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Pedicures At Home By Professionals

The Basics: Nail Clipper Cuticle Pusher And More

I Tried an At-Home Pedicure | Zoë Tries It All | Well Good

Store these basic tools in a pouch or case to keep them clean. You can also sanitize them before and after use.

  • Nail Clipper: These come in a variety of iterations diagonal or slanted for the corners, pointed to trim the skin around the nails, or straight for clipping long nails.1
  • Cuticle Pusher: This tool helps you gently pushing back the cuticle, which helps keep the nail bed healthy and germ-free.2
  • Nail File and Buffer: These help gently soften sharp corners left by cutting.
  • Cuticle Oil or Cuticle Cream: These moisturizing treatments help keep skin around the cuticle hydrated and healthy.
  • Nail Polish: Simple nude shades of polish and an accompanying base coat and top coat is always great, or opt for gel polish-like finishes for a professional and trendy look.

Once youve assembled your tools, youre ready to begin your DIY manicure .

The Experts In Home Nail Care

Even before the pandemic, Labella Mobile Nail Spa has been providing luxury services in the comfort of your home or office for years. With a commitment to customer service and experience, Labella only uses the best products and aims to make your experience as simple or as luxurious as desired. Whether youâre on the go or looking for a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Labella is a great fit for you.

Mobile Manicures And Pedicures

A Magic Touch provides both in-home and outcall mobile manicures and pedicures we offer 30-minute manicure OR pedicure. or a 1.15-hour with a one-hour minimum manicure/pedicure. We Offer an Ultimate pedicure Service that is 45 minutes all alone We have twelve expert mobile nail technicians who provide comprehensive manicures and pedicures in your home, at your office, or even your hotel suite.

Imagine not having to ever leave the comfort of your personal space in order to receive a mani-pedi session, an ultimate pedicure, a full set of gel or acrylic nails, as well as mini manicures and mini pedicures doesnt that sound great?

Our professional, licensed and insured nail technicians will bring professional quality equipment and supplies with themincluding a foot jacuzzi, tons of polish, and all other items needed to provide a luxury spa treatment in your home, hotel room, or office in or around the Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, and Southern California*** areas. And they all speak English!

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The Best Nail Polish Remover For A Pedicure

Acetone, not polish remover, is your best friend. You can purchase 100 percent acetone at the drugstore, says Bautista. She likes the Quo acetone remover, available at Shoppers Drug Mart. It gets rid of all the most stubborn colours, quick! For tough-to-remove polish, like sparkles or glitter, you can soak a cotton ball with acetone, and place it on top of the entire nail plate. Wrap it up with a piece of foil for about a minute or two. The acetone will break down the polish, allowing you to simply wipe it off, she continues.

Professional Pedicure At Home A How To

How To Give Yourself A Perfect Pedicure At Home

Posted by Samantha Clark | Nov 27, 2019


Pedicures are not just for summer feet and sandals, oh no. Our skin in the winter lacks hydration because of the frosty air and the dryness from heating. Dry feet can cause the skin to crack which is painful and unsightly. Pedicures arent just about making your feet look pretty, having a regular pedicure is essential to keeping your nails healthy.

So whether youre looking to refresh, have a pamper or make them look dazzling for the Christmas party, weve some top tips on getting your feet in tip top shape. Wed recommend this treatment once a week or at least every other week to keep your feet smooth, comfortable and soft.

Were major fans of Jessica Nails here- theyre manicure and pedicure products are incredible. If we ever go for a professional treatment in salon, I always like to ensure the salon uses Jessica as their main range. Itll ensure theyve had extensive training and can identify nail conditions that require extra special treatment. As were such huge fans, the products weve recommend below are tried and tested by us. Our tips on the at home pedicure below, includes a combination of our own personal and Jessicas professional experience.

For this treatment, youll need:
  • Large towel
  • Medium sized towel
  • Flannel
  • Cotton pads
  • Our following recommendations

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How To Achieve A Salon

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As we trudge through freezing temps and the snowy depths of winter, people are not getting regular pedicures. Most reserve the spa treatment for sunny days spent walking around in flip flops and sandals, but your feet would probably benefit from a pedi right now, even though they’re huddled away in fuzzy footwear and winter boots.

While regular pedicure treatments are beneficial for more than just beauty and relaxation reasons, the costs can quickly add up to more than youre willing to spend. Luckily, there are a plethora of tools available that make at-home pedicures easy, manageable and budget-friendly.

Shop TODAY looked to a few experts to help come up with the best plan for an at-home pedicure and understand why engaging in the treatment regularly is so beneficial.

How To Do Manicure At Home: Gorgeous Diy Manicures

Learning to do a manicure at home can certainly help you maintain your grooming routine despite having to shelter in place.

Even if your favorite nail salon remains shuttered for the time being, you can easily achieve clean and polished nails with these quick tips and the right tools for a DIY manicure right at home.

While it may be tricky to get your usual pro-level gel manicure, theres nothing stopping you from keeping your tips trimmed, your cuticles under control, and your nail beds nourished and polished to perfection. You can use common manicure tools that are easy to come by in drugstores or even online consider it a small dose of essential self-care in a time of uncertainty.

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Professional Pedicures At Home

ByMisti Dusbois | Submitted On June 22, 2009

Tired of paying way too much for a pedicure? Not to mention the potential health issues . Pedicures can cost upwards of $85. Why pay the money when you can do it yourself in just a few steps?

There are a few simple tools that you’ll need for the job.

#1 Nail Polish Remover

#2 Nail Polish

#3 Nail Clippers and an Emory Board

#4 Soaking Foot Massager to soak feet .

#5 Moisturizing Lotion

The first step is to completely remove all the existing nail polish. Use a lint free cotton pad rather than cotton balls to avoid leaving lint on your nails. Thoroughly remove all the nail polish paying close attention to the creases where the nails meet the toes.

Next clip your toenails. IMPORTANT: Make sure your nail doesn’t extend over the tip of your toe. Long toenails are not attractive and can inadvertently damage your partners legs at night. Use an Emory Board to clean up the nails and remove pointy edges. Shape the nails to your liking.

After clipping your toenails and shaping them. It’s time to spoil yourself. Grab your Soaking Foot Massager and fill it with warm water. Throw in some bath salts, Epsom salt, and/or aromatherapy oils. Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes. The more cracked & calloused your feet, the longer they need to stay in.

Trick of the Trade: Add a quarter cup of milk to your bath along with the essential oils & salts. The lactic acid in the milk loosens dead skin.

Scrub Away The Dead Skin

At Home Professional Pedicures

Pat dry your feet. When the soles of your feet are soft enough, its time to scrub the dullness there. Exfoliating your feet will help you get rid of the dead skin on the surface of your feet, so healthier skin can be brought out. Massage your feet for 2-3 minutes each with the scrub focusing on the balls of your feet, sides, around your toes, and your heels.

Scrape and remove any dead or dried skin from calloused and hard areas until they feel smooth to touch. Dont overdo it as that could end up irritating. Focus only on the rough part without removing too much skin. Make sure theres no residue in your cuticles or between your toes. You can also use a foot file to run back and forth across your heels, soles, and sides of your feet. Then, rinse and pat dry.

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Take Care Of The Cuticles

Did you know that cuticles are the barrier of protection for your skin around the nails from possible infections?

So, you need to be extra careful while tending your cuticles, which is the next step. There is no hurry! For this, saturate a cotton pad with some cuticle oil and soften your nail bed. Give a massage on each of your toenails by gently rubbing the pads on them. When the cuticles are soft enough, go ahead and push the dead skin back with a cuticle pusher to get a nice shape. That will give your toenails a tidier look.

Rub a little more cuticle oil in because it will make the pedicure last longer. Then, repeat the step with the next foot by giving each toenail the attention it deserves. Then, dab another cotton pad with saturated nail polish remover on your toenails to remove excess oil. Most of the salons and spas cut your cuticles for you because that is a part of the pedicure process. But it is not recommended to do it at home. That might cause severe infection or damage as you are not trained to cut your cuticles by yourself.

Apply A Thin Layer Of Base Coat

Don’t skip this stepit’s crucial if you want your pedicure to last, since the base coat is what provides a barrier between the natural oils from your nails and the polish.

Pro tip: If you’re having trouble reaching your toes, prop your leg up on another table or a chair. Just be sure to lay a towel down to prevent any spills and resulting stains on your furniture.

Orly Bonder

This base coat promises to be fully crystal clear.

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How To Do Pedicure At Home

Giving yourself a pedicure at home naturally/with natural ingredients is not a hard task. It is rather easy. Sometimes, it happens that you need to set aside cash, or always visiting a salon from your busy schedule is not possible, or dont feel 100 percent safe going to one regardless of whether they are open in your town, youre more than fit for giving yourself an excellent pedicure at home with natural ingredients.

So, lets discover some of the easy ways to do a pedicure at home with natural ingredients as per your comfort.

File The Heels Of Your Feet

How to perform professional pedicure at home?

Once the soles of your feet have softened, you can gently tend to the dead skin with a light scrub from a pumice stone like Cuccio’s Earth Lava Pumice Stone or a file like the Earth Therapeutics Big Ceramic Foot File . Pay special attention to the balls of your feet, the bottoms and sides of your heels, and around your toes. Be sure to only smooth your heels and rough parts and not remove too much skin .

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Prep Your Toenails For Nail Polish

After your nails are all cleaned and buffed, Bautista recommends soaking a cotton pad with acetone or polish remover and wiping your nail plate to remove every last bit of cuticle oil. Next, put on your toe separators. If dont have toe separators handy, Bautista suggests rolling up a sheet of paper towel and weaving it in between your toes.

Wrap Up With A Top Coat

Get the best quality top coat polish within your budget this is the secret to getting gel-like nails. A shiny layer of good top coat seals your polish and keeps your mani looking fresh, even after a few days. In fact, you should reapply your top coat every two to three days do it right, and youll rival your salon gel manicure.6

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Maintain Your Foot Health

The trick to making sure your feet are in the best shape? Constant care. Fortunately, there are a few low-maintenance ways to keep them healthy and ready for your next at-home pedicure adventure.

Go nail polish-free sometimes. Even after all your hard work, it’s critical to remove nail polish to allow your toes to breathe every now and then. When you have a week of low toe-exposure, take off your nail polish and let your natural nails have their moment. Remember that when nails aren’t properly oxygenated, they can stain yellowish and look less appealingwhich is why it’s important to remove all polish every now and then.

Spoil your feet with scrubs and treatments. Give your feet some extra love with scrubs, foot creams,foot peels, and a post-cleanse moisturizercheck out my picks below. If hand cream is all you’ve got, here’s a hack: Slather on a hand cream, slip on some socks, and let your feet soak in hydration.

Soak Your Toes And Feet

DIY Pedicure at Home! *feet transformation*

Before you start soaking, your first joband this is importantis to go around your house and gather every candle you can find. Oh, and get yourself a glass of wine while youre at it. The trick to making an at-home pedicure feel like a spa experience instead of, you know, rubbing your own feet in your too-small-for-comfort apartment, is setting the ~mood~ at your makeshift pedicure station.

Once the ambiance is right, youre ready to soak your feetwhich softens tough skin and cuticles . I suggest using a basin if you have one, but your bathtub is also a sound option. Fill er up with warm water and add a liberal scoop of skin-soothing bath salts . Let your feet soak for a few minutes before moving to the next step.

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How To Paint Your Toenails

Now it’s time to actually paint your toenails! First, apply your base coat once its dry you can start applying your nail polish. Make sure to apply a thin layer each time and wait for each layer to dry before going in for the next. If you end up getting polish on your skin, you can dip a cotton swab in some polish remover and slowly rub it over the excess.

Once youve applied your layers of nail polish, finish off with a clear topcoat. This step not only gives you a shiny finish, but it helps seal in your color so your at-home pedicure lasts longer. Finish with a little extra pampering: For my feet, I like to apply some moisturizer or oil just before bed and then put on thick cotton socks to seal in the moisture, Niye says.

We Love These Nail Polish Colors for a Pedicure
OPI Nail Lacquer, Gelato On My Mind

How To Get Rid Of Rough Skin On Your Heels

Pumice stones are great because theyre natural, or a wooden foot file, says Bautista. And although you will be the only one only using it, she stresses the importance of cleaning your buffer of choice after every use to keep it sanitary. Exfoliating is a perfect way to remove dead skin, provide moisture, and smoothen out the bottoms of your feet, says Bautista. Focus on the heels and balls of your feet and trouble areas. Also dont forget in-between your toes! After, apply your favourite foot cream or body butter.

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Add A Few Drops Of Cuticle Oil

Don’t forget to pay special attention to your cuticles on each toe. While you can use an orange stick to push back your cuticles, save the trimming or cutting for the pros. Cuticles protect your nails from bacteria, and you shouldnt trust yourself to mess with themespecially with that glass of wine in hand.

Instead, show them some love by working in a few drops of cuticle oil. It’ll make a major difference in their shine, health, and the overall strength of your nails.

How To Prepare Your Feet For An At

How To Do Best Pedicure At Home By Yourself

To get started with your at-home pedicure, first clean your nails of any existing polish.

Remove your polish with non-acetone polish remover, Charloff suggests. Once you have the polish off, she says to clean feet in the shower or bath with soap or shower gel and a gentle nail brush. I love the French soap and nail brush from Andrée Jardin!

If you have the time to indulge and relax, a foot soak, like this detoxifying one from Naturally London or classic epsom salts, makes a great addition. Start by soaking your feet for at least 15 minutes in warm to hot water, Correa says. This softens the nails making them easier to manage, and is especially important for those dealing with nail fungus, which can harden your nails.

Once your nails and skin are softened, you can get to work. Youll want nail clippers, a nail file and a buffer to shape and shine the nails. When cutting your nails make sure to cut and file them straight across, Correa says. She doesnt recommend cutting the cuticles at home, because it can open your skin and lead to a serious infection.

After youve groomed your toenails, its onto the rest of the feet. Exfoliation and hydration are the main treatments to focus on, and each of the experts had their own favorite products and techniques to share below.

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