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What Size Roofing Nails For Asphalt Shingles

General Guidelines For Nailing Shingles

How to Nail Roof Shingles | Mastering the Roof by GAF

To ensure optimal performance of your asphalt roofingshingles, be sure to follow these general directions for proper nailing:

  • Use the correct roofing nail material, size, and grade as specified in the shingle installation instructions.
  • Fasten shingles with corrosion-resistant nails.
  • Install the recommended number of nails per shingle. For Duration® Series shingles, Owens Corning recommends using either a 4- or 6-nail fastening pattern depending on the roofs slope and building code requirements. In most cases, 4 nails are adequate.
  • Position the nails appropriately according to the shingle installation instructions.
  • Align shingles properly to avoid nail exposure.

Which Roofing Nails Do I Need

Product Guide: Roofing Tools & Accessories

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When working on a roofing project, there are several different types of roofing nail to choose from. Each type of roofing nail has a slightly different benefit. So each individual type works best when used with a specific type of roofing material. This means it is important to ensure you have the correct roofing nails for your latest roofing project.

But how do you know which roofing nails you need? Here at Roofing Superstore, weve put together a guide outlining the different types of roofing nails, and which materials they work best with, so read on.

If you have any further unanswered questions or want to know more about the best roofing nails for your project, dont hesitate to get in touch. Call the team on 01752 692760 or use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner and we will be more than happy to help.

Hammers Pneumatic And Cordless Nailers

Roofing nails should be driven by a hammer into the shingles by hand. They can also be driven with a pneumatic roofing nailer , but this tool needs to handled carefully and adjusted properly to avoid overdriven or under driven nails.

A cordless roofing nailer is also a good option. It works on batteries just like cordless leaf blowers and string trimmers and its handling is convenient as it keeps one hand free.

Even with a cordless or pneumatic nailer, a roofing hammer will still be required to seat occasional nails that dont drive in flush.

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How Many Roofing Nails Per Square

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How To Calculate Roofing Nails

Your roof is one of the most important structural elements of your house, and in order to complete a successful re-roofing project, a significant investment in both time and money is required. It is highly recommended you hire a professional contractor for roofing work, and it can be difficult to cover the costs of pricey mistakes.

If you are undertaking the project yourself, its critical to remember roof work can be a risky and potentially dangerous job. Anything you can do take fewer trips up and down the ladder to the roof lessens the chance of injury.

A simple bit of math when making your supply plan can help you estimate just how many roofing nails are needed for a roofing job. You will need to know the size of your roof, and then you will be able to calculate an estimate of how many points of roofing nails you will need to buy.

When you are planning out a roofing project, it is key to track how much weight they add to the roof, especially if you are working with an older foundation and framing. In order to have an accurate weight estimate, you will need to include the weight of the nails used to hold the roof shingles in place.

Can I Use 1 Inch Roofing Nails

Length x Gauge Steel Barbed Smooth Ring Roofing Nails ...

In southern parts of the country where they dont need to deal with snow loads, its acceptable to use 3/8 roof sheathing, which means its also acceptable to use 1 roofing nails on asphalt shingles. A 1 nail will fully penetrate through 3/8 roof sheathing, but it wont fully penetrate 1/2 sheathing.

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How Long Should Nails Be For 2 Layers Of Shingles

4/5Layerslayershingleslayershinglestoshould2nails2nail will

Simply so, how long should shingle nails be?

Proper Nail Application For Asphalt ShinglesNails should have a minimum, nominal shank diameter of 11- or 12-gauge, and a minimum head diameter of three-eighths of an inch. The length of each nail must be a minimum of 1¼ inches long, and for roof-overs, Atlas recommends a nail length of at least 2 inches.

Similarly, how do you measure roofing nails? How to Estimate How Many Pounds of Roofing Nails Are Needed

  • Measure each area of the roof, in feet, to determine how many shingles will be needed.
  • Multiply the length of each area by the width to determine the square footage.
  • Add the amount of square footage for each area together.
  • Divide the entire square footage by 100 to reach the estimated amount of shingles needed.
  • Besides, is 2 layers of shingles OK?

    Most building codes allow two layers of organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles on roofs with a 4/12 pitch or less, and three layers on steeper roofs. If the structure can support the added weight, a typical 20-square reroof will cost at least $1,000 less than a tear-off job.

    How many nails do you put in a shingle?

    Most shingle manufacturers recommend at least four nails per shingle and six in high wind areas such as Florida and Oklahoma.

    Nailing Method And Correct Location Of Nails

    Improper shingle nailing

    When things go wrong with shingles it is often due to improper nailing. All manufacturers of asphalt shingles give detailed instructions on how to attach shingles, and theyre fairly similar. Unfortunately, some roofers dont pay enough attention or respect to these instructions. It is important to be aware of the two most common nailing defects with shingles. Unlike Brooklyn Brownstoner flat roofing in which anyone can just pour the materials, shingle require some TLC and artistic capabilities.

    Over-driven Nails

    Many roofers use pneumatic nail guns to nail down the shingles. If the pressure is set too high, the nails just get driven into the shingles too far. When the nails are overdriven, the heads of the nails tare through the mat of the shingle. This nulls the shingle manufacturers warranty and greatly increases the likelihood of the shingles coming loose and being blown off.

    Improperly Located Nails

    Its important to use a professional roofing contractor with the skills to do the job right from the outset. The best roofing companies have quality control practices in order to monitor their work. Because a roof is your main defense against the elements, a bad job can lead to expensive water damage inside the building. Thats why you cant afford to compromise on the quality of your roofing. When manufacturers supply the instructions you should have no issues.

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    How Many Roofing Nails Per Square Of Shingles

    A square of shingles simply refers to several right-sized shingles that equal 100 square feet. Typically shingle manufacturers sell bundles of shingles that equal 33.3 square feet. That makes it convenient to order squares of shingles as it takes exactly 3 bundles to make a square.

    Using our above example, if there are 26 shingles in one bundle equalling 33 square feet of roof coverage, then there would be 78 shingles in a square 26 x 3. If each shingle requires 4 nails, then 78 shingles x 4 nails equals 312 nails needed per square of shingles.

    Proper Nailing Techniques For Optimal Performance Of Asphalt Shingles

    Are Roofing Nails Overrated? | GAF Timberline Shingles

    Roofing shingles have specific guidelines for how they should be fastened to your roof. They relate primarily to the quantity, location, and driving method of the roofing nails.

    Proper installation is essential for optimum shingle performance and for compliance with the International Building Code. Learn where and how to nail shingles to ensure performance and holding power.

    Pro Tip: Visit our Document Library for roofing product documents, such as data sheets, install instructions, technical bulletins, and more.

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    A Few Maintenance Tips

    • Inspect your roof every two or three years, though not more often since every time you walk on the roof you cause some damage
    • Inspect the attic. Check that the insulating wool is dry, as well as the wood. Humidity may be due to inadequate attic ventilation.
    • Check that the plastic cement under the flashings is in good condition.
    • If you see cracks or a joint without caulk, use a caulking gun with a tube of plastic glue to do the necessary waterproofing.

    Roofing Nails The Ultimate Guide

    Roofing nails may seem like a small part of roof installation, but theyre actually one of the most important items for getting your project done right. If you use a smooth stainless steel nail where you should have used a galvanized ring shank, theres a strong likelihood youll experience problems sooner rather than later.

    Just as important as the type of roofing nails you use is how many per shingle, the length of each nail, and overall project coordination questions such as how many roofing nails you need to buy.

    Keep reading for a full rundown on all your roof nail questions, starting with the materials used to create the fasteners.

  • Can I use staples for roofing?
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    What Size Roofing Nails Should You Use

    Nail ApplicationNails shouldlengthnail mustroofnail length

    . Accordingly, how long roofing nails should I use?

    Nail lengthRoofing nails should be long enough to penetrate the roofing material and go 19 mm into OSB, solid wood, plywood or non-veneer wood decking, or through thickness of decking, whichever is less.

    Furthermore, which is better roofing nails or staples? Fasteners for asphalt shingles should be roofing nails or staples. The head of a roofing nail or the crown of a staple is what actually holds a shingle in place. If staples are properly installed, they offer nearly the same wind resistance as nails. The problem with staples is the orientation of the staple crown.

    Correspondingly, should roofing nails go through the sheathing?

    A 1nail will fully penetrate through 3/8roof sheathing, but it won’t fully penetrate 1/2sheathing. The other way to determine if the proper nails were used is to look in the attic if the roof has 1/2sheathing, you should be able to see the nails sticking through in to the attic.

    What causes roofing nails to back out?

    When the temperature changes, expansion and contraction can cause the nails to pop up and lift the shingles. You should also make sure your roof is adequately ventilated. Because a nail pop brings the shingle up with it, water penetration under the single can occur, or strong winds can blow the shingle off the work.

    Fix Curled Roof Shingle Corners With Caulking

    Length x Gauge Steel Barbed Smooth Ring Roofing Nails ...

    As asphalt shingles get older, their corners often begin to curl downward or upward. If you notice a shingle starting to curl, you can forestall the inevitable curling by gluing down the curled section.

    Use a caulking gun to apply a dab of roofing sealant under the corner. Weigh it down with a brick leave the weight in place for at least 24 hours until the sealant dries. That’s all there is to it.

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    How To Fix Damaged Roof Shingles

    We share step-by-step instructions for the three most common asphalt-shingle repairs.

    Maintaining a sound roof literally tops the list of crucial home repairs: It keeps you and your family warm and dry, along with everything in your house. A new roof is a pricey proposition. These simple repairs can keep your existing roof sound for years to come.

    How Long Should Felt Nails Be

    Clout nails should be 15mm large head clout nails. Overlaps will typically be minimum 50mm and will depend upon the slope of the roof. On shallow sloped roof, we would suggest the overlap is increased to 75mm. Lap adhesive also provides extra waterproofing security to the lap so it it recommended to use.

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    Install Deck Protection & Starter Shingles

    Now it’s time to install the roof deck protection. These roof components act as a weather-proofing and protective barrier between your house and the elements, helping keep water and cold temperatures out.

    • Drip edge at the eves. Start by laying roof deck protection, or shingle underlayment, over the decking . Use chalk lines to determine where you’ll lay them.
    • Using your cap nails, secure the deck protection to the roof. Overlap each row at least 3 to 4 inches. If you live in an area with inclement weather, you should consider using a special leak barrier protector.
    • Then, install new flashing and starter shingles at the edges.
    • Nail the drip edge in place using your hammer and roofing nails. Always install flashing around a chimney and other valleys where two roof planes meet as these areas are more prone to leaks if not protected.

    Tip: When installing deck protection, work from the bottom to the top of the roof.

    How Often Should You Replace Your Roof Shingles

    Common Roofing Mistake: Nailing Shingles the Wrong Way

    Any damage or signs of wear call for immediate action to keep water from seeping under the shingles and rotting the wood sheathing beneath. Ignoring a problemeven what appears to be a small onewill accelerate the need to reroof and can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of a new roof.

    Pro2Pro Tip: Always make roof repairs on a warm, dry afternoon the shingles will be more supple and less likely to crack. And never climb onto a roof thats wet, icy or covered with morning dew.

    If your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or badly worn, its time to replace it. But if your roof is basically sound and is at a relatively shallow pitch that youre comfortable working on, you can probably handle most repairs yourself.

    Here, well take you through the three most-common ones: replacing asphalt shingles gluing down a badly curled shingle and repairing shingles that have cracked.

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    Can You Reuse Roofing Nails

    If you take off a shingle for repairs or take off the whole roof in preparation for a reroofing job, youll have a ton of roofing nails on hand. You may be tempted to reuse these to save on costs. Thats a bad idea. Not only is it tedious to yank these nails out, but their zinc coating will also be worn. Plus, they may have been otherwise damaged. Its not wise to attempt to reuse them, as they may cause problems on the new roof.

    What Size Nails Do You Use For Shingles

    shinglesyou should usenailsshinglesyou usenails

    . In this way, how long should your nails be for shingles?

    Proper Nail Application For Asphalt ShinglesNails should have a minimum, nominal shank diameter of 11- or 12-gauge, and a minimum head diameter of three-eighths of an inch. The length of each nail must be a minimum of 1¼ inches long, and for roof-overs, Atlas recommends a nail length of at least 2 inches.

    Similarly, should roofing nails go through the sheathing? A 1nail will fully penetrate through 3/8roof sheathing, but it won’t fully penetrate 1/2sheathing. The other way to determine if the proper nails were used is to look in the attic if the roof has 1/2sheathing, you should be able to see the nails sticking through in to the attic.

    Keeping this in view, how do you nail down shingles?

    NAILING: Use galvanized roofing nails, 11 or 12 gauge, with at least 3/8″ diameter heads, long enough to penetrate through plywood or 3/4″ into boards. Use 4 nails per shingle placed 6-1/8″ above the butt edge, 1″ and 13″ in from each end and 1/2″ above each cutout.

    Is it better to hand nail shingles?

    Technically, it does not matter if a roofer hand or gun nails the asphalt shingles on your new roof. By handnailing the roof, roofers can ensure the nail is properly placed and is nailed in at the correct depth flush with the shingle and not over- or under-driven.

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    Cracked Roof Shingles Repair

    If a shingle is simply cracked or torn, you don’t have to replace itjust repair it. Start by applying a thick bead of roofing sealant under the crack. Press the shingle down and apply a second bead of sealant on top of the crack. Then spread the sealant with a putty knife.

    The best part of this fix is that no one has to know you made it. It’s easy to camouflage: Check the gutter for an accumulation of colored granules that have washed down the roof from the shingles. Then gather some into a small cup and sprinkle them over the sealant to mask the repair.

    Type Of Shingle Matters

    Length x Gauge Steel Barbed Smooth Ring Roofing Nails ...

    One of the first factors to consider is the type of shingle you will be using. The two primary types of shingles in use today are the 3-tab asphalt shingle and the dimensional shingle. Youll usually need to use a longer nail when using dimensional shingles since they consist of two layers of shingle material bonded together. In other words, a dimensional shingle is double the thickness of a regular shingle, and you must choose your nail length accordingly.

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    Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails Vs Galvanized Vs Electroplated Vs Stainless Steel Roofing Nails

    Question: Roofer used electroplated nails despite contract calling for hot dip galvanized roof nails

    Perry Frogge said:

    I insisted on hot dip galvanized nails on shingles, it is in the contract. I reminded the supervisor daily.

    On Friday they shingled, supervisor calls to say the nails he purchased doesn’t fit the guns and he is proceeding with electroplated, I told him not to, please take 30 min to get right nails.

    He refused and finished the roof with electroplated.

    No payment made yet. I have no confidence electroplated nails will last 20+ years, can I force roofer to strip and reroof house or do try to ask for $ now for future repairs .

    If he refuses will it be up to a judge to decide.

    I assume roofer will claim electroplated will last that long. thanks

    This question and answer were posted originally at ROOF JOB DISPUTE FAQs-3



    Watch out: before suffering an issue with your roofer, be sure you have accurately identified just what type of nail he used to roof your home. As you’ll read in this article there are several types of roofing nails of various coatings and materials.

    Use the page bottom Comments Box to post photos of the nail boxes, labeling, data, and of the type of nail gun used if you can as that will permit us to be sure we know exactly which fastener was used.

    The typical life of electroplated roofing nails can be as short as 5 years or as long as 10 years before significant corrosion and loss of secure fastening of the shingles is at risk.


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