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Who Sells Dazzle Dry Nail Polish

Dazzle Dry Polish Change


Revive nails with a fortifying Dazzle Dry polish change. Polish is removed and nails are refreshed with a Dazzle Dry lacquer application.

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Does It Actually Dry In 5 Minutes

I would NOT lie to you about this. The answer is yes, yes it does dry that fast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve painted my nails 1 hour before going to bed only to wake up to sheet imprints on the polish. This is not the case with Dazzle Dry. Though I’d still be a little careful for about 30 minutes after your manicure , you CAN paint your nails and then go to bed without worry 5 minutes later.

How To Use Dazzle Dry At Your Salon

One last thought. I’m a BIG fan of not having to go to the nail salon anymore. I’d gotten to a point that I really didn’t look forward to my every 2-week visit. I always felt like I was missing out on something and didn’t enjoy breathing in all those chemicals. PLUS, the cost of a bi-monthly manicure and pedicure really adds up money I’d rather spend on a monthly massage. THAT SAID, if you happen to *love* your time at the neighborhood salon , then there’s a way you can bring your Dazzle Dry with you. It’s going to take you being a little bold, but you’ve got this.

  • Ask your nail salon if they’d consider buying the system. If no, go to step 2.
  • Buy the system and bring it with you.
  • When making your appointment, give the salon a heads up that you’re bringing your own nail system for them to use. Reassure them that it’s easy and you can walk them through the steps.
  • Walk them through the steps! Easy peasy.
  • Note: the process is the same if you want to use safer products throughout your manicure/pedicure! When I was going to the salon, I’d bring my own scrub, lotion, and oil.

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    Who Is The Ideal Client For Dazzle Dry

    First of allYOU are the ideal client! Our hands are our tools, and we use them all day long. They are in and out of the water all the time, and you cannot get anything to last on your nail, Silva said. You want to look great, but you do not have time because you are busy. You cannot always find time to get a long-lasting manicure, but do not bother doing your nails with traditional polishes because they dont last long. Dazzle Dry can help you solve that dilemma without having to resort to artificial enhancements.

    Pro Tip: Nails stained with haircolor? Touch up your mani with Dazzle Dry in between clients. It LITERALLY dries in 5 minutes, so you will be ready to go for your next guest!

    New At The Day Spa: Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer

    Dazzle dry nail lacquer

    Now available at The Day Spa at FSHFC, Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer creates flawless nails without flawed ingredients. Dazzle Dry is the only vegan nail care system to dry in just five minutes and provides long-lasting wear. It applies and removes like a traditional polish, delivers the performance of a gel polish without the need for UV light, and strengthens natural nails in the process.

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    More Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers Simply Rins Is A Blog On Primarily Freehand Nail Art Designs Conceived And Created By Rina Alcantara

    Finally, they’re just as easy to remove as traditional nail polish. The dazzle dry system it’s not a gel, not a hybrid and not a traditional polish. More dazzle dry nail lacquers simply rins is a blog on primarily freehand nail art designs conceived and created by rina alcantara. They last significantly longer than traditional nail polishes and they take less time to apply! While i’m preparing my nails, i’ll get the base coat started in a bowl of warm water. Dazzle dry’s system is very tricky to follow. I use dazzle dry in my practice.i have invested in this product line. Dazzle dry nail lacquer 3 nail polish radiant 509 ~ new no box. Pop your shoes on & hands straight into your bag!!! A wide variety of dazzle dry nail options are available to you, there are 49 suppliers who sells dazzle dry nail on alibaba.com, mainly located in asia. White lightning, pedal to the metal and rapid red. Air dries in 5 minutes no uv. The dazzle dry nail polishes dry significantly faster than traditional nail polishes.

    Buy it now +$9.90 shipping. White lightning, pedal to the metal and rapid red. The perfect at home mani or take your own hygienic products to your local salon. You can find dazzle dry polish at vbcosmetics.com and select salons and spas for $9 apiece, or $28 for the kit shown . What are the dazzle dry system steps?

    What Are My Favorite Colors

    There are so many colors to choose- 150 to be exact! When it comes to Dazzle Dry nail polishes- the options are endless! Another reason I love the polish so much. I have several favorites that I’ve tried over the last year and a half.

    • Red Hot Chili- This is the perfect orangey red! It goes with anything, can be worn in all seasons too. I love this on my nails and toes.
    • Mind Your Mani- This is such a great nude pale pink to have in your nail polish collection. Can be worn with anything and all seasons too.
    • Starstruck- This is a super pretty rose gold metallic color. It looks great on toes or nails.
    • Perfectly Plaid- This really is the quintessential cool red. It’s perfect for the holiday season too!
    • Less Is Mauve- This is another great neutral color that is more mauve and opaque but still very subdued overall.
    • Midnight Express- Everyone needs a classic black polish in their nail arsenal! This one fits the bill- a rich black cream polish.
    • Anticipation- A great slate grey that works as a neutral.

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    Gorgeous Nails In Half The Time

    My dazzle dry set included a nail prep lotion, base coat, polish , and a top coat. With three different products to apply , I was doubtful that my nails would be dry in five minutes. After applying the base coat and two layers of polish, my nails were dry almost immediately, which was impressive, but I was disappointed with the matte finish. While matte nails are in vogue right now, I personally like my nails shiny, shiny, and more shiny. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the top coat provided incredible shine and dried in the promised five minutes. I was doing dishes in no time and didn’t damage my nails. After wearing dazzle dry for a few days I was able to remove it as easily as a regular polish and it didn’t stain my nails at all. I’m definitely planning on using this time-saving product a lot in the near future. You can find dazzle dry polish at VBCosmetics.com and select salons and spas for $9 apiece, or $28 for the kit shown .

    How To Do A Spa Manicure Using Dazzle Dry

    Dazzle Dry Review – Nail Polish That Doesn’t Chip?? || sharanadarcel

    Dazzle Dry Manicure and Pedicure products are designed to work in synergy with the brands lacquer system to transform a traditional service into a spa experience. With 11 essential oils featured in the moisturizing system, the products provide a fresh scent and hydrating performance.

    1. After trimming and shaping the nails, apply a small bead of Dazzle Dry Cuticle Remover onto the eponychium and smooth it over the entire nail plate where the cuticle layer lays and is transparent. Let it sit for one to three minutes until the cuticle softens enough to gently push back. Be sure to wash it off thoroughly when done.

    2. After cuticle grooming is done, apply one drop of Dazzle Dry Nail & Cuticle Oil on each nail. Massage into each nail to promote circulation.

    3. Apply a small amount of Dazzle Dry Spa Scrub onto the back of each hand and spread it along the entire hand and forearm with a gentle massaging motion to exfoliate and brighten the skin.

    4. Use a small amount of Dazzle Dry Shea Butter Cream to massage each forearm and hand. The Spa Scrub will dissolve during the massage for a longer-lasting and deeper moisturizing treatment. Wrap the hands and forearm in warm steam towels and wipe off excess oils with the towels after a few minutes.

    5. Remove any debris from the nail plate with Nail Prep and a lint-free pad.

    7. Apply two coats of polish, making sure to encapsulate the free edge and allow each layer to dry.

    8. Apply a generous layer of top coat.

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    How Can I Market Dazzle Dry To My Clients

    We learned through the pandemic that clients appreciate the option to do their own beauty treatments at home, but will often still choose a professional because of the convenience. The Dazzle Dry system appeals to both types of clients.

    For in-salon clients:

    • Encourage them to try it out, explaining that they can go straight from their manicure to the massage room without the fear of smudges or dings.
    • Demo the product on yourself or another stylist so the client can see how quickly you can resume touching her hair without being afraid of wet nails!
    • Send the client home with a Dazzle Dry mini kit so they can try it themselves. That way, when they come back to have the full Dazzle Dry manicure in your salon, they can have their own kit at home for possible touch-ups.

    For clients who like to DIY:

    • Offer to demo Dazzle Dry in the salon so you can show her how fast it really is!
    • Retail a Dazzle Dry mini kit for her to try at home , explaining that the full kit includes supplies for up to 25 at-home manis.
    • For art-savvy clients, tell her about the Dazzle Dry stamping polishes or the luxurious Nail and Body Care line if shes looking for self care.

    Is Dazzle Dry Better Than Gel

    Yes, Dazzle Dry is 100% better than gel in my opinion! Conventional gel as I mentioned dries out your nails and can discolor them. It also contains a lot of the most harmful chemicals found in nail polish. You also need a special light whether it’s LED or UV to use Dazzle Dry. But with Dazzle Dry you don’t need a special light, the polish doesn’t turn your nails yellow, it strengthens the nail and doesn’t include the most common nail polish toxins.

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    Does Dazzle Dry Come Off With Regular Polish Remover

    Yes, Dazzle Dry does come off with regular polish removers. I have to soak them a little at first if I’m using a more natural polish remover but if you’re using a regular polish remover with acetone you won’t have a problem at all. I will soak mine in a bowl if I’m using a more natural nail polish like this one.

    Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer

    Dazzle Dry nail polish launches!

    Dazzle Dry is the original, non-toxic, high-performance nail care system founded through more than 50 years of scientific research by bio-organic chemist Dr. Vivian Valenty.

    • 100% VEGAN PRODUCT,
    • DRIES ROCK HARD IN 5 Min No UV Lamp needed!

    The Dazzle Dry BASE COAT is the only water-based base coat using a proprietary rubbery polymer to impart the longest chip-free wear to a nail polish.

    The Dazzle Dry NAIL PREP contains Calcium, proVitamin B5 & hydrolyzed protein dissolved in a mixture of alcohols & ethyl acetate. No other nail prep can claim this at present.

    The Dazzle Dry TOP COAT is the fastest air drying top coat on the market SYSTEM today.

    Dazzle Dry can be applied on any nail natural, acrylic or gel.


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    Troubleshooting Your Dazzle Dry Manicure:

    If you’ve found that your manicures aren’t lasting longer than 7 days, here are a few things to consider:

    • Are you picking at your nails? No polish system can withstand picking.
    • Are you painting too close to your cuticle? This will create a ridge and eventual air pocket that will cause the polish to lift.
    • Are you following the steps as-written? Including the nail strengthener and warmed base coat?
    • Did you possibly touch your nails after you applied the nail strengthener? I’ve found that when I run off to do something between that step and the base coat, my manicure doesn’t last as long.

    How Long Does It Take To Dry

    It takes 5 minutes for the Dazzle Dry polish to dry- my favorite thing about it! You don’t need a special light of any kind- it just air dries in 5 minutes. As a busy mama of 3 this really has been the reason I’ve stuck with Dazzle Dry for so long and love it. I would always do my nails before and then they would get ruined because I needed to use my hands in some way with kids and so I would never do my nails! It felt like a lost cause. Now it’s easy to do them because I know it will be completely dry in 5 minutes!

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    How Long Does Vegan Nail Polish Last

    Just because many vegan formulas are plant-based doesnt mean that they dont have some serious staying power. Many vegan nail polishes can last up to two weeks, with pigment as fresh as the first swipe. Like all polishes, vegan or not, how long your nails remain chip-free depend largely on application and using base and top coats to really seal in the shade and shine.

    Ready to give your nails the vegan treatment? Shop our best picks below.

    How Long Does The Dazzle Dry System Last

    SWATCHING 10 Dazzle Dry polishes on REAL NAILS and testing “5 MINUTE DRY” CLAIM (2019)

    While the manicure will last a full 2 weeks and a pedicure 3+ weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how long the SYSTEM will last. I’ll let you know when I finish one! I’ve been using my current system for 6 months and still have over half of the nail strengthener, base coat, and top coat left.

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    What Toxins Are In Traditional Nail Polish

    Its quite frightening to uncover all of the toxic chemicals that go into traditional nail polishes. In addition to formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene, Miller tells us that most nail polishes, tend to have ingredients from a variety of animals, such as beetles and fish scales. For example, carmine is taken from shells of the female Cochineal insect, while guanine is taken from fish scales. Oleic acid, derived from animal fat, is another common ingredient used as a thickening agent for chip-resistant manicures. Miller adds that perfumes embedded into polishes also arent required to be disclosed in a majority of countries, including the United States. This means that non-vegan ingredients could be included without consumers knowing.

    A Talented Student A Winding Path

    A native of the Tarlac province in the Philippines, about 50 miles north of Manila, Valenty was the oldest daughter and second oldest of six siblings born to hard working but poor school teachers. As a young girl, she was interested in the medicinal qualities of plants and wanted to be a doctor. She was also interested in a career where she could help others.

    When her parents told her they couldnt afford medical school, she considered becoming a nun.

    In my mind, thats the next best way to help people. If I cant help them physically, I can help them spiritually, Valenty said.

    Her father forbid her to take that path. While in high school, teachers noticed her gift for academics and research. She graduated as valedictorian of her high school class and earned a scholarship to attend Mapua University, a top IT school known as the MIT of the Philippines, where she majored in chemistry.

    She went on to earn her doctorate in bioorganic chemistry at Penn State University. This started her on a professional path that led her to involvement with the nail industry. Valenty discovered the dangers lurking in the majority of polishes which, she explained were introduced as a bi-product of the automotive painting industry in the 1920s.

    Thats a long time not to do anything, Valenty said. I was convinced the problem was because was male-dominated.

    Its about helping others in whatever way I can, she said. This is my whole life.

    What: Dazzle Dry

    Employees: 45

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    Nail Polish Ingredients Today

    This also means that mainstream nail polishes are evolving. Mainstream brands hear consumers want safer options and they adjust. When I sat down to start researching this post, I looked at mainstream brands too like Revlon, Chanel and Maybelline and honestly, I couldnt find not even one formula that still included toluene or dibutyl phthalate.

    This is important to note because when brands are making claims like 10-free or 8-free or listing all of their NO ingredients, its not really setting them as much apart from the mainstream as these marketing tactics suggest.

    Finding a cleaner nail polish really means taking a look at whats in the formula rather than whats not.

    In addition to this, more thoughtful brands have not only stripped out the more dangerous ingredients, theyve also started adding in beautiful, nourishing ingredients too. This post is an opportunity to look at and celebrate these decisions as well.


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