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How To Do Nails For Beginners

Pink Ombre Nail Design

The Basics of Acrylic Nails for Beginners! Acrylic 101: How to start doing acrylic nails!

A pink gradient is created to achieve these pretty pink ombre nails. Dont they look super cute? You can use the same techniques with whatever colors you choose. This is a simple technique and can be done in just a few steps.

What You Will Need

Step By Step Tutorial

  • Apply a coat of the light-peach nail polish.
  • Pour a little of both the nail polish colors on a clean surface or a plastic sheet.
  • Using a toothpick, slightly blend the colors together.
  • Dab the mixed colors using a sponge.
  • Gently dab the sponge on the nail.
  • Apply a coat of clear polish to finish the look.
  • Easy enough? Go and try it now!

    Pro Acrylic Nail 24 In 1 Full Kit

    The pro 24 in one acrylic nail kit is a full set of essentials that every beginner would need for acrylic nail application, that includes 3 acrylic powders including clear, pink and white color acrylic powder, nail cutter, liquid pump dispenser,12 acrylic nail powder. Adhesive nail stickers, wood sticks, nail brush for cleaning, toe fingers separator, silver rhinestones, practice finger, colored rhinestones, sandpaper, buffer, French white nail tips, tweezers, and nail pen brush.

    All these essential in one places make sure beginners get what they need and will never need to look further for the perfect acrylic nails.

    The essentials make sure the application and finishing is a breeze for the starters and will give a chance to improve their confidence in the application of the acrylic nails.

    Scales Nail Art Design

    This aqua-green nail art design is literally the easiest thing to do. It also looks great on short nails. Its a forever chirpy color that will make your nails stand out. The color is so bright, and you get to play around with the dots on top using different shades of nail polish.

    What You Will Need

    Note: For the scales, you may use other shades as well.

    Step By Step Tutorial

  • Start by applying two coats of your aqua-green nail polish.
  • Use a brush and start at the tip of your nail, creating dots as you go.
  • Move up further until youve created dots till the base of your nail.
  • Apply a coat of clear polish and leave to dry!
  • Wasnt that super easy? Its for all the lazy girls out there who arent up for anything too elaborate and are looking for a fun way to do their nails.

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    Are Acrylics Bad For Your Nails

    When done properly , acrylics arent any worse for your nails than any other artificial extensions. Your nail health, obviously, isnt going to be at level as it was prior to application , but it wont cause permanent damage. So why do acrylics have such a bad rap?

    Gel extensions are newer and more natural-looking, so many people assume acrylicswhich have an intense lookare bad for your nails, Yukaco says. Its not true. Gels arent better for your nails and acrylics arent worse for your nails.

    Step : Let The Acrylic Dry

    • Finally, leave your hand still for next 8-10 minutes so acrylic sets and harden.
    • Try to test by tapping the brush end on the nail. If all went well, then you should hear a knocking sound.
    • TIP: Do not just leave the brush after you are done. Clean it well with acrylic liquid if you plan to use it the next time or its ruined!

    Thats it, the hardest part is over. Now just a little finishing touch is required which is covered in the next and final part of this tutorial.

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    Fiberglass Or Silk Nail Extensions:

    This is a less popular approach. This process involves cutting pieces of fiberglass or silk to fit the nail bed or tip, before sealing them into position using resin or glue. These are the three different types of nail extensions that can be done to get longer nails but all of them require the help of a professional artist and a proper nail salon.

    So how can you apply nail extension at home because its very expensive to get them done in salons? There are several types of artificial nail tips available in market to do nail extensions at home. You can try with these:

    Stage Three Dehydrate And Prime Your Nails

    Now that you have prepped your nails, you now need to dehydrate and prime your nails. This stage does follow on from stage one however, you need to do this after applying nail tips.

    Before you start this next stage, wash your hands with warm soapy water to get rid of any dust left from filing your nails. Dry your hands thoroughly as you dont want any water droplets or soap left otherwise, the acrylic wont go on properly. Using a lint-free wipe, wipe each nail this ensures that all nails have been cleaned properly.

    Once you are ready, apply one coat of a nail dehydrator to your nails. You only need to apply the dehydrator to your natural nail, not the artificial tip, as there no moisture on them. When you have applied it to all the nails, leave your nails to dry for 1 to 2 minutes to ensure it has fully absorbed and has worked effectively. Your nails should look more washed out, and they will become a much rougher surface.

    Now that the dehydrator has been applied and you have allowed it to dry, you can now go ahead and apply the primer. Again, like the nail dehydrator, apply one coat of primer to your nail bed however, you can apply it to the nail tip this time.

    When applying the primer, make sure to use a thin layer, as too much of the primer can flood the nail plate, and it can cause chemical damage. Too much primer can also affect acrylic adhesion, so to make sure you get the best results, use as thin coats as possible.

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    Option : Acrylic Nails Starter Kit

    This is the best kit you can buy if you want to. Look for no other.

    Why not recommended? It will be a good bargain than buying all supplies separately. So only if you are low on budget then I would recommend going for starter kit but please notice that the quality of the products is not very good in these starter kits.

    If you do not want to compromise with quality, please stay away from the starter kits and instead spend some more money to buy the best quality acrylics nails supplies separately. In the long run, they will be much better, healthy and also cheaper.

    I have done a deep research to find the best nail supplies you can buy without giving a second thought. My recommendations are backed with hundreds of reviews by happy customers and these are the best brands you can get at fair pricing.

    Here goes the complete list of all supplies you need before we get started:

    Can We Use Regular Polish For Stamping

    ðð?¼Acrylic Nail Tutorial – How To Apply Acrylic For Beginners ðð

    Regular polishes can be used for nail stamping, but due to its lighter consistency and not being as highly pigmented as stamping polish, chances are you will end up getting a less striking result.

    Due to its thinner consistency, it is more prone to bleeding while the process of drying. So, if you want to get the best nail art done by yourself, you should go for a stamping polish.

    Learn more: Best Shellac Nail Polish

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    What Brands Have The Best Acrylic Nail Products

    The first thing you need to know when choosing any acrylic nail product is whether the brand is any good.

    If you havent already, its a good idea to familiarize yourself with the popular brands that sell acrylic nail products.

    Heres a list of some of the most popular brands that sell or specialize in acrylic nail products:

    Gel Nail Polish Removers To Consider

    Here are some of the most recommended gel nail polish removal methods you can use to successfully remove gel from your nails.

    Keep in mind that before trying any of these methods, you should use your nail file to file the top coat lightly or a buffer to buff the top layer of gel polish off before soaking it in acetone.

    1. Soaking Your Nails in Acetone

    Due to the high-solvent nature of acetone, it remains as one of the best nail polish removers. However, using acetone frequently removes lots of natural oils and pales your skin, so keep your nails soaked in acetone for 15-20 minutes.

    Nonetheless, it’s still a good gel polish remover. You have to settle for one of the two options to use it: file your nails and soak them in acetone, or soak cotton in acetone, and wrap your nails with cotton and foils. Either way, the polish will be out in minutes.

    2. Use a Gel Removal Steamer

    A gel removal steamer does just what the cold one cannot do-it steams the whole process giving a warmer environment for faster effective results.

    To use it, first make sure you have filed and buffed your gel polish. Then pour the acetone remover into the base, switch on the steamer, then stick your fingers into the 5 finger holes.

    Typically, most gel removal steamers will beep you, indicating its done. When youre told its complete, use an orange wood stick or a nail scrapper to scrape off the gel polish.

    Repeat the process until the gel nail polish is scraped off of each nail.

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    Glass Or Crystal Files

    There are numerous types of nail files like emery board, glass, or crystal files. We recommend glass or crystal as they last longer. They have the file pattern etched into the glass or crystal, hence the longevity.

    Good to note cheap glass files have patterns that are glued to the surface rather than etched, which can wear off quickly. Glass or crystal are also best for your natural nails, as they smooth the nail tip to seal it rather than shredding the nail tip.

    If you have a durable glass or crystal file, it can serve you many years since the pattern is etched on the glass and will not wear. They’re perfect for personal use so minimize sharing. Also, make sure to clean them after a while to keep them safe for use. It’s a tool you can’t miss if you want to start your journey to do home gel nails.

    Step : Application Of Mixture On Nails

    15 Easy and Simple Nail Art Designs for Beginners To Do At ...
    • We need to apply the mixture on the complete nail divided into 3 zones.
    • First zone starts from down the smile line till the halfway. Take the bead and apply the acrylic along the smile line and then move the brush in straight motion upwards.
    • Then apply acrylic in zone 2 i.e. from halfway till the end of natural nail gently.
    • Finally apply the acrylic in zone 3 i.e. the tip beyond the length of natural nail. You may want to apply more acrylic on the edge of the tip where it is glued on the nail in such a manner that edge transforms into a gentle slope.
    • TIP: You need to apply acrylic quickly as it dries out very fast.
    • TAKE CARE: Do not apply acrylic on your skin or cuticle. To achieve this, you should leave the first few mm from the cuticle untouched.
    • TIP: While applying if the acrylic isnt spreading freely then dip the brush in liquid again to make it wet and then try.
  • Finally apply the last coat down from the smile line towards end of the tip to form smooth acrylic coating.
  • TIP: Try to keep the acrylic coat thicker around the smile line as zone 1 receives the maximum pressure.
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    Why Do You Wanna Get The Acrylic Nails

    Acrylic Nails are very resistant and avoid the cracking of the nails, so they are perfect for you with weaker nails or tend to break. Its maintenance is every 15-20 days and they are very durable.

    The advantages of acrylic nails: Durability, Versatility, Creativity, Perfection, Uniformity.

    So dont you wanna try to do your acrylic nails at home by yourself?

    Come on! Start learning now.

    Push Cuticles Down And Apply Cuticle Oil

    Source: Pexels

    Hydration is key for nail health. You should be using cuticle oil daily, but particularly in combination with gel polish.

    Use a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back and make more of your nail visible. Use it to also remove dead skin from your nail plate and to help maintain even cuticles.

    Then, apply cuticle oil to nourish the skin surrounding your nails.One thing to be careful of is not to apply oil too late in the process. If there is any oily residue still on your nails when you apply polish, the base coat will have trouble adhering.

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    Wet Bead Dry Bead Or Medium Bead

    The next stage involves the difference between a Wet Bead, a Dry Bead, and a Medium Bead with a perfect Monomer to powder ratio.

    This is essentially how much is applied to your Nail Brush Bead.

    So lets start with a Wet Bead.

    When you pick up a Bead you dip your brush in your Monomer and you want to push it down and get rid of all the bubbles.

    This is called burping your brush and what this does is prevent bubbles in your acrylic when you apply it.

    So then you wipe off the excess Monomer and all your liquid is going to be at the top of the brush. You want to turn that and dip it into your powder.

    This is what a Wet Bead looks like:

    A Wet Bead is going to spread and what these are primarily used for is around the Cuticle area when you want it to really sync with your natural nail.

    Now Im going to show you a Dry Bead

    Now with a Dry Bead, you see its harder to get the Bead off of the brush and thats not what you want to use.

    If you ever see your Bead doing this go ahead and wipe it off on your towel and start over.

    You are in control of your acrylic application so if its not looking the way you want it to just wipe it off and start over.

    Now Im going to show you a Medium Bead and its perfect liquid to powder ratio and you can see how it has a definite border around the Bead and this is perfect for building your acrylic foundation.

    Now that you know the differences between the Beads lets put it into practice. Im going to be showing you a three Bead application.

    What Are Acrylic Nails Made Of

    How to do acrylic nails for beginners

    Powder and liquid monomer and polymers are mixed together to form putty-like beads that are then painted and shaped onto your nail with a brush and air-dried. There are two methods for acrylic nails: with a plastic tip and with a form .

    Even though acrylics have been around for decades, the ingredients have largely remained the same. There are new formulas that have improved the speed at which it dries or have ensured a smoother texture, but other than that, its the same, says Yukaco, senior nail artist at Akiko Nails who has 13 years of experience.

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    Buying Acrylic Nail Supplies

  • 1Consider an acrylic nail kit. If this is your first time doing your own acrylic nails, you may want to start with a kit. Kits contain everything you need to get started and come with detailed instructions to help you achieve the look you want. Make sure you read the ingredients so the monomer does NOT contain MMA. MMA is a dental acrylic and is too hard for the natural nail.XResearch source Look for EMA – Ethyl Methacrylate, that is what you want on your nails. Look for brands professional uses or google for something a lot of people recommend.
  • 2 For greater control over the appearance of your acrylics, you may want to buy the supplies separately. This way you’ll also be prepared when it’s time to reapply acrylic after your nails grow out. Go to a beauty supply store and buy the following supplies:
  • Acrylic nail tips and nail tip glue. The tips are usually quite long, which allows you to trim and file them down to the shape and size you want.
  • Acrylic nail clippers and files. Regular clippers and files aren’t as effective on acrylic nails.180, 240, 1000 & 4000 grit should be enough. You might need an even coarser file than the 180 grit if the end result is very clumpy.
  • Acrylic liquid and acrylic powder. These substances are mixed together to create acrylic nails. As said before, stay away from MMA monomers, go for the EMA .
  • Acrylic bowl and acrylic brush. You need these supplies to mix up the acrylic and apply it. Somewhere between size #8-12 might be a good choice.
  • Mia Secret Acrylic Nail Kit

    All in one pouch this starter kit offers the perfect little set of accessories include the liquid monomer, the top coat for a high-gloss finish, filer, brush, acrylic nail powder, primer, filer, and nail glue to get the best effect on your nails with acrylic nail finish that every beginner needs. This kit transforms nails as per your needs and makes sure to offer an effortless way to get the perfect acrylic nails on your fingers as the professionals does. You can use them effortlessly and apply the acrylic nails at home giving the perfect look to shine.

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    A Handy Nail Salon Equipment Checklist

    All in all, having a complete nail salon equipment checklist can help keep your salon stocked. By having the right equipment and the right acrylic nail supplies handy, you can ensure that you appear organized and professional for customers.

    Did we forget anything? If so, wed love to be able to add it to our list! Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments box below. Be sure to also share this article with your friends!

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