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What Is The Best Wattage For Uv Nail Lamp

Buying Guide For Best Nail Polish Curing Lamps

BEST UV LED Nail Lamp for Beginners | Sun 120 watt UV LED Lamp Review #gelnailsathome

Have you taken up at-home manicures in lieu of visiting the nail salon? If so, youre probably using regular polish and simply letting your nails air-dry. Believe it or not, if you invest in the right tools, you can give yourself a salon-quality gel polish manicure, and your first purchase should be in a nail polish curing lamp.

Unlike regular nail polish, gel polish is made with a polymer formula. For this reason, most types of gel nail polish require curing to dry, set, and harden. This can only be done with a nail polish curing lamp that has an LED or UV light that activates the polish to begin the process. It takes up to a couple minutes per coat to harden the gel.

To help you transition from regular nail polish to gel polish, were sharing this buying guide on nail polish curing lamps. Keep reading to find the best one for your first gel polish home manicure, and take a look at our favorites, too.

Uv Nail Lamp 36w Led Nail Dryer With Timer/sensor/lcd Display

This is another quick-drying and comfortable UV nail lamp to consider buying. The lamp features 12 pieces of UV/LED beads with 180-degree coverage. The lamp light source is closer to white thus safe on the eyes. It is a versatile lamp applicable to all types of gel polishes. This is an efficient and reliable nail dryer with three timer settings. The lamp also features a digital LCD display thus easy to operate and control. This is a smart infrared sensor lamp with automatic curing once you insert your hand. It is a portable and lightweight design dryer with multiple power supply. You also get 12 months after-sales to buy with confidence.


  • Customizable due to three timer settings
  • LCD display screen thus easy to use
  • Comfortable drying thus convenient
  • Smart infrared sensor thus automatic curing


This is a professional UV LED lamp with a sensor and timer for customized nail gel drying. It is a fast-drying lamp with three times drying speeds. You can be sure of safe gel nail drying without blackening of the fingers and toes. This is a versatile dryer that handles all kinds of nail gels due to two kinds of wavelengths. The dryer also features a smart sensor and timer. It can start automatically and shut down once the timer runs out. This is a reliable dryer with 15 pieces of LED beads evenly distributed. The beads ensure even and fast drying. It is a long-lasting dryer with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.



  • Comes with a very short cord

Design Of The Nail Dryer

The design of the lamp is a serious consideration for some people, especially salon owners. Well, I get it. You want your salon to have a fancy, sleek and elegantly designed nail lamp. So, go for it. For the home, the design may not be an issue

In conclusion, just recently, we used to say that buying a nail lamp is not a one type fits all thing. but now, with the mixed UV LED nail lamps, we are eating on our words. You can buy one lamp to cure all your gel types, especially if it is for home use. However, for a professional nail salon, you may still have to look at other factors when you are buying your nail lamp. I hope the factors discussed in the nail lamp buying guide will help you choose a great lamp that will help you accomplish your manicure and pedicure needs.

Do you think there is any other factor I have not talked about in this nail lamp buying guide? Do you disagree with any of the opinions I have discussed above? I would love to know your opinions. Please leave them in the comments section below.

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Which Is Better A Uv Lamp Or A Led Lamp

It depends on what your priorities are.

UV lamps are better in the sense that they work on every type of nail polish and gel, while LED lamps only cure LED polishes.

On the other hand, the LED bulbs are more durable, and they need no replacement, while UV lamps burn out faster, so you need to change them occasionally.

In addition to this, LED lamps cure gels faster, and they are supposedly less harmful to your skin and eyes.

How To Use An Led Nail Lamp

50 Watt Professional UV/LED Nail Lamp  claw culture

Using an LED nail lamp is very simple and quick. Here are the steps you can use to cure your gel manicure perfectly with an LED nail lamp.

  • Switch on your LED lamp and adjust the settings. It is better to work on the recommended settings for a more efficient manicure experience.
  • After prepping your nails and applying the base coat, place your nails gently under the LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  • You must wait a little longer with the base coat to ensure your manicure is very sturdy and break-free.
  • After curing the base, move on to your next coats of colours to paint your nails as per your liking.
  • Cure your nails for 10-15 seconds.
  • Once you are done doing your creativity, apply the final top coat and cure your nails for 60 seconds to lock everything in place.

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Before you get started, its important to remember that nail lamp usage involves exposing your skin to UV rays, whether youve chosen a UV lamp or LED lamp. That being said, its essential that you protect your hands and feet before each curing. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher on the skin that will be exposed or stock up on a pair of UV-shielding gloves to prevent absorption and damage.

Below, discover the best nail lamps that will take your at-home gel manicure to new heights.

Melodysusie 36w Uv Nail Lamp Dryer Uv Gel Nail Polish Curing Light Professional Nail Art Lamp

MelodySusie 36W UV Nail Lamp Dryer is a great option if you want an amazing, fast and salon-standard curing, compatible with all kinds of UV gel nail polishes right at the comfort of your own home.

Four large, traditional UV lamps leave no room for error when you decide to cure your nails with its targeted lightening technology. It will deliver to you a broader scope of light and make hand placements insignificant, unlike LED lamps.

UV light-bulbs usually require replacement after 100 hours of use, so the package includes an extra UV bulb along with the convenient pack of 4.

  • Only works at 110V

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Bellanails Lamp For Home Or Salon

What we have here is one decently strong LED lamp, innovatively designed to support all sorts of creative nail work. Whether you need a matte finish or you strive to create a glossy effect, you’ll be able to perform it perfectly every time because this lamp works with all UV gel products.The first thing that ladies care for in a nail lamp is power. This fantastic BELLANAILS lamp is equipped with thirty-six highly efficient LED bulbs that are specially designed to last forever. It’s a 120W device with an innovative multi-dimensional reflective interior that allows faster curing and better results.LED lamps are provenly less harmful to the skin than UV radiation, and due to multi-dimensional design, your hand will be exposed to the bulbs even shorter than it would be on average, so it’s pretty safe.When it comes to the settings, there are four pre-set modes , and there’s also an auto shut-off option, perfect for the forgetful ones.Although this BELLANAILS lamp falls into the category of professional devices, it’s pretty compact and portable. It comes with a handle, so it’s super easy to bring it along when you’re travelling or planning to do your friend’s nails. There is a small display on top of the lamp, so you can always know how much time you have left and pre-set the timer in accordance with your needs.

Do You Need A Uv Light For Resin

SUN UV/LED 48 Watt Nail Lamp Review | BEST LED UV NAIL LAMP | MsJaniece

There are different types of resin used for crafts. You can use epoxy resin, casting resin, or UV resin for jewelry, coasters, and desk ornaments.

Out of these three types, only the UV resin needs UV light to cure. Depending on the thickness applied, epoxy resin and casting resin dries and cures after 2-3 days.

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Can You Use An Led Lamp With Regular Nail Polish

If youre careful and very patient, you can.

LED lamps can’t technically be used to dry normal nail polish. But, those who want to make their favourite nail varnish last longer can put a gel top coat over it.

Before applying your top coat, always make sure your nail varnish has dried completely.

If the solvents aren’t fully dry, the topcoat could just slip right off.

Then you can use either an UV or LED drying lamp to cure the top coat.

This technique means you won’t be limited to the colour selection of gels and it should also come off easily.

But do bear in mind that if you don’t do it correctly , you won’t get the benefits.

W Uv Led Gel Nail Lamp

As we have explained in the buyer’s guide, the wattage plays an important role in nail lamps’ efficiency. The higher the wattage, the better the lamp is both as a UV nail curer and nail dryer.

If we are to judge by the wattage, this is the uncrowned queen among the nail lamps. With wattage measuring 80W, it provides the curing speed 70% faster than the rival products.

At the core of this nail lamp, we may find 36pcs UV+LED lamp beads that cure both UV and LED nail polishes, literally any brand you may think of.

Furthermore, this UV nail lamp has an ergonomic design to support the whole hand without dead corners and also has seven groves for fingers and a removable bottom to be suitable for pedicure as well.

When it comes to design, this UV nail lamp has a super-smart design with the auto sensor and automatic infrared light, plus it has four timer settings, easy to keep track of on the LCD.

Finally, the memory function starts the previous timer when hand put in without pressing any buttons, while installed vents within the lamp keep the regulation of the temperature.

  • LED and UV nail lamp
  • Suitable for any gel nail polish
  • Memory function

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Melodysusie Uv Led Nail Lamp

Featuring high power and LG dual light source, the MelodySusie UV LED Nail Lamp emits a wavelength ranging between 365 and 405 nanometers to cure and dry gel nail polish quickly, evenly and sufficiently. Equipped with four time settings and utilizing energy-saving, environment-friendly LG chip technology, this top-rated nail lamp has been found to shorten curing time by up to 50% compared to similar models.

Why You Need The Best Uv Light For Gel Nails Dryers

Ohuhu 54W UVLED Nail Lamp

UV nail dryers are required to completely cure a gel nail application. As UV nail dryers are typically the most expensive of the nail drying devices, there is an upside to this. They are also the type of drying tool that comes with the most options. The drying options you should find on a top rated UV nail light will include cold air and warm air.

If you are applying acrylic or natural nails, a UV nail dryer is also your best choice. If you also treat your toes with pedicures, be sure to choose a model that is designed for use on both hands and feet. And, if you are wanting to update your electric nail drill, we have some great choices to get you inspired.

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What Type Of Budget Do I Need For A Gel Nail Lamp

If youre happy to invest in a professional gel nail lamp you could easily put aside £55 or higher, depending on the model and features. However if you want something to get you started, even gel nail lamps priced at just £15.99 are still worth your investment and can still create long-lasting, salon finished nails.

How To Choose The Best Uv Lamp For Curing Resin

Are you tired of shaking your hand frantically out in the sun hoping to get your nail polish resin cured quickly?

It can be quite frustrating especially when you need to speed up the cure time and the bright sun outside along with its heat is no help at all.

The best answer for curing resin-based nail polish coating fast is using high voltage UV lamps that emit an intense spectrum of light in the UV region and generate a cross linked network of polymers through photo chemical reactions.

Well go over some of the best UV-light lamp options available for curing resins effectively.

If you are in hurry, then this my favorite pick:

  • 6 Conclusion
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    Nail Dryer Uv Lamp Led Light For Gels Polishes By Sunuv

    SunUV creates another high-quality UV and LED nail lamp! This particular model boasts dual wattage at 24W and 48W. Tailor your salon-like experience by switching between the two power modes along with three timers. Customize your experience to your hearts content!

    Cut your drying time in half with this lamp! The 30 LED beads effectively and quickly dry almost any gel polish and builder gels. All you need to do is stick your hand in, and the dryer starts!

    The SunUV lamp is of salon-quality and can be used in both personal and professional settings!

    What Is The Difference Between Uv And Led Nail Lamps

    Sun5 Plus 48 WATT LED/UV Nail Lamp | Review & Demo 2017

    Gel manicures, which last two to three weeks, are fab since you can find virtually any colour youre after in a gel nail polish shade.

    The nail polish just needs to be painted on before its cured under a UV or LED nail lamp LED lamps can cure gel polish in under 45 seconds, while UV lamps take two or three minutes.

    UV lamps contain the same light youll find in the sun or a tanning bed, and have a bad rap as a result.

    If you purchase a UV nail lamp to use at home, wearing fingerless gloves or high-protection SPF on your hands is recommended to minimise skin ageing or damage.

    LED lamps also emit UV radiation, so it makes sense to protect your hands in the same way if youre using one of them.

    with one of these nail lamps and you can watch Netflix throughout the whole process. Bliss.


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    What To Look For Before Buying The Best Uv Lamp For Resin

    Choosing a UV Light Lamp can be a little too overwhelming sometimes because there are so many products available online. It is better to know more about certain factors before deciding to buy one.

    The most important factor you need to be looking into is determining whether the nail polish brand you mostly use will work with the lamp youre interested in buying.

    If you find yourself using a specific nail polish brand then it is a lot better to buy the lamp manufactured by the same company.

    Bulbs inside a UV lamp can have varying life span depending on the manufacturing company but usually last for around 100 hours.

    A new bulb for a UV lamp costs somewhere between $25 to $30. The lamp size also determines the ease with which you can get a manicure or pedicure done.

    If you prefer to cure both your hands or feet at the same time quickly, then its better to opt for a bigger lamp that can accommodate your feet and hands easily otherwise you will have to put up with a low-cost lamp that can only fit four fingers at a time with no option for a pedicure.

    Abox Uv Led Nail Lamp

    Designed for fast results, the Abox UV LED Nail Lamp is a professional 72-watt nail lamp equipped with 36 LED bulbs that are evenly distributed to dry and cure nails 80 percent faster than competing models. Powered by premium, safe-for-your-skin UV/LED dual light sources, this top-rated nail lamp works for all gel polishes and extensions, offers four time settings and features an easy-to-use LED touch screen.

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    Kempa Mini Uv Led Nail Dryer

    An Amazons Choice nail lamp, the Kempa Mini UV LED Nail Dryer is perfect for manicures on-the-go thanks to its compact design, which can easily fit inside a makeup bag or purse when deconstructed. Providing a 50,000-hour lifetime, its light beads adopt advanced dual optical wavelength technology without causing damage to the eyes or skin. Choose between four time settings to create a customizable gel curing experience.

    Buyers Guide Best Nail Lamp

    What is the best wattage uv lamp for gel nails

    This was a really hard decision, but our favorite lamp is the Professional Nail Dryer 72W SUN 5 Pro Best UV LED Nail Lamp. It not only works really well on almost all types of gels, but it also dries quickly.

    The salon-grade nail dryer will last for years. What really sets this one apart is that the nail lamp also works on two hands or two feet. This cuts the drying time in half, which makes it great for personal and professional use.

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    What Is The Best Lamp For A Manicure Table

    If you want nail lamp that fits nicely on your table, it is a matter of choosing the right size. Refer to my post about manicure tables and the charts below to find a size that you like. You can take your nail lamp anywhere, so if you decide to upgrade your table or work on the granite top in your kitchen, you can use these manicure lamps.


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