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What Nail Color Looks Best On Me

Top 13 Nail Color Trends 202: Fabulous Nail Colors 2022

Best Nail Polish Colours for our Toes I Kia-Charlotta

Nail color trends 2022 are the modified and bettered variations of the previous trends. Stylists make sure to surprise us with news every season.

Women are in luck this season. Due to the hard work of multiple designers and stylists, 2022 nail trends are irresistible and various.

We would like you to take part in the exploring process of 2022 nail color trends. We will try to introduce 2022 nail colors by month.

Be certain, that among all these amazing options, there will definitely be the nail colors 2022 for your taste.

  • Golden nail colors 2022
  • Orly Basket Case Nail Polish

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    What better way to embrace being a complete fucking basket case than with a Barbie pink nail color? Orlys Basket Case polish looks like a hot pink shade on your nails to give the illusion that youre cute and feminine while really on the inside youre a big psycho mess who overanalyzes everything.

    Whats Your Natural Hair Color

    Is your hair medium brown to black with no undertones of red? Then youre a medium to dark cool.

    If your natural hair colour is blonde to light brown with no red tones then youre a medium to fair cool.

    Rocking brown hair with auburn, copper or red tones in it? That makes you a medium to dark warm.

    If your hair is strawberry or golden blonde then youre a medium to fair warm.

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    Metallics Make Medium Skin Tone Look More Tanned

    Metallic nail polishes, especially silver, will make your hands look more tanned.

    The Verdict: I think this is one of the reasons I love silver so much and yes, you should try it, too. Be careful, though! If you, similar to myself, tend to tan quite a bit in summer, silver may accent the grayish tinge and make you look ashy instead of bronzy.

    The Prettiest Nude Nail Polish Colors For Every Skin Tone


      There was a time when nude nail polish much like Crayola‘s infamous and now-retired “Flesh” crayon referred to exactly one color that overlooked all the many colors “nude” can mean. Thankfully, that era is over. The new nude polishes are definitely not a one-shade-fits-all proposition, and there are amazing options that run the full spectrum of skin tones.

      Finding a nude polish the works well with your skin tone is easier than ever but that doesn’t mean you have to find a perfect match, even if that’s easier than ever. “Don’t try to match your skin exactly, or else you’ll get the dreaded mannequin hands,” says nail artist Miss Pop. “Instead, look for a color that celebrates your skin’s undertones.”

      And that color may surprise you. “Pale, creamy nude tones work well with medium skin tones because they highlight the inherent tan hue of the skin while providing just the right amount of contrast,” nail artist Jin Soon Choi tells Allure. Meanwhile, “Dark skin tones can handle the greatest variety of colors,” she says, citing rosy beiges as her favorite for dark skin.

      We asked experts for their specific nail polish shade picks for fair, olive, medium, and dark skin tones. Check out 16 super pretty nude lacquers that complement your skin tone without calling for color compromises.

      All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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      Make Waves In Your Inbox

      Remember that time you asked for blue nails, but when it was done you realized that blue looked absolutely awful on you?

      Or checked out the nail polish options on sale online and immediately felt overwhelmed with choices, no matter how perfectly organized the selection of nail polishes is? Of courseâitâs an every time experience for some of us.

      In all honesty, we believe that no matter our skin tone we can rock any color. Letâs be real, though â that isnât always the case. Some colors can enhance our skin, while others wash it out and make it dull. Ahead, weâve taken the guesswork out of the process and rounded up the most stylish shades for your specific skin tone. On top of that, these shades are vegan, healthy, breathable, and cruelty-free â a major plus during a time where everything we do has a major effect on the world .

      Your next spa night just got a lot chicer.

      How To Determine If You Have Cool

      If you have cool undertones, your skin will lean pink, red, or blue. The easiest way to determine if you have cool-toned skin is to take a look in the mirror. Do you have blue eyes and pale skin? Check. Do you burn easily in the sun? Check. Do you have blue-ish veins rather than green? Check. Youre a cool-toned gal.

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      What Nail Color Looks Best On Pale Skin

      According to the internationally known Nail Design Journal, the most flattering colors for fair/pale skin tones are rich vibrant colors like deep red, deep purple, bright strawberry pink, or a beachy orange. Light pastels such as pale pink or irradiant pearl add a warm glow to the fingertips as well.

      The blue undertones reflect natural light and give the skin a healthy glow. It is suggested to avoid black nail polish the dark color will cause your pale skin to look dry and unhealthy. To minimize the appearance of nail beds, try medium to dark blues. Periwinkle blue is another favorite for fair skin because the brightness contrasts well with the lightness of the skins tone. Those shades improve the appearance of nail beds and are great for short nails.

      All Shades Of White Nail Colors 2022

      What nail polish brand is best for me? OPI vs. China Glaze vs. Essie vs. Sally Hansen

      White seems to be one of the most boring colors ever. However, white has the most subtones and shades than any other color.

      Pearl, elephant bone and cream are the very basics of what the white color is capable of.

      Any women, regardless of her age, will look elegant and tender with white nail color trends 2022. These 2022 nail trends are suitable for any occasion.

      A romantic date is the perfect opportunity to try on a shade of white and make the young man wondering what exactly the color of your nails is.

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      What Nail Color Makes Hands Look Younger

      The best colors to exude a youthful appearance are burgundy, grey, light beige, pink, brown, bright orange, and red. The neutral shades dont draw much attention to hands and give a professional, polished look that can easily transform from a busy day at the office to a night at the opera. A brighter shade like orange and red should be reddish-based undertones instead of blue undertones, which could accentuate any veins on your hands.

      Burgundy and browns are great for fall, and those colors go well from day to night outfits and occasions. The best nail color staple for everyday wear is a beige nude polish. This color will elongate the look of your fingers and have a calm yet professional look that doesnt draw much attention to your hands.

      Also, consider filing nails to an oval or squared shape with a short-to-medium length trimmed nail. This helps create a mature look with an edge for style.

      Heres a note to nail polish wearers who are concerned with aging and want to avoid choosing a color that will make their hands appear older. If over 40, avoid shimmery glitters and neons. Those will reflect too much light that can cause the skin to look older. Also, consider avoiding very dark colors like black, dark raspberry, or navy blues these colors accentuate any wrinkles and veins present in your hands.

      Colors For Darker Skin Tones

      Dark skin tones pair fantastically with bright pinks that accentuate the nail shape and add a youthful presence to the manicure. Grey looks fabulous with darker tones, and it is best to use a grey that has a hint of purple or mauve undertones to ensure that the color pops. One of the best nude colors for darker skins tones are burnt sienna or cinnamon hinted browns.

      Red is another color that pairs well with darker tones. Use a wine red to accentuate the natural glow of the skin.

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      Silver Metallic Nail Color Trends

      Short nails are a hit this season. We will dedicate a whole another article to short nail trends. You will be able to see the diverse options and choices for this nail length.

      However, there is one option, which stands out from the rest of the list. Silver metallic nails are amazing for fashionistas.

      Women who are true fans of fashion trends will definitely want to get this color on their nails.

      A Youthful Shade Of Red


      The right type of red is a youthful shade you can pick. Pay attention to the following:

      • Bright orange-red nails draw attention to your manicure rather than to your hands.
      • Burgundy, plum and even browns are versatile for day-night combinations.
      • Go for shades that are more orange based, rather than blue based. I can hear you saying but how do I tell which is blue based and which is orange based? Put the two bottles together you will see it immediately.

      Irena opts for a flattering orange-red and keeps her nails short.

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      What Neutrals Suit You

      Think about the basic clothes you have that go with everything.

      Do you tend to wear a lot of black, navy and stark pure white?

      Or do you go for light tans, beiges and creamy off whites instead?

      Cool tones look best in pure white, navy and gray whereas warm toned beauties will shine in light browns, camels and creams.

      Nail Color Trends: Beige

      Beige and creamy nail colors 2022 are the ideal choices for oval shaped nail. However, if you have long nails, do not hesitate to experiment with these creamy 2022 nail trends.

      They will definitely look bold and extravagant. Beige has so much more density to it than one can imagine. The richness of the mixture of different colors results an amazing nail shade.

      However, the important thing to remember when opting for beige nails is to keep the nail clean at all times and causes.

      Beige can really reveal many flaws on nails. Therefore, we advise you to be careful.

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      Nail Colors To Make You Look Tan Even If You Are Not

      Summer isnt summer without a tan, whether its from tanning at home or spending the day in the sun with SPF on. Choose a nail polish colour that will stand out against your tanned skin to bring out more of that golden sheen. Here are the top 15 nail polish colours to consider for your upcoming appointment with the manicurist.

      If You Answered More As: Cool Undertone

      Nail Polish – Best Nail Polish I’ve Ever Tried! Nails Inc Haul and Color Swatches
      • Cool white
      • Rosy beige or rosy pink
      • Olive with blue or green undertones
      • Black with blue undertones or rosy brown

      Your Natural Hair Color

      • Ash-blond, sandy blond, or towhead
      • Ash or dark brown
      • Snow white or silvery gray

      Your Color PrescriptionYour predominantly blue undertones pair nicely with sea shades, as well as frosty purples and pinks, fresh greens, berry reds, cool grays, and crisp white. Use orange, tomato reds, and yellow sparingly. Super-warm shades pop too much on a cool person, making it look as if the color is wearing you, says New York Citybased makeup artist Nick Barose.

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      Perfect Nail Colors For Pale Skin

      When it comes to nail colors for pale skin, the choice is pretty impressive, but there are restrictions, too. While pastel shades are definitely best for your complexion, blood red and bright pink are also on the list, so no worries here. Yet, try to stay away from black as far as possible. One more thing, if you want your nail beds to look smaller deep blue shades are what you need!

      How To Determine If You Have Warm

      If you have warm undertones, your skin will often feel like it has more yellow, peachy, or golden tones to it. And, just like your cool-toned counterparts, the easiest way to determine if you have warm-toned skin is to ask yourself the following questions: do you tan easily in the sun, are your veins more greenish, do you have dark hair and dark eyes? If the answers are a resounding, YES! Then, you might just be warm-toned.

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      Best Nail Polish Colors To Make Short Nails Look Naturally Longer

      This post may contain affiliate links.

      We all want those rather not so attractively short nails to look longer, even while we prefer to be able to hold our babies without scratching them, or even play a game of bowling without breaking a nail in the process. Sometimes we are entirely too envious of those around us with beautifully long and perfectly painted digits, wishing our peeling nails would only cooperate for a little while.

      You can technically make those short nails look naturally long, even if it is but an illusion. But hey, who said the life of a working woman, particularly a mother, is an easy one? At the end of the day though, the way your nails look can make or break an outfit or style. It is important to ensure they look healthy and cared for, as well as beautifully long and feminine. Long and slim nails to be precise!

      So how exactly does one go about making their short nails look longer and positively fantastic? Since short nail designs do seem to bring in more fun, it is more logical to have them cut in a way that ensures you can get your daily work done, while also enjoying a kick of laughter at your nails expense.

      Some pretty interesting designs look so much better on short nails versus their longer, more delicate counterparts. The most important part of ensuring those nails look great at any length though is taking very good care of your hands and feet. That means a good in-home mani and pedi on a constant basis.

      How To Match Nail Color To Skin Tone

      I got a gel mani two days ago &  last night they ...
        • Beloit College

        Many things can influence your choice of nail color, including the seasons, trends, and your mood. Some say that lipstick shades that look great on your lips will also be the right color for your fingernails. That method, however, doesnt work for colors like neon greens, yellows, and blues!

        Actually, the colors you wear and look good in have a lot to do with skin tone, so it makes sense that another way to tell which nail colors are right for you is by discovering what colors complement your complexion.

        You might find that one shade of blue looks great on you, yet another is terrible. Or youll notice that a vibrant pink looks great on someone who appears to have the same complexion as you, but on you, the same color looks drab. The type of pink you can wear depends on your skin tone. It can also be determined by whether the polish itself has a yellow or blue base. Of course, a person of any skin tone can wear any nail color they please.

        Skin of color is typically lumped into warm or neutral-based categories, but depending upon racial background, some women of color have cool undertones as well.

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        The Colour Of Fresh Grass

        More than anything else, the melting of the last of the winter snow shows green grass beneath it. Sparituals Morning Dews nutritious, hydrating mix with components like argan oil and seaweed extract evokes that feeling with its grassy green hue. You can wear it with everything because its a vibrant yet soothing tone.

        The Best Nail Shape For Long And Slim Fingers:

        Any nail shape would match with long and slim fingers. However, the perfect nail shapes for long and slim fingers, are square and squoval nail shapes. Square nails give the slim hands an edgy and elegant look, giving the illusion that your hands are a bit wider. Squoval nails are basically the same thing as square nails, but with finer and oval edges.

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        How To Pick Summer Nail Colours That Flatter

        Nail artist Madeline Poole says that finding the best shade for your skin is simple. “First, consider the tone of your skin, meaning the lightness or darkness level. Then look at the warmth or coolness. If you have an undertone of pink or red, nail colours with blues in them are more flattering for your complexion. If your undertone is more neutral, golden or olive, yellow-based shades with more warmth will look fantastic for you.”

        How to tell if your skin tone is warm, cool, neutral or olive

        If you ever wear a certain colour and get a lot of compliments the chances are youre wearing the right shade for your skin tone. But while youll know if youre fair, golden, olive, medium or dark, the colour of your skin is greatly influenced by its undertonesthe colours beneath our skins surface. Discover these and youre far less likely to suffer a colour clash.

        There’s an easy way to determine if you have warm, cool or neutral undertones just my turning your palms up towards the sky. Looking at the inside of your wrist, the visible veins will either be blue, green or a combination of the two. Blue veins mean you have a cool or ‘pink’ tone to your skin green veins mean you have a warm or ‘yellow’ tone to your skin a combination of blue and green mean you’ll most likely have a neutral skin tone.


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