is super-fun, too! Im digging the glow in the dark sets!

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    How Long Does Color Street Unopened

    What is the shelf life for Color Street nail strips? Factory sealed shelf life is 1 year from date of purchase when stored properly. Strips should be stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. It is possible that with favorable storage conditions, product over a year old is still in usable condition.

    Faqs About Nail Polish Strips

    Do you need to heat set them?

    NO! That was the worst part of jamberry. And these are made from actual polish and just stick. Theyre awesome!

    Do you think Color Street are Better than Incoco

    Honestly, I couldnt notice a difference. Initially, I felt like there was less chipping at the top which is nice. Color Street has SO many more options though, so theres that.

    Are these healthy for your nails?

    Ultimately, probably not. You have to scrub harder than regular polish to get them off . I notice my nails are a bit more brittle after I use it. I also try to let my nails go au natural for a bit between strips.

    How do you remove Color Street Nails?

    Ugh, regular polish remover does NOT work well, and can damage your nails. My friend told me about the mineral remover I mentioned above and I LOVE it. So much better. Some of them I used a cuticle stick to take off too, with some cuticle oil.

    Which did you like the least?

    Lily and Fox by Far. Really, really bad.

    Which did you like most?

    Probably Dashing Diva. EXCEPT the rubbery-feeling nail part. That kind of bugged me. I like the feel of Color Street/Incoco more.

    What do you recommend for a first timer?

    I actually tell everyone to go to Walmart and get some Incocos see if you like how they feel/wear. If you like them, Id get more and get some Dashing Divas . Check out Color Street for more options as well!

    How do you apply these wraps?

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    What Is Color Street Color Street Is A Family Of Stylists

    There are many direct sales options out there, all of which have the potential to offer the ability to share great products, maintain flexible work hours, and earn additional income. Our team provides a supportive, helpful network, with varying levels of direct sales experience. We also use and promote the methods taught in the Sassy Suite. More info here. And perhaps more importantly, we are building lasting friendships, from all corners of the country, and having a lot of fun doing it!

    My Experience With Color Street Nails

    Pin by Lisa Severino on Color Street Nails

    Im a nail picker/biter and the only way I break myself from the habit is to keep my nails painted. I prefer the longevity of gel, but professional manicures are pricey and high-maintenance. After years of practice, Ive gotten pretty good at painting my nails at home, but they chip quickly and Im forced to redo them often. Enter Color Street Nail Polish Strips.

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    Color Street Nail Polish Strips Review

    Color Street Nail Polish Strips Review Color Street Nail Polish is the latest invention in nail fashion. Color Street is a nail polish strip that can be applied to the nail like a stickergoing on instantly dry and smudge proof.

    I sampled some Color Street Nail Polish strips recently to see how easy there were to use, how long it lasted, and was it truly and conveniently dry and smudge proof after application. Im one to do a lot of dishes, gardening, washing cars, etc. so I put these things to the test.

    Color Street Nail Polish has many designs and colors to choose from. The ones I sampled were on I selected Dripping in Diamonds. One thing Id point out is that it is difficult to determine the exact color based on what you see on a computer screen. Once I received the product, it looked different in person. But, thats to be expected as every computer screen has a different color output and resolution.

    Im so used to taking it easy so I dont smudge the nails. Theres no worries here. You can easily apply each nail with no worry of messing up the finished nails. And, to get a bit of extra protection and lasting power, finished it off with a clear top coat.

    To remove the nail polish strips, you have to use the acetone nail polish. It was a bit challenging with the glitter strips that I had, but doable. I am just not the biggest fan of the acetone polish remover as it makes my nails dry out and weak.

    How Long Do Color Street Nail Polish Strips Last

    Ive now gone through 3 packages of Color Streets, and I can already get them to last a minimum of 10 days chip free, but with a few tricks they last me 2 weeks. I removed my last set at 2 weeks because of regrowth, not due to tip wear, so I think thats the upper limit of how long a manicure can last me anyways.

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    Review Of Color Street Nails

    Price $13

    Shipping was also $3 making these. If I had bought 3 I couldve gotten one set for free, putting them closer to the $10 dollar range .

    I thought Id try the ACTUAL Color Street if I was going to share alternatives with you guys.

    After trying Lily And Fox these were an absolute DREAM to put on.

    SO easy to get them off the paper and apply to my nail.

    I actually think they were easier than Incoco.

    They smoothed out so nicely, and they dont feel like rubber on my fingers.

    I had heard they were of a higher quality than Incoco, but honestly, after I put them on they feel pretty much the same. If you buy through a color street rep you will get a much larger variety of nails to try, but the nails themselves seem pretty similar to Incoco.

    Also, you do get more nails with Color Street than you do with Incoco so that is a benefit!

    Keep in mind that they say you can only use them when you open them. Thats because these CAN dry out. I put mine in a ziplock and cross my fingers, but a lot of my friends use their flat iron to seal the packet for their 2nd use.

    I could also use my food sealer. but that seems like a lot.

    I also liked that they include a larger variety of nail sizes. They had one much bigger than my thumb and they have one that is smaller than my pinky. Which, is nice.

    These seem to wear very similar to Incoco. I noticed some chipping on the ends right away. The strips I chose were darker in color, and I dont notice cracking .

    Similarities Between Color Street Incoco And Coconut

    What is Color Street? How Do I Apply My Nail Polish Strips?

    There are a number of similarities between Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut nails. They are all made by the same company and founder Fa Park. Incoco Headquarters is located in Clifton, New Jersey, U.S.A where they produce all Color Street, Coconut, and Incoco nail strips.

    I have seen lots of chatter about Incoco and Coconut being phased out of stores since Color Street is doing so well, but theres no hard evidence that proves this. In fact, rumors have been going on about it for years. For now, they are in stores so lets get to know them better.

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    A No Mess And Long Lasting Product:

    When applied properly Color Street can last 7-14 days. While Color Street is just nail polish, it is 95% dry allowing it to be applied in a strip instead of a brush.

    If you get interrupted doing your manicure you will never have to worry about smudging. It is also sturdy enough that you wont see chipping after the first day like you typically do with traditional nail polish.

    Have small children and typically worry about them spilling over the bottle during your mommy and me bonding? This is also no longer a problem with Color Street. If it gets knocked and brushed off onto the carpet or furniture, it wont make a mess!

    Review Of Luna Nail Wraps

    Price: $6ish

    BTW use code PULLINGCURLS to save 10% at Luna Nails!

    Putting the nail wraps on was a simple process. They feel VERY similar to Color Street and Incoco.

    The one issue is that the top part of the nail doesnt tear off. We had to use nail clippers to cut around it. It was also a bit harder to get the backing and the clear sheet to tear off, but nothing too hard to handle.

    Also, in comparison with Color Street, I couldnt use my finger nail to tear off the nail strip at my cuticle, it was a bit too thick. That being said Ive had a hard time with that on all the brands.

    Wear was pretty good, shows some of the cute glitter ones I have and how they lasted .

    Luna Nail Pros

    SO many cute colors and patterns and she gets new ones really frequently

    Free, fast shipping

    Lasted well, very little chipping

    Came off easily with mineral nail polish remover. Some people still use an acetone nail polish remover for these too.

    Small business, which is always awesome to support!

    Luna Nail Cons

    Feel a bit more rubbery than color street they also seem thicker .

    Application process was a bit harder than Color Street doesnt come off the backing and the top clear cover doesnt come-off as easily.

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