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How To Take Off Gel Nail Polish

Acetone Can Dehydrate The Nails

How to Remove Gel Nails at Home! Damage-Free!

Acetone is very effective at removing gels and other types of nails, but thats because its a strong chemical agent. To that effect, acetone can dry out the nails and cause them to become brittle and even weak over time.

If your nails are already thin, you want to make sure that youre taking care when using acetone or even to avoid it completely. Its also a good idea to leave time between manicures to give your nails a chance to heal and grow strong.

The Best Way To Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Damaging Nails

In this tutorial, I’ll show you the best way to remove gel nail polish without damaging nails. Unfortunately, gel nails dont last forever, but the cost of having them removed at the salon I think is ridiculous considering you can do it yourself.

So, here’s how to remove gel nail polish at home quickly and easily. Let’s get started.

Give Your Nails Some Tlc

Acetone is drying, so it’s important to restore moisture to your nails and hands after a DIY removal.

“After removing the gel, use a gentle buffing block to smooth out the surface of the nail,” she says. When the nail is clean, Poole recommends soaking the nails with cuticle oil, like Sally Hansen Vitamin E Oil . After a few minutes, wash your hands and apply an ample amount of hand cream to restore moisture. Do this for several nights and then feel free to polish back up. If you need to reapply gel the same day, try to give your nails a few hours to breathe first.

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Ways To Remove Gel Nail Polish Acrylic Nails At Home

For anyone who has trouble making a normal manicure last more than three days, discovering the magic of gel nails can be life changing. But the worst part about gel nails is that moment when you need to take them off and you just can’t.

The options are basically stab and scrape and peel your fingernails with various objects for what feels like hours or head back to the salon to pay someone else to take them off. With social distancing and self-quarantining for coronavirus, the latter isn’t even an option right now.

So, I tested three methods to see if there was a better way.

Why Its So Hard To Remove

How to remove gel nail polish at home

While many nail polish brands may use the term gel, true gel nail polish involves applying a base coat followed by several thin layers of polish to give the nails a chosen color.

After each layer is applied its cured or hardened under either a light-emitting diode or an ultraviolet light, which sparks a chemical reaction that causes the polish to harden more than traditional polish. And its why another name for it is nail lacquer.

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& : Soak It Off & Wrap It Up

There are two ways you can do this next part.

The first option is to pour acetone into a small dish and soak your fingers in the acetone for 10-15 minutes. To make the process even faster, we recommend placing your small dish of acetone into a bigger bowl with warm water. Warming up the acetone will allow it to penetrate the product faster and make your removal process much easier.

The second option is to soak your cotton balls in the acetone instead. One by one, place an acetone-soaked cotton ball on top of your nail. Grab a small piece of foil and wrap it around your fingertip to secure the cotton ball to your nail. Gently press the foil, so it forms to your fingertip. Allow your nails to soak for 10-15 minutes.

Pro Tip: Cut your foil during the prep phase, and use plain, non-moisturizing cotton balls

Stay Away From Water If You Want Them To Last

A gel manicures worst opponent is hot water, states Rita, therefore why soaking them is one of the most effective means to obtain them off. Long baths, showers or time spent in the jacuzzi can create training, so try your best to prevent these or maintain them to a minimum and also always put on rubber handwear covers when you do the meals! Properly kept in mind.

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Gel Nail Polish Removal Tips

If you’d like to avoid doing this removal process, you can simply let your nails grow out. You can cut the gel off as it grows above your nail bed when you would normally clip your nails. However, this process can take up to six months for fingernails and up to 18 months for the more slowly growing toenails.

Don’t use an orange stick. These are small wooden sticks that nail technicians often use to push gel nail polish off. However, they can damage your nails and leave spots on them.


You may also be tempted to file the gel off or to use a dremel tool to sand it down. However, these tools can damage nails, especially when used by people who are not professional nail technicians.

Keep in mind that the longer your gel has been on your nail, the harder it will be to take off. Certain additions to your gel nail look, like glitter, may also make it harder to take off.

Diy With Tinfoil And Cotton Balls

The Right Way to Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home | Beauty How To

While the tinfoil method is similar to the soaking method, this technique allows you to soak just your fingernails in acetone preventing the rest of your fingertips from coming into contact with it.

This method is a little more complicated if youre doing it by yourself. By the time youre on your last few fingers, it can be difficult to apply without help.

To try the tinfoil method, you can:

  • Cut or tear your tinfoil into 10 medium-sized squares. Each piece should be large enough to wrap completely around your fingertip while holding a small cotton ball against your fingernail.
  • After filing the top of your manicure, soak each cotton ball in acetone, and place it on your fingernail starting with your nondominant hand. Use a piece of tinfoil to secure the cotton-soaked acetone to your nail.
  • Allow your nails to soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Check your nails. Once again, the polish should begin to lift away from your nails. This should make it easy for you to gently scrape the polish from your nails with a cuticle stick.
  • Apply a small drop of cuticle oil, if necessary.
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    How Do I Remove Gel Nails

    Before you get to work, youll need to get your hands on some acetone. Why not try Sensationail Gel Polish Remover or Sensationail Remover Wraps?

    There are two popular methods for removing gel nails soaking and foils. Well cover soaking first.

    Soaking method

    Buff using a nail buffer, rough up the surface of your gel polish until the shine is completely gone.

    Soak next up, fill a nail soaking tray with acetone, then place your nails in the liquid for five to 10 minutes. Heres a little tip for you stand your bowl of acetone in a slightly bigger bowl of hot water. This should help speed up the process.

    Remove gently test a nail with a cuticle pusher to see if any gel polish has come away. If not, dont stress. Just soak your nails for a further two to five minutes. Once youre ready, remove the gel by gently scraping it with the cuticle pusher. Repeat the process until all the polish is removed.

    Aftercare youre almost there! Finish off by buffing the nails to remove any residue, then filing them into a shape of your choice. Once youve washed your hands, re-hydrate with a splash of hand lotion and a touch of cuticle oil.

    Foils method

    This is ideal for people with dry or sensitive skin as theres less contact with the acetone.

    Buff like with soaking, youll start by roughing up the surface of your gel polish until the shine is completely gone.

    They Thrive On Your Blood And Blood From Your Pets And They Can Hide In The Tiniest Of Spots

    Gel manicures are a popular alternative to traditional nail polish. Don’t buy gel nail polish remover before reading these reviews. Rodents, insects and other pests infest homes and gardens, destroy food and damage structures. Removing acrylic nails can be done at home by following this simple guide. Despite their name, they can live practically anywhere, like on b. Not only does black mold smell foul and make your house look unclean, but its presence can also cause serious health problems, including stuffy nose, sore throat, coughin. The aad’s coronavirus resource center will help you find information about how you ca. They thrive on your blood and blood from your pets, and they can hide in the tiniest of spots. Finding out that you have black mold in your home can be a nightmare. We talked to a nail technician to learn how to remove acrylic nails at home safely and in 5 easy steps. If you want to remove your gel nail polish at home, here are a few supplies, tips, and steps to keep in mind. Be sure to continue with the after care, and most of all, have patience. We include products we think are useful for our readers.

    Here’s how you can do it safely without damaging your nails. With salons closed indefinitely due to. Don’t buy gel nail polish remover before reading these reviews.

    If you want to spare yourself a trip to the nail salon, then you need to know how to remove gel polish easily at home.

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    How To Remove Gel

    We know too well the temptation that comes with wanting to pick and peel off your gel polish. That moment of satisfaction will be fleeting, but the damage you inflict on your nails could take weeks to repair. Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO and founder of the celeb-favorite nail salon Olive & June, shares the rundown on how to safely remove a gel manicure at home.

    Loosen Up The Top Layer With A Coarse Nail File

    How Do You Take Off Gel Nail Polish at Home

    The gel topcoat is a tough nearly impermeable layer that seals the color in placethats why gel manicures are able to last for weeks instead of days. Scratching the surface with a coarse nail file will help the acetone to penetrate without a hitch. When filing, apply a light and parallel pressure, Yankee says, which will help you avoid scratching the nail plate underneath.

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    Apply Acetone To Nails

    Now, take your cotton pad, and soak it in a lot of acetone. Be generous here. Place your cotton pad on your nails, and wrap each finger with aluminum foil to secure it in place. Keep it on for at least 10-15 minutes.

    This process will help soften the gel. If you have the sachet from the gel nail removal kit, simply insert your nail inside and wrap the sachet with sticky tape.

    Make sure you are using acetone and not a regular nail polish remover.

    What’s The Difference Between Gels & Acrylics

    First things first, lets brush up your nail vocab.

    Perfect for a natural-looking manicure, gel nails are achieved in three simple steps. A base coat, a polish colour and a top coat. In-between each stage, the gel is cured under an LED or UV lamp , to leave you with firm, non-sticky nails that shine. Gel nails tend to last around two weeks before they start to lift or chip, and only take half an hour to apply.

    What about acrylics? Warning: things are about to get a little technical. For acrylic nails, monomer liquid and polymer powder are combined to create a paste-like formula. This formula is then placed over a cured acrylic extension and left to set. After shaping and buffing, the acrylics are normally painted with a polish of your choice. They tend to last up to four weeks and are perfect for those who want to add length to their nails.

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    How To Remove Gel Polish Using Finger Cots

    Chances are that most gel nail polish wearers have used different ways to remove gel nail polish, both at home and at a salon but using the finger cots to remove old gel polish on the nails is the most effective and friendly DIY gel polish removing process. You will see why it deserves the title in the following sections.

    Thingsyou need:

    • Cotton
    • 1 cup size glass bowl or larger
    • 10 finger cot . These can be purchased online or locally at pharmacy stores or supermarkets.
    • Orange-wood stick or gel removal tool.


  • Start removing the gel topcoat on the nail with a medium grit nail file . If this is your first time, do not try to remove the gel color. It is not necessary since the acetone will do it for you and you might file too deep and accidentally file on your own nails and thin them out.
  • Pour about 5 teaspoons of acetone into a glass bowl and soak 10 thumb-sized cotton balls.
  • Using one hand, pick one cotton ball from the glass bowl and put it on top of a fingernail of the other hand.
  • Then starting from the tip of the finger, unroll a finger cot so that it will wrap and hold the cotton ball on top of the nail. The finger cot should be unrolled mid-way through the second knuckle. Use your judgment to pick the right size finger cot for each finger so it stays fit without a lot of free movement.
  • Repeat putting finger cots on the remaining nails then wait 15 minutes before checking.
    • light household chores.
    • Text messaging on your phone
    • typing on a keyboard
    • etc

    Provide Your Skin Some Tlc After The Gel Manicure Is Removed


    Its extremely crucial that the surrounding skin and also cuticle, along with the nail plate itself, be rehydrated with a thick emollient such as Aquaphor or an overnight mask-like Nails Inc.s Overnight Detox Nail Mask post-removal in order to rehydrate and also fix the surrounding skin, cuticle, and also nails, Dr. Adigun states.

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    How To Take Off Gel Nails Without Acetone

    There are many benefits to gel nails over other options, like increased durability, longevity, and even protection for your nail underneath. But its also important to keep your nail safe and cared for while having gel nails applied and during the removal process. Taking proper care of your gel manicure is essential for keeping the rest of your nails healthy and strong, and will prevent complications down the line.

    Nailboo is here to help. We believe in innovative and exciting new options that bring salon-quality manicures right to your home, which is why we carry easy-to-use dip polish kits. Its also why were sharing information and care tips for every type of polish and manicure. Check out this guide to safe gel nail removal without acetone to get the nail care you deserve.

    Wait At Least 10 Minutes

    This is the most important step in how to remove gel nail polish and requires the most patience. You will need to soak for a minimum of 10 minutes to loosen the layers of polish. To help speed up the process, Soon suggests taking a hot towel and wrapping it around your handthe warmth helps the acetone work while softening the polish to make it easier to remove.

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    Youre Not Using Cuticle Oil

    According to Hadley, you can assess nail damage based on their flexibility: Normal nails are somewhat flexible, but the harder and sturdier the nail, the more likely it is to break. Since cold weather tends to make skin drier overall, proper cuticle hydration can make a big difference. Additionally, acetone can be extremely drying to the nail bed, causing nails to break or become brittle over time.

    To combat nail dryness, experts suggest keeping cuticle oil close at hand . I swear by cuticle oil and personally love NCLA’s, Pulaski tells SELF. I used to think that cuticle oil wasn’t essential, but I started using it about two years ago and I always carry it with me now, especially in the colder months! Adding a few drops of oil to your nails and cuticles in between salon visits will keep them hydrated.

    Keeping my nails looking good, with or without polish, is definitely a priority. So while I probably wont give up on gel nail polish altogether, Ill definitely think twice before trying to stretch my manicure for longer than two weeks at a time.

    Gently Scrape Away The Layers And Soak Again If Needed

    how to take off gel nail polish

    Once you give the acetone time to work its magic, grab the file and continue to gently scrape the layers to safely remove the gel polish from your nail. If youve soaked long enough, the first few coats will begin to peel off easily.

    If you encounter more resistant layers, youll need to loosen them up with another acetone soak. Repeat the soaking-and-scraping method until youve safely removed all of the color, including the base coat.

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    How To Remove Gel Polish Using Finger Clips

    Thingsyou need:

    • Cotton .
    • 1 cup size glass bowl or larger.
    • 1 set of 10 finger clips. These can be purchased online.
    • Orange-wood stick or gel removal tool.


    • First, use a medium file to remove the gel top coat as much as you can.
    • Then put 10 thumb-sized cotton balls into a glass bowl and pour about 2 to 3 tablespoons of pure acetone.
    • Put one cotton ball on top of a nail and using a clip to hold it in place
    • Do all nails and wait 20 minutes before removing one clip to check.
    • Using an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher gently scrape off the loosened gel polish.
    • If some gel polish still hard to remove, put the clip with damp cotton back on and go on to the next one.
    • Do this one by one on all nails until you remove the gel polish completely on all nails.

    Pro: acetone only stays at the nails, not the whole fingers like the soaking in a heated acetone bowl.

    Con: if you do it yourself and after you put finger clips on your fingers of one hand, it will be hard to put clips on the fingers on the other hand.


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