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Where To Buy Shellac Nail Polish

So Is Shellac Or Gel Better

Gel shellac nail polish starter kit

When it comes to shellac vs gel, theres also the colour selection to take into consideration. While gelish colours are 388 strong, with a range of natural and vibrant shades, shellac colours lag behind at only 116, so you’re more limited in choice.

It all depends on what youre looking for.

If you’re planning to remove your semi-permanent polish at home, go for shellac nails so you have less chance of ruining your natural nail.

But if youre after a particular shade and cant find it in the shellac nails collection, go for gels just get a professional to remove them, later.

What Is The Difference Between Gel And Shellac Nail Polish

Wondering what is better for your nails acrylic gel or Shellac? To start with, the question should be not what is better but what result you want to achieve with them. Besides, do you know what is the difference between gel and Shellac nail polish? The main difference between them is that the gel nails include fake tips that are sited on your natural nails. The same concerns the comparison of shellac vs acrylic nails. Both gel and acrylic nails can either match your nail shape or extend it. Shellac instead only covers your natural nails with a colorful coating thus cant be used to extend them. Ultimately, to contrast shellac nails vs gel and acrylic ones is rather unequal, as they all serve their purpose and definitely have the right to exist. Thus, if you want to extend your nails, then turn to acrylics. To strengthen your nails and ensure your manicure lasts long, opt for either Shellac or gel. In case you are only looking for a natural finish, then go for Shellac.

Shellac At Sallys Beauty Supply

Many women have been asking us whether or not Sally Beauty Supply carries Shellac Nail Polish. It would make sense that they would right? They are one of the biggest beauty supply stores with over 4,000 stores world wide.

The fact is that Sallys Beauty does not sell or carry Shellac. Why? Sallys beauty sells primarily to non-licensed beauty professionals. By that we mean that Sallys clients are women who are getting beauty products for personal use. Shellac is a professional salon product that is intended to be sold only to licensed professionals that have been trained to use the product.

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How Are Shellac Manicures Removed

It might be tempting, but you should never attempt to peel off a shellac manicure, as you can do a lot of damage to the top layers of your nails if you do. It’s best to go back to the salon for proper removal. The process can take anywhere from five to 15 minutes.

The removal process is seamless because “shellac has a unique formula that forms tiny microscopic tunnels throughout the coating when cured in the CND LED lamp. When its time to remove, the acetone penetrates through these tiny tunnels, all the way to the base layer and then releases from the nailno scraping and forcing the coating from the nails.”

Learn The Latest Nail Trends And Techniques

CND Shellac Crimson Sash 7.3ml

Salon Success Academy always teaches its students the latest trends and techniques in the nail industry as part of our manicuring/nail technician program. Youll be fully prepared to work in a nail salon or spa after graduation!

Salon Success Academy offers six locations throughout the Inland Empire of California, with flexible class schedules and financial aid assistance available to those who qualify. If youd like to learn more about training to become a licensed nail technician, fill out our form or call 1-877-987-HAIR .

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Its Also A Matter Of Colour

Its not just about the removal process. For many of us, the fun element of having your nails done is the chance to choose different colours to suit our mood or plans. If youve got a skilled nail artist, then colour becomes even more important as you indulge in complex designs.

Gel is available in nearly three times as many colours as shellac. With a spectrum of nearly 400 shades, compared to shellacs 132, this can be a game-changer for many.

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What Are Shellac Nails

“CND shellac nails combine the best properties of gel and the best properties of polish ,” says Arnold. What is shellac? It’s a patented system that includes a branded base coat, color coat, and top coat. With over 100 shades, there’s something for everyone, from ethereal pinks to dark metallics.

The manicure is cured with a special LED lamp made exclusively for shellac, so there’s virtually no drying time, according to Arnold. “Curing is one of the most important parts of the process,” she explains. This is when ultraviolet wavelengths hit molecules called photoinitiators in the gel formula and activate them. “When the product formula is specifically calibrated to the light energy output of the lamp, proper adhesion, wear, and removal are assured.”

She adds, “These groundbreaking features were made possible with an intensive R& D process and technology that has roots in aerospace polymer coatings along with 13 patents. I often say its not rocket sciencebut its close!”

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Does Treatment Cost Vary With Shellac Nails Vs Gel

If removal is included, then yes, gel nails typically cost more to remove because of their more complex process. However, in terms of application, the costs are usually the same. Both shellac and gel nails involve the UV curing process. Both can be completed as part of a manicure, making you feel pampered and indulged. Choosing to have your manicure or pedicure done at home in London is a sure fire way to make sure you definitely feel relaxed and spoilt.

Can You Paint Over Shellac With Regular Nail Polish

Where To Buy Nail Polish (New Collections & Discounted)

younail polishyouyou canregular nail polish over shellacshellac over regular nail polish

If you wish to temporarily change the colour of your nails whilst wearing Shellac you can use nail enamel over the Shellac but please be sure to use an Acetone Free Remover if removing nail polish between appointments.

Likewise, can I put regular top coat on shellac? Super Moderator. If you must polish over Shellac, do 1x base, 1-2x top, remove the sticky layer, then apply your polish and REGULAR top coat. It should last as long as the Shellac lasts on your nails. You could liken it to polishing over gels or L& Ps.

Also know, can you paint over gel polish with regular nail polish?

Yes, a regular nail polish can be applied over a gel nail polish. The regular polish would work nicely if it has good quality and opacity. A cheaper polish might not show up too well over a gel polish. Also, the color used must be considered.

Can you remove shellac polish at home?

Buff the surface of your mani with a nail file to remove the shine, then soak a cotton ball in the acetone and place it directly on top of your nail. Follow by wrapping each finger with a small piece of foil, and after 10 to 15 minutes, the gel manicure should slide right off with the cotton ball.

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Why Does My Shellac Peel Off

Although shellac is specially formulated to last more than ordinary nail polish, it may start to chip or peel off if you perform any cleansing tasks like washing the dishes or come into contact with liquid substances. This is why its recommended that you wear a glove when doing such tasks to prevent it from peeling off faster.

Do Abide By The 2 Week Rule

The optimum time between CND Shellac manicures is 2 weeks, says Marian. However, slow growing nails can go up to 3 weeks. The main reason is that after 2 weeks the Shellac starts to take a little bit longer to remove as it continues to harden. A 2 week mani should remove in 5 minutes, meaning less time for both the client and salon. Some nails dont like the removal process that takes 15 minutes and over. Also 2 weeks provides minimal nail growth, so the gap at the base is unnoticeable.

In terms of a break, Marian says provided nails are given regular hydration and proper removal is adhered to, how often you get them re-done is entirely in your hands. There is no reason for a break unless due to choice, she says. Nails dont breathe nor do they need a break from any type of coating. Just remember to use oil daily.

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What Is Shellac Nail Polish/varnish

Shellac is actually the brand name given for a patented product that is basically the next generation of nail polishes. Shellac is actually a hybrid between nail polish and lamp cured gel color.

It applies similarly to a nail polish but still requires curing time on a UV lamp to be set. Typically, it lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks and offers an in-between semi-permanent solution for those that want to get a similar look to a nail polish with longer lasting results.

How To Remove Gel Nails

Shellac Gel Nail Polish

Again, you can ensure a fuss-free removal by heading to the salon to get them removed by the pros, But, given that this takes an hour-ish out of your day and costs around a tenner, plenty of people prefer to DIY it.

First off, you need to break the bond between the gel and your actual nail. Very, very gently, buff the nail. This will break the gel’s seal. Next, cut out ten pieces of cotton pad, one for each nail, and soak in acetone nail varnish remover. Cut out ten pieces of tin foil. Pop each cotton pad piece on top of a nail, then cover with one of the tin foil pieces, twisting at the top.

Chill for 15 minutes, unwrap and gently push off, using a cuticle stick.

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How To Remove Shellac Nails

It’s always going to be best to head to a salon to have your gels or Shellacs dissolved by a pro. If you do want to do it at home, however, know that because shellac is a polish, its easier to remove than gel and kinder to your nails as you dont have to buff your nail plate to break the bond.

When you remove gel nail varnish, you file the top layer off and then soak your nails in acetone, but when you remove shellac nails, you simply soak in acetone. Pro tip: cover the skin around your nails in Vaseline before, to stop it from drying out from the remover.

How Long Do Shellac Manicures Last

“A manicure applied following the proper CND Shellac system will deliver 14-plus days of high-performance, high-shine, trouble-free wear,” Arnold says.

We can attest, the finish is very durable and rarely chips or peels. This manicure does stand up to most household chores like washing dishes.

While this finish is known for its durability, some chemicals can damage your manicure, so you should still be careful and wear gloves when cleaning and doing other harsh tasks.

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How Are Shellac Nails Different From Gel Nails

Let’s tackle the shellac vs. gel debate. The fact is, the differences between these two nail types are slim, but it does have an effect on your overall manicure experience. Essentially gel nails use a semi-permanent gel to color your nails, whereas shellac nails use semi-permanent polish. There are also nearly triple the amount of color options for gel nails as there are for shellac nails, but there are still plenty of shades to choose from for either.

Arnold says the removal process is one of the biggest things that sets a shellac manicure apart from other gels or gel polish. She explains, “When acetone-based remover is applied, the coating actually breaks into tiny pieces and releases from the nail,” allowing for a seamless removal .

Hot Baths Or Showers Can Cause Gel Polish To Lift

Tutorial: Shellac Nail Polish (CND)

A gel manicures worst enemy is hot water, says Rita, hence why soaking them is the most effective way to get them off. Long baths, showers, or time spent in a hot tub can cause lifting, so try your best to avoid these or keep them to a minimum and always wear rubber gloves when you do the dishes! Duly noted.

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Are Shellac Manicures Bad For Your Nails

If you have brittle or thin nails to begin with, you might want to take some steps to improve your nail health before trying shellac , as getting a shellac can cause further damage if the manicure is applied to already damaged nails. Apply cuticle oil twice a day and use a good hand moisturizer regularly. These keep your skin and nails from getting dehydrated, especially around the time of your salon visit when they’ll be exposed to some chemicals. It’s also important to ensure you go to a professional for removal, as the wrong technique can hurt your nails in the process.

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Dont Skimp On Correct Shellac Removal

In terms of damage prevention, be cautious that your nail technician doesnt cause any unnecessary harm to your nail bed both before and after application. A correct application will NEVER buff the natural nail! warns Marian. It isnt necessary and is key to the success of a true CND Shellac application.

She adds, The correct UV lamp is also key for a proper cure of the product. For removal, it should be very fast and, most important of all, no tool should be used after the wrap has been removed. If any tool is used to remove any remaining product then there is a very high incidence of damage. This is the most common cause of nail damage there is no need for this! If any product is still on the nail, then a cotton pad soaked in remover should be used just like polish removal.

If you have had a bad Shellac experience though, dont despair. A restorative oil provides the most useful of helping hands. If there has been a bad removal, then SolarOil will be the very best remedy, advises Marian. But there is no need for any damage if a good nail pro applies it and it is removed properly.

What Are Pros And Cons Of Shellac Nails

CND Shellac Nail Polish, Hollywood

The biggest advantage of the Shellac mani includes a long-lasting effect. If you ask us, How long do Shellac nails last? well probably surprise you with the answer up to 14 days! In that case, you may also be wondering, How long can I leave Shellac on my nails? And here comes another answer to surprise you up to three weeks, depending on the speed your nails usually grow. We do not recommend wearing the same coating longer than this period. The thing is that the longer you have Shellac on, the longer it will take your nail tech to remove it, as it does not stop hardening as you wear it.

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How To Remove Shellac

When removing the polish from your nails, you can very gently lift the polish off with manicure sticks but make sure you are not scraping the nail. If it doesnt lift off easily, you need to soak for longer, Lucy warns.

Now you’ve got an expert’s top tips on how to remove shellac and gel nails at home without damage, you can thank us later..

After you’ve removed your shellac nail polish, it’s always a good idea to pop on a coat of your favourite nail growth product or nail repair polish to keep your nails healthy.

Our GHI experts put lots of nail products to the test to bring us the best products for nail polish removal, nail growth, nail strengthening. Here are the products that came out top of their tests:

The Ingredients In The Gel Polish Matter

More than just nail health, I opt for total body health, says Jenna, who warns against the toxic trio carcinogens that are present in many polishes: Formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate . After clinical testing, in high doses, these ingredients were found to cause inflammation along with many other adverse side effects like disturbing liver and thyroid function for example, Rita explains. Luckily, most all professional-grade nail polishes manufactured today do not contain these nasties. Jennas own brand of lacquers, along with Jinsoons, RGBs, Zoyas, and Sally Hansens come formulated without those common culprits.

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