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Cartier Nail Bracelet For Men

Love Or Juste Un Clou

Cartier Juste un Clou (JUC) Nail Bracelet in Pink Gold (Medium model): Details & Try-on

So, which one is right for youCartier Love or Juste Un Clou? Generally, the Cartier Love jewelry pieces are more understated featuring timeless silhouettes that are embellished with the signature screw details. On the other hand, the Juste Un Clou jewelry pieces are bolder and avant-garde, using the shape of a nail quite literally in its design.

Its worth noting that both the Cartier Love and the Juste Un Clou are classified as unisex jewelry, enjoyed by both men and women. And while the Cartier Love was originally intended as a symbol of love between a couple, theres no reason not to treat yourself to a Love bracelet!

If your personal tastes lean towards the classics then the Cartier Love is a great option. However, if you prefer fine jewelry that makes a statement, then the Cartier Juste Un Clou is a fantastic choice. Alternatively, you can always buy pieces from both the Love and Juste Un Clou collections and switch out your Cartier jewelry depending on your mood.

Cartier Love Or Juste Un Clou Which One Is Right For You

Both icons of the famed jewelry house, the Love and Juste Un Clou collections by Cartier are some of the most coveted and recognizable fine jewelry designs ever made. If youre trying to decide whether to treat yourself to a Cartier Love or Juste Un Clou piece but havent quite made up your mind yet, join us as we delve into the history, design inspiration, and options of each Cartier jewelry collection.

Black Cartier Style Luxury Leather Nail Bracelet

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Sometimes when beauty and quality match up so perfectly you get a treasure that is too good to be true. That’s what we are offering with our stunning Black Cartier Style Luxury Leather Nail Bracelet. This classy Bracelet is hand crafted from Genuine Leather imported from Thailand and finished with a 925 Sterling Silver Cartier Style Nail Bracelet. The easy to use Magnetic clasp makes it a breeze to get on and off. This beautiful Leather Bracelet will look equally good on its own or stacked with some of our other Beaded Bracelets and Mens Leather Bracelets. Wear it to add an understated cool touch to your look when you step out for the nights adventures. Get yours now. Be Unique.

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Cartier Biography And Important Works

For its extraordinary range of bracelets, watches, rings and other adornments, French luxury house Cartier is undeniably one of the most well known and internationally revered jewelers in the world among clients both existing and aspirational.

Perhaps 1847 was not the ideal time to open a new watchmaking and jewelry business, as the French Revolution was not kind to the aristocracy who could afford such luxuries. Nevertheless, it was the year Louis-François Cartier who was born into poverty founded his eponymous empire, assuming control of the workshop of watchmaker Adolphe Picard, under whom he had previously been employed as an assistant. Of course, in the beginning, it was a relatively modest affair, but by the late 1850s, Cartier had its first royal client, Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, who commissioned the jeweler to design brooches, earrings and other accessories.

Under the leadership of Louis-Françoiss son, Alfred, who took over in 1874, business boomed. Royalty around the world wore Cartier pieces, including Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, the Maharaja of Patiala and King Edward VII, who had 27 tiaras made by the jewelry house for his coronation in 1902 and issued Cartier a royal warrant in 1904.

Aldo Cipullo Designed Cartier Love And Juste Un Clou


Aldo Cipullo was an Italian jewelry designer that moved to New York in the late 1950s and began his career at Cartier a decade later. In 1969, Cartier unveiled the Aldo Cipullo-designed Love bracelet, which would go on to become tremendously popular.

Positioned as modern love handcuffs, secured by accompanying screwdrivers, the Cartier Love bracelet was intended to be purchased by couples as a symbol of their unbreakable bond. The oval-shape of the bracelet ensures that the bangle sits closely around the wrist. The screw motif peppered throughout the Love jewelry pieces is said to be inspired by the screws on the bezel of the Cartier Santos watcha timepiece that made its debut in 1904. The Love jewelry lineup has been in continuous production since 1969 and remains one of Cartiers flagship collections.

In the 1970s, Aldo Cipullo designed yet another groundbreaking jewelry piece, this time using a nail as inspiration. Aldo Cipullos bent nail bracelet came at the height of the industrial jewelry design trend and gained a strong cult following.

Cartier brought back the nail jewelry collection in 2012 and named it Juste Un Clou in honor of Aldo Cipullos original design. Just like in the seventies, the modern Cartier Juste Un Clou jewelry pieces are highly popular thanks to its distinctive design.

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Cartier Bracelet Men Nail

Cartier Love And Juste Un Clou Collections

Cartier Love and the Juste Un Clou are both varied jewelry collections, available in an assortment of metals, styles, and sizes. Theres, of course, the option of diamonds too.

While the original Love bracelets from the late 60s/early 70s were gold and silver plated, Cartier Love jewelry pieces are now exclusively crafted from precious metals such as gold or platinum. Cartier introduced the very first diamond-studded Love bracelet in 1979. Its important to note that vintage Love bracelet may not necessarily have serial numbers, however, due to the number of fake Love bracelets that hit the market, Cartier now engraves each bracelet with a unique serial number. The Love collection now includes matching necklaces, rings, earrings, alongside the famed bracelet that started it all.

When Cartier introduced Juste Un Clou in 2012, the collection was made up of yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold bracelets and rings. Since then, the Maison has rounded out the nail-inspired fine jewelry collection with necklaces, earrings, and pendants as well.

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