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What Is Uv Led Nail Lamp

Acrylic Nails Is Uv Or Led Better For Acrylic Nails

The Best Cheap UV LED Nail Lamp? Review for SUN 5 48w Hybrid Gel Lamp

You really shouldnt need a UV light for growing acrylic nails. While UV lights used to be popular years ago, they just arent very practical for acrylic applications today. Most UV lights emit UVA and B rays, which are considered ultraviolet lights.

So how can you grow acrylic nails even if you dont need UV light to do it? Basically, acrylic nails grow because of a chemical reaction between two different substances.

The substance involved is called monomer, and this chemical reaction produces energy which is required for the growth of the nail. The energy that is produced is actually a chemical reaction, and basically a fluorescent green light. This light is responsible for the cure of acrylic nails.

In short, while a UV light isnt necessary for acrylic nails, a high intensity LED lamp can speed up the curing process giving you faster results, and with less risk of UV damage to your skin.

If youre interested in acrylic nails, or any type of acrylic application, always use an LED lamp with a natural-looking oil base. That way, you avoid any possibility of an artificial UV light from damaging your skin.

Sunuv 48w Uv Led Nail Dryer

There are 33 LED lights inside this powerful nail lamp. They are rated for 50,000 hours of service, and youll never have to replace them.

Instead of pressing buttons, all you need to do is insert your hand to trigger the light for 120 seconds. Otherwise, you can set the timer for 10, 30, 60, or 90 seconds.

If your skin is sensitive, use the low heat mode.

Thankfully, the space inside is large enough for all 5 fingers or toes at a time. Each one gets plenty of exposure to the light for an even cure. When youre done, you can pull out the tray to clean it.

Furthermore, this professional nail lamp cures all gel polish brands. It can handle sculpture gel, acrylic, and gem glue as well. Theres no need for a UV lamp anymore.

The manufacturer offers 12 months of customer service to handle any problem that might appear.

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Before you get started, its important to remember that nail lamp usage involves exposing your skin to UV rays, whether youve chosen a UV lamp or LED lamp. That being said, its essential that you protect your hands and feet before each curing. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher on the skin that will be exposed or stock up on a pair of UV-shielding gloves to prevent absorption and damage.

Below, discover the best nail lamps that will take your at-home gel manicure to new heights.

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Melodysusie Portable Uv Led Nail Lamp

One of the best UV nail lamps for home use is right here. Its inexpensive, convenient, and comes from a reputable manufacturer.

The 6W nail lamp is compatible with most types of gel polish. It uses only LEDs from LG, guaranteeing powerful, even performance.

The UV light is low heat and should never cause a burning sensation. Although the unit is small, most find that they can fit at least 4 fingernails in it at a time.

The single button on top doubles as the on-off switch and the timer. One press emits light for 60 seconds, and a double-press for 45 seconds.

How Much Do You Care About Cure Time

2021 Fashion SUN5Plus UV LED Nail Lamp High Quality ...

If you do manicures professionally, you will definitely want a lamp that can get the job done quickly. However, if this is more of a hobby or something you do once in a while for family and friends, curing time is one aspect on which you can be lenient and save some money. Generally, an LED nail lamp cures much faster than a UV lamp, however, you must once again consider the type of nail polish you use.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Light

Learn what to look for when shopping for a new LED or UV lamp. By Jim McConnell.

Lamps for curing gel products are extremely diverse. If youve looked at LED-curing lights recently, youll find nearly 100 different ones that seem to make similar claims. These include wattage type of bulb light wavelengths/energy that is generated battery powered or powered by a cord one- or two-hand curing flashlight style, full-size or four-finger curing with or without a visible timer read-out timer settings ranging from 10 to 120 seconds and the list goes on. But at the end of the day, the most important feature is that it properly cures the gel product. If the light fails to cure the gel, then the rest of the features simply arent important. Here, we take a look at the important functions of curing lights and what to look for when investing in a new one.

Jewhiteny 72w Uv Nail Lamp Review

The Jewhiteny Professional Nail Lamp is the perfect fit if you want to dry both hands simultaneously. It comes with a large dome shape, that easily accommodates both hands, so you dont have to worry about bumping sides or messing the polish.

Suitable for UV gel, builder gel, sculpture gel, shellac, led nail gel, or rhinestone gems glue, the possibilities are endless.

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Which Are The Best Uv Led Lamps

Of course this is subject to opinion. We think the UV type is the worst, it is out dated and as we learned covers such a wide spectrum that it works very slowly above all if it feels very hot!

The two in one types also are just trying to do too much ata large frequency of light. This is going to cause uncured gel polish underwhat appears to be a fully cured layer. Lifting, allergy, dermatitis and amultitude of other ills will likely be the result.

UV LED lamps just for LED gels will work well problem is you need a gel that will cure at a precise frequency.

For us the best is a lamp with two dedicated types of bulbs. This allows very accurate curing of LED gels plus extra LED curing power from the CCFL lamp. It also allows curing of UV types using the CCFL. Therefore these will work great and will cure a multitude of different brands too.

Hopefully you now have a lot of knowledge which will help you not only buy the right lamp but furthermore understand why some gels just do not seem to cure in certain lamps.

Nail Dryers And Uv/led Lamps


Few things in the beauty world are as anxiety-inducing as that brief window of time between the ages spent perfecting a manicure and waiting for it to dry without a major smudging catastrophe. An essential component in a professional salon and a welcome addition to any home beauty arsenal, nail lamps dry your nails in a fast and efficient manner for an unsmudged, fuss-free manicure that will last for weeks.

What is the difference between LED and UV lamps?

UV lamps can effectively cure both UV and LED gel polish, while LED nail lamps only cure gel polish that is specifically formulated for use with an LED lamp. Otherwise, the most noticeable difference between lamp types is curing time. LED nail lamps are able to cure gel nail polish within 30 to 60 seconds. UV lamps can take between 2 and 3 minutes to cure.

Can you dry gel nails without a lamp?

In short, not really. Gel nail polishes are not dried in the normal sense of the word. Gel polish contains a specially formulated polymer that must be hardened, or cured, by application of either LED or UV light. Theoretically, with enough sun, you could dry UV gel through normal sun exposure, but it would likely take a long time.

Does lamp type change how long a gel manicures lasts?Can a nail lamp dry regular nail polish?What is the typical LED and UV bulb lifespan?

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Can Uv Led Nail Lamps Cure Uv Gel Or Gel Nails

UV gel is a nail-enhanced product that was created long before gel polishes. UV gel needs a wide range of UV light wavelengths to cure properly. That is why it should be cured under a compact fluorescent UV bulb-type lamp. Furthermore, the time it takes to cure this UV gel is between 5 to 10 minutes.

On the other hand, since UV LED nail lamps emit a much narrower range of UV light wavelengths, they do not have an adequate range of UV light wavelengths to cure UV gel completely.

If you work with UV gel, you should have a UV nail lamp that has fluorescent bulbs to ensure proper curing.

The Downside To Led Nail Lamps

Although most manufacturers have upgraded their gel polish to cure under LED light, there are still a handful of holdouts. Double-check to see if the polish you use requires a UV lamp. Then consider switching to another brand to save yourself money and protect your skin, too.

Any UV-light-emitting lamp poses a risk. Whether it comes from the sun or a lamp, UV radiation raises the risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

To combat those consequences, you can wear manicure gloves or sunscreen to reduce exposure to the bare minimum.

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Liteland Uv Gel Nail Lamp Review

The Liteland UV Gel Nail Lamp was created to bring the feel of a professional salon product, right into your house.

The light it gives covers 360 degrees, so you dont have to worry about areas that are not reached uniformly. Also, the light is white, so your eyes wont get tired of it. It works well with all UV enabled gel polishes.

Which Nail Lamp Should You Buy

SUNUV SUN5 Plus 48W Professional UV LED Nail Lamp â SUNUVStore

The table below will tell you what nail polish or gel products you may use with either an LED or a UV Lamp. If you know the nail product you have, press CTRL + F and type in your brand to find it on the list! Following that, check out this blog post regarding different types of UV and LED nail lamps!

LED Nail Lamp

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What Are Uv Nail Lamp And Led Nail Dryer

When getting a curing tool, there are several factors you need to consider. But before that, lets see how each tool differs from each other.

UV nail lamp During the inception of gel nail enhancement, UV lamps were the only option for curing. Initially, people were concerned about the amount of time they need to put their hands on the machine since prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can be harmful. However, studies revealed that a tremendous amount of exposure is required to actually cause damage. Hence, deemed safe for use.

LED nail dryer As time progressed, so does technological advancements. LED nail dryer became a viable alternative to the UV lamp and is in fact, the better option between the two. Not to take anything away from the traditional curing lamp, but the LED dryer has qualities that might leave its competition obsolete.

So if an LED nail dryer seems superior, why put them head-to-head? Simply because a UV lamp has functions that an LED lamp is lacking! Read on and lets get to the bottom of this argument!

Should You Buy A Led Or Uv Lamp

LED is more expensive but if you have the extra money it is worth it because it cures faster and gives you less exposure to UV rays. The majority of Gel polishes are formulated for LED so they will work with LED and UV. However, I love CND Shellac so I wanted a UV lamp because Shellac is my favorite gel polish and it wont work with a LED lamp. It really depends on your budget and your brand preferences. If you buy a UV lamp you cant go wrong because it will work with all gel polishes and its less expensive.

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Whats The Difference Between Uv And Led Nail Lamps

Gel nail polish is cured when ultraviolet wavelengths hit a specific molecule in the gel formula and are activated. According to Practical Polish: UV lamps emit broad UV wavelengths so it takes longer to cure but works on all gel. LED technology, on the other hand, uses more narrow UV wavelengths that target specific photoinitiators in the gel polish so the gel cures faster.

  • LED lamps are typically faster at curing polish than UV lamps, and because of this they also generally cost a little more.
  • LED lamps only cure specific gel polish brands. However, most gel nail manufacturers will supply lamps that are compatible with their products in order to get the best quality results.
  • UV lamps cure all gel polish brands.

How Does The Gel Cure In Uv Led Lamps

Gel Nail Lamps: UV vs LED?

All UV LED Gel nail polish and other gels, use little things called photo initiators. A photo initiator is a chemical compound used to activate the drying process for inks, coatings, and adhesives. They are designed to react to specific wavelengths of UV light.

Very simply when you mix photo initiators and UV light, the photo initiators absorb energy from the light and activate other molecules. This causes a reaction, making the wet gel polishes into a hard, plastic-like substance.

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What Is The Best Wattage For An Led Nail Lamp For Home Use

Now we know that the higher the wattage goes with a bigger lamp. For gel polish enthusiasts who do their gel nails at home, they should consider a lamp that can fit one hand comfortably. This kind of LED nail lamp should have about 30 to 36 watts.

Do not go for much higher wattage LED lamps because the heat generated by these LEDs makes the whole lamp hotter including the intricate electronic circuit board inside. Excessive heat will burn out the little components on this board prematurely.

Moreover, many newer LED lamp casings do not have vents to allow hot air to escape so if there is an excessive heat that builds up inside, it can not escape. The lamp can get so hot that some lead-soldered joints become loosen. This over-heat effect can reduce the working life of these lamps or damage it.

Whats With These Terms Uv Led

This is a definition of an LED lamp? This lamp has UVLED bulbs. UV LED bulbs are called ultraviolet, light-emitting diodes , their wavelength range is 10-400nm. We usually use them for curing gels at 340-380nm and 395nm .

Huh??? So in other words LED bulbs can cure both UV and LED??? How confusing is that! Or is it?

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Melodysusie Led Nail Lamp For Gel Nails

After reviewing a number of different LED nail lamps, we have determined that the MelodySusie models are the best, and are liked by thousands of customers. The MelodySusie LED nail lamps for gel nails give customers desired results on various gel nail polishes.

MelodySusie is another manufacturer and supplier of UV nail lamps and LED nail lamps for both consumers and salon professionals. The MelodySusie Pro60W Nail Lamp actually comes equipped with both LED and UV lamp settings, making it compatible with various gel nail polish brands. Its LED and UV light technology allows for quick curing time, giving customers the beautiful gel manicure they are looking for. This UV/LED nail lamp is priced at approximately $99, which is a reasonable price point considering its features, options, and benefits, which we will review in greater detail below.

The MelodySusie LED nail lamp is designed with a plastic outer shell and metal mechanical components. However, dont be fooled by its weight. Although the MelodySusie LED nail lamp is relatively lightweight when compared with other models, it is still a strong, durable, quality model that is well built and dependable. This model is designed for professional use and is a small investment that will yield its return for years to come.

The MelodySusie Pro60 LED nail lamp is a high-powered model designed for professional salon use. There is also a 12w model, which is a lightweight model, designed mainly for DIY home use.


How Safe Are Nail Lamps

10 things you need to know about Uv led nail lamp ...

Many people are concerned about the potential damage or side effects from exposure to the UV rays from nail lamps. In reality, the UV exposure from nail lamps is minimal compared with other activities people engage in day-to-day such as walking outside, laying out out at the pool, using tanning beds etc. The majority of the UV light that nail lamps emit is UV-A which is safer for your skin than UV-B. Since there is a concern about UV exposure, LED lamps are considered safer than UV lamps because they require less cure time thus less UV exposure. There are also safety precautions you can take at home by using sunscreen on the tops of your hands, or special Anti-UV Glovesthat are only $6, which is a pretty low price to protect your skin!

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Does Your Lamp Curethrough Gel Polish

You all know that UV LED lamps cannot cure what they cannot penetrate. Think of the sun, the most powerful UV light source, if you sit under an umbrella, it will not burn you. So how can a thick layer of gel be cured even by a great lamp let alone a not so good lamp? Answer, do not apply gel too thick rather do more thin layers and cure each layer. Dont use a weak, poor quality lamp!!!!


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