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Where To Buy Cheap Nail Polish Online

How To Remove Nail Polish

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If you are someone who likes to change the color of your nails on a regular basis, the only thing that is as important as having a great variety of different nail polishes is having the right nail polish remover. Being able to safely remove your nail polish will give you the opportunity to start fresh as often as you want.

The most common way to remove nail polish is to use an acetone polish removing product. Acetone will quickly break the bond that the polish has with your nails so it will wipe right off. Most people will get a cotton ball wet with acetone and then use that to wipe their nails clean. You can also dip the nails into the acetone liquid and then wash the polish off in the sink if you prefer. Whether you use standard nail polish or gel nail polish, a good acetone-based nail polish remover will work perfectly.

Butter London Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer

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In 2005, British entrepreneur Sasha Muir and premier fashion manicurist Nonie Creme launched the first non-toxic nail lacquer without compromising on colour, quality or performance which was met with astounding success.

The Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer by Butter London is a must-try, simply for its skincare-inspired nail polish formula that delivers a gel-like cushion and glossy shine to promote brighter, stronger, healthier-looking nails.

This innovative nail formula is loaded with Bamboo Extract and Diamond Powder to help strengthen the look of nails, as the Shock Resistant Polymer Technology delivers a chip-resistant coat of full-coverage colour that supposedly lasts up to 10 days!

And in case you didnt know, the award-winning brand still upholds its heritage promise to deliver premium feel-good beauty products including makeup for the face, eyes, and lips for all skin tones and the Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer is no different.

Butter London Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer retails for S$27 on .

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Nail Polish

When it comes to affordable nail polishes, youd be hard-pressed to not have come across Sally Hansen. This American beauty brand is a household name that is known for its wide range of quality nail polishes and nail care products.

If youre looking for a clean nail polish thats formulated with 100% vegan plant-based ingredients, Sally Hansen has you covered with its Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Polish.

To ensure that your nails stay healthy and cared for, the nail polish is made without any harmful ingredients and even comes with a plant-based brush applicator to provide a smooth application each time you use it even the products packaging is made of plant-based materials if you must know.

Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Polish comes in 12 rich shades that primarily consist of neutral, earthy tones with a splash of natures vibrant colours.

Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Polish retails for S$11.90 at selected Watsons and Guardian stores.

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Lotus Herbals Nail Paints Natural And Cruelty Free Nail Polishes For The Environmentally Conscious

If youre looking out for cruelty free nail paints that havent been tested on animals and those that are eco-friendly, then you should definitely get the Lotus Herbal nail paints. These nail paints are easy to apply and come in a variety of fun shades. You can get pink, orange, red, tan, brown and other such colours in these nail paints. These nail polishes are long-lasting too. They will last for days on end without chipping.

So whether youre looking for crazy party colours like blue and black and shocking pink, or you need to buy nail paints that are subtle in colour for work, you can get it all in just a few clicks at Paytm Mall. Online shopping for nail paints has never been easier and more convenient. Women from across the country purchase nail paints and nail accessories from our online shopping portal. When you shop at Paytm Mall you get products best price in India.

Vibrant Captivating And Fun Nail Paints Now Online Grab Your Favourite Shades Today

ACRYLIC NAILS: Find Cheap Revlon Nail Polish

Do you love painting your nails? Are you always looking out for new and fun nail paint options? At Paytm Mall we have the widest range of nail paint online for you. These nail paints are available in numerous vibrant and captivating shades and colours. They are easy to apply and take off too. From bright and blooming colours, to shimmery shades, matt shades and nude tones, there is a nail paint colour for every choice and preference available on our portal. You can buy these products in just a few clicks and from the comfort of your home.

If youre looking to buy nail paint online that is branded, you have come to the right place. At Paytm Mall we have nail paints from leading brands like Blue Heaven, Maybelline, Colorbar, Lotus, Avon and many others. These nail paints are available at affordable & reasonable prices. They are made from high-quality materials and ingredients that will keep your nails protected from any kind of damage or harm. We also have nail paints from cruelty free and completely vegetarian . vegan brands. Besides nail paints we have nail polish removers and nail paint removing wipes available at Paytm Mall too.

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Nail Polish: Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

Nail polish has been a means to remain fashionable for many centuries now. Everybody likes having pretty, painted, and well-maintained nails. A smooth matte nail polish finish has a subtle and exquisite look to it, and a well-groomed look is incomplete without freshly painted nails.Your nail polish color should match or contrast with your attire. You can even play it safe and go for a neutral color that can go with almost all attires. The latest trend has been gel nail polish for their long lasting quality and the exciting range of colors.

Basics Of Nail Polish Nail polish generally has three types, the base color, the nail color, and the final coat. The base color goes first, which is the first coating that you apply to your nails. It can either be a transparent or a nude shade. You should apply it smoothly and evenly throughout the enamel. It serves as a foundation and can also make the nail stronger. You can find the right transparent ones from Revlon. Next, comes the nail polish color which is the hue you want to flaunt on your nails. The base colors should always be picked in a way that it amplifies the nail color.

How To Care For Your NailsApply your nail polish coats uniformly throughout the enamel. Apply a new coat only after the previous one dries. Always use a good nail polish remover once you want to change your nail polish. It is best to allow your nail some breathing space once in awhile. Regularly trim and shape your nails.

Chemical Properties Of A Nail Polish

It just isnt possible to give out the exact formula used in making nail polishes because most of them remain the secret of the manufacturer and vary wildly among the polish producers.

However, nitrocellulose is a very popular ingredient in most nail polish brands. This chemical helps the polish dry properly and gives the polish a smooth surface.

Some manufacturers still use the harmful ingredients like toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, formaldehyde. By all means, steer clear of any nail polishes with these ingredients in their chemical composition because theyre toxic and can cause damage to your fingers and other far-reaching health issues. Butyl acetate and ethyl acetate are common solvents used in place of the toxic chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde. The solvent binds together the materials in the nail polish until gets applied to the nails. After that, the solvent evaporates leaving behind a colorful finish.

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Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish

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Founded in 1999, Nails Inc. offers fashion-forward and innovative nail varnishes and nail care products. The brands award-winning Gel Effect Nail Polish is said to be a great alternative to professional gel manicures, giving you the same glossy and plump finish without the use of UV.

Nails Inc. Gel Effect Nail Polish retails for S$23 on .

How To Apply Nail Polish

5 Most Affordable Nail Polish Brands in India | Best & Cheap Nail Polishes Under Rs.100

Once you have found the perfect shade, you are ready to apply your new nail polish. To get the best results, youll want to be sure to apply base coat. Base coat goes on first. Be sure you are applying a thin, even layer onto clean nails. Next, apply a few thin coats of your color. For each coat, experts say you only need to do 3 swipes per nail one slightly to the left, one slightly to the right, and one down the middle should cover your whole nail evenly with polish. But resist the temptation to glob it all on at once! Working in a few thin coats rather than just applying a single thick coat helps your polish dry and set better, so you’ll end up with a nicer manicure. And dont forget when you are finished, swipe on some top coat to seal your manicure.

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How Long Does It Take For Nail Polish To Dry

Its no secret that nail polish can take some time to dry. In fact, while nail polish may appear dry after 20 minutes or so, it can take up to 24 hours for your manicure to set completely. Drying times vary based on a variety of factors, but in general, it takes longer than you think for your nails to set. So whats a girl to do? There are a few things you can do to help move things along. Many experts advise dipping your hands into cold water for a few minutes, as the cold temperature may help the polish set faster. However, be careful not to run the tap directly over your nails, as the force could cause smudging and distortions. If you have one, using a nail dryer may also help your manicure set faster. Finally, working in thin, even layers will help to speed up the time it takes for your nail polish to set fully. And in the meantime, remember to be gentle with your nails. Dont expose them to heat or friction. Skip the hot shower and avoid doing the dishes until your manicure has had about 24 hours to fully set. Some brands also offer quick dry nail polish. While this option can be great for the busy beauty, its a good idea not to use quick dry nail polish all the time, as it can dry out your nails and cuticles.

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The Best Nail Polish For You

Looking for the best nail polish? Its a good idea to focus on the look you want to achieve. The best nail polish for you will reflect your personality and add a pop of color to your outfit. Shopping for nail polish by color is one of the best ways to find just what youre looking for. Check out our guide to some of the hottest nail polish colors below!

Orange Nail Polish Want to stand out from the crowd? Orange nail polish is bright, unexpected, and adds an attractive pop of color to any outfit. With shades ranging from neon to tangerine, there is an orange nail polish for everyone! Bright orange nails channel the summer sunset or falling leaves equally well, so its a very versatile polish to have in your collection. For springtime, try wearing a pastel, fruity shade that calls to mind freshly blooming flowers and beautiful butterflies.

Green Nail Polish Green is considered to be a calming color to look at and is a lucky hue in many cultures. If you are feeling stressed or like you could use a bit of luck, why not paint your nails green? Dark green nail polish that reminds you of evergreen trees and holly leaves is a great choice for the winter months. In summer, try a slightly lighter hue that puts you in a tropical state of mind. Mint green, sage green and seafoam green are popular shades since they reflect iconic summer attractions such as the ocean, palm trees, and mojitos!

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How Long It Takes To Dry

Colors by llarowe Rendered Speechless

Youll come across nail polishes advertised as drying extremely. And due to impatient, you might be tempted to pick that one. Who has the time to wait, anyway? But be warned that thats not really a good property of a nail polish.

If it dries too fast, then the chances are only the top part will dry fast while the covered layer dries too slowly. Thatll lead to bubbling. Once applied, the nail polish should dry just quickly enough to allow all the layers to dry uniformly.

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Orly Breathable Treatment + Color

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Orly is an animal-loving brand that creates all its beauty products with animal safety in mind, which means no animal testing is done at any stage of the production.

Apart from breathable nail lacquers, you can also get base coats, topcoats, and a variety of nail treatments from Orly to take care of your nails while you paint them.

Orly Breathable Treatment + Color retails for S$16.90 on Shopee.

Where To Buy Gel Nail Polish From Cheap Nail Polish Wholesaler Online

Where To Buy Gel Nail Polish From Cheap Nail Polish Wholesaler Online

Where To Buy Gel Nail Polish From Cheap Nail Polish Wholesaler Online
Color 101 Fashion Colors, Customized Colors Is Available
OEM/ODM Service Is Available 1KG, 5KG, 25KG Bulk Supplies Is Available
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, PayPal 30% Deposite Required Before The Order Start, 70% rest Of Payment Required Before Sending Out
Delivery Time For Small Order, 1 weeks For Big Order, 20-30 working Days
Shipping Way For Small Order, Shipped By Air For Big Order, Shipped By Sea


  • Applies just like traditional nail polish, wears like gel with a mirror-like shine. Dry in seconds
  • Cure it under LED/UV Nail Lamp
  • Stays on nails for 3 weeks without chipping or fading. Nails will look flawless for weeks and stay as perfect as day one
  • Easy On and easy off. Soaks off in 15 Minutes
  • Healthier, formaldehyde free, low-odor formula, no toxic chemicals
  • Intensely pigmented shades of color, excellent viscosity that wont flood cuticles or shrink after curing
  • Natural elegant look

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Doesnt Chip/peel Off Easily

If your nails are so sensitive to a particular nail polish type, then you need to know whats in them that doesnt sit well with your fingers. After that, make sure the product you pick doesnt contain the ingredients to which your fingers react.

Its good to point out there are now nail polishes advertised as peel-off nail polishes, made from less toxic chemicals. These are natural water-based nail polishes that use resin as a raw material. Theyre peel-off nail polishes because you can easily pull the entire piece down without the need for a nail polish remover like acetone.

Kara Nail Paint Removing Wipes As Easy As A Single Swipe

Where can you buy discount nail supplies in Northern Virginia?

Taking off nail polish with a cotton ball and nail polish remover can be a struggle. You need to scrub hard multiple times to ensure that all the nail paint is removed from your nails. Well, not any more! With the Kara nail paint removal wipes, you need not worry about struggling to take off your chipped nail paint. A single swipe and the nail paint will come off with ease. The packaging of this product is convenient and makes it easy to travel with. When going on a long trip abroad, you can carry these nail wipes with you.

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Best Cheap Nail Polishes 2021

Why we like it:

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PerformanceNail biting habit is an oral compulsive habit and while theres a lot you can do to quit, painting your nails is an effective remedy. Theres no denying you paint your nail to look pretty. But theres no freaking way youll bite your fingers while they look so adorable.

We introduce you to Juliet Holographic Nail Polish, Rose Gold. It contains an array of ultrathin metallic flakes which gives your mani that exquisite reflective quality. Would you really bite your fingers with that metallic rose gold finish?

The very first stroke of this holographic nail polish will make you appear stylish and trendy. Youll fall in love with it. Itll be addictive. Plus, when the time comes, itll be pretty easy to remove the nail polish.Also, this nail polish is 3-Free meaning it doesnt contain the toxic chemicals. You can describe it as a vegan nail polish. Its also first drying and leaves behind a smooth texture.

VerdictJuliet Holographic Nail Polish, Rose Gold qualifies in all respects. It doesnt contain toxic, dries fast and generates that attractive metallic sparkle. Youll love it.

Why we like it:

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PerformanceIf youre love with holographic nail polishes, then MEGA 100% Pure Ultra Holographic is your best bet. Contained in each bottle of this is the most superior quality of holographic pigment you can find anywhere.

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:


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